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No.10 NOVEMBER 1984 












y-^ u. 








IVe iest 19 popular Joysticks 
to see r'f f/iey stand the j 

^ Decathlon pace!! j 


For The 48K 



CMWulMnt Eidil^^^ 
ffMfWO Fffty 
Prodiielton DMigMr 

Aft iUttor 

Advtfiiur« Editor 


Lloyd Mangram 
MiRhM Urfindfill 

Cltofit Liviion 
John Edwards 

Subf criptkin Umrm^f 

I oni rMpTHpri 

Al lircMlMn flriQiJJftK sho^ 

rffig 021-7125359 

QiMli Mkno IS pubiihdd 
t/2IQng Street. Ludlow, 

Oftifrt cpmip ortdertce to: 



Tiliphone nuffltoefB 
Gminl office 0&S4 5620 
idtlorlal ^itudio Q&B4 sasi 
Adv«rti»fing 0584 5S51 
lioiyneC>S&4 301& 

No maieiial may be 
feprodiL»cad tn whpli or in part 
wtthout wfttten opnaanl ol Iho 

OOfVyfiBnl 110199*9. 

1 1 1 Sa>itfbiiiv Ro«d, 


CqkHjr ongtnabon by Scan 

Stu«oi. 44 WaHttCfl Roftd, 


Prtried In inglafid tay Ceiiile 

Web OCtael (MaiTiber of the 

SPCC GwjpK Neiirttwm 

Tr&ding Eutat^. C^iW^le 
DbrtritHJlJOn by COM AG, 
QiiytofK MMiieiftX US7 70E 

SiibeicrlptlOfii: 1 ? i^ilJei 
£ 1 0.50 { U K Mamlaod po^ liM) 
Europe: 12 m$um E1 7 50 (post 

I W^capfidtijfideiiaketorel^ 
any written Of ptaiograpWc 


by a atarfved addressed 

Cover by Oliver Fmy 



TTm Cf a£h Review Tdam repon on toyittcki 



1 lor the ACG A/miM 



hMim 10 win BkaOy's mm gpme 


On yiMM marks wrirr Ocsan s get fit game 



Inm Gremlin Graphites for mon«y. lama MtfO^inM 



jji>d win CS€0 worth <tt games 



a chane* Kar lutvanturfirs win\ Csbtn Saflwam 

4 r 


RISE AN) w -_ , 

di toads of gamaa to btt won 




Pyjannarama 8. OaHa Wing 18. Avabn BO, Booty tS. 

Oimbal Lyn)c 95^ JiMpw M. KMIIiJIa 1 1 3, PLUS Ma or 
Mner^. , , 

Next Jssiie out Nov. 15th. 
CRASH November 1964 3 

I k I 



Fcvl-hjliimil racing m tht» AfCJKJt- 

^mir for ihc SfH^cUVHn 'ftinioon 
on tide B fr"' 



3 JP 




V "¥ 


dvptKc^ "Qf't^m^ mt^ fun 
d*KtwHy fwwtod ttf iteqy h 


SelBCtad titles 

■vaitable from: 

|W H Smith, Boaii.MenzlHj 

and All Good 

Comtiutor Storoi 



F The Prize Vour mission to discover the innermost chamber of Midas in a huge 
planetary maze. If successfui you could be in with a chance of winnmg up to £5000! 
Only the strongest will survive the devious traps set by the guardians, but just 
imagine what you could do with the prize. . . . 

Cassette carries a special £2 discount voucher of* your next purchase! 

DealerSp please contact us for very Arcade Software Ltd, Technology Hoy se. 
special discounts on our games, Phone 32 Chislehurst Road Oipington. Kent 8R6 ODG 
Orpington 35639. Tel Orpington 35639 

Programmers. We are looking for high 
quality m/c games for the Spectrum and 
Commodore 64 home computers, send 
them in for evaluation. You have nothing 
to lose! 

All games are tor the 2X Spectrum 48K 

and cost just £S 50 each inc p.p VAT etc. 

A iJ I enclose a cheque for L. 


Q Q debi! my Barclaycard/ Access Aocouni^l 

C n N^me 

Q Address 


F n ^ 





Omiiam • bomb htijdvA qn itie 
COfnpleM pl»n«t. Ljitlicfl l>frit>r« it 
^{?wsi I ' #Cli4^n pM^«<t ^mmm 

Th* moln oul to g*1 y»' m ihit na 
rK]lcl«-b«rro(| 2S scrHfiH ■ctiofi- 

cnleitBiniig'' — F >i mi imI ConifHltBig. 

i^w^t^M- — — — ^-- 

I 1 I t ! I 1 I I M I I [ -m * 

Fun ga^ne for all a^tp* whM:h I 

GhorDUQihIv eriiciffrd — Hoftifr 
Computing W»*ltlv 

ChE 5D AilVEnCU^i 











For the first time ever th^e h 
an alt action, 3D adventurff 
game with pluming 
moving gtApTiics - tl^ 
unJqtie Avalon. 
Only Hewson Consultants couJd 
Dring you Avalon with its awe 
inspiring animation. Avalon is th^ 
bfeaiftH rough tti^t tsnngs adventure 
to lUe- lr>th{S challenging giame you 
nrtusi use ytxjr astral profectiOfi Morac 
the Miige to search knto the heart of 
the isie of Glass and forever banish the 
Lord of Chaos before he ^^n subject 
Earth to the Dark Ag^s fof a thousand 
years You must explore a three 
dirnensional world with more tt\ar\ 
220 separate rooms arid over 30 
tunnels. Ofi your way you wilf be 
chaNervgied by ovtf a hundred 

.animated foes, goblins, wraiths, 
guardians and evil wizards. Your onfy 
protection is the magk of your spells. 
Avalon. 5y Steve Tufner. is the 
adventure game of the year, and i^ 
available NOWf from your local 
software ^ockist. Remember, a wortd 
of graphic advemuf e awaits for 

OtlMrrltiHFor 2X£|^«cfrum 
MP UMATT^W - iiw* TlpiMT 

w* V IDDAl 

if lOMB _ ^ ^ 

so S^ACff VWAflS - Si«v* Tumw 

MMHffUn i • Mlh* HAl« <. -^.iiMiiiii 




QMHT rtPyU 'tfT Uftt - fil m T4sp«flv 

F-*Tifl J nip llipairt njri imd^JidSif i*M W •^MM^ Py 


iCPitWfT Pftfvgw - CUV m ^ mmf 

bJTVf i^rt^ £ dT ri HJfid j EntkJAfi 4 fiLHt ul ruddL HJfclTig Jnd 

H^lfMXI cotiMixam 

^«aMlti^ fT4m^^ TiOMr Mm^ ^IV^QflEm^hHI DK^4^ 

JD Ini I^D^ JIM hV tfW S lipMBUII 

JM j« leading rornputtr Krftwdff rn^^ 

fuses iTUoeR* 



For yo" 






. •« 


'"S aSe«"«' *^ 

jii yt' High Rf soiutmn QiApfik^ 

# My Oldf M^rtuil 

♦ 'lluy/ Onei* wfiyc£ 
do infi^Sit t£e lomSs 

* mGASURi^mgreAt 

* fAAPS&CCUt^soye 








48K Spectrum £6.95 

CBM 64 £7.95 










lAiVAiLULE wrnsm Kii}jcrtiaituj4aiiaon 

miin Menzie5 



(Spec t rum/ 


The Most Graphical 

Arcade Simaiation 

Ever Produced 

fjack and The Beanstalk} 

Tki 5^MPclr«t^ «»»*UiJ 







lltSTRIIUTfl«9 AfVD QVIliiAf INqimiEi OOmACf f^m, (Hl-Ji3 HII/3 



Producer: Mikro-Gen 
Memory required: 48K 
Retaif price: £6.95 
Language: machine code 

MikfoGen $ worn out workir^ 
class hero Wally is badk a^ain 
^ welt ha s al most back agaj n i n 
tw now adventurish arcade 
gamt. WM/s actually asleep 
In tod and in danger of not 
hearing the alarm aodk whlc^ 
ought to wake him up in lime to 
get back to work tn that appal- 
ling car faclOfy, But Wally's 
t\aving a lentible nighimare 
You atar as Wally Week's 
a«ef ego, wanderif>g 

around a vast house as a pint- 
sized figure in pyjamas and 
night cap. As this is a night- 
iftafe. nothing is as it should be 
in Ihe dreamscape. Aparitions 
waltz about the place, hands 
snatch at your leet from 
beneath the floortx^ards, axes 
tyltvougli the air. there's even 
a floor which giv^s you that 
feeling that you re trying hard 
but getting rKDwfiere. The 
Object IS !o find the key that 
Krinds tie al arm cbck and get tt 
to wike Wally up Voy are 
allowed to coHlect objects lit- 
tered a!F over ttie place which 
have various inter-felated 
uses, but only two may be car- 
ried at a time. 

The controls are simple, leflp 
right and jump Being hit by a 
nasty i^n t the end: above the 
playing screen is a glass of 
Snooze Energy milk, whtch is 
drained a little bit every time 
you are hit. and goes down 
steadily throughout the life. 
Rrxiing some tood to snack on 
is as important as find i no the 
key and alarm dock, SoorTng Is 
by quite a novel process - you 
are told how many paces Wally 
has walked and what percen- 
tage of tf>e adventure has been 

There seerr^ to be a move 
afoot from software houses to 
repeat ume of successful 
heroes, and Py/amarsma is a 
sequel to Automania - la it as 


• PYjamamma' has some of 
the best animation and realistic 
graph tes I have ever seen. All 
me graphics an laige, neat 
and smooth. As li j4i/fomajiia. 
Wally is superbly done with his 
night cap even rrK>ving as he 
slides down the bannisfec . The 
game itsdf is very well thought 
out especially when ii comes to 
firming and canrying the ttiings 
that help you in your quest to 
find the alarm clock. Beware of 
the Video Room\ I could not 
pull mysetf away from it for 
about six wavas. til be sur^ 
pfised if this isnl a CRASH 
SMASH. I think it should be as 
il's a lot tetter even than the 
last one from Mikro-Genp and 
definitely worth getting.' 

mOkBY WaUy, tfbnf just srf 
there sutfemg from your 
oightmmB - do somemmg 
about rf' Yes. this is the sequel 
to Automania. tf?e mamc car 
game. You contmt a s/eepy 
Waffy in his quest far the clock. 
If you //Jced Automaniayoti wtlt 
Ioy0 Pyiarfiarwna Th& graph- 
k^ am sufMfb and the sound 
i$ very goocf. Pyjamarama is a 
hit in anyone's book - it$ got 
m^Brything you could aBk for 
from a game and mom - the 
onty WB¥ t cm describe it is a 
sort ot Manic Jet Set Watly - 
its maliy an exceftent gamB, 
You dont score as such, you 
are given a percentage and 
how many paces you tool^ - 1 
suppose it's better to hBve a 
high percentage with not hav- 
ing talien many paces. Quite a 
good idea raaWy. The anima- 
tmn is a continuation of that 
found in Automania but with 
much more going on. The 
progrant's tuiiof neat touches 
and t especiaiiy Hke the room 
behind a door marked Video 
Games where you can pfay a 

N igtilmaf« WMly nxNkis sieepirvg Wally 



I ■ i I lit 14 I i li i « i i i 4 I i iii I « I i* » ** I J 



" I I r I I i J ■ f I ! I i P I ■ t 1 P 


- 1 i J .' M P r -i » = 



a CRASH November 1 984 




foptf gsfTJt of Sp^cB fn \/&a&fs 
- M yod re re&Uy gettmg two 
gam&s for tfye pricB of one! ft's 
mghfy playabtB and just a bit 
am Bdds€ti¥G. Byy it - you 

m As a sjmpl© combinatton of 
Imag^nafiva graphics, large 
charadefs afvd humour. 
P^amamma to unbeatable, 
and B. f\Tm sequef to Auto- 
mmia. i thought tt hadtust fhe 
ridht amount of fmstration and 
play*agairn qualities to drive 
you fWri - and make sure vckj 
do ptay dgain. Wally is in rind 
jumpirib fomi again even 
though TO 5 shmnk down to the 
poirtt where tomoTTOw's chic- 
ken dtemer becomes a serious 
thmaL There am surprises 
everywhata tike the prat-tall 
bojcing gloves which knock you 
down wtien you're nol expect- 
ing H and tt takes an ewperi- 
inoed hand to spot the differ- 
enca between a lift seen from 
the iide and an oidm^fy door. 
Mikro-Gen Imve been thought- 
ful enough io provide a targe 
switch, however, nrtarked Itfl 
oa/oH t iBul that's in a different 
locaton). Undoubtedly an 
addk:t's dream hit.' 


Control kayi: O/P leftright 
and M to lump, but alto 

Joystick: Sinclair, Kempston, 
byt almost any via UOK 
Ktyboflf d play: very simple 
key use snd responsive 
lotcoioyr: marvelloi^. 

painteriy? use dt ootour. 
atthough it riisNs some attriiitite 

GraptiN^: excellent, (arge, 
fast and smooth, well drawn 
Soyrtd ; very good 
Skill levela: 1 
Livttt; 3 {watch out for 
Snooze Energy) 
General rating- highly 
addictive p playable, giood 
value - eiiecallent. 

list of computdf 

Getting atarled 
Addictive qualities 
Value for money 

ScHnetbrms the luck is to find the oorred route to the ob|»ces 

CRASH Novembor 1 934 ^ 


**Over the past few months many people have sent me the 
best software that they have written and asked me to publish 
it for them. I 've picked the best of the best and they are 
available now from Silicon Joy" 










* gaff r 



1 Addictlvfl l%« V Stciurv«t4 

3 O 

2 Cortr^tr^iAn* v RLch«ond dtd 

Z 2 

3 Wii»born« 44. v iciriqs iAtbb 

2 1 

4 AFC fipKtrufl V ^ad LI can 

I 1 
9 PcH93« di V £Ji*rBin«t*r 

3 fj 

ctiafQv 0^ « Qrpnd P^x [earn and your task « lo try 
ftn^ win ihfi Tflam ChampkH^sHip '^ 
F«iturv»: Race Action it Driv^ A^leiallon 
Ht Racing Car Engineering # l^edimlct 
# Bnancea « SponsoiAfiip pfql3l«ifift 

'A ^ or iTKMfi ptoysf 9Q3dtigipm« IniHMch you 

*A vary u&#lul uliitly pH'ogrivn ihhteh «t4ovv3 
tny^iit tg fun a LiSftgu« witH «u*. T1^ 
pffiiMllonal fK^ogram IS designed lo be used for 
kbmit Bfiiy tpoft or gari>e and hot ma ny l6itu r«t ." 
Eg Up Id SO MsfTiA fw dMUpn ^ Matdi 
canc#iWion/Hwiini « Laagutt Tatsln osiculaied 
# Vajiable po^tt tyvt«ifit stc, elc. 


3 ouafity games on one cassettB tor fust £5.95 (under £1.99 sac 

I J 


ft— ^C— 3 

AflCOT-*an«iHtenthoft*ridf^>oafiil]IHio ^^ 
game tflth tuperb race gr«phtpcs/ RenlMc o<lcte 
ami yp to e p4ayefi pef mm^m. 

Look for the yellow packs in 
Software Stockists 

mtmrn wm mn JiJII 

IMAC UUk-S CASTLE ^-INi la aLriaiTiupii>g J|. 

aicade gaine ^n wtibctr you mu^ mn around Iho 
ositle lo iwjich Ihtft lighta dn wMia avo^^ng Ifia 
vMipire bata Beware df ftlaepiflg DncuLa ^ i^jhla 
F Mm tR>m hUi a^in. Can you turvtve till 

OUOTK: caver Hi ~ *A highly ibdd^iy« 
maift ciiaw gapne iftHth 7 cavemm What raalfy 
m^cj» this gairie la thai II raquif^K a liigH d«9ri« gl 
ocrategv to inaatfli tt/ 

Mm wm tn?m htti asffifi. Can you ftjrvtve tilJ ^^^^^ ^^^^^^^ 

To order by mal! (p&p tree) 
sand cheques/ P. O.s to: 

Silicon Joy^ 7 A nichmond Hill 
Boy momouth, Dorset BH2 6HE 




standing in th© quf^-u^ 
ten waiting fof the doon _ 
al Computer Show at 
m- that the 


vm» tit tongwmlMlMSX 


CNRtfWf to Giitlpf'i n^lMl: 

Fo= 1 9th of 

SepEembttr . the trade and 
press day for the PC W Show. 
moocofTiputef journalists had 
been fatted to the shores of 
(t>e Mediterranean lor a day 
trip 10 Juan-Les-Pins for the 
afficiai leunch ol the M5X 
range ol machines. 

Tne Japanese are now set 
tp oofK)uef . preferably 
trampling unpderfoot BrrtisJi 
micros which may r>ol have 
been a great hit in the States, 
but have nevertheless sel the 
pace of development in an 
eiftraordinary way. Thm 
masive prew campaign is 
starting, hoping to persuade 
us into forgetting that MSX is 
sadty ^b^^standard. In fact it's 
over-rated, over^jriced and 
over here I have heard the 
wpument thai MSX will not 
seriously aff&ct the existing 
Spectrum market because 
MSX - (machines that looi< 
cosy beskJe your expensive 
hi-fi cabinets) - wdl attract a 
new market, the middle-aged 
nouveau hacker Well that 
may be th^ caw. but I think it's 
ignonng the fact ttmt with a 
soundly established ranqe of 
micfos on the market which all 
accept a singie type of 
cassette, software houses in 
their own interests &m bound 
to treat that market more 
seriously in the erxl. Will we 
see ttw day when the 
occasjonai Speclnjm game is 
Issued solely for the prestige 

value it brings? 

The BritiOT have afways 
been a bit quaint when it 
comes to commercial 
expbitatjon of a new 
invention. We have a history 
0* egocentric genius inventors 
failing to make the big 
intemationaj grade with a 
good idea. Yet we British also 
love wfsat they represent, the 
urK|uenchet)IO Spirit to create 
Americans deveFop in 
close-knit teams, Japanese 
design in hit^squads. birt the 
Bntish invent alone Well rt's 
not all true of course, but I bet 
rf you ask most people who 
designed and b^n the 
Spectrum tiey all answer. Sir 
Give Sinclair f (No one would 
seriously consider anything as 


AVALON He#s<3<i Coai4Jilent« 
©£4CH-Nf "f^ ' fjold 


Pim¥TW O W PSI0 «r5 

AMOiiniousc (OOiMUi 

TflOUeiEl Cf«pfrvt Sp*** 
D£LTA WIMa CfW&^ Spttflii 
mm EX MACMMA Autamifen 

rowMf Atwmmjm wm 






mUiO.Ac^iwwfi n 

lifts, MOPPAllanii 'ti 

PtOPfefltMifWs li^ 

Kym AJcM the E tik^ M 

^ V J AwiAfi AiiA y^^ chGtm i 

mvEft RAID A^ihPUMdri f ^ 

mmt n UNABoy? Sawm i id 

StAlldlH;lTN?fdk^» >u 

SnUKE ATTACK 1 f4*mfPnm 117 

SUttHUNTlfliAciwiafi t^ 


CRASH NovemtMf p^c^ li 

unromantic as Sinclair 
Research) Ttite propertslty o( 
ours for deifvfr^ a ftgurahead 
has Its drawbacks though It 
may put too much pressuria ort 
tha person, disanabling the 
functton of thinking ctearly. N 
may cause everycna to 
overlook Iha fact that the 
person may ncA be (he ideal 
one to marttet the invention 
property. I m not sayir>g that 
Sinclair Research hasn't done 
well generally, but the 
Spectrum has failed to really 
caiGh the attention of the 
httwnational mart<@1 despfele 
its time advantage. Sir Cfive 
Nmself seems to have taken a 
rather micro-ytopian view oi 
bte machines and has a 
distinct impf ©ssfon of the 
ftrture that has forqotten that 
hte best machine (certainly the 
iTK^t successful} is a games 
machine competing in a 
market where other machines 
have advantages that the 
Spectrum couTd have had - 
indeed, could still have. 

Spectrum ovmera have 
been almost tuwtieally loyal 
but ffie rrKiSl common 
comipEaint nevertheless is 
about \\s sound capabiliti^. 
Reoeni translations of ganws 
from the ComnxKlOfe W witii 
its far more ar<3de-llka 
graphics, have still shown well 
against the 64 originals. 
Indeed m many cases have 
actually been an 
improvement. Yet we still have 
to look at games that are 
preventecTff om being 
graphicaJfy better than 
anything on the 64 because of 
ttie colour attribute problems 
I've tost count of the times that 
a CRASH review has said^ 
lacks coMir, but this avo^s 

the worst problems of 

I don't kix>w how much 
these two extras would cost, 
whether they should be 
considered as something to 
be built into a new series of 
Spednjnms or offered as an 
add-on unit, buit i do ttunk 
Sinclair Research should 
seriously consider them. 
There was talk, at one point 
earilw this year, of designing a 
newSpectrnm sornewhere m 
between the existing one and 
the QL, still a games machine 
but with a better keyboard 
(perhaps), sound and video 
display Perhaps the anlval of 
MSX has made If 
commercially impossible to 
expend time and marketing 
money to ensure the sate ot 
what would be an entirely new 
machine. But If that is the case 
(as I suspect it is) then the 
other altematrve must be 
considered urgently. It seems 
a tefribie pity to throw away all 
that Spectrum programmirs 
have achieved m such an 
astonish ingty short time, by 
letttr>g it become swamped by 
inferior machines. After ali. the 
design of the Spectrum may 
have been due to the genius 
of or>e man's vision (and a 
dedicated team of electroni^cs 
designers), but the scale of its 
succ^s Is also due to the 
extraordsnary levels ot 
invention by games 
programmers. Tbe Spectrum 
no longer beforvgs to Sir Clive 
Sinclair to do with as he will I 
am con va need thai wilti 
drastk;ally impfoved sound 
and graphics display, taken 
together ^ith some of the 
marveftous programs that are 
currently being developed. 

that the Spectrum will stem 
the MSX floodtide. and then 
perhaps software houses will 
still see the computer as a 
via&le machine in the future 
for those people vrtio 
genuinely enjoy playing 
games that are more than 
games but mind- and 
reaction-stretching vehides^ 
arid feave MSX to be the 
middte-aged coffee (able toy 
where it need do no mom 
harm than any TV encased in 
a fake rosewood cabinet. 


Good news for fans of our 
comic strip from Ultimate, tn 
boih the December and 
Christmas SpeoiaJ issues, 
there will be a double helpf ng 
of Jetman presented as a 
dout^page spread Judgfr^ 
by many of your tetters. 

Jetman has become a finv! 
favoartte, so v^ are very 
pleased that Utiim^te are 
happy to sypp^y us wiih nnore 
p^ee of tile Idiot space hmo 
br the Christmas period. 



.r X? 







«9, 120, 151 

Kaw Gentrvllon 

44. 4§ 



Hrebird Solfwir^ 

16 J? 



Unnture Intemitlonil 

42, 100, 








Frofil fWinief 






Games Worfctliop 





Gtn|iyl« Games 


Ram ElAdroiircs 


MH CofflfQlw fitfiitt 



ftii Jiai CoffonKon 
Sitimtirfer Sirttiirtre 


Bufltr Micro 


GretnHn Graphics 





Hoamii ComiHioU 






Mdaivvt SoflwifC 




Cratk T*tMf1iAffitf4fi 




SonSra praiecis 


CramMill ofitr 





Cffiiihfi lipMte 


Lavtt t Compmiiio 
Mtjfeoufiit Houtt 




Cfvtt Scirflwtrv 





ftwifc Ofjiiy Ciw»»nwti 






BMW Miinlliii 






MC 'Timiii^ 







95 ffTB 






12 CRASH November 1984 



Producer; Activlsion 
Memory required: 4SK 
Retail pri ca: E7.95 
LBnguage: machine code 
Author: John Van Ry^tn 

Roderld< Hero (R. Hero tof 
shod) is an all -round American 
good gi/y whose greatest joy in 
Irte is to go around fescuing 
people. !n the case of this par- 
fcular gam© it happens lo be a 
byindi Ol miners who Bw trap- 
ped in the deepest recesses of 
a nightmare mine. The objeci 
i£ 10 rescue as many as poss- 
l)(0 before dying! The miners. 
rtsefnbiKr>g shipwrecked 

maiinerB. are obviously 
pleased 1o see R Hero when 
be arrives because they raise a 
vveary hartd arKl wave al him 
tts much as to say. Go away " 

As R Hero yoii are equipped 
wUti a reasonabty heat resis- 
tant suTt and mini helicopter 
Wade on (op. The suil also has 
a head-mourrted micro laser 
for blasting tKe vaned nasties 
Ihai thnive in the warm de^tfii 
otthis mjne complex. The mine 
seems to have been okay until 
voh^nic activity released lava 
wm the shafts and lunnels with 
the fesuft that some of the 
walls and floors are red hot and 
kill on contact . The other useful 
devJK:^ Rod has considered is 
dynarriite - S4x sticks of the 
stuff This is efroplied near to a 
wal) end ^asts It away Attef-- 
nativety walls can be'Wown 
apart with the laMr except this 
takes up ti me and iiaes er>efgy , 
which is llmtted. 

The mines are large with 
each screen onty showind a 
small area of the total the 
object is to rescue a miner at 
each level of play^ Level one is 
dead simple to get you used to 
tte idea. By ievel 4, however, 
you are finding much more 
oompIeK mazes, more crea* 
lures, more rr^ma walls and 
the fad that in some pfaces the 
lights don t work You can also 
put out the lights accidentally 
by touching or shooting one. in 
thto evam tpolno your way 
around is the only altematFvep 
unless you have some dyna- 
yi - lighting a stick is 
like lighting a candle- 
Rod Hero, of course, having ttt 
a stick, must retreat quickly Of 
got caught in the blast Points 
aie scored for killing nasties 
and for neecuinq miners, with a 
bonus Imi^ added m the lonn 
of how many sticks ol dynamite 
a/e left. An energy bar is situ- 
ated under the display area 


m btrt to rmciH yw. Tm dHi Imm pHh bH mf mnm i 




RdI HtRO boltffv ricti Bfi $0 i&mt lll«iTf iDd i migmi w«|l. 

and failure to rescue a miner 
before this runs out will result in 
tf>e loss of one life Rather as in 
River Raid there is a level start- 
ing option to allow more skilled 
players to enter the game at 
higher levete - 5, 9. 1 3. or 1 7. 


• Can t say i've seen this one 
trntme. Its a highly originaJ 
game. The graphics are good 
and the effect of the dynamite 
going off is - explosive! This ia 
a very good play, although 
unfortunate that it should be in 
the Atarij'AcllvisJon price brac- 
ket. I liked the effect of the 
water (or is it lava) at the bot- 
tom of ttve shafts very much, I 
found it to be a very challeng- 
ing game and even the demo 
can t^re you otttt. 

• HERO, is me best ot ttm 
four ActfviBion games just 
re/eased tor the Spectrum. 
Tfte graphics are not porticu- 
larly briHiBnt but serve their 
purpose wed and the sound is 
tine The desf Piing atx>ut the 
game is that its very ^ddiCtive 
and lun to ptay. it's certakrly a 
chM&nga l>ecause the better 
jrtw (ref md me fi/rther ycugo 
Ihe herder and harder me 
game becomes^ / stiii thmk 
Activision games are a bit 
pricey, but C^is is still a vary 

• HERO, is enorrnoua fun to 
play and veiy addictive with 

just the right amount of f rustrat - 
ing and challenging ingre- 
dienis to keep you going ^ust 
when you tfiought you migh! 
^ive up As a hero Rodenck 
isn t e!Kactfy a stunning graph iic 
but I do l^ke his little helicopler 
blade And that's the only point 
I found a little irritating - his 
thrust is a bit slow lo come on 
Perhaps this is intended to be 
realistic but it can leave you in 

some very a¥i*ward situations 
and kill you off when you least 
expect It to Had it been £6 
instead of £8 I would have 
given it a vety high value foi^ 
money alongside the other rat- 
ings, but this IS a bit steep, 
especially in tfw face of some 
much better looking budget 
software reoenOy. 


Control keya: 2/A 

thrust/dynamite, O/P left/right, 

E for laser 

Joy slick: Kempston, Sindair, 

Protek AGF 

Keyboard play: feasonabie 

positions although Hr# to 

slightly odd, but responsive 

once used to slow thrust 

Um of colour: good, bright 

and lively 

Graphics : simpie but 

effective, smooth movir^ 

SkHI levels: 5 actual entry 

ievels but many overall on 

progressive bas^s 

LIvee; 5 

Screens: numerous 

General rating: very good. 

onoir^ah addictive ar>d fun. but 


y S€ of com piitdf 76% 

Graphics 72% 

PIsysblltty 79% 

Getting started 75% 

Addictive qyalitles 79% 

Value for money 70% 

Overall 75% 


Producer: U,S* Gold 
Memory required: 4fiK 
Retail price: C7.95 
Language: machine code 
Author: Spectniin vera Ion 
by Ocean 

Beacf^-Hearf arrived in Britain 
from America wWh plenty of 
pre-pubiicity as one of thc^e 
new gmeratiOT US oarros that 
had to be seen. US Gold are 
now busy bringing all sorts of 
famous games ur^der iicence 
like Zaxxpn (already availabta 
for ihe CBM64 and hopefully 
soofi for the Spertnjfn) The 
graph res of Beach-HeBd on 
Vm CBM64 were vbt^ good 
and many peopta worvdered 
how good they cxjuW still be on 
the Spedaim Th& mmM 
makes for a favoyrable conn- 
partsofi - mere's hope for Zax- 
jTon as ^el\ then! 

Beach -Head is a Bin stage 
game based loosely on Ameri^ 
can a)cperienc»3 in some 
Pac3M^ war. the Second World 
SN&r judging by the aircraft 
type. Stage one is tt>e map 
Bcreen wt^re you must move 
your Qunor to ^e area you 
wish to attack If you opt for ttw 
hktden passage yo^i riek kiaing 
ships (lives) in satliTig them 
through ftw mine jfrated and 
torpedo-ridden narrows^ On 
tie other hand your entry into 
tie inner bay protected by the 
enemy's tl^Bl goes unnotioes, 
so tt>ey have less time to 
scramble f^hter? and bom^ 
bers against youf fofcei, The 
second screer^ is seen from the 
deck ol your landing Cfafl wiiti 
anti -aircraft guns at tt^e base 
and the enemy earners 
beyond. Bombers cross from 
toft to right white ftghfer- 
bombers attack you. Too rrmny 
direct hits and you'll lose a life. 
Fd I owing this is a screen 
where you mu$x attempt to sink 
tt>e enemy shipping - a carrier 
crosses your field of flre. while 
ottier st^^ fire back at you 
Ooinptetbig this takes yoij to 
Ihe beach-head it^f. where 
you control tanks as they 

14 CRASH November 1904 


advance up the dunes, avoid- 
ing er>emy obstacles Ihe final 
battle is the bleaching ol the 
giant gun Here again you are 
In oontnol of artillafy and the 
o^ed is to shoot out several 
white blocks in the towers 
base l>ef Of e it>e giant tuf ret can 
swing round and tilast you out 
of existence. 

Scorir>g is a laHy complex 
buainess. well explained tn the 
detatled irnlay. 

options are excellerrt. catering 
for Jyst alXHJt every ioysticfc 
plus definable keys too. The 
game is very playable and cer- 
lainty addictive mis will keep 
yoii happy for a bng while All 
m all an excelleni program well 
worth the £:7.95 arNd a sure 
winner Can t wait for more US 
Gokj games/ 

• This game has a fair mix of 
ditterent geme typm in differ- 

Mm! m m/f mrvn^ m Hmm PiiMVi III eb^CH-HCAD 

A -t^ 

m # 

# # 

4«* • 





• '[3o you suffer from ttiose 
disgustirkgly tvomble people so 
crudely east as Commodore 
64 owT>ers sayirig how superior 
their machirie is, saying that 
your beloved Spectnjm isn't 
capable of producing ekcetleni 
programs Nke Beach -Head? 
You dot f'tow all you have to do 
is turn around and beat the 
asterisks out of them, and 
while doing this you can tell 
tfiem thai your Spectnjm has a 
version of Beach -H&Bd ttvat \s 
every bft as good as the 64 
vers*on if not better The graph- 
it^ are e>ccellent and aie juiA as 
pleasing to tt>e eye as the 64 
version The sound - well that 
is one a/ea where the Spec- 
trum falls down slightfy, but 
even so. its t\ot bad. The menu 

wnt stages, ft's atso got an 
etemeni of stratogy feaoh- 
Head is a good battfelwar 
game with somB dBcmt 
gfaphics f&spedatiy th& 
p/anesj. Goocf is the word for 
most of it, but it does nof molty 
come into th& realm of vwy 
good, and at airm>st £8 the 
V F M. is ateo knocked a bit: 

• Spectrum graphk^ have 
certainly come a brig way 
since the venerable D(v Tron- 
ics game 30 Jsnx - and that 
was n't bad The effect of trafec- 
lory here is very strong and 
realistic Th^ is another trans- 
lahon from a ©4 version 
although this version is far 
more dlfftauH than its pa/ent, 
poeslbly because US GgkJ well 
know mat Spectrum gameri 
ptay a much meaner game 
tlvan their 64 counterparts. The 
oddity of this game, though, is 
the mix of such excellerrt 
graphics (like on Ihe General 
Quarters and Battle Stattone 
screer^) with relatively primi- 
tive looking ones (like in Hid- 
den Passage and Beach 
Head). The explosions a re a bit 
disappointing, [ust short red 
puffs - a bit unspectacular. 
Could nt they at least have had 
^ few bits falling off, or used 
aitemate colours? Overali, 
rather mbted feelings The 
gaime is fun to play and qytte 
addictive, but coming from the 
States, perhaps a bit over- 


Control keys: user-definable, 
for direciions and fire needed 
Joystick: almost any via UDK 
Keyboard play: any position 
to suit, v&ry responsive 
Use of colour: v&rf good 
Graphics: good, varied, fairiy 
large and detailed in most 
cases with good 3D in battle 
Sound: good 
Skllt levels: 3 
Lives: sjx ships 
Screens: € stages 
General rating: good, 
reasonatrfy addictive, plenty of 
ptayabiiity, perhaps 

Uae of oompy ter B6% 

Graphics 80% 

PlayabllJty 79% 

Getting started 76% 

Addictive qualities 77% 

Value for nvoney 75% 

Overall 79% 


Nq tnoie ly mb i m g w ilK 1 ho ga mo conti oi toy ^ now you cq n 
horetoyslici conltol on Iho XX Spec(rum%tifi Kompston 
}Ov*iiclt mtejiac© allow* ciH lovsiicfci in th& Kemp«ioii tong* 
(andolhms thai me Alan coinpoUblt>} lo be u»od wiin Ib9 
Spectium Simplv plugs inio I he ©'tlgt.* connixriof 
No i&oditicaliDns n^c^i^saiy ONLV £1 1 .M 

Compel ]£>lc» Willi ;£,X Intaitace I IJi4? Pio-iTitocturo lict^ Ihi^Mi 
9 way D Socltois Two ot thefiocl««ts allow compcilibililv 
witri smciaii Pmon »ifwai& whjbi irif^ mirci murt*. ir^i « luf ii 
laciUly otbolli Kemphf y 

sQllwaJp TtiLvrio l[ltt»l^ roj 

HOM bo&ed sort waie on l v c i 9 9f 

blaKitnum aicudt"^ quality li'aU: i ttiasoruil-^ 

Tedfui oi Top n w t >ul k>ii fo i i ? • I ikII h ii 1 1 d - 

Tsiggot buirosi Un Oiu^ hundf^d index hnget conliol : Hasc^ 
Hue" bui tp[ loti oi nghl honded d way acf:tide 
quiiliiY iei3i swiii^hm Bybbei lOlum aclion I S m^Uo cobte 
Commod '^ AlaiicompoiiMe See |oysric|c inlvi lace 

I! r M : imalkrtiruig 

:.iV}iN. .*-tS212p[otDcrol 

KoYwoitlt. UJi^T LIRlKTciJKl cul'Y Wc- icM;ommvrid Itit? 
Urolhfi 1:^44 F^riiilf*! far um* Wllh Itiiii liiieffcico 

liiloirat!** compJt?rf^ wiin c auiu^ and connocttn ohly CfS OD 


The liWtaioii? loysiK k tui mo iriQitiP compul^i rootuit^s. 

Eigonomic dc^^tgn niuj nrlon covoriKlsleeli sZidtl B way 
ajCd[Cl0 qiiahry i 'h0% Dual tiro buttons roi \^n oj 

tigtil hcindcKl piu i p.. i.Dti«f lolurn action tor &mooitir^e^ 

I 5fiiff1iocabl« 
Commodox^andAJariGompaLibLe Sea-ioyiilick inierface 
lor 5pfrclmm compatibility ONit £1 3.M 

.^ I. iiig«!Ol piiiiun: wiUiLiii Hid\i!;lrv^l'J ironiCi 

input p0^t cm ttif^ ZX Sperlium tnt*tiac« thah iUl opoialitig 
^ ommonds held iii an El^ROM so plufj iii and ih n'ady \o 
uw ONlY E4f . W Int t ttcic« S u I k* 1 1 ng & k rii 1 1 a i i e u U j t#ii OLit 
abo¥ii but soMwato touiin«« aio piov]d«d Mpaia1<»ly lo 
miliall£« !he mioilace bdloi« us# OMLT tSB.OO 

1 1 pyj ۥ} I 


IXiU .liiUiil* on aM oui pioducli aiv orvailciblv oA i^qutfil 

Ai; piiccn mLliiili?- ^ rtf arm i ^ p p o-.-jm'^ -isl^'w * i *hi|n smi nvi-ivf^iy 

i^cnptlon Mscio Eifinfitohur* Lid Sifigi^i Wcrif 

Tel (02J4) ft*NM^3 1 lv}0M liiMna K I: Ml Ml c; r " 

Tii.]il# tiuiii II I A W^^k'om. 



illliwa t] 

You'll see the difference from 

the moment you pick up one of the games 

from Firebird's new Silver Range. 

We keep our flights of fancy for the game. 

On the pack, you'll find there is 

a true representation of the 

A- high quality screen graphics. 

Here's a sneak look at three of the NEW games 


Well ahiver me timbecs ami spfica Ihe 
mam brace and pass the grog, me 
heartios, Hef e be the gmatesl pirate 
adventufe oi them all, atx)ard that 
scourge o I th e Seven S^s ihe dreaded 
Black Qallaofi Feast yer eyes on the 
BOOTY tul treasure stored in 20 holds 
There be pirates, parrots and tun galore. 
If you don't like it rnate^ v^'ll hang you 
bv the highest yard-armllt 


Blamed tor a murder you did not 
cx}mmit, your only hope is to identlly 
and capture the real killer - a 
member of the nolor ious gang/The 
VWId Bunch. But can you also suivive 
lite on the run in this adventure set 
in the Wild West... 


Wing a plane to release a carrier 
pigeon . . shoot the carrier pigeon 
and add a note to the slave at the top 
of the screen . . . shoot enough 
pgeonsto complete the tune (without 
getting wiped out by the relentless, 
pursuing planes) , , . next wave. 


Look out for these games in the RREBtRD silver range at selected high street stores. 






There are twenty games now available 
from Firebird, and that's just the beginning. 
Ail the software is produced to the same 
high professional standards and all are 
available at the remarkably low price of 




The new range from British Telecom. Vl^ Ybu'd better believe itf 11 

Firebird and the Firebird logo are Irademarks of British Telecommurncations pic. 



Pfoducer : Creative 

Memofy required: 48 K 
Retail price : £S.95 
Languaga: macliine code 
Autlior: Graliam Johns 

ChftB Wmg is a battte flight 
5iii>y]atvotii, but unltke Oigilal 
lnl9gralipn'sfignr@rPrft>r, your 
aircmfl is a make belitve arm ~ 
a verv ^^9h performance on^ at 
that Cfealive Sparks have 
also created a garrte for two 
ptayers wilh two compuiafS 
and monitors for a vefy r^aUsUc 
fiohl. But the game is also 
playaWe wrth one player 
against lh« cofirpyler. The 
game inckidm rarious skill 
levals and provider numerous 
frief>dly afKl enemy bases as 
well as enemy hghlers to battta 

There are touf skill levels - 
Erainer, novice, pilot and ace 
On the sirTT|)lest level the 
enemy aifcraTt do not move, 
and on the other levels the 
player may select the number 
of enemy t>ases lo be attached 
- one bomb is alkMed for each 

Oefta Wing has a double 
display - insiruments plus map 
and ir^tfumente plus 
windscreen view. The irntru- 
merit panel is very deiaited 
jochKling meters for altitude, 
vortical speed (most useful in 
landing), brake indteator (tor 
use on the ground or in the air), 
ihrusi. fuelp airspeed, artificial 
horizon, flaps and undercar- 
riaot (up or down]. Fc^ attack 
purposes there are also ttiie 
vertical position kx;a!or (VPL) 
and radar. A compi^s is also 
supplied lor generaf direction 
m conjufiction with the map 
The VFL shows Itie height of 
enemy aircraft relative to your 
height Ttie radar has a bng 
arro strtxt range scan 

In addition to the irelru- 
mants, the graphic display also 
shows the pilots knee and 
hand on the joystick The view 
through ihe cockpn window 
shows sl<y and ground relatrve 
to attitud^ and all movements 
are reflected m the instrumeni 
panel's artificial horizon which 
shows pttdi angle and rail 
angle. Orrce in visual range, 

18 CRASH November 1 964 


orbomy basM and aircraft 
4pp^ K wire frame objects 
moviiig iLEily in 3D. Your own 
b^as are similar, but a differ- 
ent configuration of ffnas 

Similar repr ese niations 
appear <m the map togedief 
with your present positlori and 
that oi enemy bombers ate. 

Reluelling and ra-armirig 
require landing near a friendly 
bske Although there are no 
runways m the game, landing 
must be carried out lully. Land- 
ing too far away from a base 
need not be fataL as it is poss- 
ible to ta^i towante one on the 

The packaging indudes an 
excellent inlay with all instruct 

tior^ very simpty laid out and 
with colour diagrams showing 
instrumentation and map dis- 
play information. 


B'Deka Wing m like Fighter 
Piht but il takes ftghtBr Pitcf 
further so Ihat tases which you 
can bomb are included, the 
scraan layout is axcsilerrt and 
you can actually sea the piots 
legs and arm reacting to your 
key rommaJxJs. Responses 
are also excellent and In tome 
cases over-respwiaive Thts is 
quite a good flight simulations^ 
shoot em lap type of game but 

the graphics of the enemy 
ptanes aiid bases a^re not that 
good. I stHI think Fighim Pool te 
better but this is sW a good 
game The sound and meny 
options are fine arid the twnua 
for f rVerxls with inlerfiKe one ol 
a iwo-handed flarm means 
they can play a^krM each 
other All in at) another good 
game from Creativa $pami/ 

• 'This gatm must bB com- 
pamdto ma highty succ&$^hit 
Fighter Pilot, although com- 
p&r&d agairttf FP if rs by no 
mBam as tfifRciMt to p^a/ or 
enpy Cktntof tey^uf rs totafty 
reBlistic Bndhiqhfy ^nformatiYB 
0¥en though this m nofactu^fy 
a reafpiafm. M j^u contfioi ffw 
ptane, emryMng $& instm^f 
on the move, pSm's hanify antf 
knBBS mo¥€f in accofdmmB 
wifft your iOystiCk. tfie matru* 
mBnfs a/l mmct spcntsomimtY 
- in this sensB it is utterfy par- 
fecr and in my opinion - 
unbBatBbte B^emybdBes affd" 
atrcfait am all -v^^e drawn tor 
graphk: speed, tHd Shm 
doesn 1 Sjpdtf an y pfaj'tttiiKy ol 
the game wtiatsoevM. Colour 
ha^ tmm wahsticaity used 
ana a&peciafiy on tfie inis*ru- 
ment p&n^ very rmpr&§si¥Bfy 
usad- The graphics are ^e/y 
/asf md i^ry rea*lifc. Thm .s 
frtf mo6t pfayabfQ md anjoy- 
a t*fe flight shoor &m up thai ^ ve 
saan, atthoagh^ stymg that, it 
js tfetoiPtf enougj? h be a 
sMmtBtion as w^l. I rm:om' 




• ITS unwoidabto to oompavt 
DMa Wing wHh fighter POot 
but Daita Wing isn't out to out- 
fly Fighm Pilot bocauM V^ Is 

mOfB cm A wnpoi Qffi up yVUS 
than s ilrriylalian III the lenM 
nmFP Mum- f^ Ittrtors Oeim 
iVi^g if riot a tttttt pterio, and Its 
iTianMweffri&Wty i w^ 
itiiyflp ih^wtfigsoitfTKnipn^ 
mt^tey ftgiita^, GaMng wriQ 

ai i COfTMOfWPifl TWgnl Of 

85.000 tost dotngiimoit 2.0W 

knoia It fuf) ^ MMi, #ip#clflMy 
ta at ilial apeed ym^ can mo 
iit aymbol of your ahrcraft on 
tie map momtm quie daerly 
But IP row mm from that 
Neigtilon an Mtmy bate. 9m 
I appear n a smalt dot In the 
field d green, o^ow into a 
ah^ pe, and ihan pii out ai the 
leal aecond Id wi^Ixz liglit waf 
tfie top of H and boinb it is 
almost heaven* Tho vartoua 
AM levels have l>etn iwell cho~ 
sen htNij ttia< pmplasi right up 
to tfia a<» toval where Vtm 


figiitors ate no eaav 
fiwon. iTie conpoaaoaiiy 04 
Delta MVig Is auoh, ho^Mvefn 
%m you can feal^ dog fighi 
vriii ttia compirtar. awmwia 
on your air iMaki and nMMng to 
gat ffie enemy in trorri of yotf 
iighia agaia Baaays e of ttib, 
the amajsing gnptiicSi. 

De«i Whg lathe moat Hkety- 
InO rva ever saen on ai 



Cwriitit httytt: t/P MViigtvi' 



lyndaon oonirola 

Jofsttdi: Sinclair. Kempalon. 

Flier. AGF.Prolak 

K e ytioard piay: ex i ret f iely 


IJea colo ur: ty ajHani 

OfipMcs: exoelenlf tail 

dHaHeri very good wife Afame 


Sound: good lunaa, not much 

durtnq game for «iaad of 

Sol iaveia«4 wVi5i 


Ipeolal leaAurea: 2*pla 


gvne raN^FOfiiad via inti 


Qanaral rating: asoelafiC 

Uaa of oomputar 








Mdtcttvt qMlUlM 


Vtiu* for mofwy 


Producer: Blaby 
Computer Gamea 

Memory required: 4SK 
Retail price: E1.&9 
Language: nu chine code 
Author: J. Woodcook 

Blatjy's Troo is nothing new in 
comptrter games, except that 
rts one of the first Ughl Cycle' 
type games at V\b budoet 
piice. The tradrtional mles 
apply, with the player being 
unaWe to hit the edge of Itit 
playing area, his own lighrt tral 
Of that of the other player {or 
coniputer). The of»-ptayer 
game against the computer 
does have ifm novelty of 
removing the edge of screen 
penalty and opening the play- 
irtg area up with a varticd and 
horizontal wrap around 
screen. In the two-player mode 
the screen edoes are reins- 
tated txit etght directional 
movement is pofwiitted. 


• 'Being one of the earliest 
type of oames that came out 
for the Specown. Tmn isn't 
very inspiring - )yst trylnp to 
outwit tf>e computer, which 
isn t vary inle^llgeni m tt^is case 
anyway. The attitude towards 
the game changes corr^etefy 
when yoii 00 into the two- 
player mode. It tr^tantfy 
lieconv&s more fun tryir^ to 
outwit your opporvent Also, 
further dHflcuHie^ are imposed 
in the two-player mode, like the 
disappearance of the wrap 
around screen. Graphics move 
by the biock when playing 
against the computer aJthougn 
ttEey instantly change to 
smooth movement when in tJie 
two-player mode. Quite a col- 
ourful game, but yoy cant 
expect much in any case. 
Fairly good value rf ycir've got 
someone ate© to ptay with 

• Any criUcism of a gafrw like 
mm i$ very depBfident on 
whethBf fff&mviBwer Itkes th& 
game fype f do. Bithough n is 
an otd md ¥BFy simple type of 
game. This wmion i$ wbU up 
fo scratch, mpeciatty in the 
two-play&f mode, wh^h is the 
best way to ptay the type any- 
way The compiifar does^f 
seem to be very clever as m 
opponent, end in the or?e* 
player nioda th& game soon 
pBits. sdffmugh the wrap 
around screBn adds some 
noveity. If you want a Light 
Cyct^^ type game and have 

a/ways considered them too 
expensive tof what you gat, 
we// no w s Ihe fima. ' 


Control keye: Q^A up/down, 
Z'X tefl/right [left player 1 ), P/L 
ypdown. WhA teft/right (rigW 

JoyatJck: none 

THOM'i iwa^fltftt 

tCeytio«r«l play: responsiw 

enough for the game, better In 

2-player wrtt^ reasonably iiafd * 

out keys 

Uae or colour: foe ttie type of 

game, very imagrnatrue 

Graphics: very simple, 

although there are cars at ttie 

front and wkJe trals for ease of 

seeing, this does tend to lim*t 

the playing space more. 

Sound; not much 

Skill ievela^ 1 

Llve»: 1 

Special featurea: 1 or 

General rating: nothing new, 
txit a tairfy good version of an 
old game, and at its new price, 
very good vahM 

Use of CO m p uter 63% 

Graphics 46% 

Piayabllity 52% 

Getting sta rtecJ 52% 

Addictive qualities 49% 

Value for money 68% 

Overall 55% 


Pnxlucer: The Edge 
Memory required: 4aK 
Retail price: C6.t5 
Language: machine code 
Autiior: Andrew Beale 

Psytraxx is said by its produc- 
ers to be the secx«id toje 
megfrNB^me, the ftrst having 
been ttieir 64 game Quo 
Vadis? 'Now Spwtrum owr>- 
ers can ©xpenenca the fm rts of 
our unbelievat)le synergy 
programming techniques, 
says the PR, No orie at 
CRASH is entirely sure just 
wttat 'synergy' is when rt's at 
home, or how it makes fisyf- 
raxx ditferent from any other 
similar game type; and in as 

much as Stsrbike tooks 
uncannily tike Lunar Jerma/), 
Psytraxx toOks uncannHy I*© 
Aftc Atac. You have a very 
lair^ mimber of rooms, a wan- 
denng and questing hero and 
numerous manifestations of 

CRASH November 1984 19 


monstefs, plus umIW tefro tp 
pick up on the way. As In Atic 
Atec. it Jl up to the player to 
discover how to do wttatn and 
what to do with rt when yoy've 

Psytrnxx takes pl^ce intlde 
that ever populaf kKation* a 
computer You axe in contrd of 
e Microdroid srvd the object is 
to do battle with the nuts and 
bolts of its Innards (diodea, 
chips and the like) while trying 
to gain access to a CPIJ by 
coHecting the Key Cards. To 
keep your spinis up there are 
little green blocks in each room 
vteited that charge vou yp so 
you can fire at and oestroy the 
nasties, although in each life, 
once eaters the cake is gone 
There are only (ive rooms (all 
framed in pfinted circuitry) at 
the start that you can visit wllh- 
oul problefT^ since the last i^ 
Mocked off by a purple and a 
blue force field over two eMit 
doom. Coliectina the key card 
a few rooms before, however, 
will gain you access to the nejrt 
area whkeh is much larger. Tf^ 
Edge daim that there are over 
lOOO screens to play through, 
and as our reviewers disco- 
vered, the game isn't as 
straightlorwaro as it first 


• Psytrajtx is definitely an Afic 
Afac kK>k alike, a sort of 
art^de adventure m which you 
miiat obviously find out how all 
the varbus elements are 
llrrked 4n order to see a way 
through. It's a oortstani fight 
against the nasties arKi a t^atlle 
to keep the energy up as con- 
tact wfti any of the fixtures tn 
the rooms drains you rapidly, 
and orice that's gone you have 
no cMervce against the diod^ 
and resistors until arxither 
power pack is found. Each of 
the key cards foufKl seems to 
alow you access to further 
parts of the complex, but there 
are puzzles too. What is ^e 
chip with OR on it? Touch it 
arxl you di^olve to be 
reformed, but the chip that was 
yelk)w is now white and all the 
rooms that were once whrte 
are now yelbw. Repealing the 
process reverses the 
phenomenon. Is it useful? This 
and many other Questions will 
now ckHibt be answered in tfie 
Ibrlhoofning weeks f I found 
P^y&ax^ extremely playable 
and challenging. H s cbvicualy 
a much larger game than AtSc 
Alac, txjl the graphfos are 
nowhere near as attractive and 
as far as I can determine at this 
state of pbay. there isn't actu- 
ally as much to do either Still, a 

20 CRASH November 1984 

i 0i«aiftl plH nxiiftt 9f cwiDKilm Hd fiutftHtllutiant !■ Ptrmucx. 

worthwhile buy^ and I'll give it \ 
the benefit of the doubt that the 
furltier in you get the rrx>re 
complicated play becomes, 
just as it did with the first three 

• Th/t game from The Edge is 
similar in gBn&ratgame ictaa to 
Atic Atac (bui nor as good by 
fBf). GeaBratly the gamB is 
okBy, with ail the nastias 
(chips, diod&^ etc} looking 
quite good But on my 
encoumar f wautd hardty catt it 
a mega-game: in fact it was a 
bit on the synergy sid& 

# 1 know hype is important 
when it comes to grabbing 
attentfon, but l think the Edge 
have well and truly overdone it 
with Psytraxx I'm not sayirig 
that it isn't an interesting game, 

but it this is a trua meosgame 
then I haven't much nope left 
for Spectnjm advances. Let s 
face it. wtth all the nonser®e 
al>Out "synergy ' programming 
technioues, what we nave here 
is a paJe shadow of Afic Arac. 
but completety wittKiut the 
charm oi that game. 1 was vag- 
uely reminded as wefl of Sof 
tek s W/cro6or. whi^ I thought 
was a mtich tetter game that 
Psytraxx. The graphics here 
aren t bad. the animation of tfie 
vahouB enemies is reasonable 
but the 1000 pim rooms are 
pretty borir>g to look at. I guess 
this is another "map" game, as 
you can quickly become lost in 
the maze, but an important pan 
te such games is that the ioca^ 
iiona should all have some- 
IWriQ to give them identity. 
Psytraxx lacks sadly in th^ 

respect. Because oi thiSp I 
didn t fltxJ rt parttoularly addic- 


Control keys; A/Z up/down » 

OIP tefl/rtght, Q-T pJck Mp and 


Joystick: Kemp«ton» 

Sinclair. AGF, Protek 

Keyboard play: responsive 

8-directional movement 

Use of colour; above 


Graphics: reasonable stze 

and detail rast and fairly 


ScHind; useful beeps and 

some effects, omerwise not 


Skill levels: i 

Lives: 3 

Screens: over a 1 000 

General rating: a large-sized 

game which was generally felt 

to be above average to good. 

byl over-i>rtced 

lite of computer 75% 

Graphics 71% 

PtayabHIty 73% 

Gett I n g s ta rt e d 70% 

Add i Q t i V e qy a I i ties 53% 

Value for mon«y 64% 

Overall 69% 


Producer: BIftby 
Compuler Games 

Memory raquirad: 4SK 
Retail price £1.99 
Language: machine code 
Author: Derek Lawrl# 

Gwdo is a smatt black raven- 
ous, canot eating rabbil 
who s safe aim in /ife ts m eat - 
well carrots. Here's what yoti 
do The screen lighis up with a 
senes of bdck Nocks arranged 
in a tour high by six wide grid 
above a base platform. On 
several of the brick platforms 
there are carrots embedded in 
the platform. By jumping kip on 
the caiTot-beahng block arn] 
boundng GukJo not only eats 
the carrot btrt also drills righl 
through to fall down onto me 
block tseneath. 

Life would, of course, be the 
same if It were this sJmple, and 
it isn't. There are bound rig 
batls. irate fantiers and android 
hares to watch out tor. The 
bourK:ing balls on screen orve 

sail up and down the vertical 
gaps t^tw^^n the btocks* 
whereas the farmers walk 
abng the hcn^ontal ones. 
What with watching out tor 
t*>ese hazards and navlng to 
pk* his way careful Sy around in 
order to get to the right btocks. 
life can get a bit fraught, espe- 
cially as by screen tHree you 
have vertical balls and horizon- 
tal farfrwers all at the same time 
Never mind. Bright eyes. 


• ■ I would hardty call 1ti is game 
easy, in fad id go to great 
lengths to say that rt s very dit- 
j ficolt, especially on the third 
* soeen wtth balls whizzlf>g up 
, and down and f armors moving 
' left to right. The idoa behind 
tt\B game is very sln^, ft«t 
collect the carrots but it stilt 
manages to be very entertain- 
er^, Graplihcs ^e simple b^ 


»iJUi f »^ ^ii ^ 




Producof : Positive Image 
Memory required: 48K 
RetHil price: £ 
Language: machine cods 
Aiftfior: Tom Csfravin 

Ifm Game. &ays the tnlay, is to 
driled the gokton cup from 
mdh screen. The cups are 
loctod eiray bq a key is 
rmdid. Olher ab)ecto cen be 
ooteded as wel. Ghosf Rider 
is a ptatfbrm game in which yoy 
star as a Biker wWh pedal 
po^er. There are six levebi 
connected by fast rising and 
descending Irtts at either end ol 
tw platforms The nxain ditfi- 
cutty is timing to get on or qlt 
tm Sif^> and in avoiding the 
vaiious hazards that floai 
around on tfie levels protecting 
to odUecUble odiecis. A prob- 
^4 lem li that object on eeoh 
^ft ^ten have to be QOliClid in 
^m the right order and it isn't pom- 
^B ibie to hde a Irft all the m&f 
^m round. Collecting the key 
^H resulte in the vaults containing 


pleasing and last - 
enough! Ckjtour and sound are 
used quite well, atthough the 
cobur oould have been a litOe 
more contrasty Pretty good 
value for its pilCB and should 
provide quto a tew houre 
entertainment - and Is very dif- 

■ 'Guidofef^T going to wm any 
pnies tor contBnt bs tt js a very 
Simple id^a The r&&i effort h^ 
gone mto adjusting fhe timing 
ot ehe varnus nasti&s SO that 
(he p/ayer i$ presented with a 
, gmm that is BxtrBmBty hard 
and tmstmting kr the addictive 
smse of the word Simpfe. 
Qc/ie oomp&lling to play and 

tm golden cup vanish I rig to 
leave the cup free for o^lec- 

Completing the first screen 
moves you onto the second, 
more difflcult anangement 
here hdes have appeared in 
the piattorms maldno the loute 

more torty reus Each screen is 
played against a time limit and 
a fuel limrt. and there is a petrol 

pump somewhere to top up. 
atthough why ^ pedal bike 
requires petrol Is open lo 
speculation^ In all there are 
twelve levels. 

flk&fy to appea/ to nimble fing- 
ered kids, and sermus arcad- 
es aiike (in spme moments 
between the grown u)h^tuff 0/ 
Combat Lynx)/ 


Control keys: Z/X len^righl. J 
to jump. N to dig 
Joystick: Kem[^tQfi, but 
hardly needed 
Keyboard: responsive 
Use of colour : quite good 
Gr^plllee: reasonabty sized, 
nol over much animation 
althoygh the bouncing balls 
work very well 
Skill levels: 3 
Uvot: 3 

General rating; average in 
game type but represents very 
good value and the game is 
qtitte adcA^ve. 

Use of computef G2% 

Graphics 49% 

Playabiltty 53% 

Gettir^g started 54% 

Addictive qualltlea S2% 

Value for moriey 63% 

Overall 56% 


• iOO*;o machine code. , , 
real arcade action combined 
with strategy and adventure. . . 
a game for quick hand aftd 
nimble fingefi^ ^ ^ We've all 
heard that before, haverit we? 
Is il 100^'e m/G all the time in 
this case^ I ask myself. This 
game is extremelv similar in 
B90UI to Morris and the Bik^f^ 
except that here you are pedal- 
ing. The graphics are okay but 
not ultra-snwoth as they are 
moved by character aquares F 
wouJd not agree wHh Vre word 
adveniure at all. but strategy 
- yes. One must think ahead to 
use the Eifts to advantage. As 
for quick hands etc. all arcad- 
ers have these virtues' Overall 
the strateay element (or think- 
ing BhBsm does give Jt a slight 
addictive boost. 

• Atfifsi, it seems to me to be 
a very simple geme, a very 
simptB idea, but after playing it 
for a bit t diswvared that th^re 
is a bit mom to H than stmpfy 
coilecting obfects, you need to 

doitecf them in th& right order 
Quick reactk^rm are protty 
B^ential as the graphic 
ohBfm^ters move by ff}e bk>cf( 
and caft tak& you by surprimr 
Screens do ^ary but stay on 
stntilaf ptattorm finas^ Cohur 
Aas bem used fwrfy weft but ft 
does lack soma^ing in both 
graphic and cofour presenta- 
tion Overaif^ it turns out as a 
rather average game that may 
watt appeaJ to tha younger 
arcade player/ 

• Ghost Rider is a follow t^ 
program to Positive Image's 
B9WBfehQi^e. I preferred tlie 
Mrfof one. Because of the 
cherecter nnovement there ts a 
tendency for the program to be 
ovar-nnid^y. especially when 
getting on or off a lift e?fit t don't 
know why. but cokxjr charac- 
ters on a white background 
such as we have here, atways 
look a tHt unsatisfying, and the 
presentation would have 
looked betlef if another colour 
had been used. Overall a 
good idea wt^fch still seems lo 
mk something in trie playing/ 


Control keyt; Z/x ieft^n||M 
Joystick: hardly needs rt 
Keyboard play: simple keys 
and reasonable responses 
Uae of colour: vahed uae, 
spoUt by use of white 

Grepnles: tmaginative ar>d 
vaned, not all that smooth 
Soiind: pedal noises ajid 
alt>er occasional beep^ 
Skill tevetn witi 
pf ogressive dttficulty 
Livea: 3 
Screenft: 12 
Gaf>eral rating: above 
average idea v^h medium 
playabitity . may appeal more 
to younger ptay ers 

Um of computer 






Getting started 


Addictive qualities 


Value for money 





CRASH November 1984 21 



Producer: SHversoft 
Mamtxy reqyired: 4SK 
Retail pnce: £5:95 
Language: machlnt POde 
Author: Steve Bere&tord 

Being a story of Heroisrri and 
uftparalteled Daring, nrnrveli- 
ous Hunts and inoecttbto 
Advefitures amongsl savage 
Saurians. giant Fish, monstr- 
CKJS Behremoths and strange 
and oirtous Trities. Weli that a 
Now Silversoft pul It anyway, 

Supermui is miBad in a 
quest to fird Ne irlerid. The 
Pi<>. who is held eapBve in the 
Castte a! !h« End of Memory 
In order to be able to penetrate 
Its detences. Super Mutt rmist 
«nier various rooms in build- 
ings en route to collect plecas 
ol the oode word shown at the 
bonofn of the screen, and 
withoul Ihii^ he will not be abte 
to enter the caistte 

Some 64 lartdscapss and 24 
rooms make up this new game, 
wh rch lakes The fofm of a ecrol- 
hng landscape of tresB and 
buddings over which Super 
mm lues. Some of the btitld- 
ings below him contain rooms 
wnioh may be entered, and in 
these single letters which may 
0^ may noi make up the code 
word shown at the bottcmri of 
Ihe screen, can be found flittir^ 
around. There aie also numer- 
01^ moroterB flitting around 

Sir»oe Super Mutt is super 
enough lo fly but r>ot to tty 
backwards, care must tie 
taken lo eraure visiting every- 
where ^ as not to miss out on 
a chance at a cod© word letter 
Efilering a bLjikJing is donci 
lifiiply enough tiy landing next 
lo it , tekir^ care not to land on a 
Iroeor roc^H and ttien walking in 
through the door Inside the 
rooms there are severaJ pla!- 
forms which can be used for 
leaping upwards This is nec- 
cessary both to coHect the flrt- 
ting letter, and to odiect the 

Sreen and red appks which 
eep the Mutt in businete. 
Conitacl with some fjbui not al) 
ot ttTfl monsters will deplete Wl 
appte store rapidly Neverlhe- 
Ims, some of the monsters are 
very usefuf as additional step- 
ping stores to ta/T>e and lo<- 
tune, not to mention apples 
arxJ Setters- A letter gained in a 
ODde wofd results in the letter 
no bnger flashing at the base 

22 CRASH rJovefTiber1dS4 

SUKR Mim MM lor iif Iti wtitMr la pra iMft Clldai off ifi^ 

If you manage to coRect all 
the letters m a code word, 
Super Miitt tincte hrmself at tfie 
Castle p indeed m thie dyngeon, 
poeeeraed of a^ array of keys- 
But which opens the cell door - 
anyway, which cell door is it? 
One contains tt^ Pup, tt>e 
other a rather ferocious woH.., 

The only other thi ng to add Is 
that while flying. Super Mtrft 
rriLHrt avoid the my hilarious 
objects that oomie whkzing 
along, like umbrellas and pur- 
ple ftiings that took like the 
object Jet Set WJIIy ended up 

• 'Super Mutt fe not Bkactty as 
stmightorw&rd as it first 
seems, tn the many zooms 
Etiens may be a dang&r a hin- 
arBncB or a h^p, mrd often a 
mixture of f/iese things. The 
result is a highly entartairting 
end original game with some 
ye/y attractfve tookino graph* 
ics which i found fairly addic- 
tive and which gave me a tot to 
cfo. Its one of those games 
that leads to t&rminai frustra- 
tion when youm almost them, 
one more tetter to get and then 
a wfK)te run of rooms am yse- 
iess to you and the energy 



* it 

tt * 

V wm 



«f»F«p jiL 



^^F Jp 



Cficr^y »M 




< cod* uord 

t 1 ■«? 

OM ot OM raofft tOAOOM't looldii| II SUPt-H MmT - vitfi'i IN diPTuifi 


• This is an odd game to start 
wilti , you play tfie part of a fly- 
ing dog (p^s midht % you may 
well say J - welt its true; Hie 
d4!^een scrolis smoothly belw^ 
you, alrrtost like a Sa^amb^e' 
type game. In the various 
rooms well detailed and ani* 
mated aliens try to prevent you 
from cx>jtecting apples or M- 
(ers. The graphics are detailed. 
ODtourful but maybe a tiny bit 
too small Overall a very play- 
able, long lastir>g game wHh 
plenty of cxxitenl. 

Im^ps dropping and.,ftrefly 

m Super Mutt is one of those 
games that make you tt**, 1 
wish the oraphk^ were a bit 
bigOer, or It waa bd harder/ It 
has something lacking, that 
you can1 quite put your finger 
on Otherwise it is a very ptay- 
able game whic^ Is oertalnfy 
wortti bi/ying. Aithough a bit on 
the sniall side tt>a graphics are 
very neat and well animated. 
Flying fhB Mutt lakes a lot of 
00-ordinatKXi to get him h*gti 
enough to miss the buildings 

and trees txif fciw enough lo 
miss ttie tying storks, umbrd- 
taa and umlerpants(f![) I quite 
eiTpyed ptaying this game 
attbough I thought ttie end was 
bit of an anti'dimax attef all the 


Comrol Keys: Z/X left/right 

(walking) P to fly and L to Irap 

insWe rooms 

Joystioh; hardly r>eeded 

Keyfooard play: v^ry 

retxmsive. with an amai!ing 

leap potential 

Use of c^our: very good and 


Graphlca: smallish in the 

main, txjt detailed, well 

anintfed end {meginative 

Sound: everaoe 


Ll^ve»: 1 

Screens: ^rollir^ plus 24 


Qerterai rating: very good lo 


Use of computer 

Getting started 
Additctive qualities 
Value for money 


T-shirts & 
Binders Offer 


As Uoyd HwiQfvn menboned in 
Ni lemrs pag». h«'i bMn lokl lo 
git it mgei\hm («PtVe gmmmaltf 
pfl^vfdftd Nfn vmn s Moond Sivy 
dNk} STKi of^QviiM ill Indwc w 
thi 12 lutiH your Mnder win hold. 
Tta Mex to ibMhilily FRCE to 
iTMm lirtio OfdMt tl« bindor and 
ifi to Mm wtoTMieily kn Janu^ 

So niriw Bur« ysy ^urfi your 
imum imo ih« crash Sp*cirum 
Ba W iii ii EncydopHtodta I 

Be a Superior Alien with your very own 
CRASH T-shirt and sweatshirt! 

.SwHMilrtd t8.95SalilLD 

I i ImiMM^tUUHMitM^MH I 11 I I IM<liili«t.iiiiMMI II I III I I II I I II ill I II I llll 11 I II llllll II 

mmi^ CPASH »ndv(i} 

£4Jd l^ncloMQioque/POpiyttUiloCRASHMK^f^ 

CRASH MlCROt Freepott, Ludlow. Shropthlra SYS 1 BR 

Joysticks are your moat immoflratirctHin&cHon with 
any game you play the man- mac hi no interface. The 
meiling foystick makes a nice Image for an advertiser 
who's suggesting that his games can beat anything. 

but do joysticks m real life really stand up to the 
beating they receive, are they tough enough for the 
job, do they mov« welt, are the handles right, will the 
^ buttons fire? 

The CRASH reviewing learn settled down for a 
weekend of joystick bashing on several types and 
makes, and here we look at the results . . . 

24 CRASH November 19B4 

THERE ARE NOW many makes of joystick available, 
and almost as many types as there are makes. Eaeh 
boasts design innovations so that it is better than all 
ttie others- and they come in a range of prices too. We 
all know that joysticks on arcade machines take a 
battering, so too do those at home. Do they stand up? 
We tested 19 ioystlcks from well known manufactur- 
ers to see how they all compared. 

A joystick must be able to withstand games that require 
fast and repealed movement, so what better than Ocean's 
Daley Thompson's Decathlon? We used tha Commodore 
version of the game because it is more violent than the 
Spectrum! But it isn t only toughness; joysticks must also 
be ca^pa£lle of fine and positive movement, comfortable to 
use with sensible fire Iwjttons Several arcade skill games 
were used to test four major points for both the stick action 
and Ihe fi re button action . 

REACTtON SPEED indicates how fast contact is made, 
how quickly the action atfects the game, and how well rapid 
rrovements can be made (especially rapid fire buttons). 

RESPONSE /FEEDBACK ir>dicales how positive the 
stick or fire action feels and whether there is any physicaJ 
or audible feedback to teJl the player that contact has been 

ERGONOMICS how useful is ttie stici^ for hand held 
playing, and how well does it operate on a table top. Is the 
stick well designed for comfort, ease of fire action and 
general stability. 

After preliminary testing, the joysticks aH went through 
ten minutes Of the Decathlon to see how long they were 
likely to stand up to use. During Ihis test some joystidts 
txoke. . . 

TRAVEL means the maximum movement between 
opposite poles {e.g. up/down) on the sfick, and how far the 
fire button had to oe depressed. On stick action over IV? 
inches was considered to be very long. Oddly, some of the 
shoft sticks had longer to travel than ^e tailer sticks. 

ACTION FORCE means the amount of hand or finger 
pfessijre required to keep the stick pressed over or the fire 
button down. 

Finally, all Ihe sticks have 9 pin D connectors and are 
Atari corvipatible on the pin oute. They all need an interface 
of one sort Of another to work wfth the Spetitfum (except 
the clip-ons). Some offer 2 independent fire actions, but 
these only work with either a Cambridge interface or the 
pnsgrammabte Comcon from FreJ Ltd., which was the 
interface used for this lest. 

Each joystick review is split into two halves; firstly a brief 
technical breakdown; secondly the review team s report. 


Supfi\m: SumloclcytefDwars. 190 
D&miim^, lyteiehMtP M3 3NE. T«i 

PtIhm: t12M 

LavflrAlntiM: SfrmQ ptaMC htfldto 
•unndKl b^lwvan fwQ plH^ 
bum*, Gtiilrii copiwr star icting H 

tdlt-€sii'itairffig ilpdnQ Mnd DQfltAidttflQ 4 

Riv Action: Oblong fire butfixiol 12 
o'dbcit Dpflfiiing cDpptf contoa 
M^teh .IVIggftf buttori St lip of iMc 
actfviiii Goppor 0^s ^fito^ 

RuUMf iHi tor mall opartfion. iJtti 
«nd rtgfhthandMv wMOiirv^ 

Plastic maJMM cqiyibCIcv 

W««k point: QofiparconticiftafGan 
^v^dk^n and Mcrm Soli ooppw 

ooddtoftM not uflodl Gh4f long portod 

Stiti Actio* 

Tnv«f>: k>ng 

AcUon lore*; v4fy rwd 

ntiction tyd: stow 

fWitponv* .rltt«iil|i|tlf.: vify pxHf VMJ 

hiwylir - up^dcpvrn wu fwl lOD b«l ^ijt 

MfflQtit wM t^rrlbto. and fl k]« ^ ^^Kh 

Rrt AcilM 

Tnvti: long on M± bi^ian. vmf iong 

Oil biittfl bUBon. 
AoMfi >pn»: medkim 

: poor np 
liidniQin at ImT^ latfier rubb«v. 

firjonomk*: Iho fh^pod bus fitt Ihfl 
harid w«fl li^ih a «v«i po«llon«d M v 
ridht hand bBH flTi bullDrt bill vary 
uPKlibIa on « t«blB lci0. ««PKiiiy vHih 
M Micy lim veri Thi long iNn iM< A 
qyto oomtortabift 10 Md! 

LHto tipectancv: lop 1^ button puii 
oui 100 eaj^iy jtw copctd^" ctetmiietA 

bdnd out of shape fiwty wttti y^ . 

csusinpffitferHpofiM Ifm _ 
sickraiponti md truv^l mmmltm 
ttv hani* wi tafce A bMfing on hard. 


EECLld,p 1 WMatiowt 
ODA^Tei I0TS3) 815401 


Uw Albion: Piistt^atiiifil 
^^mi^t}i^AtA by long »tt|flpplno screw 

vii cini piotA lour flwQiM h«y eetiitflng 

fiv Action: l^tna 

Fixing: imAgfiHymouldfldidipDn 

IMn body flaotu undw usai. 


AeikHi ^ar^m: heavy. 
ffaaci^on tpH<l^poof 
R««pOfi««m«dtpatfk : no foBtMamdf. 
incl gonaf aly poor DBipona* » ciwng 
Iteea Qfeatiy dutng pHy . 

enponoiTilcvJ Thff untfi cip« ov«f ihi 

tam oni ptdCtt. Tnk indina ttwi 
iDQflfl^Af vrfplfn^^ViT ^ksli niQiwvTHpnl 
tha 1^1^ ilncH Imrviy duilng uh, 

MpHlHy Mnlil fftOfC VHMill Qpilltt^ 

Ml ni ti^vifilbiifl^ PifitfiiB Pw wy 

praiaad jnopotBlila. l\m tendency lo 
mowp iiway Irom p(Ml0n diifiri9 pb^ 
OHfialtO diftenaUfl any 8 dJractHirUJ 

Llf« «ip«ct»Aey: rtot vtry rwph wi InC 
gamas. m^ rkdood lbef& may tf&tm 
iifagN cfift^ctt of danrMplrid ihs 
i^ompi^r fai 4 gam« IM nia D^ovthion. 

CRASH November 1984 25 


no SO 

FInAptkHi: ^mlfMuv 


Lwar Acttfin: Slwn Siiwl vhifl 
■iMpirndid In liru« ball iHWh «nd 

%t^<mntmr%fiQ ■cik>fi. Ruitc bMt^h 

Moniibtrliii L*v«f 
thIlpAd body tor tn^nMnt^^tsp^fMat]. 
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Lwwf Action: Stiorl nisbBT mQutHHJ 
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pMh lri«nd|ioMon Tougfi stan 


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Ivtl, bii tfiHd *fid itop H^ loud duilL 


B^wiciUd . Stav Wiy, wabum 
Road InduMiii ^lMi« ItenpilE^n. 
Bedkird MK42 7AF. T«l. (0^41 

WMhp>oim: fody4ta« under yn^ 

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MMNM in oMor &i9h U«l 
contB^ nwHchoii i ct u Blod by 'nylon 



bu (Mrl^ good ivpofiH 


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opHiliOfL Hublw Ih* lor iabto lop 

connoclor upC moiJidKi ttwtwl 


Aotfon tar«*: v«fy Npnt - good rapid 

RiACtlon ■paid: liil 

Jh^ ^ — ■■ — ■ ■ m II I 1^ III ^ .L-J »..-J^- LhM^ 


£j90nonile«: not vwy good lor 
tiindhtid Mi# itvi^ tw Imv te«« but 
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EtecMmics LM.^ SlnoH Way, Wobym 
flMl (ndurtflil Fitmii, Ifjimpaton. 

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LtiMirAetion: Hoiowplaaacimi 

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flngw and tiimb) and onp bfvi«n« 
bucbna oparufl ofii l«id oQiiiacd 

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npniviwa or raffttti Top i 

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Tiaval' niiPdUjm long. 

AcH«i lofoa: madlum to l>aRf 

Baapo na a /fa td ba ch: tfow, vafy 
aoQgy taad and impfiKiiM. 



26 CRASH November 1934 


Tmvl' tite* tpuiiprii mocivii ' ^3p vid 

unur tHAantlong 

fWictkul WHd: poor 

n wpninw ^ticttMt: not wy 

pom*, toofly b«i and fit> f 

ti(k l» bullOfi tM% plM3«a lor 
hnHiidMR Onmt 
buiDii li kn fit way of morid hand 

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ad loo riHion Itv ttili Jpc^^attck, wrtHdh 
hnlft. Thfl iftrfi tfiififrinp nift il thf 
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TNiiOimwiaiihk hgigwjiatftfc altoic 
ofawJotiahf kottfffa itta aicpacafK^ latfiaf 


Pkftiald LAne In^jatTM E^m^. 
BritmgmK N. HumtHiisiba, Til iimm 


Lavaf Ac^fekMi; SMraalaaliMN 



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tii aMc haa audbia dtola - ffinaAily 

firt AdiBii 

Travat: vary flfiOil 

A^ion fofca; vaiy li^ - ppod rapti 



Uto aipactBfic|r; Joyitkic waa 
ra n d aiad yaaiaaa iJIti NfO mifiyte* of 
OacaMdAt bafliAaaiai ■& 
fi«r ai ih» baa*. Sam iNn, ripiow 
ODOMuoion aa tH fro 3000 


HDaa Muaaiai cMH. naiTnton. 
Mtord MK42 7W . Tal. (!9S4) 

M»r CIO id 

LawAcHw; HoiMfilaaic^itf 

^tf coratoct I 

fhaActkHi: eananaar^ipodtqdfln 

nanpiaKiaf laiiia np 

Laad; lloiAlKlDly¥»«WHEiofa'id 
JiTOldid III ■ ii d grpmrntf 

Wttiipolnt: Vary wmk hdkm plaij c 


Actkm fof^ca: tia^ 


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lubbary ftal IQ til lacfc and tfv9h on a 

rinaaima i M aa fwi^ tia harvfla 
iiil p i S iii i ai n l y miMmi . 

Tmal: rniKiiari long 

ActiM fofQ^- fnadhim fiarid and I^Li^ 

aiiaad; riow. 
v^M^^MTk: no iaidbfcic. 

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tij rthaoly wayiialwTPf^iobaitoii 

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ifna Nd looted on ataM lop. quia 
Miislt wfih h^nportino hand Mding I 
ltfi>y. biH too mjcina^Kl^ iLi tat 
voafianQaa dck opafSui nQain, 
aitlcing. aniny baaa ira buttKi oalt 
In aia way ol aia p|Li|fciili^iy rani. 


good. MfHTihafD 

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wvi plnad Mk hand 1lpa tsuBona on 

D o m io f li lii lB hriob ahaped iiEk 
Ufa axpaciancy : Qood. 

I J^ 




^ } 


Suppttar; niTiiiiiiififnaii:niai. Aiwi 
Houae. Railway Terraoap SloiJcfh, 

TiH {0/53)33344 


Ijavar A^lcHi: Nylon ihah aupportad 
teamafi pMK poiK and uppar 

■tai^dof aiApofi F%itfi a pa pa K if itng 
acOvalai 4 dama a w * 6h i i ^ piob. 
Piasic oaliar and ftifcaniaton of rtrig 

RfaActlon; Ona round in bMongi 
\OfU o otodt <tfwai»a ii o ma a wii oh 


iof hand-^wid opaiaflofi 
laattaf trivia lopf^^irattgn 
LpwJ: McH4l^c|Dtypa 
rnoiidad ala»Md uromme^ 

oonnaclof and 

WaakMM^ Acmalor ting wil waar 
and nap 


butm ^^ 

EfQonofnl6a+ tfialianfiii£adaQiiaia 
teaa and Mglil oonakuciion an kiail tar 
hancHialit uaa, aitiough iha oomir 
plaoad ira InMOft can Ba vwrt^ward, and 
bnlwpry pood loi I^Hwidtn, 
LMft ixpactancy : no4 loo long, but 

ActiDn Fuiiua' Uulil to macKifAi 
Haacilofi Bp ii J : good. 

TIaMit inatfh.«n. 

A«:llon FiMw: Hgini 

naafilm Spaad: good - iwy good 

/Fa*dte£h : vary ifm laal 


Garth Rkwd. Mv^ Sway SM^ 

Pla^pc fnafl wwii 
aCluiipr' ring adh^riSng 4 dofna 
MrMciiat on p^. Da^rma&on oi r%ig 
^aatoa aatfoiratfirig actior^ Shaft 
aunxviad OaiNi«an bwar p4voi polnl 
ar« ifipar fthouklar baartig 

FlfaAfitkHi: 3anpigb%<fe?na.on law 
ihi«it» pwte^ , iwo on aida of anotoaura 
(lOand^o'ctacJK) AI 

Efpwiomica: Sm\boafmMaUmioi 
hinctiatd oparatlon 4auettanci43al9r 

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i: no good tar 

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rapu Rni artih' ipp Mldc button and 

o^ piifiad Ml im on tW^ likia of 

EryonpnuQa^ (fiaia gooo wr naniraio 
uaa vvVti aiim aldaa to fia baaa - IN 
tamd iha itda tmik^na hard ^ yaa On 
Ihattbiattv narrow tei 


logtwNaaoggyfaeiObvaM Thatang 
•Mr tawat wu IootJ ID ba 4do much 
nor ma macaBaon mo ina mai Eiaaa. 
ffi^an wah atffipoWig ^vnd. nialva R 
livotsbla loo moh in a laai gama. 

Ufa aKpaclanoy; i iia unN had 
w^jaiiy had good meiofi QL«a. i 
HM^Mcl haw iifMhad lo bill wmn 
mamaa on Pia uaoHnon - H i waa 
Bia irifi teaa omy laftod tta tan 
nwaAift Iw^va oolTwig apvt it Iha 
b«aa aaam wtt fha ida bunans tttdlrig 
Imida It 


CBASMNovdmbdf 1964 27 


Svpollw: CQLQOLHouM.OlMngi 

(01 ) bO& 5S00 
Pflet: t^ 

Riiilc bil ti«v« MdaMm 4 Isii 
doftblcl twIlctiAa 

R» Action : Thyriib Kittvitod l«v«r 
j wl lU i actlvvtw htvitoontp^vw csritrnJ 
tippftt And doffw hftsd Round fl'iB' 
Mton it 1 0^1 1 a dodc actfyvJH fljfltii»f 

EfKifiDifilGi + LwpB bofily writfi 4 

Lsfld : Mouldtpcl D typ# ^jjj i5C^ snc! 

intoQfBJiy rtxpukJed sleeved r^lainirig 

Sptclilftsiura: Biitiipn vsta^lqr 
Bviniidi For ie^f«f or endosurfl DretHAan 

^Mhpolrit^ Lflvor iuiprukwi Allows 
sligN AMJiiJ mos^wnont MTich can 

Tnvfl : mwjiljni long. 
Action tOfC4 P nTwJuti 

AiBCten npmi : gpqql. 


Tfiviii ihon to oDotiid wuhow 

AcUOil fOrpfl' lolil. 

ntftctkm iptM: lASj - good npid fine 

Ir^n bttad, npt b«d frorn ulcii top. 

fHpOTM*, itffl« SOHd Ofi: 
Oflittlck bUtlCM^. 

Eiionciinfc»: kM and tmmrf \ 

noKi. I iiQ nMrn ivMxr sn^ima RPGK It 
DOfnfortilM afMJ v«ry good tof Ainote 
hvndsd iJ» 09 ihB lop flr« bulk>n ckn 
b« (i««nflMd ^ h«nd ovtf di« lop 
■c«on The^iMnAbingiMlchltAltiv 
rMT fTf the bodd. Fle^nii^ ol Iha cofiM 
■Ivii thsti. howewr, can cauifl 
UHiilM flnng bcIhhi dunng dwsc&Qfi 
mwifnftrtl. and ■« pofHoilifrn^ 
(HonoiMicod dif^ fsM gvnea 

Lli« txpoetancy; ^fwv good du& ID 
AoUd oonflrucj^n, 


^^ — 


Suppllw: COL GGL House GoiOtng& 

Hi, LouQhion, Eu«x »GtO ?AR. Tftl. 

Plica: C2S 

Lavff Action; Long tough itael shaft 

■uapandad Ifi eiaAwhuartc ^mt^ig 

Spadal faatuirt: Fir^iUncianairiacter 
cMaMi body mouimd ■» buion. 
Thfaa dIfKsfwTt gr|M pnTvldadl wfiiGh 
can bapiMh9d wHQ Mai ahgti, Gdpa 
hfrw 36Qdagraa i^platiDn. 

&g!onoffil««: ^«a« Jdanucal to 
Fimoifl Aad 6ai4 ao nd good lor 
h andhitd uaa butMaady on labte lop- 
A boa fnpuMd lida «Hic#i alowa 
aatw botfi or orty ofia Ura bunofito 
dMTiiQ thaaiaaioanMahafthaApui 
w hwfa which nwjf ba fapiicad ^ 
ona oltwo olhin. aotmia a 
mouldad grip handto. Thta i 
w4d9 riraa oi irxVviduii gripa and II an 

■duflii0 Aidiii Hi moMi^anl Onaiiij 
fi lia landancr o* iht bmvMm to 
arahftj "Vw fivi can te 

Ufaaxpa^afK^: stocKt Lip >i^9ry «pei. 
and b«cauaa of ^obd oonfitrudtiDf^, 

rln AfittDnt Thumti kavw Awtodhi 
aciwtaa baf conucr via tappef and 
dgma hsad Extra ftr? tHitton at 10. V 1 
c^ciooti adttmea tumar toaf oontac^ 

r f yw H in iC ' i* MuiMJid u lyfia 
connaotor and mouUad ■liwtd 
nlaMng gronanaL 

WaakpoM: Shafriuipansion eiowft 
light ajclai movemfiint «A^>id) can 
triggarotrflra budon modvwlaniy. 

Stick Aetlaa 
Travfl: vary loftg. 
Action fofoa: madhiiTi. 
Raaclkin uaad: good- 

Raapoiiaa/fiadtodi i soma o¥ar 
HwmA. Qtfwftrfei^ i gomm and stop, 


Trawal : maciiffTi on 9M( lop and long 


Supfllar: CGL. CGL Hoiw, Qdcftngi 
H«, Loug^ion, Ejoa^ IQ 1 2^m. Tal 

Ptto: £13 

LavarAeilon: StaaiMAaufcorM 

yaaor nM log. wtwatia we^ 
niiiM ifaiaontfciyttibia. TTwiWHjB 
twftia on tfia baaa, )Mhioh 1$ 
Lnxmloila^ Afi^ dtorlinltng, 

Ufa aipadsncy; i^o good as tti9 
wtioia ^ vwy notid^MJttt^ lona ov&r 



n^Actkin: Thumb aclN^lad lav f 
la ^aa^ vateaioalonniaa't^tippal 


Avaraga warn body tor 
ton.Tni- ■ 

tabla top ofwaiofi. L*Mr gHp can ba 

Ltadr Motildad D typa oj viaUu and 
iiitoofal^ rnoulded aiaavad rattMng 

Waafc point: L war mjspenun ilowi 
HQlit ntovaiTiant wncji om i 
!■■ eentad bv ifiifiiiia 

tiita Adion 

Traval L hvig on ovar tnvai . 
Adktn toroa - madk^n. 
Raftctin apaad;: itiadlLun. 

raapbnaa a raa ioft biJ^ 


Tfwai: ihorl to oonttd with ovat 

Action torcar vwy H^ 
FlHctkHi a(ia#d^ laal -good rapid IN 
not ~ 

if y wuifnie a : rmfw haavy, aoid 
oonamiction and laiw bai4 fnakaa It 
awlnrflrid to hand hokJ, aKhoi^ a 
fariMM imcharUp tft iha front Vid bacic 
do haki. niouldad bandia gnp and lop 
attdc ira afft rauoF^abla ^ ailhar hand 


•lABllar! Voltmacia Lid PaiK Dft^, 
Wdocfc. Hona SG7 6£T, f aj |D4Q3) 

Prloa^ sriOOO 

LavarAcUton: Sfion aieei ^ult. 
gimbiB machanam oparaUng tun imil 
fotafy flwttehaa, two iimal laniion 
■pnngi tef solfcontaring acflon. 

Fira Aciidnj3^9mai^buiiina 
cpariting rubtver manibfina i 
Two tndflpa n dant Ata actloM In 
oonliuiiicaiDn wMi appropnaia bmartaoa, 
Canm giaan 'Bra biinon Fl „ two fad 

€f||orK>fnlc»t CatculBtoratylaM 
enckoaura tor hand-fiald oparatlon. No 
TUbbar laal hr labia top opvaiton 

Laad: Molded D fypa connactorp no 

waaic rxwff h Lna of rioiafy aw^on 
contaols mtrf &# linnBd. i^«id erUry 


28 CRASH November 1dB4 



Tnvil^ long ov9r-|r«vai but ihort ^nd 

AMpooH/Fwcftach: vQiy good 
iv^sQiftB. not much leot&adk. 

Rif AeUia 

Tnvfl; w«ry ihori - mofit ow invtl 
Action Rxvt; wy liQhL 
nvKtlon teH4: ¥«ry good 

I /riwdtaGK niov irm ond lo 


hmd-Mtf gw wUh liM MtOK Ifttwil vid 
fUtt biicions wrtthifi vHiy f9udh of tfHimb. 
^j^tuffii 2 iT^dipmltfiii fN 
kAw, imM fliit onv uolv^Q ofw button, 
■nd fro 2 (dku livo tor M or 
rtgli-Kifidid pbytrm, V*ry wbI iHdoiJt 
■nd iQtt. ri bnQ bs89 irwkm in 
raBunno on dib m ■mouBn ■ 
novHvi lnHUd#o gHfiMx 

Ui GMpaeliiney ^ gu^ oood I 
«itt^ f^fJ thaf! H faets^^afs 


SyppUtr: Grtnt Dtii^n Ltd., B«jnk 
noiMiii nopnoni^ NOrwiciin. nonotn 

£995: LvnrActtqdi 
hifife vtAptndod ty ^owiT pfv^ poinc 
■nd NiO uppw Alt piMa tMi) 
lrMa«IKr rrndUod* M IfiitiO fcir 
silfHwilBririo. Sidi pisti ouTV 

IRfsAotlori: Nono 

ndnp: tiAind right grip ttrmsiiitil 


Hcl IkHOfl 

Tr»v*i : vfKv loffjgi. 
Action lDrc«; vwy bght 

rQiclion ip**!: good 
HnpcmaH I'fudbick! no 
ifl«cKiiBqli, but l«li potHto. 

&DOnomfta : tiii 4« b oyrsor toy dip 
dii)oyitick unit wMch irwcfwnkaly 
dvfmHS thfl curor kty*, t i3p«i«iB« 

itt<ih«d to tfia icoytoBfd.feSSgii* 
focp li«y lr«« lor tup acton. Thtthotl 
^MXi tn&/9st httiy and tivk^ good. 
Otsvfously fl GifiM b* hiridhtild wid 
whATi iHiicfvd to tio oonvxjior It wy 

oonoldo'tnD 1^ Igfifl DOntiruc^ipn bit 
fwi dftdimrt to wtivtand the 
onslvtjpii ol Too mtny DocattHona 

E.f^ofHjf I dii4 1 Lvgo > 
oofwoii iof tw? Isiftfl opftiDOfi Howy 
iYMrtal ban wMi toftm p«d lor fipbtB 
ttfii« 1^ id«. Conaol* lop out ol OR^ 
iirilh wtw Wu til«cli Mph^gloiB p^ 

iMd: PisfttcmoiModOlypt 
ODflrMdOf Non rvfaNng rwnd 

Wmkp^sm: Horn 


Ttvwvl: TwdHin lo long. 
Acfloo fore*- ligh. 
FIvActkHi ■piifl: ifiittni. 
^lM^ofi«*.iio*dtacfc: good to 
v«rv po«itlv«- 


Tr wy il- msikjm to hMg. 
tetegfo fWjHg N- 

ilAH|<t10ll Bp4Hot Wy i^M ^ 


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arcaot nyiv dob nwivi ■ iBEOiBiiVf 
ttibla and N has B kw oai!<n ol gnvvfty , 
han«y movH«i ti Ntoa big arcade 

Ufi axeadaiKw: vtry good t Mli 
fd^ ^aryon* M W waa |y«l JteOl 

ifva ban on a turd gama 

JupplTin EufVTw Election^ Ltd., 

UvfrAotton^ ShotlA^t 

Linelhdiiat>M£alalB. J^lt piotiAra In bal painl bu^ vAh 

|ri*ig|pa N. Hviib*fak|9, Tfll (OS^ <ximp^Mmiw^Kk)^«nAml^^ 
MIM 1 lor AoW-csnl^ng actav 4 MuBtry 

fiandafd V3 i^gws^ opariaitf 


pftott {:2e95 

3 otu^iid by nylon buBli 
■fid aiopi btfVi ior B or 4 

RfaMttoK StarDBbodymountod 
areAda afyfa nsunom buaona. 

ifiOUUir iupporf PMtle Bctuilof ring 
aciiiiii« 4 aoma »w4ich«aon pcb 
DininiBllon of tmg civalBB 
aaN^cannartng affact 
FhyJW aw: Ofiafm^i dftr» button a t 
1 0^ 1 1 o'do^ BCttvBMiB domv flwlliJi 
Lavar ttujinb iwfeii actk^Afiea doma 

EfVOifOfnlcai AvaraoaslzBWBl 
four»d^ body lor hani-haid oparaion. 
4 auokHi pM tarlifaiH iQp QpBrallon 
Laad: Moulded D t^pe conrwctor and 

fnoMMed alaavad rgiaining grornmal 
- ^ ll^ y^ ^g^f^g^ BctuAtor rkig 


Tf aval' v«y long 
Action Ponat wvt 10 mm&imn, 
H«acik»n SoBedigckOd- 
Raa^onaa ^Taadfaacfc : aud^sia 

tHJt tt dMn t iad vary 



Action f ofoa: medhin. 

Raadk^n Soaad:: tfow 

flaai>ortaa .Taadbacit^ audtola cicfc 

wtffi pD9fflv« fwE. but raalitirtot mafcea 

lor poor rapid ttia 

Uit euMdvioy: not vary long. 

alwwad akwa 4if tp****" !) liofiQ paaa 

aaantt Bna ma Daaa iraa p Dia fppc 

wiai HaifiD to weaf wtwrg n emen tfte 

Supplier: Specffwldeo Ltd. i ^ Gei^ 
Road, Mordan. Suray SM4 4jUH , Tel 

{D1) 3300101 

Mot: £99^ 

LavarAcHoA; Ptebc tuafl aupportad 

btctMB an pMM poUu end upper 

EffonomlCB: tie long ittdc and laige 
baa* Willi big lucfearft rnalcai Ft poor lor 
rmnd hold we. Iwl reaeonatiily etajilo 
on a labia hMi iia iucion Gim. 
iMxKi^ ih#y give I a vc^soy *"■ 

Rr* Action: Large tngger AiV bi^lon 
4piq ipwBr pntninh nmDn Dam BcmBBng 


•oMHar: Spff^vMaPLkl.taS 
Qmt\ Road, Moidaa Synvy SA44 44H, 
Tel (01)330 0101 

Pfieet cn 95 

LawarAcHont Plasthc ahaA n^sporlad 
bvftwaan pfvfl pDim Eind iippar 
ahouidiriuppDrr Platte aelyalorilng 
acivaiBB 4 dome iM^r^liaa on pob. 
MinniaBon or rwig craaiaa aaif 
camartng torce 


booy ^ handhaAd oparrton. 4 B yc to n 

laat for Hbla lop DparaliDn 

^raagraiy itvuldod 

Special laatura: Rapid lire eOton 
innaaaa ilifinp ( »#ar on a lfigia ahol 
gamaii. Pr<^rfgad oonettrB w lepm ol 
Rig nlqrm^ wm nol mc^ ^^^^ 
intorlaoaa,. aa N iaQ uaw i fion MnAvd 
+5V Hfipiy on Itia D oonnaciDr. 

CRASH November 1984 29 

If- ■-,.-::--— X ..,■>.■ 

wttur and iriftp. 
T^irv«4: rfHHikjm long. 

AdlOili fo41^^ IThSdfttfll 

QirvttN ntftw iogg^ test 10 11 

nH nhHA 

JiAtiofi lim*: igtvl 

W l> d1 iciii ipM: $c»d -mnmbli 


RHponss/ftvdMch.' O^x^, potttw 
Ipri itfid AudtolB cilcfc 

_ m Qood iDf hwid twHa 

iJii iMi Ine bus and aud^on ojpi in 

Cfi a laei*. Thltli3¥«i:*i hu Af&id 

■o ttvft itv m^j fiOf ^fly haiHJ landi Is 
toisckiaatndi da iwt rt aia yi iMite 
tt«i iw Sncunii Gulng il lOfto of 
tfMMiii TOP m* «id irigar in 
imttDfiB va yaahjVy ptaoao ■ 


hoHQ itak and ^vmiI moafia N pals 

banariw n laal gaiTiw. 



rtribnfnd EMtawD8«iabufyftoad, 
F«fitpn, Sli3ka-on-Trai^ Ta4 (13112} 
273*1 & 

r. £iaee(n^ p&p) 

Law AcOoft: Nyton ehaft Kjppofla^ 
ba^bwaitf^^ pirvot poini and uppaf baM 
■ugjd i l Njjo fi aizlualtf f1^ fedMAaa 4 
dcvTia awiichaa on pcb- Dwomedion of 
rino 'CMfliPa aaH^canfartriQ acton. 

rifaAcwiit Ti^pQaf buffon lOfcaa 
targA cxsppar oounK^ to aoMd cdntac! 

Doay lOr fianoiwQ yfjaraaon or Win 3 

Q|miiDf^ - La^iBa hantQF^ wiiti trigger 

Laad: KtoiiCMDtypaoonnactorarHl 

fno y ioa d alaaiMO gwYvnat. 

Waarii poMjA^LiMon^ and 
handgrlfi iuHMqh atoppara wtt anap. 

Hiaa ls wy tong, afliouohtmni to 

iS; 4tl6f1 W^n long O^MT iTBMl 

torca: wry l^hf. 

Aaaponaa/faadtaalci good.raaponae, 
lorig b^val ilhar ooniacl rTHiGaa tfPa 

ftjirry. fio 'MJoajis laaswcK. 

Trpval : ^Qii 10 f 

ActtollteW^wyBoW. _____ 
apaafl+ fiwftum — ttgoar 
i wiQaf rapidly ofi tarillMing 

long iraMi aflaf conlaic^ inalcaa ^ a 

nnng iUvflEBOn. 

Einonomica ; lOD iinia a baav for 
oomtbrtabla han^iiM uaa, but Ighf 
BctKxi and aoid bati fPiaiGa i v«^ 
^aady on i Mbia . Tht lafQa giftf^ fficli 
to oomltnaM to hold CM lia lilft^ 
liali BitffcHWd^^ tfacad n (hal t>a 
Ingif lifKii BO pQuia^^ It, and fte 
ac^ai are qu^aharpThktaddi only 

Ufa «iipaciancif : THs laiga Iwndfa 
igog^ to ly iat too mudh and ihta 
cocnblnBd Mtth Iha ksng ovar iraval 
malsaa H faal i^iaala ofi a hafd gama, 
as ihough flhd sttelt woyld braii off . It 
i4jrvfved the l<in i 


Actlofl fofca: madKim 

Aaadlon apaad; ak^ — nci4 good lof 

Aaapmaa/faa<A9aoki Kidib4ta ddti, 

Ergonomlca: qufle good lo hold, 
^thDUDh the anvt^. l^aiwJ oasa 
oaya« iia hind to ^ forwefdt in mm 
ONitia tabto. wy aiaWa iNHth QiiM 
gamaa^ aRfwugh moivaa a bti ofi ti^ 

fcnx raQuirad 

df hard action 

Ufa axpactMicy; quita good. 


•yttpNwn Eurarrku Eleidmriicat Lid . 
PH£id Ln Induatriik EataAa. 
Bfidtaloii. N Huinbanida. Tsl (03^} 

Prtoa: n&.as 

traval:; varv fhst 

Adton ipno*: haid 

Baaclton apaad: slow and not vaiy 



oil tfwn acih/aiw 4 iittTiniatajra )a^ 
ffilcoawUcfm- Salf '^oniaring wUji 
niibar fuahaf and plaafic noaa tor 

Fkia HfiHiofi! Sn^pa lafQa rpd am 
b^^iQfii Bcihratsf iirtsmMaMv 
miomawflch Ltghl acion. 

Eraonomkca- i-tod or taWa y|i ai iiu i i 
wi#i 4 rubbaf laat Sofcl ^^ wm 

Laadi McMJdad D typa c^onnacior and 
rrioiidad a^aevad gromfrial 

mJ^^L p^JiklflH*' Up^a«^ 

waaH poHTii nofm 


(modMHJi Qmckahcrt 2 wtlh ? inds^-"^ 
darM lira acttona and no rap^ nra actun . I 

fti^ifllarm: Frai Lid . 1 Hocfcays MM. 
C13 9S 

Thia iwtaw doii noi c&mt trie anflia 
apacuwT^ 0^ loyiikAi OH Oia mantat 
B«k»v you wi ftfid a Uiiar lat oi Ipya- 
Dcfca whiGli may ba raw ta wd hiawar 
iaeua - Ood «i^ iM I 

ma wi aaa rawiaiv wnara io gm noici oi 
ihair piodiiGls< ~ not ai opai aii a imi 


Suppllan SoltdWi TaohncHogy Ud.. 
Sindalr COfT^wlar Add^ona DM^ 
Siveyfia Awnua, Southend-orHSaa. 
laaaitSS^ajaTai (07^)354074 

Prtea: £0 W 


SuepOar: Canaumar Etacimnioi Ud . 
Fa ft iio r t l i, Mandfwier MSS OHS, Tai 
(Ml )«^ 2339 

fiM ll ar ; Conaumar Oaclfonie a Ud^. 
FabMnTk Mafi^iwiar M3S OHS, Tal 
(Oil }»2 2330 


S'UpfiltirL Ccioldxite Coffffutar 5up- 
piai. PO Bat 1 Wi; LMil t&l N^. 
Tal (0(532) STOd^ 

Moa: t15K 


•Mpitar: Jikaa Oadmnlca. 46 Partc- 
w«y:Ch«latoa Oeib^ DC? 1 0A 

PHca: £7.90 

Sap|>Bar^ Daan Sadiwtoa Ud . 
Otflftdala PwK f ombanM Road. Aaoot. 
Barla. Tal ((raM) 815061 

SuppUari Ckmutnar B a d a ^ nica Lid . 
F J i i i b f ft t l^anchwuw 1^5 0H3. Tal 


Frtoa: E29M 

30 CRASH November 1984 

»tatacom Distribution Ltd, sole CIK 
Distributors of Datafax 3" Disk Drives, 
proudly announce the introduction of the 
flew Datafax Spectrum Disk Interface. 

The Interface cannedcrr fits neatly into the rear 
expansion slot on the Spectrum via a high quality, 
gokA plated card edged connector, and still altows full 
usage of other peripherals (Printer, Joystick etc), 

A syiteni i«Mt button b also included In the InEoface conimlor 
ThfC dbk operating lystem. designed tor the Hitachi 3" dbk difve 
uses only 8K of user memoty and gjkvtA easy to leam commands 

to run the drive. 

The Imefface cornea complete nvith Utility Disk and 
comfm'benaivc Dataliix D\s)n Intofacc f^^nual. 

Also suitable: for SV^" single ji Ided drtves. ^_ _ 

Statacom Price £75+ vat 

As a special introductory package 
StataccHn offer the Hitachi 3" Disk 
Drive Unit, complete with Power 
Supply Unit. Utility Disk, leads and 
cables plus the new interface at 
only £245 * v^lif^atm^ap £?7i - vati 


• • 

• • • 

#•• • 


18 GROVE ROAD SCnTON SURREY Tel 01 661 -2266 




t«Generoys Dealer Terms availablei 

Ptea$^ lick Feqyiremenls: 
D Fy II Brochure Pack 
D Dedkr InformdtkKi 
O ITech Devils 
n Interface Details 



CRASH November 1 964 31 


tacn monm fit Be cnoosmg me ws/ tBtiBf !totn tne 
posttBg. and as wBfl as pubhsntag if. l1l§Bndth€ writer £12 
worth of f a/f warv of hi$ or her chotCB (ftc&n be two casseU&s 
ast iong a5 th0y come withm the £12 f tve had to gro^^ef on 
bended knB& to th^ editor tor thts^ so youd baiter b& gratefui^ 

Send ),^oaf !e!Wr^ to Uoyri MBngr&m. CRASH Forum, PO 
8qx fa Ludtow, ShrQp^hiFB SY8 tDB.. / ^an i pran^ts^fopftn! 
eveFifthifrg thatcome$ m becauw sp^c0 ts preaous itm wtdi 
but m do my best 

CRASH doM t#tm to Intpjra aofn* v«fy mfrang r«»llr>gft In psoplVp I 
<k)n't know wf^y. TTwm are nlwcyi to rT»ny v«fy niofl lAHftn and 
quHv m t«w ri*iily oci^t^ It rrmmnm I ■!! h*rB rsadtng through them 
bathMJ In tpan or wrsathcd In unllnt StllL that'i hftK ttw fun of thfl 
thing, ind In reply lo ths person who wrote complilniing of my 
calling another rMd«r '■ wimp\ Cin I |u«t My thAt I »CMTk«tlm^ 
hav« my opJnkKii too. i don't actually Uy to tm in«otling, feMit weik, 
you know now H km aomettme*. . . 

T&ni of I«tt9fa tgain thhm mon^ about dtveroe lopica like plrvcy, 
price of ooffwdre, haired of cheat raKEa, requeati for more of 
eirne, complaint a a bout too m«ny ada and the oppostte and atoo 
iome lettem I am printing; hut For Ha topicality and clarity of Idea, I 
Itiink the following Mler gvta my vola for the month . . . 

Que f}&w cokMm front Jjrte ha& 
r^^utt^ ttf & few ^ttQiS (B^fiy 
d&ySi f0tf qwi0 & number Of ^om 
f^mmlmgi>n the &mmgMie 
taken by An^gM Ay»t on sfrofegy 
gamsskfg^imr^. This<mewme 


Daer Sir, 

Nice lo ^s« someone nnatty get 
round to wargames, but you did 
moke ooe or two niiitali^». 

fifemar* tume Old to te tie 
AijT^raf Graf SpM - one lurrel no* 
two, th€ brklge stands oul a mile 
away becauHe only pocket 
batmshkffi hod that type of bndge. 
twt I oouidn t find the third gun csn 
the turret The garPNe itaelt looto 
Hhe a slrnple copy c^ Nor^ Atiantic 
C€mvoY Rafdef . eaoofA the 
oomputer IS the Bismark. This ^ 
tar simpler to program than to 
control 12 ships - arKi you are the 


Afejrth MmK Cortmy ftwctef is 
made by Avaton HitT. Americana 
endoemeoutin i9@i ^or theAlOfl, 
App4e. PET aAd TRS-80 At 01ft 
time 04 fits release these 
oomputert hsd been af ouftd tor at 
leeet 2 or t^vee yeers. whkti la the 
seme time apen as the Spectruni 
arbd to weigemee 
Cor}fmn!0tfon Th^i reason wtry 
you can 1 se« wt^i the enerny 
unli$ are t% because no 
oommander m mm mm knome 
who Of wti«t ttfee ftflMiy is umH one 
Of hi^ units meet uiem The ^dee of 
reconrmte^ance Soout urHts is to 
find out just that. You can aJso u8^ 
aifcrafi in ^i$ role, as in war, and It 
does give « role tor your 
frary offtera once Biey have 
dropped ^ th^ pifl^ 

Rna^ we come to the hiture A 
oertain compeny criM Oamee 
WoftohQpwWbe m l milrM i 
wargome whidi is caHed ^D^y ^ 
aa you probably know. I had a look 
at K^ the ftscsm PCW Show The 
nme looka nice and ts well 
deslon^d. and I WW proboMy buy 
I, tmt itis based aroynd the aqi^ 
l«¥iiilBedunlt ft msfB por ynit or 
one tank, wtilch fnesfts aga-iri thai 
Monty and Rommel will net get ft 
k>Dk in. US Qoki will also be 
Releasing Soma Wargames. 
Lothiofjen will be as v^l. one of 
wtilc^ Will misoduce new 
standarda to tfie Spednim n only 
prevk}u«iy iMri di> tie Altrl 
wargomse «ich Ai£asipm f mnr 
How do 1 know? Slmpto, 1 wrote ri 
K.F« Beker. North Anston, Nr. 
ShefTMd, York*. 
PS I do agree that Btsmark ^ 

i must confess to being sKghtfy 
pynfed ebo^ your cbmnjents 
regarding EUsniftrliL as to wtiethm^ 
you Bf& Buying Angus was m mn^ 


Deer Lloyd, 

Alter readlnaCRASiran^iew of 
SindoTs Smp the Bxprm^ I 
rushed oat ar^t bought a copy 
Aftei a tew games, fmust aay that 
It is extmmeiy addictive Bfy3i in my 
opinion, rnore playable than the 
modi vaynted Ssbm WuH. and 
oeriainly cheaper. However, the 
maJ n poi nt of putting finger to 
lypevfrter is to inform you that I 
have finaRy solved the mystery ot 
ttie speiltr^ mtitthai iW 
ooD^sionaJly aap up In omt 
magiazine. I managed to slop tie 
Express and was g reaiad by a 
wondrous measage: 


IrmnediatQiy I thougtvt, 'alio, alio. I 
knew where ihks programmer no^ 
works (ha othwus^ty go\ the sacA 
when Uixie Clive played Itie 
gome) So. Uoyd. yoci're noi reaky 
to biome. JTs those Sindatr 
peO tfirtti uB and you are hereby 

In a rnora serious vein, I wondor 
why sonwora houeea who 
produce odwnium gomes hewe to 
charge so much Surety the 
garner are no more complex then 
Menic Mmar or Jet Se? WtUy lyfc? 
locenttve Software wUl alwayi^ 
ha ve my support «• lonq aa ihey 
oortfnue 10 produce audi 
exoettent gamse oa Mountains ot 

32 CRASH fskJV©mb0r19S4 

K«f. Templet Vmn and soon, tor 
ita vomwnratole prtce d 
£5,50. Bmh kmM 9 . whose 

Ml chaiQd lowof phGW ood sttil 

nn orty t f ooeni sobscntaf but 
ItndltoplBybiQ tip&botf^ior 

mrtut [ havd been lookjrrg (or. and 
your potnt ihe other day aboct not 
feieasing f^OKEs as soon u you 
f«C«^VQ ff^em 13. 1 think. 
miigiHded. The more Kids gat to 
t!no^ how io gel mora- eokiymefi^ 
ou 01 a game, tine moro the word 
gatt rotind and eventuaDy the 
mora gait^^s a/e bought Isn'i that 
v^l vou and th& software houses 

J. A. Lockarby. Aytaatiamt 
Cintarbury. Kafit 

M W^m Stop the Expre^i^ 
oofTcamad, /Ve neyer been ort a 
iaiPf Mb^ fAvip disf^nce £»j^a^ 
vanfiora my priw ftmclref), so 
Tm il&f^ffmy r^ot r&sponsit^e hf 
Sinciasfs appafimg sp&King^ /Vn 
nptturv ivflMfM-pmerammaiff 
woMmgmo wi&tjfOuttM 
aoiwifUrv ffaiiiM arv MSisr ID 
wvii f90umb 9m a qii^ibrt *>f 
OafflAJ than arcade, i*firic/i cowW 
ntocf on Ihe prfce diffewncer but 
J M-fg/^w, tf^al Hhflfi? i^ png£?a£>iy 
■ thing Mtjout ^dventutBS /^avoig 
Jo costrnofB, tt&cmj&B tfiar'a Aa 
way i! so often vMii^ Co Jbava 
baan On i^a ofwr fMid, tfiafa 
are nria/?y ;i^^ adVanitffw so^ 
l^an apQpii^Bf afcad& gamra, 
antf IM JMAM mch unit hw to 
ctMlaMf rrxn. aHhough some 
soflWfl/& touse^ cfo seifm to fcaap 
ffffi p^^e down weit. 

The nejTt wrttar dts&gr^m abouf 
ftaPOKEi-lwrtbiy. , . 


Juai a sl>ort POKE tattaf hailing 
my poncam. disgu&i. anoarand 
ut3®f POKE TOlS frualrrtofi al 
your ptayino tips Ham I hava 
oontndact Fokafite Though it ia 
yallntalntancy, itspraaiti 
tipkfy. daaaioiJ ayrnploma bolng 
ndttf nngan to Qat tf ttia ch^ai 
ptM^anlBhlyuMCIII kayand 

AiT wWi tD ra«i|, covor to 
ocwar, your whoia fnagazlna- to 
oMadfi my money'is worth (PEEK o 
boo}, 0^ as I wtK34eh0artedly 
jynlf^thise with Mr Suthertond 
and Spia^ M% i^a month'a iaaua 
dated Saptomber and Ayguat 
ratpactMy, 1 reaiy faal I muat 
acmtialraantimants. 1 rnaain. 

what ta tfia poirvi hn purctiaaing an 
ortgifkoi game and betora yo^j ve 
a»n typed POKE THAT LOAD 
you gHmp^e out of tha comaf of 
your ayo this pokary POKE. No 
ioonor have you aaan the curbed 
hierofl|lyphilc9 now altfiacl on youf 
taabia mind, than the game's onca 
k>ng lit^ ha^ been Eoreshortened 
to a tew minutes arvd ^s fvo sooner 
sallied than finished. What a 
wasta of nx»nay 
Pokm, Tlw Pvakafy, PoMrigty. 

WeiL isapposB that's one view, 


In laspor^ lo Richard Splegirf's 
laltaf NT toaue 7. nobody is fordm 
him to read and u^ aM the POKEa 
and <hrnga jn piaying tips Bui 
plaoaofcaaptt tor those ot us who 
doni WHtilo ohatfl And ^ ha 
wrtoa 140,000 words he might 
kjst m^e to odd mi&taico as w dK 
Mindtess Nttle Moron 
Marttn Lalghtonp Chaatar, 

Now fttow, Martm, w^nt^tostng 
more faa^fe^s like th^tf Anyway. 
fOvr s&iytinjcnu bva/a aiso 
echoed by tfie next t^Bder , 



Having read every isaua of 
CAASH (have become 
inovaaJng^ awof e at the num^ier 
of people that write \n \o oomplajn 
about cheatfng TMy dajm that 
your printing ix certaJn POKE5 lor 
inAnite ttvoi etc . and tips on how 
to compMa a i^eitain 
•creen/gama spoils their 
anteftaJnment HoweveTp } fiave 
never noticed anyone fofdng me 
to read of even practice iiaipa 
mvafi. aj>d neither cloe^ im tad 
mat I may know how (0 get litlinilB 
llvM on a giamB ^pqil my 
enjoyment of tt>e game since. 
oncaag^. I am not compelled to 
ysetherootfnag^n. However, 
the inal aMw WB8 (n the 
SaplamlMr laatiai whan Chi4a 
Siilhaftiiid first wittoo acj^iica! 
MMroOfffriaJntng about such 
POt^£a. Aind then alao indudes a 
routine toglive 2S3 Hvaa in Lunar 
Ja&nan I This is obviously a mom 
vrtiO balieves in the saying, 
practice whai you preach' As a 
reauH of this. I have written a ^mall 
poem to Mr Sutherland: 

Iknow. onedaysaki 

Aa ball-point pen he hakf In 

"ill wnle to CRASH Hi cyn*c«l 

Uoyd Mangram III attempt to 

Vn comment on POKEs and tips 

And then, vary qufcatJy . through 
the hack door. 

ni poat my foutfcne tot Lunar 

On fycm to get 253 ttves and 
then some 

f^ one win notice my lack of 

On the lopte of POKEirig to gam 

And if someone does t>en mhm 
does It matter. 

The important thing is ttwt 
CfUSH ptiblish my letter, 

Sins^ tiien I may be Ihe one to 

£1 2 of software wtth wfi^cti to 
relieves . 

My urge to fyack at somebody's 

iJmil 253 lives I can store in my 


Aiiflai'Ht tJhfetpooi 

Unfonunmefy, ^ many readme 
h&ve akeedy nowd, U)e 
egf^iOM Mr Chr^ Sumerignd 
tjm pfObaNy hAd Ui& fEst faugh tn 
Ma mane, since ih^ POKE fte so 
MKiy arw* cynicBiiy offered. 
doesn ^ work, a^d indeed tm ds to 
cn^n me garnet 

POKeornotio POH£, tme's a 
Semr wfth a sUghffy diffemt 
siant. . . 



I just thought I would write and say 
walctona 10 Johan KaNum aFtef 
htoMar in September s CRASH 
He f^ced for playing tipa and 
signpoel ^ be coded 10 make it a 
^rtfle harder. 

You see Johan. ware not aH 
profesaofi. arxl there are a tot of 
people like myself thai cannot 
undemtand how to program, or 
break Into programs, dn ttieir 
Spec^urrffi I have not yet 
managed to make anythirig 
happen using POKEs in piaying 
tea, but I'm still trying PerTiaps at 
ZT I m a tut kjng in the tooth to 
laam about computers. I eicpect 

ytxj ore very dever when It oomes 
to thite type Qf thing. Perhaps you 
laanW all about computers at 
schod Well at my sctioo4 even 
Hie calculators had handles ihat 
YOU had to lufn - ihey were big 

hMvy metal objects and were aa 
much use OS an old sock SoaJI 
Tm saying Is try to undersia/id that 
magazines hke CRASH are lor all 
people wAh oompulers. and ncK 
fMt for Ihoaa paapla thsi are so 
1 and cafiaUe that they ftnd 
ara getting bored and want to 
te ttvings harder artd more 
challenolng. Well H you want 
somatlwig more challeriatng, try 
bMtfng my N-ecore on Saturn 
WUf. mtmiB207.3mBt 97%, 

A compiler walty. Keith Coma^ 
Unton. Ma^datona, Kant 

yw itmMmotfy, Keith, oyr 
semen pitotopamonkeefia 
^tkMng his haadtnto tha main 
aditodi^mom to ask. Sony, can 
you t^ me egam how to get 
LOAD CODE '> Anyway, wave 
aiigGtourpmbtems. hevanl we? 
My mam one at tha moment i$ ^gf 
Derok Bfawstef ts eppm^tfy 
tudoi^ at ma tm¥ing Q^en the 

Kime away over Lofiad 
\dmgMinthePfaying Tips Ha 
reckons ttay^'iooid make me 
resign end gtve mysaiary to htm 
M f can say ts, tf OeiBk can ger bj^ 
ontenqmda week, he's wehome 
eo iif (On me submciotrnanay, the 
PawQf^ that Be ha¥e taken mw 
ftoJUlQfian with a com -op 
waniffng mact}ine -nowitcosts 
fC^ a cup' 

Anyway, onlcj Ihe sut^fectof 
ads in CRASH , 


Dear Sir, 

Concerning tha Mtors yoy seem 
to be oelbng tattily about your 
GREAT magartie having loo 
many adverts. Ttm obvious 
wmm pertiapa is to simply 
aepa raielhaedtorta] from the 
am. Thoaa who don t wish to read 
ttiam can|uitak|p pest eo tha best 
bli Tbere la the room to fit mora 
ada witioui oomphaint 

More advertisements meana 
more CRASH inooiTMJ. vvhlch 
means a t>eltef rniagozme. which 
meana mora readers, wti^ch 
maana more aoa. . , 

Mark Henry. Ballsliridg«« 

Sounds iike a recipe few succMS 
-the last bfi J m&mi! It's acfl/atfy 
quimifmUk>naitormaga2ines fJrt 
any IMUJ ft? tHFKh up ads at the 
front and revmtmMy. Thts rn$kas 
it much easlaFtoplanan isjua as 
weii UnkMMMalyaa¥aftisafs do 
not reaffy We this, atfce ttm 
atgumani goes thm th^y ma 
paying to haip the magezina ajtftf 
by batng there, $0 peopie should 
beikvced to see fmmts (whether 
they'm metf A t^t&fm indf^kfuat 
reader of course), and if you get 
thirty or k^rty ads atl next to eich 
other, thts domnt work CRASH 
h&s always tned to scatter ihe ads 
throughout to give merycme the 
best of aH possH^ie workfa, 

CRASH November 1984 33 



I mn raplying lo Darren V^Ki% 

iMar about Ibo many ads ifi tw 

l)Oughi a pfogrammabte loysbck 
km^ac« for rny Sp^drum 
Without CRASH^ ftdvarti I m«9M 
have unwmir»gly bouphf the A, 
[May Condhop vrnttoo i am riow 
pimm^g to buy a kayboa/d, arid 
h&m la a wMa dMcfl. so adverts 
aie my hatpfti iftfhen buyilrtg 

J. Tvctetont, Kln«tirldg9, 

For m/$^, fUnd adwrds^m^fiiS 
Jn ^most any m^ganine 
fnWf&stmg m fook ai and m&d - 
m)taUof mem of course, some 
mreixiffng ButcompatBf 
md)mrtMng ^^etm panfcuJarfy 
im^/iMtfv^ m^ CQiOiiffuf TTie 
next mEtfer seems Id ^mk sit 
too. . 


Daar CRASH. 

I am ^^ting !o you to complain 
ilKMit it>os« PBoptfl who wHia to 
you ^o compudn about your 
DTMsantmogaz™ Foraataft, 
peopfe who say your rrmg iWt 
glow «nouah aire loopy. Wh«ri I 
iMd CRASH I hava to raad it In 
sami-darNness t>ecay&e ttue igfti 
feffects ott it so mu<:li 

Also, those idiots wfxi say lt>ef« 
are too many adverts in CRASH. 
The advem halp brigMan up the 
p^es and also tell you what 
»ofiware and nardMwa ttma is 

I woukJ like to tt^ank John 
TiKwr for tiis vary amiming lattac 
bi October 5 Issue i am pro«bly 
on« of all CRASH raadafB ivho is 
againBT ijslin^s ll^ngalfimaoa 
araiho uftnTkaiesm 


A$ I sEi^ at the alart, not every 

^mh§p§ mt(t woufd be too muct^ 
10 asfrj, and here i& one mat isn 1 
Fa&tMyMFseatbelt&. , . 


Oaar CRASH, 

Upon reading through y(Xjf mag, 1 

cani help but notice how biasad 

you ara. Whal' Ih© readers ciy, 

boking up trofn screen 4 5 ol 

Chuckm tgg In horror. Biased f I 


Oh yea. daarasi faadargl SH 
you down with a mug of fnlllty tea 
and tum off M S^t Wdty f of a 
momeni. You'H g&i uaa lo H m 

bJatMifMaffiiil to laaf sfwi al 
your reviews and Uaos . bacaute 
;t tan t. However, wt»an I read your 
favtow of Sate* Wutf way back bi 
tsatia i. I ODUktol help laughkng 

34 CRASH November 1964 

B« honest, CRASH, how many 
times do you (ower a game s 
paroaniade when rawawtng It If 
you see It USM B^ cursor Of SC 
Stndaif Inieftaca key$ (6-0)? Yet 
whan Uttfrnai^ uses rt$ QWERT 
combination {a handful nnly 
equalled by Ifia orapp^r layouts of 
Crystal} you don t mentk^n H, 

And raw about tt^ pfioe 
IncfMaa? From £5 50 to £$ 3§7 1 

"OeapAa the prtca increaae, sM 
good vafua ' Come on CRASH, is 
SatKe v^ult fealty thai mag Ically 
txf Riant? Or are you ell so In awe 
of U^limaia that you d pay £93 lor 
their mcksi maa§fe offorioQ? 

Before a^ your mdars wftia In 
aaying ihay d glvalhairflotrtwnia 
to play Sa6re Mjtf. tot maaiy hH 
I dont betieva tt ana bit ra (Mily A 
pfogrom, nofthaHotyQriill.noKa 
goU ratncamatton oTjoan CoHtna. 
Perhaps you'd Vm to erect a 
Sabre Wulf ^rine. where 
Itiousands ot Lunar Jetmen could 
ffieei and meditate on lirfe. the 
universe and frie ACQ Key? 
I am noi out lo leer apart 
Uttlmate's gamas, nor Ks playars, 
but I am annoyed by your oonstant 
Mas tov^erds them who. In your 
ayes, can do no wrong (or so It 
woukl seetn ). I jMSt faei you go 
compleMy ovarbosrd and your 
haM o4 recommending ihe^ 
Qsm^rS as ihe New Mwfliah and 
as an aHematlMe to faMoton Is 
chikMsti and^. It la due to this 
kind of review thai PCG Magaz^ 
imyfts you the way It does 

Thraa IBM poiTAs tar you to Slaw 
oyer aa you gnash y<Mjr leelh and 
stick pins into IrtMe ddlies of me: 
One. how oome Punchy^ a 
mydh higher (naroantage than 
Kf^afoe yat wasn't a game ol the 
moFtth Is iss4>e 27 Two. CRASH b 
a Spectnjm mag. and a good one 
too, so why do yoiiT reviews 
compaffl ma baai flames to ones 
on other machlnaa (La^ Mos mtc 
Kunga and fuit ThmWe?) Three, 
Old you have to make it ^ 
obvioua ffist you view sucoesgf ull 
pfograff i m era as amthing but 
norrw peopie'^ t refer to your 
virgin Sor^rer art»de. quoting l 
' Do you hawe a tfflfrwnd ? What 
on eatHi does ™a have to wWt 
anything, let okme computer 
soRwara'^ You aren't running a 
CMiy ar^ Daire problem page 
Happy re^iaungl 
nob HotoMa. Wrlrkawoflh, 

floO H^me* 0/ liWWra worm. 
Oeft>y$ffir&, ive*f done, you get 
thfs mourns UoydMangrBm 
Lo$e-0-R0M(}0f insuft, hryouf 
iWBfpish mp^ftm^nce* Lookmg at 
me imf pointy 6fst - fgn«n* 
gnaah), abom Pwx*y and 
KMtalO^ jfOii'f^ ovefiookmg the 
tect that tf>e o v«ratf perceneaiTe is 
nor carved or? $tona to b^ obeyed 
«art«y. fthinkifywre'imaam^ 
ftw reviews kf quaMm you wtf 
see tNaf wefaM the fmpratiKms of 
the iwiewafe vrw ^at Krakatoa 
kf^as tfw bamr game, tikxatuui 
agaitof tHmofty on use o' 
compulm and gewng simt^d tor 

fhe s!e!ed reeBom About cmar 
machines: io£& ot maden 
cofnptain ^f vie do nor fioM out 
theoiigins offheoamm, ami we 
taimve mat CRASH readers do 
nof ftve m a vacuum wtore other 
machfT^es don I exisl and that 
they arBt^fsm$mt la know. The 
Virgm Sorcemrwn ap^ofi^on a 
p&r^on tn gaMfal -ffisn'i 
pfugrammetthat wtHqs a game - 

Aj to Sabre WuH / wouid atf m# 
that nm ea^y somatfmn 10 forget 
y^at a game a^^ (when ^u get 
to sea it tor free), but as Ujb 
revfe^ 'h que^^n says, £ne game 
h^d to be reviewed very quickiy. 
ai7d # seems to me that 
ttiousamft otpeop^ ^ei^e m 
ganmat agreed wm ^. Had &tere 
Bean famgs on ft (thefe waant 
tirne to do them s ^ns^ as Sabre 
Wurt affifvad r^r&e days bafom Om 
mue went to p^aas} thav wouM 
have tetfecied the keys h i/se ot 

Perhaps tni^aboafmwefs VL 
AntHi of Wfttsall who aaketi why 
Satxe WuH w^$ unrateable. On 
the subbed of r^wiew^. ^enext 
hro writers hava some 
suggestions. . ^ 



Just a few suogestkHis you might 
oonsfidaf wormwhile putting in 
CRASH 1 ) tdenflrify the rmfowars 
tn the cnticism of games : a simpia 
set of initials will do with a key at 
the mag sbaglrminQ. 2)ln me 
Hofflna Charts, include the 
percentage of the vote nexi to 
each tWe, with the totaJ nunrberof 
votea cast recorded too 3) How 
about a spedal all time lop 50 
chart In the Christmas SpeciaJ? 
Top tens OTUd also be voted for 
Best Graphks. Most Ongmaj etc. 
Peftiapa a Wont Qame or Most 
Ovafr^tod eto^ 4) More mtefviem 
with programmers and Software 

Zoa WHkJnaon. 
tN^onHATfeth^Roby* Uvarpool 

Dear Lloyd, 

I wish you woukj tell US who the 
reviewers ol eacti review are 
under their oomments Wecoukl 
then believe what some reviewers 
say and take othent with a pinch ot 
saft y ou did Uiii aartler with Run ft 
Again (bring it bMk). mnd It was 

DmM fbaaoa (15}, Forest Hill. 
LOfidon SE23 

/danttying the fevf^wers i$ 
st^n^Nng we considered at me 
w/y start of CRASH Af the tkfm 
mos t o&iBi compytBT meg$ toA 
meir reviews urv^nKMad Jhatha& 
rfow charjged conskhr^bfy and 
there may b& an ^tforfal oachion 
Mtm on whemar CRASH wm 
also craMm¥iawakt the tmM 
mn of the magailrm. I don't know 
wnethar t agma wHh David that it 
mU h^p beiei^ some an d take 
othera with a pmch otsatt 
bacauaa gamm change rspidiy. 

so dbpeop/e and so therefore do 
thair options, so whether ymi wiS 
pafUcutar r^vfewar for vary Ibng ia 
opan to gwestofi Ort top of that 
comes toe fact mat me majority ot 
the CRASH favtawar poof are at 
school, notpto^^sionai wrtt^a, 
and are mer^sm entWtod to some 
anonyrmi^y We'Hsea. 

Mto me HotfAW Cham, mera 
i$ on V a s tgniScampafmnmaa of 
the vote figmm loftm ttup 13 to I5 
games a/id itka pointt^s waste 
of Eime and space m prmt att me 
peroatnaffaa baaMa each Mto. 
wm ZoaaomarauMmtkms 
about an aKtirm to 50, we are, 0/ 
course, funnlftg me CRASH 
R$fad&rs Awards for r9B<, wh/cft 
more or hass covers ma pomm 


Dear Lloyd. 

t want to know how many pop 

aiara haM fiMde oompmar 

Stouans launched a game agm 
aoooriled Jht^ Oid Home the 
Tnorr^json Twins have made one 
too As well as thtd I would likie lo 
know tf there are mv MIX gamaa 
for the Spectrum 
NlGlcy McVtnIa, Edinburgh 

Vm afri^d f don 't reafty krtow the 
ar^wer to that queslk>f} There 
have been a number ofsmgles 
wfto programs on me Bs™, bur 
^ey haven't reatty come mto our 
area. Perhaps omer readers 
know? P.S-S have a BMX garrm 
for me C64, which they are 
convert^g to the Spectrum 


Dear CRASH. 

On raadlfig your issue 7 1 was 
ama^rad to see that your rev4ew on 
fa^ Throttle fcan I say) was 
Naaed! I quote: Alan mil have to 
pul their socks up to out fivottie 
Futt ThfxMer 

t$ mm turn? l tear rnott futt 
Thruith It a good game but I feel 
(as do many otters} that ft doaan t 
oome up to the high standards 
Imposed by Pote Position (aHer 
al rl we are honaat. the Spectrum 
doesn t have the capability 10 
produce such sophisticated 
graphic dispioys). 

I own a 4aK Spec^m mysetl, 
ei^ would be the tast person to 
downgrade agoodgarne. but I 
feel t^Ht cradn ghpuu only t^e 
given wt^era It la due and not |u$l 
to daoah^ Iha poleraal tsuyert 

C- Maddtckf Niwtbri Halli 

! tear you have antk^ missed the 
poini of the slatornanf m the Full 
mttiUmravmw Quite ohvtousty 
noha of our reviewers as so 
mof$tad fevpn in UHof iudk>w) as 
to hav0 riot teen of played Atan s 
Pob PodiHionin toe arcades, a^ 
not for one minma was anyor>e 
trykm to si^ggssl ^af Fufl 



TiMttm'Mgmphics matched 
tftoat otB dBdiCmr^d mcsd^ 
fmcMem, perhaps not ovon Iho^o 
of Atm's ow^ gsnws macfjine 
Itm comp^n^ofi was bemg mad^ 
ag^i$t A^mmofts Spectrum 
v^f^m of Pote PosiHOfi , kMig 
»wmmdai^tmmfy giimpsed at 
me avto 09t*rf O&mput^f fatf 
before ft wm wHhstfa¥m aft^r 
so^«r» mymwaf^ had iaughed it 
Mcfniammm. m» wara m&raty 
uymfbalbmnaing PQt« 
wDukfhmfa to te damff0<dgood 
Id maka^took b&ttar ihan FuN 


I nm in cteperat0 need of help I 
am iiting hafa my riands 
iPHTibine with anxiety ami my 
Sp«Glrufnby22JneeviHy Whalto 
f» prattom. yoy ftdii? ha aa 
m^ m^ia - 1 cannot ptay 
OCMNritr 9vnn. to my bnotti^ 
bw^ ooffiMm Aft: Mac and 
Silift mJ; I Mt Mi vtniggling to 
^waB^^gti)o& fe'iniiltHicsvoi and 
ffliil tii gto«tndef ir^ WkMi*. I 
WVM hap« Id dp well hi any of 
Vitli games Is it because my 
Irii haiidft ar& undaortiuiQ 7 ^Jb. 
baoiuaa i tal OMty lime in 

sdvmiuroft as well - unalila lo get 
hjrth«r than Ehir trolls in 7?i? 
HobM, and g#tijrip kiftad on the 
fCHJilh proUem ^n ^pio^ag^ 
J^sfTcr How eio I tai^ al stmylatton 
garrn^? Well I M wmmga togm 
ftia pflane mree iMrt oW tia njnway 

I do tavaalawtibnts, nowevet 
- not many paopli can r^aw 
act>toved % on Sahr$ Wuff, and 
the other day I almost got Hcirica 
across ifw road - when I say 

Anyway, ai lea^i J know what 
games Id txiy trom roadinB 
CRASH - the eaiouf p ftotog m ph a 

kiflaiianaMi. Hianhi tor a gfiat 
mg^ aven H I cant ptay tftd 

be bou^ to piwafi tNa protJliem 
Howwa*, not so ma^ gamea 
p4aye» do undafsiand how ramM/ 
gamas playing aaaaton can met 
ycMjr bftcfc Often badkoomplBMs 
a^e Mamed on haavy oiitckkv 
work. bu4 oton thto person is 
playing fw twf] houn aday wHh a 
computer, and iNa cancauae 
badi ache. ttoran««a w fuit 

Qavld Haylea, UckfMd. Eaat 

I kiww hqw you fael, David! ki 
a<fvanturea I can rMv«r iMva 
taaty looking red herring pie 
alone. But perhau yotif reel 
problem haa noining to do wKfi 
a lack of gaifiaa playing taleni 
Maybe H'l your poalura tliat'a 
all wrong. Read on. . . 


Dear CRASH, 

I t)elieve thai moel gamM piayers 
realise a#id tmdannndhdw 
regular gaifiaa plying can 
dwwgeyoyrayealghi, oau^ng 
oyuaUalii and aofenees Theyalao 
know how Items like momtom can 

Httppiljf tof Sa5re Wuif addicts, 
tt^ pf Dblem B a kit easier and 
cheaper to overoome than buying 
a monflor Just having a 
comfoftaUe but flnnly backed 
diair, and a tatite wttfi plef% of leg 
room atwuld pro^de an eaay 

I hcpe iMa Iniofmaton te of use 
to those leadafiw^o have arty of 
these problema 

F. Walnwrlght, Dewlltlu 
Dorcliaater, Potaet. 

Thank you dociatt It an^pne aisa 
has si^gmttona, CQnMfvctf¥e 
Commeni on CRASH or woufdUka 

a Uoyd Mmgmm pf^-^ttm /§ee 
Ar impertinerice, nice or nasty 
tfi*ige to say oboiitfBims or/usr 
a Co!hy and On^w p^r$oo0i 

confidanua^ with ihommtiB of 
oEfief^. imt wnre lb me af Ae 
i/suaimtdrwms (Has viyona goi 
fen penm ik tha taa 
macMhe. . .? 


CRASH Novemberl 984 35 

David Lester, takes a 
quick spin around the 

WeU , tl^ ^xp^Cl^ I'^^w software 
IS now appearing in tho fun up to 
Ctirtsitnas. with mosi o( ihe 
weN-kno*n software 
reJ^a&ing new games tor fit 

Cr*tttv« Sp«i1i« are rekBOSirig 
ihree new ttti4Mh IM •tanim the 
cartoon dtmtmUlm, Oanger wxiw 
Ttie fM of tiii« ii Oan^e/ 
Mome In CteiM Tioi^/e. wtikA 
to an araidi Oim« w#i MWfal 

grap^ncs, asfnedaity whier^ 
Panger McNiM himeelt IS 
oonoerriMt Oiing«r Miuse in tf^ 
B.'^f rt^ Fo/esf Ciffdfeay (sic) )s a 
lumot actventure - meant as a tort 
of introdiJCtiofi lo adven!ur#i tor 
young chtld)ri»n. While the 
adventure itsetf is qulta easy, n is 
Idftg. and uses some good graphic 
de^riptiorta of o^ch location. 

T^ third now ittMftM Irom 
Creative Spaiikft toiotai^y drHarent 
It to«tt«dDeAa Mi^, and is 
riirriirtQ ^^g^fer Pikjr - it's a 
e?ofts between a flighl simulelor 
and an arcade game. The ob(«a 
IS to destroy the enemy basies 
t>elQre they des^^ yours. The 
graphics are very vety f enMrtlc - 
yCHJ see a vrnw of mam iw 
airc^n opclupft. and yoy can even 
see the pilot i tofp^'Kl b*^ 
movine the inafirumenlB when you 
move your Joyfttldf around? *#y 
only doubts about the gam* &re 
that a IS sitghtty too simt^r lo 
FiQhm mk>t lo ^t we*l - but 
presumably Creative Spaiiks ^inft 

Powtfiofl tiave fust released 
fcHJf rww prog/ams (no. you 
probatMy tiavenl heard o! Ilwn: 
not only have (hey |ust KaunChed 
the games, but they have also lust 
laur>clied their cormany^ Gooc 
\\jdk to Ihem - they 11 need rt to 
survive the way tt^ngs vie sf ttie 
moment) TrytngbtvohJthe 
declS^on oi whether lo join the 
ixidget software bandwagon or to 
nsh the fykhpnce software marloei 
they have opted lor a mixture T>w 
two mam, fukl-phce programs are 
Bdly Biuabome and CMwai^ Bflt/ 
BfuBix>m is anottiarMii^ Miner 
dooe. although wt£h tawip 
screerts Ihan mo^ of its many 
nvats Cmwalk ti a^ or^nal 
af cade gome, matlif\ mm wmmiwt 
screens , but has poor graphics 
and generally dbe^'t Too^ fet to 
astound anyone. 

The bu^pMaoAware Is s&ghtly 
dMi«int. tnbugh instead ol 
tonowfng Mastertronics and 
At3ani(s preasely . Powersoft have 
chosen to rele^^^ rwo gamea on 
one cassehe, foe O 50 The 
games are rewecteUe wwiiom 
ol 0-Bert amlVinQO';«y»lf ipe 
they wouEd have iold well at 
C5 95. but now they represent 
good vatue fo* rnoney. essuming 
you waol tri« two games 

RMiivsft incoqxiftto an 
NirwHng f^atuf ^ Inta Hieir 
pfogrebTT^ « Itw on-screen 
tftStajctJOrTs and pr oiTipta af e 
airiiosi aH in sev€f ai diWef em 
tanguag^ thfcs wil£ rnoke i( easy 
(Of Powersoft to rnarkot its 
software at^road. and OQuk5 evefi 
hitf^ some ediKaiional vftlud for 
(orffign tanguaat slhJdente in 

fol bou ffw Hoya# harv« had an 
•mMbto fipuMtcKi S¥sr sinm T?»e 
Hottit Mm nimsed, despne a 
nunribeif of ratfwf poof pfo^wns 
mURG. Tmmrri&cuK and MugSK) 
T^e kng awai^d Sfmlock 
Ho^mB^ hs^ at KasI amvi^dp and 
hooks Nka reinfofdng thek good 
iipUMtan- Psopte ajcpecitng a 
iMsirt of frw BoMrtt but Jn 
dHereint surTonindtngs, mfghl te 
dtoftppcMnted - Uie graplik^ are 
W7 5mal1. and liaf&ly worth 
hpirtng (m (a^ thef e is an opik)n to 
pity wWiOOltfiem) Byl Kaving 
said tot thegarne to a Map 

Mefboume Hmjse'^ PfilHp 
Hltchall. ^^dio wfoto Eho game, 
cWms ft ta the ^li^lwl adu'onnjro 
on tii mirkrt. and my initial 
titonipis to solve n cartBif^y ba<* 

WMhin minutea of H^ lir^t 
(dum^hstn amving at Itg liaundh, 
tfv6 f s fst byg was otecovafiad - lo 
po Ijy tratnlrom Loodon to 
Laathaft^md in tha gania . you 
naid to QO froin Knoa Cioaa, As 
al Leai^ariiaad readers fio ctoutit 
know, m r^ life yoiJ need to take 
Atr^ froin Victoria or Charing 
CrtxA to gel to Lealtterhead. 5h 
wal, thai s what happens wt^en a 
QvnealKKrt Engaand is wntten by 
an Auatral^an rn Austrmfia < Due id 
ttta cornpl^ixity the adveniuro. 
Mabouma say tfhat (t s qu^te ikke^iy 
fliatothsf sman bugs mighl exist 
no doubt CRASH readers wM ind 
them taMy soon fi 

MaiiQume fsieased 
Munpifipitf at tfie wme time as 
Shmk>^JiBmpaiBmt ^ B\no an 
MtvefitiM. developed on t>e Quitl 
(^though trans£aia<} iniQ plain 
midline cDclfl laieri But K is 
dHISientto most actvanturea. ^ 
ttwC Ita purpose is to amkioa 
pioplemtt^er than provkfe a hard 
a dw ud ure. Meed, the adventure 
b ntamaly airnple , vmicti the 
ayiiofi tiy la BO that anydm caA 
oompMet. and so reap more 
SfitoyT nen t from it if>& jdea ks to 
itta^ HaiTtpetfiad - fxH jtisi to go 
thsfi, but to mach twaocM 
ftlto required to be Invftad inio 
utfpff paopis s homee there ! You 
SMTL on onliie (ioli, iif^^i^ 
M' 1 (Ihi worsi ^maginible slats 
ol sflpit)] and have to Lse variety 
dtahon0tinii9m to aitam 

f Vha the kdea of oormc gar?>0s . 
but thara hava been ottier, better 
oofnedles befere (Denis mfoagh 
tfis DmMg Q/^s , and Ptmama 
baing )usl NA eiampies - &ee 
taser in mis artsde fof arrothec }. 
ami mc@l d Itia jokes '^n this are 
mUy unlunny H&fnpsr^ad can 
beoome youa tor a mcxtet £9.96. 

OuMiaUva haver just unvellod 
Ehelr Aulumn catalogue, vrrth frva 
newUBeator theSpedirum. The 
moel popular Is iiaty to be 
Zombto Zomfe^e - tWs Is the 
long-awalfed fotknv-up to Sandy 
Whltrs J DAnMrtacA First 
jinpressiorts suggest thai sts 
graphbs are ^very m as good as 
ffte flratp tMit the game has far 
better sound, and a drtfarent 

On a dmsrent note Is 8kx^ anci 
Gifts. *Wk*i has you the player 
moving roiml tr^ide a human 
body, searchlnq for the pans lo 
yoLtr escape ship while fighting oti 
dJuoiittOi tapewofiHi, and otfwr 
audi nioallaalt Hie map of the 
roofili iaan aiourate 
re p f eee r tlai l QO of the human 

Aflif fitiniiife 

niira. tht Hfwr 
ln^Ol^«nl lilen 

frdltilr rmm ihi JPt 

ii^trotfiiKi 1 01 mt 
biicd en mi wWi 
%mf\\^m Das. riw 
mi4fi GhftftCUr It 
Jiiiwr JtlpAi wtm 

bcgv, Of 80 OS daim. 

Thm are also reteasiriQ the 
oflWaf eaffTejfone game - but 
since rhare aie already several 
good vervhmi amtatm J cant 
see ii 6om^ loo wetT Anottiar 
surpri^a m Enc dnstow^a Pm 
Darts Artie, Amomata and rxM 
OS have ai released darts 
progwnet el ol whl^ seem to me 
to be e oempllle waste of time 
and money -If tiere is one Mng 
that computers can't simulate 
welf . lis darts Slill. It might be 
l>eftef than I tear. 

And lasi. but by no moans leafl. 
irom OS. comw S^fontrufn Oog 
(From an )PC domic) and ihe 
tQSng. Thts f asi adiiort game 
if w o ^es you roainiog £t^ universe 
deitio ying evt. Hmm I've tieaiid 
that somewhere before* I thinki . . 



ml mmu Mf i 

leiuotii Unk Hlth 
CIUSH iiiKi IH^ 
miftii Mm comic 
[tnp MTiter. Xilvm 
CkiintM. ««i Dm al 
Kite foytfvdifiitp t^mn 


PCW Show report 

by David Lester 


' Alwaffiueitormoarpecipit 
watpialloiiiairltiiMid. Oeipafliis 
about K&fiim 
HqfuiPhitfieipfe ^a 
fUtfe 9iiwie dMptafi et .. 
imrramgftwt^v^ 1 

I #d rat g^e pny vwry mueh' 
to the ntfuna. or quaiiy . ef me 
- " leeftieaiflW j 

l^U nclMig to suppceH eny 
liriftf! ,1 

Compuirie or Deaigci 

I^Aly KJH^n, hell VMe 
lievdeiiia.OerliiiarofialioM i 
,|H*^MSH Sepiwiiiaf tar " 


I el Ae sfndony inoNin 
* MtJiTbiaaeniebe 

And whet )e rnofei^ ttie gkme Melt 

iin_-rjLj-_ i^iMh Nmi Jn iri tSL.1. iiitlk^ti 1^ 

i MM i te ippFinj I'mrHigp axii wfiMuri si 

AMlWiitifii#i^pe. The 

ifnaQa^amsa^ WsN, i Vilt ie tie 

liligiM iNsuM have teen 1^ 
eel one oopy . ThgeajiAmei i 

f P a ysaiat m^ Mar Hha^dp fiaw? 

nlw a tot ol aoreeea - bill I 
would inuoh preHf to liew 

ianti tia nuiitei of acmani ( 1430 < 
^ (to " I §m nm a lusay peraon, 

decMirtMvNcii Tht'EdlBe 


.|>tei<j Nwj% p^_ A— ^ 

'iSf ni ttpme^ to ewe ysMj'IMii 
toid«1t pMMMMy. Wei. M 
bini M oMr Mliii bam m mA\ 
Moh 9irM. aw to fvi rMnweui 
fi I gal friiei ne iHt 
HwoiHi be nvjcft 
mm tie noifnal toadton 
Syriem. urtiitfi doae'et IsMi. eoA 
,iiiws^ of #ie Inse^ 

Qna iiroAiei lebteti ei iur laei 
hypifl, M llV mote iPOifiy ot K. 
^houSpi. le tNi fotMru^hs 

if^'om Mto^4litt, 

d 9i^H I ■^M jfftiiijyle fN 

!W[^^ BBeSSA _ 

CnAcsn t^uvyiTiuyr i9B4 37 

I iuOM&i of iny ol lh» 


pPCWi _ 

I ttiplr JUf T fSrvK CSofilrol 


I vMy good tnd rMiM&^ 
I fioi ippwl to fw vwy ffiticli 
t jijii f^it Wi bi too i>ohf itciit 

Out gt »it M ri cl tof » d pfw 

MM €i> #10 flu flMf , whsfi 
t Nid IWKi foofiif- To pttuwli 

■■■DihflNii iTw^ no ocmIb , lof 

HIPNtiiMMniis HMIooki 

iA to wtiM 9i# piopwii 

il r£ioiiQiiln[jeh«idMcif 



ir tPMwii IS 1 vnyil 10 

ppogmn !• loo iiiTilv io 

liiootor It i v«fy 
Htpformfd DriltMWt'A 
W ff t hi iiti«n Stove Oivli 


(ijrilMi yiMu iijoynl tie QL M 
InlifMtm); OoMiv «»li& i#«iYi to 

ttnif filth Id pfoduoi mw 
Qommoctoi^ 94 Mmfft: MC 
LoMorlon. K T«t. K«mpiilon. 

^^ "IJD bt oy gmutfii for^ 

[it Sii' fnotTwnt; Aninog 


m PP ill nKKI MOIhiI '^ OTltfl^^^B 

(HolMMk TTi««rM CMmfi^ ^H 
^Mtt iqMiiia HobWk ihiMr 

[PImAmi by Hit I 

f Ittiw 1 tpl 10 bft cMmt ind tMMii 

ripUiion <«ftiifiiy In ^ 

■JKloa Pfijbgbly motftrai^ 
Il tffiigiWi wtio wwfi not Iti*fi0' (lii 
i comiMrfy , wyvMiy) lof ^^ii^ 
fiMout iWMOn: cMW oiipfw 
Miim doAwHin PiQ^octi; 
ItaiiMraMa ^eu^Kit that #m 

|AQbri% do not hiM fiJinQisfw 

WO WOlfM ol ViO 

HHM^ ipfOoMCiir HtO I^OiMtfiOiti 

nraibfi; Oyrii; R trid 
it tio oppoiii lo iiOM vitio 

I to to M t fc oumt Noyti ittfn to 
^nih) ivp* ^ pvnt liMdi timi ^ 
* mMt you kiiigh. AAhouoh not 

tbttnot invlti t my qood 
proclyct!t AndWrt hopt. too, iiii 
ntHtyttr t hCW thowf wnl fiot ttt 
tiiofbr dioUiti bfi Sptcirym rt^^ 
piocliiclt. byl tn fenciMipi . ,^^| 


CHANNEL e wtio markel Brten 
Howadh's MystencMis Adve^ntums 
mn a lucky draw at the PCW 
Show vtfhtft ttvt lu<^y people 
could Mrirr a stt cri eU tfio gtmes. 
Channel 3 art pAotMd to 

38 CRASH November 1 994 

tnnoune::^ thatttit Rvo wivwrt 
are: Q Buck, SMfraboumt. (tenf- 
J P Stoppanj, Cht tt tf fit ld. 
Dact^yshkra- J itah. WInMedon, 
London; 0. C^Hea, Rodcar. 
Clavaland- and A Hum, Walsall, 

=om*i, will linui 


etutt m me Bftenj, 
iccDmiunrinii the 

'Ji"irr«[,|,fl, iB, ,he 

fl« thovrt * 

V t 



DOHARK isnl a namt ttiar 
insmntly springs to mirtd In 
connedion wm corrqxjtar gam&s 
but tfwi-r Firsi game, £umka- 
pitibably does. Mwto H'^ the 
txdbng kire of th# £25.000 firiza. 
alreddy d^^Kssited with a bank, 
thai nugiUs the mmnexy .EurakH^ 


launched it the PCW Show. 
H cofttlna five advwituf as and 

five arcade games, ■ i 
and TTry^tofiDL^ iraJl twoyglh fiyt 
dtfterent eras \n hilsiofy from iha 
dlnDsaufs. lo Bom©, lo King 
Ajrthyr. CokHQ and Hmttf 1184. 
Th« oMa^ te lo LirK3ov«r al ttw 
diMt IM will ie^ lo dtopowtilno 
ih« aaow Wiftfioni viimber 
wNch w« ItMloflwt Q5.000 


^Qtlmi 6I1CI. Wiaritf 

Si«w Otvit hn 
lOintd loiCH ttlh 
CDS Witffltjft- 
Kmi Mftft hf II 
i«in dn^ning a 
1^01 fdr »l ndiri 

Eumka ^ is the tjf air^h M of 
iftd^rrwi Uttrk &mch«fi and 
Domonic WliMlliy WinilMi of 
authof i^mto Whflrtwjf). Mitfk 
and Domonic (Do-Mark) got Ian 
LIvil ngftofifl (famous for Htm 
Fighbng Fantasy Boolai and 
(i>iiiiflf to Stevtt Jftcksofl te^ 
Oninti Wotltdhop) to wftto tt^ 
gtoiy ki«, and ^om thcfe ctve 
eOfidBpt went behirKi \^ i ron 
Curtiin wtitem a leam of 
Hynganan prDgrammefS w&m 
amplDyed kri grmt s^cracy Do write 

ifS^idM beMml f uri?/ica ' ka Ihal 
the game should be e^^ fa ptey 
bL^ w&ry dffficult to sotve Dortwlc 
m ad Qfaal paintt Id poM outlhat 
da^riie Bw prtzo, furnW la atoo 

(^ma to play, not just 
aoma chaap eMeuaa. To prove m^ 
pdrrt. thay say H took aom$ 
10.000 man hours of 
{xogramrtiing. Tha leam of 20 
inckKled tour ora^^ artkstap 2 
rru^hQiins, a pnMBQOf of logic 
ir^ an 0«ciff' wtnning cftftoonisil 
Euraica/ costs f 14.95 and, say 
Domarh. M is axpectad 10 t^a at 
laait 1 5 nrKxnha lo crach itw 
rtdde ff SI haan t been oracled by 
l» 3t St of Daoemtwl 965 than 
«ia £25.000 w^ll be ^pttt equally 
bvlwwn aflitiose wfKi hava 
ptinchosed the Qafnen 


Davis . the WodcTs "Wumbef 
Qm pA&p5i was quFiti a draw ai 
PCW ind was lobMMn in an 
uppof room c^jfii^Hrmiing up 
inc^y ' G;4iivrfif 9r octnjm and 

i^OA fclaci a j il ii i gama. 

Oavti^noaic&r It was nice 

f^ :oo*chim!oline 

..^jng the cursor 

s! k 

iNs way and tii! for an aga^ unUI 

E^ncid&ntatiy , bounoad off a 
cushion afidw«m away as a foul - 
^veiavaAttia gre«Mt can slip yp 
now and again wtHi aM tttat pres$ 



Spactmm ownara have kyig 
wanted a versKMi of ZAXXON and 
had mbted fe^EJrra abotil 
STWlZONE's vatakm ZAXXAN, 
Now US GOLD has slapp«Kl a wrtl 
on Siarzona fiAvinQ deciddd twA 
ZAXXAN waa a copy of ZAXXON. 
the garrte »fw have aJf eac^y 
ralaased fOP ina C64 and plan to 
relate soon lor the Specirum, 
ZAXXON ta iK^er^NJ from Sefia in 
the USA Copies of Stafzofte's 
ZAXXAN have hidipty 
w4ihdlr&wn from fMMefa and an 
oui Qt court setiemeni has bean 
made wh^eby Staizone heve 
paid US QoM based on the unita 



The Red Kipper Flies 
At Midnight 

YcMJ g0l heme orns evening to 
discover a message on yoijr 
answering nmch^n^. Some^rig 
you d thought hicklan lor goOfi has 
mared its ygly head ooca agiln. 
Vtlkyri^ 1 f is acrive againfac^ 
starts a htianous new adventure 
gaiTio from i fkjw otrtfit with the 
unlikely namq ol Thi Ram Jim 
&>rpoiratl<Hi. Repute (or 
mmoiirvd) to he an affslx^a &holK 
owpofittton (wrth ngmbereo Swfss 
tooounli} and inteirast in South 
Amertoan amis dealing. BrrHsh 
derence oantracls and sponsoring 
the Lofxkxi Syrnphony Orctiestra, 
Ram Jam has |ysl gol inlo the 
games rnarket witi Valley rl« 17. a 

EiraixHd boh at the woddof 
C^maikKial espfconage The 
people responsible for the gmm 
are nauTD^cally ooncem^d to 
kaep flia^ namee secret tor fear of 
rafxlsais. but Trevor Tome and 
GeofiO* Ston* have been elected 
as whipping boys and »me to 
visit the CRASH offices in me ^tm 
(arxl sensible) heliel that no on& 
hef e wcxild be able to rrmke head 
or laH of Ihe game and so thiow rt 
in Ihe bin befcxe reviewing it. 
Hotvevftr a copy has gtxie oft to 
Darek Brewster and we il |uid see 
what h-e thinks \l had us in fils (it's 
the cyanide pills that do it). 

The Ram Jam CorporaticMi are 
being distnbuled by Palace 
Software {see photo captksn^ and 
PHer Stone (no nalaik>n (o 
George) ol Palace is probably the 
on^ living person to have met the 
highly MCfelive head ol Ram 
Jam; ttw rriyslBrfous Sir Oswestry 
Minnas. Al we can safe^ say at 
this point Ir^ Dme. ^ that Valkyrki 
17 is an advei^ture wHh sMUng 

eraphics, a poisonous seraeef 
umoyr and enough red k^spers to 
brtp up BHIir^^gate Ksh market - 
oh and you gel a nice t^adge to 
wear on your SS unitomi 
(obligBtdry for sehoua playeni) 

40CRASH Novemt>©r 1984 


ANVONE wondennq whetier 
Kevir) Tome was go<rig to live for 
the rest of his life on FOOTBALL 
MANAGER might well be 
interested to hear aboul SILICON 
JOY. As the announcement that 
Kaivtn wms handing over day to 
day r^monsibllitlies for 
ccmpany's hnance dar-ector, John 
Croft, so rhfiii he couW concentrate 
more on the craitive skle . rame 
also the annouriMmartt rhei a new 
company had appeared At the 
Addictrve Games stand al the 
PCW Show. Kevin was loc?king 
very happy with his new project. 
Silicon Joy has Ihree games 
viflyally ready for rele^^; 
bovpng game arid TRiO - a 
lhree'irtK>ne game indiidkng horse 
rwi^ng^ a mare game and an 
arca« game. There la also a 

program c^fled RUN YOUR OWN 
League by nequiftst of Foomatt 
Manager players, aMwugh tie 
new pf ogram can be used to njn a 
teagu^ taWe m any sport We 
shoukj be seeing bN ttiese 
prop-en^ very JioftJy 


Or>e software house who was noi 
at the PCW Show at Otympia was 
nomlk II seems they had 
des^necJ and had built a 
dftstindtve stand to sit on one of 
ttie largest areas booked in et the 
show ready f of a big product 
launch » but that show ofi^cials hid 
Intormed them ve^y late that thaihi 
were stfucturai limrtat^ons. wt^oh 
obviously the Romik stand 
exceeded A spokesman for 
Romik saM. It's realty r^t 
salisfaclory/ and suggested poof 
organisation on the part ol PCW 
Romik's new Spectrum game 

Baatcha is revtewed r^ext mor#i. 
Ott>envise you II have to tnjy some 
Weetabix to get twir game 
WeetaWx ¥«r*lia the Fitchlc* 
whicfi coiria (3.75 irom Weeiahu 
or £2 75 to members oi the 
Weetabix Qub 


AcllvLilon has acquired ttie rights 
from CotumtHa Pichjres to 
develop QhoaHbustarB. the 
comedy/hoitor movie. Mo 
soltware. Tha garvhai am 
soh6<UM to arrirve later this 
monlti, shortly before the f eieaae 
t3l the rrwpvto. Activision s UK 
Manawig Director, Qeoff Heath 
tmt, nl>e film has had 
ouMinding siKxess i n the States 
and we aniicipate the software 
version of GhovltiMtir to be Hq. 
1 for the Christmaa 

The Iccig awarled Wrath of 

jra.from CarrN^II is finally 
released through Maatervlalon, a 
drvisior of MastertionK; Dereli 
Brewster's review can tie found on 
the pflQaso^ Adwenfiiire TraH. 
Mastaivtsion has also released 
another actventure ^ led 5#-Kti 
0l Afileh Wt ^sA^/db tt^ pla yer 
afisumes ttm role o( Sa-Kaa in an 

1,1 Ij ,111-1 ft Mf^ nil III ■■ill ifekM iiindiri imii 

ancrn to iit}efisa Die wofKi rrom 
the Inflyeoce of a rrwtmt ra» 
known as the Oeilc Hordw and 
r^netate the Wise Ones. Mafra ts 
£12 50 and S^Km m £7 50 

Mare News Input on 
page 135 




AMa SAYi mi I^JiJtfO 

250 K QT PM( MrSKHY 

an cDmc 

■ it ^mii mO(e man 2 50K 

lor you to fl^i fmm\ ki ted f n 

} .M9CM4IS /i«r a#/ 

^ ^ 



/ Hsgh 


■ Ai 5 Ad^ontuftsme linNM - bill you con dioosi lo ploy them 
lapQioMy lind meya)^ hove REAl TIME btJtH «n. So It mi cSonl Think 
kk, ycMi wm) up os o pFf^odod yl s lunch, die of ovof «wtkqn In q Romm 
orgy; or jU5t tos^ your mind 

■ 'EureMif^ is not jt^si on Epic — mxim m Mmiruie. Atfhe stu oi e<ic n 
hifioflcolarii, vwtoc^anAreadiiAatorTri^^ t%»cS3€^yayf^^iti b^far 

M AAMAtfii to €dlW. 

■ Th» Mtiif youf %«ir«, in« stroi^ 0^ 

■ ArH3 m teep you on yoy f io$s. wrtlh ooiWonty chanfl infl, swic ana mcwi nia 
gophfcs Bnilfoni music and sound elhcis add fo IM excinemem 

■ A^ pon Dith€ 'Eur^l' pac^ yCHj receive o kill-coloiji illy^roled 
teotobt iw^tolning cryptic riddles and mysteriCHts illuslralions. Using 
bMMand screen fog^ffw, you steodily unrovei rh« ceuos otid bufid 
lipa »^'ef pidnd nyitwr pw£i by pw6 

■ n you Yi fifsr to firtg It, you iovt mi vwlti and coildci Ittt £25.0QCH 

■ Qyite Q pGcko^! Ami lo give i^myom a toir chance, "Eurekor vvil bt 
FeiBOsed simy ttan^CMjsly ^^fl>{licSw^ w Odcbef 3 1 %l 19&4 No pocte wf I be 
Qvoihible until fhaf doit Alt ordmriGelved by maif or pbooe tiy 26}h 
OCTQflERwJUbQd&sgalti%dlyypc]dontho31tii^^^ So 
ordef raw (ml to one of the llrst oil Ihs mork. 


T m sitxyHfWS fof 'f ufiiar or ■ ■ vingitone 

whose Fig^iin{|FanKiiy*bCH:' ^ id over 

2.000.00Occ{N€S tfAMometii up MmtriEimer 
nasiy irlo^ ond Twisli fer you tn fhts Epic, t}«cay se 
rv^ ^01 of so devtiid fie crypic diiu and 
conyrHJrjins In fie booMef TtKit goei wim 
pfogrom He'£in@orawt»knawf$MCi^wer& 

'Euntar wot progromm^ Oy 
§i\MmtM kBofis led by 
HlEFigarlcin$ Dondl Ksss cMtd Andrds 
davQi IE look me equ I vo leni o< 5 
yiA^ 10 aeone. on^ r^e sHilh of 
4grophicanM. 2 myscioni 
wa loid mem to sir Mtcn »nt 
iiordiiforfs copabiirttes, ond molce 
stjri^ Mfi topi OMMfifDr hour^ff 

M-coto^f, 5/oafc (mA 
moving g^apnic^ ^— 

Just dip Tlie coupofi. Or. for mm fostof ftcltui^ 

oftfii by Cftdil Cord on Hw 

^untnr IMtpfwra Mttfnt M60 8000, 

^^^^ w^^^mm^mM,^%tmttfpi^^MM. i£^tft^ it l ife piiwtfi . M i r i j i jiP 

"^'^^^^ ^iwtfUMa i 24 HOtJR PHONE 

For Crodif Cord OrdMl 




l>mmk LU , 124 liimilifr frsod. Lgrtchon SW^ ^g. Nq IMi^ (|figlarhel| 


rht race lwfrwi2&.O0esiQrtior^3l Oct iei4oiid<iotetenar^ 



orccrer of 
Clapmorgut CasJtle 


jri rri trriN*-- n.i»*^j^rt hi'Vi.inil 

^ 1 

^f ^ 


The lang awaited new Graphic Adventure by Scott Adams 



Telvphoiii^: 021-643 5102 

The Sorcerer of Claymorgye Caaflc 

*H PEt T RI!M 4i K 19 9S *ttd m dice f vr i 

DftAiGON 32 

fANOVCOlDllR 0.« rusMO 



D«alcr and Distributor EiH|iiltil*« W«ko- 


Can your coMnpuier 


/k y^mstmm ocffon {|ani0 fer y%>u¥ 
Spmcfrum whMi r^atly do«s puDvfde 


You eira ICMd Rivers^ fh« h«ro of tft* 

gQwnm ond you muit /frop aboard 

the ivfiawoy Jtcig^ cind g^didm Jf 

fciMy Qvor rtifl ptofrti ond mrDupli 

Ifiv f^«<ich#rotjrj mounttjtniL Thmn 

ffgpf <»lf fhm aifacking Iffdians^ 

iMpp^ar that your Command 

C«ntn hdi jiiU i»nf ^ij on 

ffr* wDmfd's d«odfJatff 


rhs utflmafw in ifnifi^gfc 

ortlon. rhls 100% 

rrtochilii» €odm ffamm 

offers th0 pfayi^r Two 

hill graphk scn^ff/rtg 

JO l«v»lipfpl«i|^ 

0#lto wing ii an advamed flight 
eombut tlmutafQn It hos f»«n 
diM'gn«d ^o g/v« ^n eM€mflmfft "fomrfor 
th^ fumble ond roll of high ipeW 
IWgli*. With IS smp€imfe cofifroli f© 
momlfor and incoming tn«nfy plonei 
to b^ d^^lf with, fhi% pmgmm fakm^ 

'si i*m A*i^fu 

■ i i"* im'Ii 

I I'-Bif [ 

Otflto ¥flng oho oHow^ FWO Spocfrvm 
€omputmn to ptay ogoinsf ^acft ofli«f 
fhrougli fft« «iM of two tntorfatm 9% 





AN good computer &ottwari» stockists. 

5«nd n>« I tick as required ) 

L: delta WtMO TNCC191 


O My local uo<^st'sa<i(^«6s 
n VOurfuiliistol'ganies 

Game/sat £6.95 each £ 

Total 10 send £ 





Mathod of pwnwut 

By dieque or PO (no cash} rnadopayBtrie 


■^B O dy Access 

I I I t I I i i I I I L I I i 


Credit card $dtes : UK l>Ljyer£ &nly. 
Response withifii 21 days. 


Department MO. 
296 Farnborough HMd. 
Rim&ofough, Hamps^iire, GU14 7NP 
TfeleptKjn^: (0252)518364. 

rjame _^__ 




Trawl with... 

Now Trashmati is a great British success 

he's ready for intematjoiia] stardom - and you can 
him on his way around the world. Our hero has the tall 
order task of cleaning up every major litter spot around the 
globe. Scooping up flowers thrown into the bull ring by matador 
fans in Spain, collecting the tissues of the faithful as they sob by 
Jerusalem's Wailing Wall, picking up coconuts from a palm beach In 
Samoa and collecting the empties at the German beer festival 
(Trashman still likes his tipple!) are just some of the challenges that 
make up Trashman's task 

Of course, your skill can help our hilarious hero to complete the 
nprfiKti^TLT littpr rnlfection at pvery location, so he can earn the money to 
fl untru in his rf>rmd^^work] quest. And as he visits 

ev '^^^^B^yoi ^ hare every fun 

1 ravel with Trashman has or^ <;o player scoring. Hall of f 

and 1 ' * ^ ith Kempston. 6intlair Interface 2, Protek or 

equivcucirL ^ * ''' the 4SK Spectrum t*"^ ^ 




sf d^95* 


Selected titl^ of N«u Gefiemlkifi Sobwstrt 
art ttvaliablp horn ymir tocal ccmtputer 
MMpe and bi gcfr bf#nch» of: 


John Meniws 



N^w GeiwraliOfi prrrffiirTs^ are sr>W 
accordlfifl to Oieit ferms of tr^dfe 
and concMUons ol &£ile. 

C4 1 i[C4 f yft H L* 



tel: 0225316924 



Crary Blocli^f Just shade kn Ute irtss marttd 
witb i dM, leaving |h« ufidoileiS areas bKank ft 
ilArc wiH 6rtierq« of tn artide ganifi hero 
Wl» It tt? Wrtt0 dQvn ttw antwer on a poticard 
flame, and send n hn to TliE CftASH QUIZ. TO 
ifTtvB tor rinl pot! Novefnt^er ZZ The lircl mref 
correct entrlti drawn Inniti the bag mMF eacli 
receive £25 worin Of aoltwaro. and ih« Itiret 
nifintrs-up hMI each retelvt a CRASH T-shirt 
Hour gaii«fOii« can you |et7l 


As fou may luve natlceif . there 
HIS no CnsA Quiz I ail month. 
Hen mm Wa iniwtrr lo 
comiMHNI In kuun & And 9. 


VlKlBlfliiVi MMK iJDVfinBi And 


You DHJId riftv« ptaMd hqm: 
MwilcMlrw. SHyi. Ptni, Berw&l 
ElKiafi. AniQA, eirdii B*h. 

t. A FrwKh mand priKHi 

4, AnhOlvl 

5, Mr RobMCHi 

fi. Twfli 
10. ItdllaieitptHawmniia 


OoU« Son OoinpMttlen (i) 

2. 4k9yi 

3 ^^vrO^Giiphto- Arthur Scft^u 

5 CRASH Magailm 
ft. 1iS9 

RasuMi of Ute Seplimlw Crtt^ 

Tl^ irvM HrtArnri 01 |h« Spar the 
Pii gfW ff trr^mar) <|ul2 are 
CnHtOAfiat Back. iRotfiiifhHni 
mviBiCi Dfuffwni,, i_fpiM iwui u i„ 
Hvti i and Ntit LcM. Sutton 
Halnlm. TeAqrd Thm^ mm:h ncfflve 
t?5 worih of ioftwafi ThoitvH 
njiv^oo-up. who D6£^ {^ a T^IM. 
lirt, Chrt* C#t¥«i1. 
BHTDw-iTv Fum««a, Cunfv&nA- 


end IWwIm 04 K Of) i!Sh9ahurii. 
WelfKiarn Cross. H^ns 

Retuttt o1 Itte Auiiutt C^th Quii 

Th^mmwmfd gqutm. H«t SCWA 
UlVt vnd Jie 4^wH w^nfw* JiPe^ Mr. 
D. Lnv^tl Sromiav. Kim: l*aijl 
RogwwM BMudM, Sh^AaM. S>. 
Mqiham, MaaCMmip Lorvton 
MiA^ Tbai^ aKJh ndfrv* £^ worm 
oTa o i Wii* . Andfrwfunii«n-Mpwfio 
mfhmam a T-aiirt ■!«; Sivplwi 
Itiininsnd, GivrtAaod, Kent, 
PHn^pi JnooU, Prtiailofni, LATHSdtwv. 
indifc.O»lB, Oto gw. 

46 CRASH November 1 9S4 




Oufperforms anySpecfrum interface 

The unique Turtx) ritertace fif^sm Ram 0ves you al these 
teailiiBS - and more - m one umt 

41 A variety of interfaces fK^ludrig Fbii cartindges, two ^wsyD ptu^ 
fcr standard joysticks, PLUS ful expansion txJs at rear. 

♦ Coripabbie wrtfi Kempslxi and Protek pTDtDColi 

♦ WDrte wti latest QuictehtS Mk y artD rapid^re joystick 
i|( Choice of f%xn cartndge or tape cassette softvvare. 

4( Instant pfOj^ani loading with cartridge software:. 

4: BuJIt-in power safety device- unique toi Ram Turtxx 

:H Fil one year gjarantea 

4 Immedete avaiabity- 24Hr despatch on leoeipt of 
80./aedt card detads (cheques-seven days) 

♦ Incredblev^ue-0f1y£22.9& 

So dont waft aroird- simply complete 
the roupon and send It to us today. 

Or cal our credit card hot tne on 02514 25252 (Access and 
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Spectrum Tiftx>lnterface(sja(t £2295 

4^ 1 1 p+ p (ovef^as orders £3p + p) 

lOdy when purdiased with Ti«tK> - ri^^ 

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I i 


^^^^ I 

Ibrf^ElK^viiafkeQUillOfiFlMftwlfteHiPnjdavGUlJaM 5 j 

lade and export enqumesweicoma 


Hell test vour brain to 

its limits. 

lt\e Space Professor will 
stretch your powers of 
calculation and 
concentration. Can you 
prove your gen I liS and 
D^t himat his own game? 

This arcade style mind 
bender ts an eicciting. 
educational noise stopper 
for 5 year olds, but stilt a 
tough challenge to the 
most advanced A-ievel 

Space Professor has 2 screens 
5 levels of piav. 3 speeds 
addition, subtraction, 
multiplication and division 
options, ft also offei^ a chcUce 
between Keyboard and 
Joystick player control. 



Producer: Hewson 
Memofy required: 48K 
Relail price: £7.95 
Language: mac hir>e code 
Aumof : Steve Turner 

CofiQraluiatKxis', says ttie 
inlay. You are now the proud 
owner of Avakm. ih© first in a 
raw WDfM of corrpj ter games. 
ttie Axiwfiyre Movie , 

Wb, Ifhely that m Ihe next few 
months the vrafds ADVEN- 
TURE MOVIE are going to 
berome familiar It hasn't hap- 
pened over night. o< course, 
there has beer> a slew pf eg- 
ression low^rds tt>i@ int0f active 
adventure which uses arcade 
St^ graphics (Starting 
perhaps wtth garner tike AtfC 
Atac) and which progress is 
now accelefaling History will 
dictate who «s fffst. bu! Hewson 
have certainJy made a head 
starl witti Avaton . 

The pKkaging Is smalt 
video box ttyje wrih a large 
inlay coniaining columns of 
apparently dauntiing text. In 
fad the g!ame ium$ out to t>e 
one of those you can dive into 
im mediately, but reading the 
instructions would serve a use- 
ful purpose as this is. primarity. 
ail adventure and few things 
are instantly obvious. Also 
included is an explorer s map 
of the Avalon complex and a 
protection entry coda imtfi very 
pale i>lue mk on slightly paler 
p4per to make it hard for 
photocopiers li asks you to 
type in three separate codes 
before acceptirig access 

You play Maroc (the wizard) 
or rather his astral projection 
There are sixteen rank$ (skills) 
wtikh are sutxlivided into eight 
stages, and at the start of a 
new gam« your statys is the 
lowest . that of apprentice. Your 
advancefmnt is gained by 
penetrating deeper into the 
dungeons and by coHecting 

Maroc' s task, to put is sim- 
ply. IS to destroy the Lord o1 
Cnaos. who dwelts in \he 
deepest part of the dungeons, 
proteded by several types of 
fiorror. These include goblin 

50 CRASH November 1984 

warriors p wfvo gang up on you 
and can only be avoided by 
running quickly through two 
rooms or dbwn a tunnel; 
wraiths who throw tire balls at 

Su after a wh^e and fend to 
.low your progress by 
materialising through walls: 
guardians of chaos. and finally 
warlocks, who may be helpful 
and may not. depending on 
what you can offer them 

To help m thfcs enoTTTMXks 
UMk there are many speJis and 
iisehjl objects to be found, 
some are cotlecied just by 
walking over them, but others 
may need tha help of a servant 
(one of the early spells to be 

taking Maroc to the door at the 
correct height and nudgir^g it, 
moving back slightly to let it 
open before proceedirtg 
through it. They shut jusi m 

B^^ause of its arcade over- 
tones. AvalOf^ is reviewed her© 
as an arcade game rathef than 
by Derek Brewster, but no 
doubt Derek will also have 
somethirvg to say on the sub- 
)eci at a later date 

eacft tifB\ The Sf^eHs you 
mBn&ged' to cotlect Mat Sfim 
are stiU with yoiit offWtf 
op&ne€l ere sitH open, and m 
you carry on fathng. more gob- 
Hffs antf jftan gustrQiam 
appear tram the oeptfis as 
Ihough aiBft^d to youf pres- 
ence So tfie Only way to go 
about it, is !o use the nrst tew 
attempts as a prtctice mocfe 
until yau get the tmfig at^tp^i- 
mg dooTi protfcientiy m}0 

found), wm can do ttie task for 
you. Movement itself is a spell, 
since Maroc is only an astral 
proj^rtio^. arKt this is given lo 
you af the start of Ihe game. 
Coltected spells are listed in a 
continous scroll at the base of 
the screen and are selected by 
tffiing the upntown control and 
fire. Some spells can be used 
simultaneously such as move' 
and unseen \ A useful one is 
freeze . which stops tame for a 
few nnomenis and can let you 
get away from things like Ihe 
goWin warriors, i^ere, an 
arcade skill comes in - tf>e atrih 
tty to QB\ out of the f re^e spell 
and jfito 'move as fast as poss- 

All the rooms have some 
doors which may be 0|>en, 
dosed or locked The locked 
ones obviously require keys 
Closed ones are Qperaied by 


• This is the best thing Tve 
seen in arcademdveniures 
With me mystic qualtties of 
adventures and the graph I as of 
arcade. Avalon m Ihe best 
Mend be*Men ihe h^o yet The 
3D effect is excel Jem (though a 
little jer^y , but who cares wt>en 
it IS this good)? Overall, there is 
a lot to do in the game which 
means thai interesi will be 
held. I woukJ personally 
focomn^nd that a map be 
drawn to aid progress as I soon 
Iwrame lost without one I 
think Hewson have produced a 
likely adventure cult gaine. 

• WhM makes Avalon a ma' 
mmractive gama m tha fact 
that as you piay rf. you reaiff 
alier the state ot thitigs witp 

using spetb. And the turthef 
you get it^to the game, the 
mofe you reat^e (haf «h*s *sn'f 
rea% an arcatfe game at ali 
although some skills are 
nmded, became you teaiiy 
cm affect the way things hap- 
fm^ to you. Them are so many 
rmai tout^es, most of which 
oniy appear wiff^ tang piay 
Once I waited tn ihastrntfoom 
ana a wrai^ appealed 7?it 
dm tfrebaif h e threw was not at 
me but at the door - he ^Hrt Mf 
With so much budMtsoflwftre , 
around it saemi to m harder to 
award value fter nwney to a 
game costing C8. but Avatonis 
wOiFfh evflify penny in my tx>0k 
- no game like this cmM be 
^tovelqped at a cheap price/ 

• 'Avaton is a gam« that never 
ends. If you Birk to the lowest 


r \ 

livrf, It gM iMpe 00^ and 
you am Kwmd to livi vwi tli» 
•Itocis of what you fiave dor^ 
m pfwtouA Mftmpli )n mt« 
•mw ih«f» li ttwy erwi» of 
phttiig ywrsalf op a(|ilfi and 
oontbiuim to gtAbmm. Urn- 
■nd LOAD fadHy. Th© 30 
graphlcii are movt ^odivQ* 
iitbugli 31 fim it wi N dto* 
ri«rillng to fio MP tNwjgh a d^ 
Md Mmg« in ma nmct roofii 
aldiiwyiv This JW3fientti:ton 
ttto nwiM tt Fffcip Is p*trtty 
MMfillsl ^ 0IOTS is A ffMc^ toy. 
I fti ttw UM of flio Joyrtidc dir 
¥m ocmlPDi «riii€A dOM bott) Idc 
fncviiTidnl and lor spii ssIk- 
tfon; arid IHe am gsl vsry 
panicky when ttitm ars ttv^s 
goMns and a waOh Omatm 
you ind you want tg usa ipwi 
and tmim HIgMy addlcttvs, 
•xtrefnaly playaHs and a 
earm to ka«p Ira alhmiton tor 
ioa&. AraA>n is golra to tato a 
kA to rrwaiar and, wittt aa far as 
I have got tooiia W/m having 
ifnu€h itNifs to tt thsn d¥sn At^ 
Aisc Its flol oreai myato u 
mi - piy-tMr«% ftol mora of 



Cantrot kaya^ A to G - up, 

ii n I i ■ ii r r 1 1 r fcr ■ M ■ ■*■ ■ i^lfii^l^jr 

4(nfniGII« i^Sri^pSIOrT, wnCVair, 

f poaHtyg fSBpunaa 
rof colour: bordafm vaty 
ixiburtut. thft pteytng anw ia 
4|uto iirrpla and av6ds 

OpBpMoOTioioanfil30 ttflsci 
ind wMl 4«wi and dalalM 

Sound: good start bjns. 
ottianMaa usatui sounds^ 

Sfcil l s¥a l a : nrtj 


Scfsana^ over 200 roofiis 

Qananri riMng: aMcaJart. 

Lisa ol computer 89% 

Qrapyhica 94% 

Pteym my 91% 

Qattlffigsteilod 90% 

A«idktlv«qiMllttM 93%^ 

Valuatof mofiay 90% 

OYtni * 91% 


Prcxtucer; Atiantla 
M^emofV required: 48 K 
Retail price: £1*99 
Language: machine coda 

Mrs. Mopp takes a second 
bow in the pages of CflASH as 
we reviewed it in our very first 
ts^y^ when it was onginally 
marketed under C^om- 
putasotve at the price of £5,50. 
As re-released by AHanlts. 





V « 





Hfi Half ibn Ifl k« owi vthkli n tti taam pmi Hm Rii , i i(Mi| I 

nothing has changed In the 
program and so our review fn 
February still stands. But fof 
those who never saw the 
issye, here is a bdet summary. 
Mrs. Mopps family is one of 
the messiest in the wortd - ihey 
litter cups cfcrthes. dust and 
lord knows wt>ai ete© all over 
her kitchen. Moppsie has five 
uiensits to help her in the task 
of cleaning up. two types of 
basket, a dustpan and brush 
and two trays Eadi utensil is 
cotour coded and can only be 
us^ 10 dear up spedfic iten^. 
The blye cups, far instance. 
may only be collected on the 
blue tray and the pate gmefi 
ctothes m the pate green bas- 
ket There's also a washing 
machine, a sink and dustbin. 
Each trter^il will onty hold so 
much and must be emptied 
periodicaily into ttm approprt- 
ate appliance She can only 
hold one titensil a time and 

these a/e ^ored on shelves to 
elthef side~ Litter stafis appear- 
ing all over ttie place as soon 
as each game com menses, 
and as she cannot move past 
or over an object unless carry- 
ing the spectnc utensit for col- 
lecting it, the move^jle floor 
space quickly becomea vtfy 
restricted When life beoomes 
too u nbea rabte there is a bottte 
of tippte to ti«rip restore her 
spirits, but beware Of taking too 

The reviewers comments 
added up to Mr^. Mopp being 
a good game, ohoinat in con- 
cept, medium addidive and 
very playable. The value for 
money at the time was given as 
71% and obviousty at £1.99 
thai to oonsiderat)ly increase, 
although i^t should be said that 
since m release, the standarcte 
of software have risen some- 
what, which rnodiftes its 
increase in value. 



Control keya: A/Z 

up/down, N/M left/right and 


Joystick: Kampston 

Keyboard play: sensible 

positions. &-directJ>onal. 


Use of colour: good 

Graphics^ good, i^all 


Sound: fairly good 

Skill levels: 1 

Lives; 1 

General rating: good. 

U 86 o1 CO m putef $5% 

Graphics 69% 

Playabillty 75% 

Getting started 65% 

Add i ct i ve q y a I ities 68 % 

Val ye for money 79% 

Overall 70% 

CRASH INtovefPbef 1964 SI 


> f * f* ! " * *f pp M pt#* * i n » i p , i i i i 

* I W ifc ^ P* >■ > -P p 

'rspgBgja E ii afj a at :^::; 


'-•rues day evening, after tea 
V aiiSlGOinputsory prayers, the 
Z'J,.l3St7TSSt&.frfS(i fo hide from 
^_ ^^^ ■;" f/tenkinp/in»id& the Machifie 
^.'^ t ^ ^^iuil'Jmf^l'illi&d^ as tfte 

MV0^iw0*;fl^|Mf'TNSsion.- and 

'»*^* .. . 

r AmM it^k^ U JCRtferctnL is the, 
: laSHIBWHtl which ymj cof^rot 

. ^U-g^w^ l^arris and dtvi^lops 

^^^_:/tti|0 a Dutnarto^ng and even- 

•-**^'^_;^ iurttyvdi^ ' Ttvc^ Ibe 

^"-^ *^am9 you ara givan a perc^- 

., ;^:::':i:Ma6 score v^di^s^ts ntgher 

i«Tr: -L&"d J-ower as fh« g«fn© pco* 

** ^ " ^ ^ * ^ - -«e«l& ^ue ■ -Bm M&Ghioa is 

J!I';tZ ; ' ; . uftk^y©, atf (nuch of a milestone 

;.;fri computer tifistory as The 

* Hobbtf wiih Its ffftphies. 

* ^b«caus0 ttiis gani8 has a ^- 

.; chronisecf sound track f The 

|tciiS]S«fl0 case, which is harfle 

- conti^hs two tapes Ofw is the 

.V computsf game - two games. 

On& on each side - and the 

other IS Iha sound track, also 

I oi^ eaimf stde. The $ound 

^•!*^+iP*f?*'d./Edwefd Thomp- 

,Cr6Lu5iiai2i.Triadd]fl0n th&rs is 
:ttIOSlC:!:vWt a distinctly 
'Au4orn«tiiH«h H^'i ki ^i bwi it i6 
*^ihi&l'^ mdea .^uriousiri tOi:ia- 
imftusual/. : : , : . : 

' : ^?*? S^^l*.^ ^ fyri in the 
iim^- Ben^/ ^ «i mo<e bfan 
ej)(pQf1@ci££ki .hkud fdito^ .a: 
bfief descEl{]ttQn;Qf. ^fic^ of Jtij? 
stages m itwg%me 

Af^ ih© scneflfi s a slag© afTd aff 
the ff>en and wofnen meml^ 
piMyers, They havB their exitB 
BtWJtjfijr entrances, and One 
pef^nn - m th^rr fime phys 
mmy p^ft&. thBif BCt being 

* r#^/ lui>e s nock . 

This stage oi tffe consists pt 
s©%Wi sub-gamei& inwhic^ you 
h«lp to draataa baby | it B okay . 
all outte tastelUly (tone - welt, 
faifly anyway) TTie machine 
<th@c©frtfai oonlrdling force of 
i. the UK}, which rebels after wit- 
nessirig frie accident (which is 
wofxJaiTully animaidd) doaa 
moslof Ihe work by stealirig an 
egg The gj^hics are qi>fj$ 
flood here, as atl the time ttie 
Defact Police (Frankie How- 
erd) are our to gat you because 
you are a delect, as was the 

Tbeff the whining Schoot 
Child ^ with CBS^tto andshihrng 
mommg tace creeping hke & 
snaifur^wiBingtyto databank . , 

This stapict^ff^sts of c^niy one 
gante m ifftiich the Detect 
Police must track you. for Ihat 
is their function, \Wien you are 
caught, you use your powers to 
pany their piycho-probes 
Throw up your &h*eSd. mow© H 
.clockwise and ar^ti -clockwise 
to protect your entombed and 
ffvolving form The graphics 
ai8 interesting and work egpe- 
*tiany well on yourseff' T^is 
;pwi PS awe- inspiring and the 
sound track, as ever, ii^ wall- 

*" ■ *■ 
And thon the Lo^er, Sfghmg 
itke a tumace. with a wOBtut 
uideo made K> their tovert 

This stage is similar to the last 
Inyvhich you must touch the Eips 
wtth your cursor (f) as they 

approadh your body; later on 
eyes replace the lips As a 
game, this sLage is quite aasy 
and it ^ the last program on 
$kje one. The graphics are 
Intriguing, with the sensuous 
movtmsnte ot th€ ttps and the 
hyprKJtic tr:^A by Donna Baftey 
M The MiK^hiiie At thia st^ge. 
ypu turn over tx^th tapes, 
riload and re-syncbronise side 

Th^tn a Soldier, biii 0f strange 
offfts JBaJouBiRhmoufsud' 
den and quic(finqu9^mt, seek- 

ff}g hi 'SCO''''* fi¥f>n m ttm k^^Af's 
n^uth . . 

Now you art grown mi n 
Frankie How^d intories thd 
char\{. War cnme^s are ea§y", 
the groyi^ moves urrter your 
feet aM piltEll& jappe^f' over 
whicbyau muAfmip. After a 
Mtiiie the action chendQS and 
reject tdrtums $&m, dfwt^ on 



There are few things in life that can be cptled G|at>at Q^rtain 
ties -this is oneof tti0fn-Jthat eventiMiUy an AutOjRritfti^ame; 
on the A side should meet an Automata hlt^tng^e on tfie B' 
side, fall in love and mate; This isl thife result . ^.. 


You must pfbtQe^.%ioC[rsi|jt 
raising^ ihe t^re^wWc 
shields ar>dl' f^f^aoIrM m^ 
blasts. Ai the last iti^.Fenfls^ 
(ian tkiry) tays. lOKdg ts 
wrong, even pretend hiling 
of^rtde ^re#f^ And people 
Ihat sell vk>ltint g^mes ro chih 
dran should be pui aw^y 
sonrn&where safe, m thay 
well again A) wt^lch poirrt 
nmchina rebels against the 
Delect Poiice 

&e//y. With B/es &B¥en af?d. 
doJhas of hfmai cut futiof 
wiSB words ^^dffi^chme code 

Her^ you are shown, fat and 
slow, yoiir empire behind you. 
Words appear on the groynd 
coming towards you. The 

wQt^ nTu mpced up.^A3fne 
' good and some evil md som^^, 

cQn«cted wffh evil. You nrHi#C 
*^iOf*ip over the good and $wip' 


. The Sixth Age sMfe tnm wie 
leaf} and ^f/pp^d pau^AlrifijT 
vvjffft spii L? r Lf Ubs on rfc^c 

SaAf7 foiiva/di« t^^ 

J. pipng ar^ ft? 

Vou see your charac^Ur old and 
bn*0n You must trace hts 

Your life is expressed as a 
pofcentege score The scriiefi 
swFiches and yoti must spia up 
the bbod ceils so thai ttiey do 
nof dot 

Ot^ofv^ the percafitage. 

AgaJrif the m^teen ct^atigos 
and ag»ain you musi trace the 
heartt^t So It goes on unli 
deafti and the end - or Oie 
beginning . . 


I r I ca I sj^' TLJL3 -ir If 3^ 

Last seme of ku, 
srfa/ige. Bvenlufuf histofy, is 
Second* Chtidishness, and 
nmm ot^¥im Without 

wimou! pow^i suppdy . :Dmm 
f X Machma m not for p«pte 
who want a siraigihltofwafd 
shoot em up becttuao It ilfnply 
£sn1 that sort of game In rn^ny 
senses, rt isnl a game at an, 

;lt(tfcj oajii^* i#jth^ 

vki^ tjami^ by 'fT)litiJQ^,'' or an 
' ift¥^ concept 
* . . C.J tp# addition of 
imee Waybg in nm end^ U 
dob^l really matter - D©ij5 f )f 
^aef^Ai^d IS a noble develop 
menr idea, wttich ptMki 
^towards a now und#rBtaflfiltfirT 
of what can be donie «rilh«orT 
puler ganea Jt i^nl i*iffeai)g 
rt is a kit mcHti Tim than tlfe^ 
mighi mki n<J . is grif* 

ics ttrl'OUghOMi .mu a11v%^ 
Frteresting artJ ' sDrftattrfieis 
atTSoJyleV ^Kc«jil«fti. ^Tf^ 
sound tf^ott tS pfArf^tr^ tn #^ 
tligh lev^ 0( C)Lmr 
dotted exfradbs thr 
Review ' wd fci gl 
hoped th«t tiAjyers v^ll 

We Qijn f i/ina/Jiine ta/v 
':?f^^ anf:#slO/S, 


ImBgine d wb ccuid b&g^ 

our ittffe /rfe alfover ao^n. 

'fm&girm ffftwmmr TOfrfr 

mom rt>. 


irrmginp /f / Ifn^w if^^ 



try and be if^F^rt^ttrrr- ■■ -^ 

i i 



n0vl«w complied by Robin Comty It Ri^gor I^Abu 

CRASH NovemliflfVSB^ ^ 


Producer: Acti vision 
Memory required: 4eK 
Retail price: £7.90 
Language: machine code 
Author: Larry Milter 

fiodtifO te another Activi^on 
translation from a dedicated 
games carLiidge to the Spec 
taim, the adaption here being 
done by Janws Software. 
Once nr>are you are down on 
the grid, ready to race through 
all sods of conditiorm against 
200 other vehicles. The race 
starts in. broad daylight, lakes 
you through snow and ice. fog 
and rain towards the sunset, 
dusH and flnatly night. 

Youf car is red. the olhem i 
are all Wack. At night lime aft 
you can see of them is Ifwir 
headlights unfit night really sal- 
ties en, when onlj^ their red tail 
tights glimmer dimly and ttie 
road, too. is toreshortenod. 
The overall perspective used is 
a rattw high ofve, although the 
road does reach the vanishing 
point properly. The screen dis- 
play t9 mostly green (road and 
landscape) with the road 
edges indicated by tttin persec- 
five lines A Uim sky is sepa- 
rated by hill details wh^ch do 
move aboyt realistically. Sun- 
sat is well shown with the sky 
beginning to turn red Ice and 
snow condrtions are rep- 
resented Jby the predominant 
green tunning white and the car 
controls in a somewhat slugg- 
ish manner to simulate driving 

Below the pfaying area is a 
panel containing ttie day 
number, number of cars still to 
overtake and a timer Running 
along the edge of the road wiFl 
skrw you down, although this is 
one ol the few road racer 
games where your vehicle 
cannot adyally run oti the 
mad. Also, rather like Full 
Throttle, hitting other vehides 
doesnt result in an oxptosion, 
butjusf slows you down. 

Tnere is only the or>e. seem- 
ingly endless track to ptay on. 
but thef e is an increase in diffi- 
culty as you 90 from day to day, 
with the cars bunching more 
togetrier as you go along. 


• 3D car racing games seem 
ID have a been a bit of a flop on 
the S(>e<^rum, wtth m>t many 
people attempting to produce a 
good version Acti vision, one 
of tt>e big names in cartridge 
software for games-onty 

54 CRASH Novembef 1984 

Tbi Milfeit r»d ai IMOl^lO 

machines, have realistically 
reprodyced onr of tf>eir better 
games; it cannot be said that 
this is the best 3D racing game 
on the martcet however 
Enduro features a good rep- 
resentation of a day. sunset 
and night, with other road con- 
ditions such as snow arxi fog, 
both of which affect the per- 
formance of your car in differ- 
ent ways. Colour has been 
used well with only minor attri- 
bute probJents. The road 
moves in a reafisttc 30 man- 
ner, as do the cars whizzing 
past you into the distance. The 
sound would be great it only it 
was more avaitable. tf you 
want a good, comii^tetive rac- 
ing car game and are wiling to 
pay almost E8. then this is 
money well spefvt/ 

• Acfivjsioj^s Enduro on ffie 
Spectrum ^ not too betf. It stitf 
contairts teatures such as 
night and poor visibitity driv- 
ing. The game is t&st, tfie 
graphics being okay not over 
detailed . f found iiplayabfe but 
not that addtctive. 

• Firsi impressions of this are 
ttiose ot being npped - paying 
eight quid for a game whkTi is 
Eittle better tftan Speed Duel 
and this feeling stayed with me 
an the while ) was playing 
Er^dum. You can say of the 
graphk^s that they serve tfieir 
purpt^e but with ik> nks 
extras The sound is quite 
good when the car acceJer- 
aies. This isn't a bad game 
and it does get quite exating at 

times, but t feel at £7.95 it's a 
bit of a rip off and isn't a patch 
on FutI Jhroith whidh Is 
cheaper. All in all, not a bad 
game but a bit pricey for what it 


Control keys: g/W 
accelerate/brake, 0/P right 
Joystick: Sinclair, Kempston. 
Protek. AGF {accelerate is tire 

Keyboard play: very 
responsive, good positions 
Uae ol colour: good 
Grapliitcs: not over detailed 
but fast and smooth with 

better than average 3D effect 
Sound: good 
Skill levels: 1 with 
progressrve difficdty 
Uve«: t 

OifMril ratFng: atx^ve 
«venge to good as a q a me 
and would be good value 
overall if the price was lower. 

Use of computer 73% 

Graphics 67% 

Play ability 69% 

Getting started 69% 

Addictive qualities 70% 

Va I ue for money 54% 

OveraJI 07% 



Wtwn nl|M Itlto . ill |«y m§ ii Hii nitattn ^ Mir bttiUtn^. 




You1l probably stay there till 
someone putis the plug! 
Controllmg rbis nautical nightmare is 
stormy slyff, especially with only first 
officer CDroid to help you. Is the old 
sailor worth his salt? Or is he jyst a 

Dive down to your dealer now for 
the answer — but be warned — this 
game will send you overboard! 

Slvtrsolt Ltd., London Hous^. 27T/273 King Street, London W6 9L7 01-74B 4125 







PHEW! So ends the hardest stint of judging we Ve ever done! 
The numbers of entries for the Ultimate Sabre Wulf Map Com- 
petition was staggering - so was the weight and size. Almost 
twice as many as Tor the earlier Atic Atac Map Competition, they 
arrived in rolls and parcels, and indeed, the winning entry was 
also one of the largest. It was also a far harder decision to make 
since the standard of the entries was very high with imagination 
running riot. Apart from the world's biggest map, we received the 
world's smallest too. The latest entry was from Phillip 'Bullshot' 
(no, that's not a misspelling) Scoular, publisher of Personal 
Computer Games, who enclosed a copy of their issue in which 
the map was published to prove the point they had it before we 
did. Unfortunately he had missed the point as well as the date 
and his entry was returned! 

After a heart breaking hour the winner, runners-up and hon- 
ourable mentions were finally agreed upon„. 

The Winner 

Th« winfung entry lo the Ullimat© Sabre WuM Map Oonpstiliori was sen! 
In by St*v*n W«>tlar>d, from West Wicham, Kent, assisted by Jan 
SlBtrwm and DavW WMliand Steven (14) dtd the design «nd drawfog. 
tttsMo lart ( 1 3)i did the chvaclar blow ups and vwriting Qav4d ( 11 ) dkl ^Hie 
map ddsign aJXl ootouring. This was the biggesi entity t>v far. fmasuring 
•Awnttcing 4'2v^" by S'3 . A cokMjf detail of Ihe n^ c«n be eeen on iha 
Ml taolng paga. 

Siaven. Ian and David receive beMem (tiem ttie unique troptiy pro- 
vtdoa by Ultimate, the ACQ AmuM ot Sibf* WW. Osogratulations to 

Tkt hlT to Bit MftMl Af tfttf. 

TM itciai ptft itoin t ««<«« Malt ktm Wm naa. 

CRASH November 1 934 57 

HM llmi urn JMAt ol IM Jimfii. 

The Runners-up 

Two (urthef ©ntnes were picked as runners-up and t^ese were from 
Mn f^eid & Chris l^arry irofti Ayiast^ury, Buc^^nghArnshire, and Jnkv 
Shepherd from FiiKham. P4e$r Kffig's Lynn, NoHok. 

Can & Chns pr@^nie>«j th^r map in laipe lormsl book form wWi a v#ry 
nic$ cov^r Jak^ s was a tat map Mitti a ^W)^ imagir^Uv^fy and graphi- 
cally d^s^n&d border all around the i$lajxi where me action tatoa pteoo. 
Dan. Chns and Jake will each receive a copy dI Uiijrnate s-fMrtsvne- 
Ihe omaziing Knight Lofv, a;^ socxi as rt is avai^ble 

Til* Wtritfff't 

SflMllnH Ubrw Wan Ibp tln^R im tfPM skivr 



^ '>*.l " t 

■^-j^- — i f 

The Honouraiile Mentions 

It was hard, vary hard, an-d most o1 iha Monourable Mentbns coffie tn 
not far behind the winner arid runnars up Theao are in csrdar of picking, 
not marh! Ctiarlas P: Cohen of Totieridge. London N^O wfiose naal, 
deifilled map a^so fcndudad a vary wry and amusing ajQcoLml ol the artttre 
ga4T)e m the ioar\ ol a novel, which we wiH pnnt m tna Chrlatmaa Special 
EammOfl Kanny Irom Hadow. Essex fof the spiendk) aftd sijrreal oovar 
pidtufe which enclosed hi& map Damon H, H. By liar hom Shipley. W. 
YoHc^ifa kK a vary colourru! map wfth beautifutty drawn devices aroiind 
II and di marvKritoua boohlei, fuii of detail (aamoally Sabremari stuck in 
quicksand) Andrew Sandham. Triaphins, Banchory . Kincardmeshjfe 
who^ highly detailed map resamtilad a Victorian aniimflcessar(i) and 
look^ vef7 near And finally, Gl#n McDowall Irom Salibury. WEltshira. 
fof the Wuride s Smallest Sabre Wuif Map whi^ti was )usi wundariui! 

The Honoufat>le Mentions will eac:^ racaiva a CRASH T-shiri. Unfor- 
tunately there isn t room thi5 month to print pictures ot all thes^e maps, 
hut we will devote some more space next month. Finalky, rnay we say 
thank you to the three hundred pEus people who have obviously sp«nt 
hourv and hours over this pra^eci Let's hope Ultinnata can arrange ait 
^chlbttton {hint, hintj. so many deserve it 

One special honourable mention must go to the mother of James Milrier 
who dashed from his home in Coventry to our offices in Ludbw sp^daly 
to deHver James' entry at the very I a si second Jam^s has also pro- 
du c#d a massive map on snmta boards with lols of detail, bui in ^# 

aymiory ot Ihe judgea. it didnt quMa make il ^nto the Hon meriiions - Mrs 
t\nm did, howttvarl 

58 CRASH Novemben 984 



2 Adventure 

Games of the 


[Available through f^^* i ^"^ 


John Menzies 

leading Software Shops from ; 


itibeijfnt Moust Pybhihtn 
39 Hill on TridiAftE stilt 




Work your wM^ throygh th^ most chattenging 
Irack and field events A$you gain experience 
and CDnfidenceyou beg in to excel m the four 
exciting evefrts: 100 metre sprint, 110 metre 
hurdles, long jump and pole vault. 

Here's your c hance to be pa rt of the win ni ng 
team, Pit yourself against the clock and beat 
the record. 

Sports Heroircludes: 

* Mufti level competition 

* Spectacuiaf graphics 

* Smooth animation 

* Real lime act ion 

Can y^ surpass your personal best! 

□ Ptease send me ymjf free citilogue 




OSpiEVWP0»c Mmnuft 4 .^ f 



OOff^lltfSDteirum ... ... 

-tyvtaodSpicSrwMKiiineLiillilp . 


04 9S 



Rmi iNliBplief #Sfl i pKb 






MelTDOurne House 


\ THCiinMie: 


rr,' '-. * 

^ % 


"UPtDERWURLDE" recommended retail price i9.95 inc VAT 


and all good software retail outlets. Also available from 

ULTIMATE PLAY THE GAWE, The Green, Ashby de la Zouch, Leicestershire LE6 5JU 

(Pai' included) Tel: 0530 411485 


. k A I. a- m 

n* r.itfui* 


"KPflGtlT LORE" recommeiided retail price £9.95 inc VAT 


and all good software retail ouUets. Also available from 

ULTIHATC play the GAWE, The Green, AshbydelaZouch. Leicestershire LE6 5JU 

{pafP included) Tel: 0530 411485 


• • 




Designed exclusfwiy for (he 2X 

Spectrum, Protocol 4 brings you gam© 

control cusiomising m a way tliat no other 

interface does. It can accept all commercially 

standard joysticks, ir^cludmg the Quickst^ot II mf\ 

reypid fire' or Trackball controllers . and is compatible with 

ALL Spectaim software. OI'BWCFIS UKE FIXED 


The flexibility of Protocol 4 control Is adiiev^^d by a specially 
designed CustomCajnd^ system. CystomCards are easily 
progfammed to suit all types of games. 

Simply clip in a programmed cad for immediate customised 
control You can even change or reprogram the cards withoirt 
affecting trie game in the compyter so that you can get exactly 
the responses you want. With the addition of extra cards you can 
build up a whole library of CustonntCards" for all your favourite 

Utilising Hardware Pn>grammed technology you have tt\e benefit 
of auiomaiic eight direction contro), no power-down 
programming loss, guaranteed coc^ict-free operation with ottier 
peripherals, including micfodrtves. and no extra software (o foad 
or awkward joystick movements and key presses to make each 

time you load anoitier game. 
The keyboard remains fully 
operative ai all times. 

It is also perfectly possible to conneci up to five Protoco* 4's on 
one Spectrum, each programmed separately ^ for muttipie player 
amtro* — only possible wifri the hardware programmed design. 

Incorporated into the design is a computer Reset button for 
clearing U^ computer memcM7 between games without puiimg 
the power plug out. 

Fully guaranteed for 18 months. Protocol 4 comes supplied with 
Hve CusiomCards, ten Quick Reference Pfog ramming Cards 
and complete instructions. 







it ^ 



Ai tm fins fuUy hardware pnogFammed joyst^ interface, this pfodtici 
h$$ b^ome well eslaUished over the pa$i y^ar and wIN accept ALL 
standard joysticks or trackball. Jncludtn9 Quicicatiol II ^vith rmptd t\m\ 
fdr US6 with WJ- Sp€Karym Of Zxei software — rKM^ 
JpysteK option, 

* No Software pcogran)mingre<|uirBd. 

^ Ptogramming ts noilost when power is disconneoad between garner. 

* Ejgrit wajr mOTement — with or wfthour the fire button pressed — onf^ 
reFQUires selling of the lour ncvmal difect^s 

J Compabbility is guaranteed wHth ALL key reading te^^niques — 
machine code or BASIC. 
* Several inlerf ace^ can be separately pfoQremmed and 
fitted to one oomputef for myiripte ptay&r games. 
Keyboafd operation is totaJly unaffected by ihis inteif ace. 
as with all AG F ackl-ons. and will never oonfHci with any 
other device trtted at the sarrie iime, 
Twelve months guarenteep key pf^ramming inforrnation 
and a pack of Quick Ref erenca Cards , to speed up 
setting of the clips, are supplied with 
M\ instnidksns. 


The AGF Interface II represent ttie be^ low cost introd4x;tion 
to joystick contrd. 
The AGP cor^troi standaJTl is now oif ered by ewer 100 ganws or 
utilfty programs for use with any joystick or tradtbal! 
Any game which is controlled by Ihe curspor moyennent keys (5,6 J.BJor 
has a Prdte4( option 1$ also oompatible with Interface II, 
A r&ar oomector attows crth^ penpherals to be <Donnectad ai Ihe 

Thb prodMCt is available for ettt)er ttie Spectrijm or ZK6t s su^ 
U insb^ictions. a 12 nx)niigu»BnlM, and a 12*4% cfiscount vouchef 
agairbst furthef AQF mal*cinler purchases. 


Mur" " I i|jim#m '4a*-i**i-*iii^i-i'«ii«HHi-i- 

AGF ProQTiififfwMs liilwtUfl ■ 


AOFtmvftkCtll .,.. 


>... £24.96 4 E 14)0 p«p 

£ filM + EOSapAp 

£ t.K + £O.SOpAp 

QuIcMtotU JOytUck .t10.50 + CO,&0p«p 

Ouicl(shaljQyi0Gfc E 7.95 + CO^pAp 

Sxtn'CiMomCmdtf.^. .£ 3,961ncp*p 


Extn Quick n«r*r«nc« X tiMin^p»iP 

Progrwnming Cards ( 10 ptr padi} 






The new A6F RomSlot Es designed for anyone 
who already owns a program mabte (oyshck interface. grfMlOmtous& 
the keyboard to control garnes, and wouhj [\ke to add thefadHty bf ROM 
cartridge sotrware to their system. 

RomSlot wtll accapt me Sinclair rar^ge of instant k^ading gajries and will 
also be compatible with the new reteases from Parker Software — 
exciting new games only to be avajlabte m ROM lor mat. 

This system allows instant play. Your connputef merrHXy size is rxM 
Imponant and you wiLi be ab4e to play games that could ocdiTkafily 
naqiim more RAM. 

RomStol ir>dorporates an e^ctra f eatiire called 'Restart'. This aJkms you 
to Instantly fostert the ROM garr>e. 

RomStdl is guaranteed for 12 months and has a fuff w4dth expansion 
conneoor to accept |oysiici« interfac^^ speed units and pnntefsetCp 


The Qgickstxrt toystick is an exc^lent value game controllef 
Inoofporating suction cups for sure-footed precision with a comf oftaW^ 
conioured handle offeririg a conveniefit top firing button as wrti as one 


Quid^ot II has irnprw^ styling mth a thgger type frnng button as wel 
fts the tof) f ihng action, with a broader base for greater suction staMrty. 

It also has a unique Auto-Flm' f aciWy wh fch at the flick ot a switch 
provides a constant rapid f mng action simulating a fast trigger ftnget 


I enclose Cheque for 

(total for items required) 



h I J ■■ A ■■ I 

I k ■» !l! I I -I 



My Name 

I « « I- i- i 4 -I s 

Send to: AGF Hardware, 26 Van Gogh Place, BoQnor f\Gg», 

West Sussex, P022 98V. 


There's nowhere else to go 

. a brand new 
(tware he 
garfL^s in Wori 

In KirfriHrrninSter f 

J< m the i 

!f Hcrom 

oHvate Ik: 
n near Lor 
Take a gooa sow 

i/if^f it- .(ahon in yvhich 

yijy I MUSI hunt uywii, irack and des- 
troy enemy sybmarines. This is the 
tasK of Long Range Maritime Patrol 
(LRMP) aircraft such as a Nimrod 
MkH ot the Royal Air Force, You will 
be flying at 5.000 feet doing 300 knots 
and at your d^sposaf you have active 
and passive sonar buoys, a Magnetic 
Anomaly Detector Bomb and variable 
setting depth charges 

>. J « r rn t.' 




sideratjily ui 

released a^ 

simulated mack profile in a high 

speed jet tighter where you rnust fly 

by your instruments. Sub Hunter Is 

his second program, 

Micromart Software are offering 
CRASH readers the chance fw fsfty 
people to win a copy of Sub Hunter, 
But in ackJition, the first person drawn 
will also win a hatt hour flight in a 

betng mc 

direct hits, tnese will L>e pui ^nio 
voluminous CRASH BAG and dr< 
for first place, lo find the lucky wif 
of the flight. 




fl B C 








*?*^^ CR.^ShN.n..mLVMa=. 


You are The Tactical CoHDrdinator of a LONG 
aiicralt such as a NIMROD Mk n of the RAF 
whose primary task is to hunt down, track 
and destroy enemy submarines. Flying at 
5000ft, doing 300 knots, at the edge of a 
24 n. Mile sq. area, in which there is known 
to be an enemy submarine, whose 
Commander wiU take all forms of evasion 
action to defeat your attack. 


Strike Attack a very original simulation! 

Strike Attack aircraft en route to its target. You 
are the "Navigator/ Weapons Systems Operator 
(WSO pronounced Wizzo) of the aircraft. 

One of (he very 
t'esi graphic 

^i\iti6s. LINE 

and iprs more 
|F"Jm/C utility a, 

***fgaiti price. 



M/ITKS PACK («» 9-3 i vwiiv) 

A gari#£t#ex / Q^^mw m which f™ 

_ ^^^ i,ii^ 

^DrnwtJon will bi^iwofL 


<*# Big. mad Cipta] CUf, 

THE GAMfflLn fig^d 9 uid <iv*f ) ^ 
f^i^ "^ ^?^* M C icfioa fun iDf ^ 

t urv wlikh wlU 
enl*Hlln- ^d"^ 


(0562) 742142 

J? o 

We reach parts of the brain, 
still can't find ■ ■ ■ 

others /^S^ 

•'^^ o •> >> 


66 CRASH Novemt>9f1de4 



. Not just a game... ^ 

...more a way of lite 








48K Spectrum 






it Off, We stilt offer a PHiEPO'j T ordering serv 

but ptease remember chat It can take three to (our 

time4 longer to reach u% than ordinary First OafS 

pose. K /ou woutd prefer a speedier delivery then 

we recommend you use a stamp. Orders 

received with a first class stamp v^ill be 

despatched withm 14 hours by f^r^» rt .■l'. nf^*.t 






T«ltpK«int Ludlow (OSN) MM. 
Pteiie send me Che foil owl ni titlci: Block cipiiili plm«! 

Syb3CfJb«f No. P" 



hf >dfnft arvd rnckjiif V A T Critic Nkfp 

ind puckiflrw. Cuitomtri in f uropi 
ih^ulid iM S^ p4f ictffl Ft» paif ind> 
ptikm^ OutiJ^ Europt. p^tltt wrju Am 


Leu DkKount £ 

Tout Eiiclof «d I 








Sorry - only ONE voucher |i«r order ! 



CRASH fj0y#mber 1084 Ti 



# t. 

Train f o saye CiviNsation by 

Subscribing to 


a«iES AcnriMi 

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i;7ufdTt;;To subsc;;bMo crash for ^^^ issues 
SUrting with issue 


\ enclose £ 




'AI/AklJ'^ |-.-#i 

liH.\M>N fj*>4ii-i* ii'. 

imxxius ct scjficei:^ 

Ntiflli Hid Btnmrf TW^^§mm Ul* IbH «»fiilj»]« of Hw 
_i^^^ ii gnphic idvfntum lubig lit* uitlqiii UDAS 

mrnrd p4i^ ii>d itffimi {Jodi pkltini, thteififig m^l 

aMi Hi tti#[ 1}^, dkcoviir im iCkM w«illh and wQ4ti;iiiii 
mil. SdDt DijttKlf iril ^nnrttii four pe««ti^ ndiOil 
«fl todmpimt Hid itia oibm wfll b* pi»fiiicl«l ftm 


» pown uid 

ihmw wm qim^ mik^ ifiiMlft tttihlD $wordi and S<»H^«ry , 
for ^^mt who ir^nt 1a f i^krw iJi-hh. Sonur irft gtv^ 0U^tn 

naiul t»« fDUJid, fetid MnQf ma kM mMrn^ Thmw wrm mwiy 
w«yi oE Oprtilng th« til« bstvvKi Uw Jw*a4 of thw EUm. 
ppDfu. ion* m otasuv wai *my, ottMfi cib¥kMi» ind 
dififiniii. Hip iifKCtii fkftklluhki |i4ilit m both. TIm 
UlUaittt* pwl i>f miny will b# lo find tiM lott amour of 
£e»b« lfftii& ifM iifiEEiid« by Ha cwUttf^ lAd Ui pirti 
•cfllMftd leroii lh# krali. Whiiu ^htn, btm, who u»a 
wtar «* tamn to b« found. A.1I that k known ii th» 


yrr not nci r^) CLure a hahan 

TtfUS TO ZQB8 GEE AT Tfi£ASyil£ Smn USL 

itunfilni SD fnplilc ■nJ^nKUon **T'<p^ vidfto 

You nc6d ncvK tin al 5vofd< lodi Beifi»r|r — i«li«n ihlf 
dtttigeon cm no km§B ha\d y&i, iha mmt inraitj th#i« 
mw ■ i e ri Ni of «i|3Hiai inodul«i. ptarMd ^ niicfid your 
flU^yiiMiit fcncldlniis^. 

Jtrailable on Cassette £9*95 


A unique fully tnterKtivt idi»imtUf« iH^IUf* itilai Mm 
iKUnt AHTIFiei AL tST£LLIG£NC£ kachnk^nm 

Stai« of liii M^ iMm compntrioii lic|iii(qiMi «eiib&^ 
ioofmoyi Rnwtoui i^'^ ^■^'^ «NLlvjfli to b* iikesiporii^" 

opponmi^ attack i^mi, xiw yip«si ud twvai icoiiiftus tiHm. 

Jogriliiet eipflyikl^ fot ahmmMtit, nnba tod Klkifii 
Himib tiiilqi»» mmuA imUKO^. fCvrbocnt opviiloB 
fot wtom ooiQpfei MMW^Oii with kJi« ■drai^n wben 
UnMi fMffnltiL 

D«viio^ 3fOiff <irwn ufiiqut ptayir diAir^ rcrcuiii- 
pM — ifweittti* In mmk, iwofd^y vie. 

Tolil tKpflndfeblUlf — your own cturaefvi fiei b^ 
UHAilffrid lo Etrtmv ■dwoiurti i^ mw «|ipqf)«nij^ 
KSMtfioiUi ■nd ofc|i*cl* catn bi iddid to ift th« iiifBe*. 
A fliriM of «p4ni*04i modultt Id I ftcnt i i ind«flnllily 
1^ pl«)f trw iHt^ of euii ffeOM wrHtefi wii^ MIDAE 



It was a cosy mittel-European night 
as the eerv wind howled outside the 
draped windows blowing age-old 
soot down the cavernous chimneys. 
Chez Castte Frank N. Stein the Prof 
and his monstrous guest were just 
sitting down to dinner, a double 
helping of dragon's eggs in aspic, 
when a tremor shoolc the table. At 
first Frank N. Stein thought it might 
be one of the monster's capacitors 
overheating again, but when the 
tremble renewed itself and turned 
into a distinct shudder, they both 
locked glances in alarm. 

unoccupied chairs wobbled and 
lifted up, floating crazily around 
their heads. It was followed in quick 
succession by a glass and some of 
the cutlery that Frank always had 
laid out in case unexpected, unsus- 
pecting guests arrived at the last 
moment. In moments tlie room was 
a whirling deivtsh of knives, forks, 
spoons, glasses, salt cellars and 

Emerging from the centre of the 
maelstrom they saw a deattily pale 
figure with staring blue eyes. Frank 
N. Stein wracked his brain and a 



was All Hallows Eve -Halloween! 
He had forgotten his second guest- 
the Poltergeist had come to dinner 
and left him with egg on his face. 













200 eery games of arcade horror 
from P.S.S. are yours it yoti dare 
rrsk the chaHenge - 100 people can 
win a copy of Frank N. Stein and a 
mpiQfPoftergeist, the latest prog- 
ram of foetid imagination Irom 
beyond the grave, conjured up by 

All you tiave to do to have a 
chance of winning these two 
super actiofi games \s to count 
up all the forks that are visible in 
the picture and write the answer 
on a postcard. Send it in to P.S,S. 

to anive no later than first post 
November 22. 

The first hundred correct 

entfies drawn from the CRASH 
BAG will each receive Frank N. 
Stein and Poltergeist - a ghotih 
ish foray into the world of the 
supernatural!! /^^ 

PHAt 61 .060 

Lww JMMn 1 S1 .400 on L 1 

Pool (CDS) 1 JM^ on F4 

JM mack 45.B26, 1 nncuflcl 

llifWt* 21. 130 omUaS 

DMthGlW* 207,^4 €0 L3i2 

'CfiK|tjSi'4d ^F%tQ (CifTibMOii' FUoy) 



1 47.720 
WU WhI H«v »1 .02S on WHW SO 
PfiiiiJa S5.700on w«v« S 
AniriM 2 ^,200 (RaOBrxIt) 
Btod* A«vr 6a.&20 Df> LI &. AdfTiTAJ 
PtW»fi*i 56.&es 

Sacnwuii id6S40«tei% 


Hoon A^tri 21 .380 Mfelt Q 

Afttiem 49, 040 and rivcuHJ Borti 
a Chkfwtoli, QrimtfbVH S^ 

Sabra Wulf 
at 76% 

OMthchatA 47.369 
Yrbflft Up«i4ft - compiflled 
CftMy jQfiM 61 .800 al L14 
Volcante Plin«| 170.100 
RurK^hy 1.240^840 
Zz<KMn 110. SOO 
Coolcifl 24.055 
Orton 9,730 - 72 captuf ed 
Spec! fp«df[ 3 1.460 
HvrttrAltoek 24,010 
Cwdkm 42.490 
Motor Maul -L24 
TnnBVvriiDn 25.636 on LI d 
ChriB Brown, Stoclcpoft, 

mc Aiae 3 mirajlw 32 avoofids 
Ctwqwrvd Rag 5634 at 

Tranz^ Am 6 ctjf^ 3 minutm 42 



A. Poultori. SplFloay Hill 


AuiomanJ* * 44,007 and 85 cars 
D. BtOwn Horlh ShMitei Tyiia ft 

Database Mem OtympicLi - 
1 QOm m 9 .84 : 200m an 22 60, 
400m in 6076 Loos Jump -■ 
7 74rn. Htah Jump ^ 2.30rTi. Pole 
Vault - 4 SSm. DiSCaj» - 67 05m. 
Javelin - $7 S6m. 
Michael Clancy(1 a), 
Noiihandefi, MaiidNMlar 


Jotpac 1 37,355 
Th#PyriimW 126,825 
Grsham Joyea, ta^vworth, 

FlMl Thfottie D wyn n g to n It* ^ t^-ZT 
liMfijy«rt 34.780 

€jclemln«lor 205.644 

Pll^tfOfl - Jev44 4 

€. Young, Cefitnl Heplon, Scottoffd 

Lords or Hldnlght 403 Otyf of ba(«e 
tf TdBy »lsisd4lhAuaiiidt|Milbir«cre 

Dn4d Msifiaofitick annpau hpi. w. 

Ad Attra 1 01 .1 20 in 48 minuies 


tarda of Mkl night - oompl^ed 

The Holitilt - completed 

Autom«nla t3,650(Rang« 


Goklan Baton -oompiolfKl 

Nlghf Gynrwf 1 6,470 - mtsikm 


Baaky & the Egg Snalchers 

13,000 000 

hiill Off 7.640 

Urban Upstairl - comp(efe&d 

Sabfa Wulf 1 36. 790 al 1 00^^ 

OMthetiHa 86.736 

Ttw FilNllMt Four. QrL 

,Hr. Blackburn, Lanes. 

Ptn«trator T 0. 058 .240 ^» 
Garrv Phil \p , Dunlitana, 

CDS Pool 1 990 00 frar™ 5 
Chequ&ffrd Rag 55:54 al 
Cambridge Ring 
Peter Ktant Worthing, W. 

Full TTfrnrttie - ! 81 on alt tracks 
Meteor Storm 137.940 
ChLJCki«sEgg225.lOOooL23 \1 
S.P' Janney (1^). Sutt&n 
C4»Jdtleld, W. MM lands 

par axirw wHh three eaglee and 

Sam Warwick Nanvbury. Biicka 

Plannel of D«alh cwnpJeted in 1 

k>ur 24 minutes 

Patrick Whtta< ShankUn I.O.W- 

Midon Alert 32.700 on screen 2 
Oarefh Coofntoe, MlUtord Haven, 

[May Thompson's Decathlon - 
Day 1 = 297.792: 100m. 9.84. 
Long Jump - 8.74m Shot Putt - 
27. fern, H Wi Jump - 2.45m. 
400ni - 38 le. Day 2 = 545.415:1 10m. 
- 1 47. Pote VawK - S.Cfim. 
Discus - 75.90m. Jsveltn - 
129 40m, 1500m "4:27.12 
Ch^ea PHcher (13), f^amhamp 

Suraly Iha all tlm« high 
Chuckle Egg 10.338,990 after 2 
days playing (wrth pauM 
ovemiQhi) arrf &lterr passing all 
256 levels twice! After tw 15 hour 
garni «iK) 1033 eitra ltv«8 gained, 
iwra wiTo 1 65 \iv^ Ian 
Rtehsfd Mazzaletri (It), 

Sand your hhscoraa and 
photos (please) lo THE HALL 
OF SLIME at the usuaI address. 
Pleas don 1 1 nclude any C RASH 
mull order Item a wfcth litttert to 
the HaM, Play^r^g Tips or Forum 
es it may cause delayt In 
dellvefy. The Half of SNme Is 
ONLY for real gerkul^e creeps 
who want to show off. Cheating 
js hard to untover, bui we 
FROWN upon chASts! 

^ am. 

Dw 16 priMUTM on mpan Itifa ftwHtu • mmmAM, a>iOfff ft«ctlOfi 
fHn uiiiil. but vrall nukft d up nMf mbritli - liOA««t1 A c«upl« of 
mofittift baek \ aaked you to i«nd in photas of your^ofv^i ip go with 
lh« Kail of Shrrw. A fow tUv» trickled In. bu^ real genyJn« crfr^pa 
•houid b« oiito to proved? suitably niim^-fillfid pio« ao ihftt othar 
raatfart Icndw wTio to haCe fw gatting that impoaatbte acoral 

Filsf off. a Mtar from Matttwiv 
PiiodaaofSrvcfibr^. ^ 
yctfte/^/r©, who (S Ih* aur/^o'' 0^ 
Loj?Fto/Jw 5 Hyperblaaiaf After 

go«$ on n:> ^ay 

Aipajt from aiming arKl pre^ina 

kav 7 rapldty ^ would raoommar^ 

lia oamtti linos ttw flMiia sian 
aniund lia actaa J hwa had 
BSJTSon LST! Aranhar tKtIc 

vMoh I do fwl paraonalty uaa 
vmM b« to lat one alien sy rvi va 
on a (dm sheet until die Vm^ runs 
ooi ~ but then you mi^ out on the 
oihar graphtc^ Personally. L 1 6 
afionf i^e my lavourrleSi. By tha 
way - to ahaiter iho beltflt that 
pnogrammefs are rolling m moniy^ 
I have had to date only l1 4 in 
racaipts {not frofn Hyp&tbt&iStef), 
and I ipent e 1 2 on advertliBir^l 

5. HannMiy o/ LotkAki Sow £3 

^QLuM&BCk - a v^ Mw vmy lo 
(Mt 10 •» Seidddb baa« without 
iainp mMch tfw wiflt to your ship 
ii tp iDMPif ttia Quraiglht dowfi f o 
ha bMDfn of ina acro^n and 
IMow ti# ndar dbdging 
awrytNr^ In sitgN This enal»laa 
you to 06! to tha baaa das^ bui 
takes somothifig avny f^orn tha 
gama Ac^As^ -Hfiyours^ip 
rinm iV^iochasto2inchasoff 
ft* boeiom so that the aHen 
fiweapara who com^ m wth tha 
marn aitack mksa you- Af enl tha 
telwe^n aoraan (Markets boring 
aftor a whie? Sttin^^r^ - simply 
mowa your rfian and some tanks to 
tha bridge head and wait, keeping 
lh0m suppbad and mff^ng 
avaryMno ikM tt your pdit HQ 
Whan th« anamy readi ydtr ^lay 
ara ^ dapletad ol power that y^ 
coma out pf th^ bstbe wnll on lop. 
Tha ramalninQ anefgy will go to 
iha occupj^ Bm* (ueuAlv only i 
lew units left) wtw«1hiy «ft Miy 
pray for your man. ij^rd^ of 
Mkki^t - - 

Scwy, iWr. HemeMy - i'm rM 
i^joutroha^e Dowk Brewster go 
hr my tfiroaf agavr over anotfior 

Qu#a a j^unibar of you hik\im 
spotti^ a ooupfe of th^gs kit 
Ocean 5 Cavalon Gary Davlaao/ 
Cdvan try says 

t Ihoijghl I'd juai tefl you thai you 
can turn olf 0ia {^xilfnuoL^ sound 
by pi^^lng tha totter T= ^ . 

For Tune. pfesumBbfy* Among 
m«ny o#ien Chrta irowrt frortf 
Poyntan, Sk>ckpoft. Cheshire 

If you re playing Csv^ion praaa as 
many key^ at onca aa you can. A 
messajg.t» wilt coma u»p on th# 
scraen sayinc HI CHRIS. WHAT 

Yifhat Chm do0$n r s#am to have 
spotted though, is ma/ tni$ is (ha 
MTSy tntu getting topiMf on 
wfiBlevQi of the Six screens you 
want More dBtwis tn the Kmas 
SpeomipokBfy comar T. Hanry 
(fBtier Of tfie rnonth} Also had Ui^ 
It^ ^ay on Ifra wafary protimi ot 
Woraa Things Happan at Saab^ 

J%M oonoent^ta on haapinQ iha 
fi rst two araas (aft of tha raoharoa 
chambar room daar ol w«ar. Tha 
sNp a olliar0eorr^>a/trTvani:s will 
get compMety miM by ma tima 
Ihto happaf^ you wUl arrtva al 
pon Tnjo. yo^j low Iha <^i^tgo 
vitiijo but you won I los^ any 
DroWa. I tom^ this worthed on the 
fint 2 l#yiili twi allar that mo main 
pfublam Is to koap itw enginas 
Irani Upwing up! The best thtng to 
do is to grab all tha aaallr>g 
ptftchas (and any oM cartsj from 
tha lower d^dts and replace the 
floor haichaa onca you ra back on 
tha topctadc as thara ara too 
mam holaa and nd anough 
patohas. You will also Hra that If 

you ke^ the sNp'i whaet 
dead-oeritra tha lit^ wilK maka it 
to tfio otwr side quickar Phew! 
This gsma is enough xo put you off 
ships for Irfa! Has anyone worksd 
oui any chaai POKEs to maka Me 

WbU, hm anyone? By rha way, 
who noc/paer PCG 's 'a>rc/y$/va ' on 
Factory Breakout p/^jiiiino ttpfsf 
Pfty wfl bess them a coi/p/a of 
nMftt^ iOf}. you donl remd PCG 
-aowjj Anyway. t}ack to 
WTHAs MofB Athfetic, obvtousfy. 
than r Henry, Martin Slackbum 
fro^ ip&wfCh, Sutfoik says 

Always plug tha holiss ifi ma hold 
whidi 1$ nearest whare you start 
and work your way to tha lafl and 
of me ship Always t^aapltw door 
thai separates the plaoa where 
you start wrth tha no)d hold ck^ad, 
whjch wtEl aJways onaWa you to 
gat mora power Plug aU tha holaa 
and wony aboiA punphng latar 


I ow« one to 0«le Foatar o^ 
Cawood, Sa/Oy. ^. York^ 
hecBusB ha w^ tha triand who 
had a tet wtff} Simon Mfmaft 
(Forum - September) that 
Slmoo s letter woukkn't get 
pybiishad The bat cosi him a 
qddi Attar writing in disgusi at 
accLtsations that CRASH carrtea 
10 many adwrta. Date has tNs to 
say about Oifis Suiwfaod's 
Lunar Jeiman POKE ^which 
i^maimgfy mo$tp0opie hava 
comp^am&d doesn't wodtfff: 

After 6 atlempts at Ms inierestfna 
program, f was ptoaaad tnat M dia 
wooi - thanks for an aoa POKE. 
Chrta f Rnaity two POK Es for J$W 
wtilch also radiy work To stop 
daaths by heights: POKE SMTFA 

3D LiJfiatta^ 



ard TO obmante aH movtng 
obfecis: POKE S51 23, Twas 
amazed when I frrst saw this one 
becauso in issuo 6 you pubt^shad 
a S Ikna program wHkM was meant 
to do this bMt#cln I vtfork! PS. 
theme's « pOiNl^THNi Mior. ao 

I think thBt makm you quHs wf^ 
Simon Oai^- 

Whiki on tha sutMCt of ttmi 
m^gk^mhackar CiniB 
mm mam iandtoputmafacord 
strai^t aftaf aff (h05a attacks on 
him m (ha forum, has baan back 
ar work aga^ and sent tn {^aot 
the most useful of programs tor 
Sabre WuW addfc^ who ftnd 
Utifmaia s QWER T and cursor Acay 
op&on unoorn^^ffab^^ Mffiaf tfia 
routk7e doas i^ to ovdfwfta ffra 
kay op&(^ and aUbw the player to 
use tha kays Q* Z^ I PtrndHto 
tira, fJl^riaaay^ 

Type in me program and than 
check you have errbarad the dam 
oorractiy by antaitng diractfy' 


If no emors havv bean made 
SAVE the program onto a Wank 
tape wilhL 


^id Omk f\ with VERIFY "'^ 

The program isn't vary tona ye! 
Of^iijst fits Into mamory alter Iha 
CLEAR statament had been 
exaoutQd. Hara te tha program; 

CLEAR VAL '24575 '-FOR 

"19", SINPiilNKSlNPh 
NEXT a: POKE VAL 2343*", 
USR VAL '23424^' 

2 For a VAL '45366" 10 VAL 
''4535r !READiS:POKEa, 
VAL a$: NEXT a 

3 OATA' tr/0", ■ft2"/"2Sl'% 
'2ir"/*a54 \ "24", "2"/"fl", 

"2"\"203'h ■208"/^e2'\ 

4 DATA -air'p '254' V'M3"t 
"8r'/32"/^2' .203 \ "193", 

"2ST\ "aji' p "aa"p ''iar*. 

'*1«"/203\'22S\ '2ff1" 

5 LOAD "3'" CODE : 


CRASH November 1 984 77 

If you And hMpJrtg th« N Hey 
prwsed IS e strain o^ your ^umb 
Ihfln you mr\ sdvct com^uoui 

•wort ifwtng ^ an^no tt^ ^ti 
frcimefvddata Item in line 4 from 
" 1 92 to '2St9 YcKJ «n no* put 
dowfiypuriwDrd by pfMSiog N. 
Tht$ WW. hCMMttvaf . rtmkm M cifflCMtt 
to entfK your irMalion Ow 
hl-$cQre tabte. 8om* pMpto 
Mivrihe M key to the N one. eo 
lOdisriQ^ aHef tti* Sth from end 
<iil Hem in line 4 rrom d to 4''. 

Orm y CXI ef ejM^ kMd Ifi^ 
•hoft pfogrsm, re plies Bi# 
€ftMMe wth 5^5r^ feVyff. use 
HUN and ENTER &nd p^ay the 

CRASH lim«Hetingi^ 
rnagBdne. arid prwumatily thb 
fiwine K is more dttficuh tti mt 
letings O(Xt00 (as you pointed out 
ort paga 27, cot 4 d iwua fi) Thua 
If CRASH pf^ma It wongty ifwn h 
wH ba (tfwofrectty ) assy ined that I 
am a hOHKar, end mit a modest 
flianiuil IP aava my reputation . I 
wouM to happlar it you cbacice^ 
the program befofe pubttsbf ng it. 

wm, Chris, rva (^ec*red ir -and 

comom otQWERT). I Wh* /Va 
avin iype^ jt oi/r fef Iha 
lypasaarefi accurareJy ffing&fs 
crta&efUl an<r Tilf try and 4sae ifs 
JboAatf af pf^/>0/^ before b^ing 

nightmare . B^/ort^ ^flriliAln0, 

On a mora aiinpttatic note , tor 
urblimltad livQS on ODeaT>'s 
Huncht&ck {or Huntoug ea I call 
H!) MERQE M taitc loadar and 
tnsafi betora ma FlAWOOMtze 
USR statement 

POKE Tsaaasi 

Below IS a POKE lor Kosmfc 
K^nga . perf^aps ti s stjU too earfy 
lo puttish ft, txil even wtth 
unlimited frves I stiU canl Ml pilt 
level 9 MERGE iha BASIC loadar 
and Ifwwt batctfe the PRIftfT USR 

POKE 362 tZ0 
Normatty. wrtti any oHief infenor 
rriiOAalne I woukj ask for som? 
raiiBfd for auc^ briU^ani programa 
and POKEa. However, Itiis ts 
CRASH, and 50 114 giva tiaaa 
Hem^ with no obti§ation to aand 
ma antNugF Ttia maam that 
Rogir (fto wtio ahtt&ya rias 
a w ii i tU n g in bcackats bafwaen 
M9 names) Ko^a can kieep his 
pockat money tor this month. 

Ctwlatophar 5uthef1ar>d, 

My breatfi *s qum taken away, 
Chn^, yOu^g^BfOSttyObifkymiY 
know^ no tOt/rrdS - ^y obvlomly 

can I fw Scotmn d^sptt^ ifto 

Sofry th0F&'s room lor no mom 
eftcs mofl#i. ibacA najtr mih mom^ 

7S CRASH November 19S4 
























For the mcsl outstanding pro0amnf«ing achievefnent ol 1 964 




For ths most outstandingly bad g»iw 0II8W 







For a Spectrum prodocl 






Most of the categories are sefl-^xplanaiDry . but by 
Stratify/Simulation we mean games like Dietatar, Dstlaa etc 

You do not have to vol© in every category if ^u cannot think of 
anything suiiatste, but obvious^, the rno^B you do fili in the 

Fornix should be returned lo CRASH READERS AWARDS. PO 
BOX 10, LUDLOW. SHROPSHIRE SYS 10B to amva no later 
than Friday 23 rd flovembar when the draw will be made 

Name ,, 

[ '■ ■■■■'■ I 

I '* i- « 4 i ir •r I 


-r I # + -k < I 

Votihg Form 

Please cut this pege from itie 
magaziine {ct send a photo- 
copy il you prefer - we will 
accept writien entries on your 
own paper as well as long as 
they are laid out in the sarne 
manner as this form) and send 
it back to us as soon as poss- 
ible Don't forget Co put your 
name and Mdraaa on Iha 
form in ciearhandwrHIng) 

In each category please 
enter the narrw of Ine game 
produd and tt>e pfOducer f<x 
which y ou wish lo vote. Rease 
note; games must have a 
copyright date of 1 994 to be 
eliigiUe Tha collated rMUlta 
wil I be presented as a winner of 
the award with two runners-up 

You'll never dream a program 
could be this good!!! 

Join Wally in his nightmare 

Sensational Software from 

44 The Broadway, Bracknell. Tel: (0344) 427317 

AvailBbIa for Cammodort 64 ind SfMCtrum 4BK 

A prophecy Is about to be 
fulfilled. The Dead will rise 
again to eat the flesh of the 



From the authois 
Sandy Whfte 
and Angela. 

Vftsoiid 3D* from SPACEMAN 
* Patent pentfing 


^ 48K Spectrum £695 

All titles availabfe from 

Quicksilva AAail Order, P.O. Box 6> Wimborne, Dorset BA21 7PY* 

Telephone (0202) 891744. 

Spectram i 
'Barnes ' 

Blood & Guts 

A fantastic fight to tlie death within your 
own bloodstream! 

48K Spectrum £6.95 









pira&& 86f)d fno- 


of 3D TANK DUEL at es 50 Md^ (pMl and packing fret) 
aT«juM^.O. payable to HEALTIME SOFTWAFIE 











l>loby- •er^npute^ 'gomw 





i>gg 1-99 1-99 



'-"^'4'** ■*??«««' 


All Q>fiwi m% iftblaf naMa cNmcl 

frofti till* p&mpany «t Cl-IW -^ SOp , p+p 

or f roffi cofTiputor ^ vidao riMp« or 

wfwn you Bmm ttia SItish Puppy ilpi. 

%JkM tor full ilsl. Daator «iqyirl*« w i com * 

otfT CM eiAtv MwPtJTiM dAHf i tflO««wAva HOy«t Liimnwonni roap iluy leici inn 
n t w» rmi itn x wed jrh ho 



la avirilaM* frpfn 
Wb H « Sffilltit Maitxiaa 
aiKl oIKar ma|<H' atofva 

at £9-50 

Wa can now offer a irmlted number 

of Back Copies to readers 

who may have missad out on 

CRASH issues 

Don't wait -they're in short supply I 


jggyi 2 -7 i 9Sp 

Issue Son ward«: CI 'OS 

Please send me CRASH \&&u& No^ 


I enclose t 


CRASH November 19S4 83 



QIUDO fs one of the newest 
rel«Bses from Blaby Compyter 
Gam@s at a new budget price. 
Blaby has be^n in the software bus- 
iness for nearly three years encj fea- 
tyrod as a CRASH profile in oyr very 
first issue T>iey supply all the mafor 
distributors such as W H. Smith, 
John M envies. Thorn EMI. Terry 
Blood and Lightning Records. 

Blaby say they are putting mc^t 
of their existing range of pames into 
packs, plus a lot of new titfes such as 
Guido, facte Works. Hubert and 
Tfon. These packages will be avail- 
able at many newsagents through- 
out Britain p through the makers of 
Slush Puppy K wtio have just signed 




Name » 

Address , 

Posloode ... 

Please fill in this form and drde the 
1 2 differences in biro on the drawing 
above this form. 

a deal with Blaby. 

But there s no' need to oo and buy 
an icy drink to get Guiao, All you 
have to do is spot the differences 
between the two seemingiy identical 
versions of Guido's cover below 
(there are 1 2 difterences - see how 
generous wd am) and send m me 
form. The first 50 oorr eel entries put- 
led from the ever expanding 
CRASH bag will each receive a 
c»py of GUIDO from Biaby Compu- 
ter Games. €ntries should be sent 
t DB to arrive no later than first post 
November 22 


Our ultimate 30 program - the multi- 
screen mission to save the dying 
crawler crew trapped at Braxx B!uff . Unfdock 
and iand> walk m searcti of tne crawler, drive it through 
the marsh, the ruins and tne desert - one track wrong and you 

are dead! — skim the rocky seas at top speed the natives are 

after your energy, but caution costs time and the cmw are dying. 
There never was a cockpjt-vie* mission like the one to Braxx BJuffI 

Full Throttle places you on the 
saddle of a SOOcc Qrarvj Prix 
moioncycle. You can choose to 
race on any of ten of the 
world's top racing circuits. As 
anewoomer. you are started at 
the back of the grkj in a field of 


AT £6.95 

40 bikes. You have tlie 
best bike in the race, but that alone will not 
help you! 

Selected titles 
avaflabte through 
larger branches of 

MAT is mankind's last hope! The 
desperate plan to place tn the mind of a 
teenager the combined tactical skifis of 
all tt>e pfanetary leaders in the solar 
system. Now your mind is MATs 
mind. Take control of the USS Centurion Battle 
Cruiser and Tactical CommarKJ Centre to control the planetary 
defence fleets against the f^yon attacks in MISSION: ALIEN 

30 as you have never seen before on 
^ur Spectrum! £6.95 wril put you 
right on the saddle of the 8ig Bike! 
Ride deep into the forest through day 
and night, chasing the enemy riders. 

Wfeeve through tfie trees 
at breakneck speed and watch 
out for helicopters and tanks - 
the greatest prizes of all! 

Where nethert^eastGrako is buikJing his power. Them's much 
to discover and dangers abound. Free-moving agents may 
help you or hinder but might be befriended if ways can be 
, found. The alchemist lore-work was false and a failure, but 
] renders good service in d iff ere nt vei n . vanquished ^ 

/ aggressors might be your protector, tn perilous places of ' 
dark, death and pain. Of devious problems and magical task, 
this song is a warning, a riddle, a due. To Caraland's saviour 
it offers a tittle. So mark well its lines for the saviour is 





For the 4aK Spoetnim 
the most anuizlfig 

arcade adventure yet, 
wfth 22 screens of 
stunning cartoon 
animated graphics 
seeing is believir^ — 

advertmement in this 
issue niow. 






Your favourite bell ringer 
the all-conquering Quasimodo'? 

leaps back into action 
'yL If on another breathtaking 
u\ \\ epic with Esmerelda! 
»\ m Another superb 


P 4kt^ 

Oc^i kis.warf^ 1^ ^¥^i.|bk 


* * 

r ..(,- I 

■'■^u •'i^^'". 

jHi^ii ^*(^ 

Ocean House 
^ 6 Cen col Street 

M.^>che^ter M2 SNS . 
To l O& l 832 6633 

m^ . LASKVS. Kyntb£low& 

Sp^^trum Shops arKJ .*.. ^uui], ^\ ^^ v dc^n FrKlc eriqu-r .li. wticotiic 




50 copies of DALEY 
to be won, and for ttie first 
ten an exclusive OCEAN 
SPORTS BAG to go with It! 

In th6 Otymptcs ttie Decathlon is 
one of the most demanding events. 
a gnjeiling test designed to split the 
men from the boys, and OCEAN 
have made sure that their game is 
just as exhausting on you and your 
joystick - as the uRASH team dis- 
DECATHLON was the game cho- 
sen to put joysticks to the real test, 
and we fpund they had to be bui^ 
to survive)!! 

Luckity you don1 need muscles or 
stamina to win ttiis test, a brt of brain 
power wJIt d<> (after all you could win 
a bag to put your brain and broken 
Joysticks in I). Answer the following 
questions and send them to us on a 
postcard to: DECATHLON COM- 

PETmoN, chash magazine, 

SHIRE SYS 1DB to an^^ve by first 
post November 22, The first fifty 
oon-ect answers pulled from the bag 
will each receive a copy of Ocean's 
Daley Thompson's Decathlori. and 
additionally, ttw first ten will each 
receive an Ocean Sports Bag. 

1. What ten events rriake up tfie 

2. Which medal did Daley Thomp- 
SOT win at the Olympics? 

3. Where wilt the ne>ct Olympic 
Games be heW? 

4. DkJ the Olympjc Qam#s Ofigi- 
n^ate in 

a) Crete? 

b) Italy? 

c) Greece? 

d} Macedonia? 




Just design a loading screen 

That's the offer from Britain's brightest 
new software hou&a. GREMLIN 
GflAPHlCS. As you wilf have noticed by 
now. Gremlin Graphics is an aliterative 
company (no that doesn't mean they 
tan t spell, read or write - it means the 
two words forming their name both start 
with the same letter' i and tts ganras carry 
on the same tradition wi^ titles like Potfy 
Pig&on and Monty Mol& 

Now Gremlin have invented a r>©w 
<tvaracter called BEAVER BOB. Now 
Bob m pretty spedaJ becau&e he's been 
dreamed up exdustvety for CRASH 
readers to get their leelh into (before tie s 
released to the wortd at large) All 
Gremlin know about Bob is that h^ name 
is Beaver Bob! it's up to you to decide 
what he realty looks tike - and in a very 
special way MORE ABOUT BEAVER 

Gremlin Graphics have made a rattier 
stunning impact On Spectrum games, 
coming almost trom nowhere, ft seems, 
to hii the number one spot with WantBd 
Monty Mbte TtioirCBM&4 Patty Pigmn 
wif I soon be app<^i1iig on the Spectrum 
too Mor^py Mof&s success wat Mtured 
when the gam>e was featured on tt>e 
natlontal news broadcasts on W^nesday 
25th of July because of the cancature in it 
of Afthur Scarg«lt, the mineworkers union 
leader. But the fiiiiw woukl not have 
sun^ived as a dwt hit rf H were not a 
good one as wtati as being newswc^thy. 

The people behind Gremlin Graphics 
include Tony Crowther, best krx>wn for 
his Commcdore 64 games (and ftWfy 
Pigeon ] ; there is also Geoft Brown, who 
besides being Gremlm s Managirig 
Director, is also the MD of Centresofl US 
Gold ; and then there is Ian Stewart who 
kwks after the sales and marketirig 
angles - like thinking up names, Beaver 
Boo for instance' And most importantly 
there Is Kevin Norburn who signs the 
ch eq yes (FinarKial i rector ) ! 

Now Beaver Bob is an embryofik: hem 
(which doesn't mean he wears hta 
knk^ers outside his trousers like 
Supemtan - H simply means he hasnl 
t>een bomyet). What Gremlin Graphics 
wouJd likerrom enterpnsir^Qg CRASH 
reader/designers is a L0ADTt*3 
SCREEN for a new game to feati^e 
Beaver Bob, 

90 CRASH November 1984 

What to do 

First of all you must decide what Beaver 
Bob should look tike, and a good place to 
start might be a nature book with some 
pk:tufes of real t>eavers rf you can find 
one. Perhaps Oliver Frey s illustraijon wili 
provide some help. The next place to 
bok might be the loadrng screen of 
Monty Mole to get some Idea of how an 
animal can be given recognisably human 
characteristics The next thing to do is 
ge! out pencils and pa|>er and start doing 
some drawings of your Beaver Bob ar>d 
his surroundings from which you will t^e 
able to design ttve final screen At thts 
stage no one knows what the game will 
be aboul, so vou will have to use some 
imagination if you feet it's important to 
add some poss^tD^e game content to the 
badcground of the screen - and don't 
fomet ttie We either! 

Then it's time to get out all ttx^se 
graphics designer utiiiitM you nave been 
buying for months Of COurM, if yw think 
you re up to the job, why not work directfy 
without the aid of a DRAW utility? Ttie 
astonishing quaJity of graphics we have 
seen m the Sabre Wulf map competition 
has convinced us at CRASH that there 
are loads of people out there with the 
abiirty to knock spots off tt^ 

How IQ enter 

Al entries to the competition must be In 
the fpmi of a finished loading screen 
program on tape cassette. Although 
CRASH 18 administertnq the com petition, 
the |iidgir>g will be done by staff and 
members of Gremlin Graphics and their 
decision will be final. Gremlin Graphics 
reserve ail rights to the content and 
design of the entries setected as winners 
of prizes. 

Ef^tr$es must be sent id Qt^EMLIN 
SYe 1 DB to amve no later than first post 
NovoffvbeT 30, Emmets who wouW like 
their cassettes returned should enclose a 
tuitable packet already stamped arKl 

What you get out Of it 

No one ts asking errtrants to design a 
game here, only the loading screen. BUT 
in doing that you will also be determining 
what Gremdin Graphics next superhero 
will look like, in return for that they are 
witling to part witti hard earned cash! 
£100 for the winning design and £25 for 
each of two runners up. After tfrat 15 
further funners-up will receive free the 
latest game from Gremlin. Ttw wifiner 
will not only be a richer pereon - he or 
she will aiso become famous berause 
Gremlm Graphics will place the winner's 
ptK)itograph beside ttiat of the game 
programmer on Beaver Bob s inlay card 

Gremlin Graphics 

tHiy OKse games at ^xirp&rU! 

TWO new fidmcs TO driv^ you as pofty 4^ F^rcy. as mad as Mfinty packing in as much wtemcni and Mive 
lactifig ten^jon ai anythlnayou an buy The fire^ taunch from a new company whose itesicn learn have 
already shown ^^^^ thefft!i*liw 10 be masters of K^mcs plannriit.4p3phlc and sound effects 

my Cniwtber 

jMding htet i* Lggi, trriipr grf Sot qI j 

turlfy "i^^ ch.^rirTi,|jf una 

A >j|:i<Lfit||! 

Peter Harrap 






^^B^Jlnie hid Km to plu 

Pptf tli« foOy BiPOB - l^alir 4 ^ikya mumiH^ *ith oiif «i,ifV Jip»V FripnH P«ty hi hit 

6*>oe off the aimic th^ 4in#R doKn i i?nd m Pem^ 
fevul BLif<|&n'ltwlotallsdl*Jie^rrj 

WatTtpd MntrtTf Me\f - f a-t'tic j bn^? ■■ nlJ u-i-tit P/.i -;?■> M^.l 


Pottyngeon i__-___ 

bAia^r h«i II re» MJfpfH^ c^ hti iinpo%iAi "^ 

Pottjr mvKon Cominodprvd4C7M 

■ Spcvir 

moni> N4ol<e C^ m hiodofc ^4 C 7 95 


yjcfci bito pipm j 

if you can stand tlic nerve tin«iing exciLirment get yuur game from all good computer dealers? 

For amazing graphics and outstanding sound effects run a gremiin through your micro. 

Qnmlin Graphic*, Alplu Home. 10 C»rwr Street Slwffldd S I 4FS. 1fe1eplioM$ (0742 1 753423 

-■ - ' -^-^..^ ^. 




Producer: Actf vision 
Memory required: 48K 
Retail price: £7.95 
Language: Machine ccMto 
Aiithor: Carol Shaw 

Chnslmas 1 964 will be the Hrne 
men aJi tiiose American 
games arrive at last on tt>e 
Spectrum Activtsion seefn to 
hav© taken a long while to turn 
meh tflmliofii to the smaller 
coftipiMfS, and have now 
dorie so with a venqeancef 
Adapting theif "Atarf Rivif 
Raid' pfogfam has been one of 
the first ipbs. Set on the River 
ol No Return, this scrolling 
shoot am up Is described as a 
mission to score as many 
points as possible by destroy- 
rng enemy batUes hips. helJccp- 
ters, fuel depots, jeis. liuid 
tanks, hot air balbns and 
bndges before your iet crashes 
^ runs out Of fuel Well itiat 
seenis pretty slraightfcyward! 

The river te described by 
green banks on either side and 
blue water in tt>e middle. Ttie 
landscape scrolls vertically 
down the screen with your jei 
centred Movement is possible 
left and nght and the jet may be 
Speeded up or sN:med down, 
wtikti effectively speeds up 
the scf oiling. 

There Is of^Sy one skill level 
but the game is played as a 
seites of bridges. The more 
bridges you pass, the harder 
iife thecomas. Ttie river Is dot* 
ted with islands, some of fhem 
very targe, and sometimes it 
narrows down so much that 
you are flying along a tiny zig 
lag route. Basically you must 
rwt touch any object (including 
the land) except fuel depots. 
The fijel rurs out at a conotant 
speed regardless of ffying 
speed and is topped up t>y Ry- 
ing over the fuel depots Trie 
^ower you fly over them, the 
moce fuel you get. They, too, 
can be blo^m up by firing mis- 
sites The bridges which divide 
up the playing levets must be 
destroyed. Land tanks wtikSh 
can be seen cro^si^ the 
bridges ahead of you will start 
firing t>ack after bridge 7. For 
players wtio have reached a 
faasonat>le level of skitL it is 
possible to ^p some of the 
first, easier tiridges. 


• The scrolling landscape in 
this game is very effective in 
producing the impressbn of 
movwnent. What tfie game 

A»»ffiKUil| oM dr nit brldgii in AMI IIAtO^ tl#| 1 


I Hh tui FtiJi im^l iifrvtat 

seerns to lack is realism In 
details like the enemy craft - 
they seem a little ftat'^ASso, I ve 
heard of working your way up 
to a skill level (or bridge level iin 
this case) but ofi my second 
game I already flaw past bridge 
431 Colour and SOiifid have 
been well leidd and work wil- 
no attribute proWen^ Overai, 
a good shoot em up game with 
plenty to keep you nappy on 
higher screens: although 
pertiaps a imte over-priced," 

• Vn this adaption of Activh 
siort's Aiari River Raid, the 
landscape scrotfs verficaify 

and the graphios are fairly 
smaff but a rfeq wa f e. Th e game 
duiids up as yau progress with 
tuBl harder to ffiritf and mora 
enemy craft Shooting ba^k at 
you. At fir^t I thought it was a 
bit tamB, but as mmg$ prog- 
ressed the game biiitt up, 
becoming harder a!l the time. 
An Bxcatfent feature is that of 
being abfe to start at several 
points " pro arcad&rs need 
waste rro time and smrr at 
jbfldde 20. Pretty damn good 

• The one thing that all Activi- 
sion games suffer from is prbe. 

they're a^ll just too e^^per^ve 
for wtiat they oflec. even 
though they are qurte good 
games Rtver Raid is no e)(cep- 
tion to this The game is good 
bul I thought expensive The 
graphics are smalJ but srnootti 
ar^ the sound is quite good- 
The resuH is a very good shoot 
em up which is tun to play arvd 
reasonably chal terming -- rt s 
oerblnly addkrtive and shoukJ 
k©op you occupied for many a 
day. The menu options are 
excellenl, especially for starl- 
ing at diflereni difficulties; 


Control keys: ZW 
accelerate, slow down. O/P 
left/righl, t>ottom row letfersto 

Joystick: Sir^clalr, 
KOTpstone, Proiek, AGF 
Iteyboafd play: good 
positions and responsifve 
Um of colour: good 
Graphics: smallish, smooth, 
genefaily reasoriable 
Sounds well used 
Special features; optional 
start level arKi two-player 

General raling: good to very 
good, addictive but partial^ a 
lower vaJue for money due to 

Us« of compuler 






Getting started 


AddictWe qualities 


Value far money 





Producer: Ocean 
Mem^ory required: 4a K 
Retail pdoB: £6.90 
Language: macfiine code 
Author; Paul Own«s 4 
Christian Urquharl 

The arcade originaf Tr a<A and 
Field' has spawned a number 
of Spectaim versions in this 
Olympics year and has led to a 
senous discussion on whether 
Spectrum keyboards or (Oys* 
tichi am up to ill Pertiaps the 
fiioet itQerfy awaited vei^ion 

is this one. and Ocean {dtM* 
Qualy 900d at picking winners) 
were in no doubt fliaf Daley 
woufd gNBt the gold, coriive- 
niently releasing the CaM64 
version the day afler he did. 

There are, as the word 
decathlon' implies, ten events 
to compete in . On the first day - 
?0Q metres, Long jump. Shot- 
put, High jump and 400 
metres On the second day - 
110 metres Hurdtes. Discus. 
Pole-vault, Javeltn and finally 
the joysttek killing 1500 

CHASH November 19S4 93 



Ifiol BHI wao4. tHi ^iFd M OitriAi M EMvy'i vttapfV fM tal OH. 

for iumping or throwing. The 
simple object is to win the gold 
medal by qualifying m all 

The paokag^ comes viriih 
day one on side one of the 
tape, and day two on th^ 
reverBe. Ocean are payii>g 
royalti^ froni sai^s of th& 
oama to the British Amateur 
Athletics Board. 


• Despite the Spect/ynn ver- 
sion app^^ring king after #m 
0*ympics had fintshed. 
Docaihton loses no appeal 
The oraphics are very good 
and Inere are no attnbyte 
problems. My only gnpe {no! a 
green thing with seeds m the 
middle) is tnat Daley t$ white I 
dont know whether Chris 
UrQuhart IS ooiour blind but lo 
say the very least Oal«y 
Thompson has gof a sun tan 
The sound is ejtcellieni and 
plays a snippet from Chanots 
of Fire when you win gold! This 
is an extremely good game 
The keys respond so well you 
don t have to bash hell out of 
ItWfn. If you want a decathlon 

In the Spectrum vefsJon 
there is only one compeWor on 
the track evente (hra in the 
CBMS4 vef^kon). The screen 
has scxsre lin^ and qualifvers 
at the top, a bar>d showing the 
spectators, who cheer and 
clap, a narrow band represent- 
ing the edge of 1t^e stand mth 
Ocean hoardings plastered aJI 
0¥ef it, and then the green of 
the frBCk area with the red run- 
riliig track Below is a speed 
bar and resutt line with t(me 
and distance displayed ~ Trauk 
events are played by continu- 
ous left/ripht motions of the 
ioysticH, with tt^ addition of fire 


nnrtv ■ fowl ibri [n tbi 

game, ttien get this one, it will 
keep you busy for months, in 
ail an a^celterit buy.' 

• / hew to cortipare versfen^ 
BCfO$$ comput&r$ but i'-^~ 
Spec&t/m \/efiskyn m a tf^^ecf 
copy of tfje CBM vtsfSK)n 
atthough it's V0ry much more 

mplmed: and (he fscf that 
fOU are only competing 
aaainsi youfs&lt Iowbtb im 
pJayabHity Qonsiderabty. The 
grBphics am all pmtty good. 
wtth nice animation from y^ 
as Ofl/ey. and tho pam^i^K 
movement does h&lp craate a 
sense of depth There are atso 
the r^fce toucheB like the man 
coming in Wfth tape to meas- 
ore your performance } musr 
say, though, that i wasn't alt 
tfjaf mspired overalt. p&fhsps 
it's th& very type of game that 
put me off stightiy. but there s 
no dout>t thBt this is the best 
Spectrum Track ar^d Field 
type game around. ' 

• This (yei another Olympic 
spunatf game) is a very good 
sport program^ probably the 
best of Its type yet (I m sijre I 
said that about the East one, but 
superlatives keep appearing i) I 
really enjoyed Decathton, it 
was a very piayaUe game; and 
there were nk^ finishing 
touches to it, tor examprfe. the 
false starts and the athlete 
scratching his tmad when he 
makes a mistake. I cannot 
really fault the graphics as ttrey 
are ^iveil up to sterKbrd. 


Control heya^ user-defknatile. 

three needed for (efl/right foot 

and jump 

Joystick: Kempston. Sinclair, 


Kaytioard play: very 


Use of colour: excellent - 

ttKHjgh Daley s slopped being 


Gi-sphles: very good: smoolh, 

large, and well detailed 

Sound : good times, applause 


Skill levels: (nmtch your own) 

Lives: 4 

Screens: 10 events 

General rating: very good. 

addiCtJvity will depend on 

individual taste for this type of 


Use of computer 85% 

Graphics 82% 

PlayabltilY 85% 

Getting started 80% 

Addictive quaUtles 80% 

Va I u© f o r money 78% 

Overall 82% 


Pttiducer: Duni 



LpffM w WVH 

but It mn otrWMv to 9%mJ 
i(B nahoot «n up(R iwftiosw 


tlMy tsoHifilcfltaii jHOOwn to 

nrf^Wi you (w*ol iw 1 Qtn^ i 
j|rtfti4rtdil«vito.AeiM|«ki [ 

Wt wB &# iUi to pKNMl iMif 
bM0s vitth mineei, mppoii ly* 

•if oovif vid fre#i tfoopAt Ad ' 
ttMk-^ inlwijipl pntf dniw 
eraRw vmoHn iivii ro ^} 
wMa In n^Qlhi betwieeti MMp- 

A o^ivw otMd tMi tot Aw eiO' , 

mM or iMihan d>fM"^|vi 
on ttw dwiMto irat WtitcAi 
iWoftieQl^w ^ 

Oepandvig en Wm m o am 
mm mwi fWO .wn OMWMn 

CnTW tmm SMft Ufa hii 
■n «nc*#M iupply of Ibsl and 

'nit int UBk mm^mrn wm 

t^i^^^^^ <^^^^^- .^hb^^ ^k^^at 

■mpBKt, hri¥i inuch ofland H 
MG^TMi indUtfM 

«U tn iMi lor t« «p. 
PQdMliCIt wMeh juttHi* ir>«« 

94 CRASH Novemben 964 

'^^ wlndDw in which you 
in see ItT© ifnn ftyiJig over the 
ridscape and the positions of 
emfftf vehicle, bmm, ptc ; s 
Mght Bti&m ground ind- 
cAtor; mMa#ge texl display: 
and the ififltrum«nt pinel 
which shows ©n^iTO tempera- 
*^a. speed of flight and tuel, 
didpon status and saleddon, 
ni¥iption qo-ofdtnales in the 
lorim o1 a oompass and rnap 
grid referefioe* mte^le lawncn 
wimtng and fhieiy the tcoto 
Hne. Switdring to map anen 
lie main display from the 3D 
view to the v»ry targe map 
tree. This indteales coniocir 
hiis^, sho¥^ enefny posi- 
bona and Mendty bases, 
lym s prroem petition sfxJ is 
broken into grids for ease of 
ritomnoe The objects shown 
on iii map are last i ntelltgenoe 
repof! positions - they may 
trove and can be seen mcMng 
on in update basis When fly- 
fig, tie joystick keytx>8rd may 
bt mad to alier the aititude and 
lireotton of the heRc^)plef, 
ivfiArt In map mode Itie joystick 
oofitmit ttiie tooling or th« 
rrmp It can be tpee^ up lo 
lean refefence blocks, btodi 
by block by i^ng diredion and 
firs button together. In map 
TiodsAl the oiw irslaiments 
irdion and can be seen. 

me^aige wtw^ 

Lsiics when there is a com- 

^uricaApn tor you Tbjs may 

3 along the linea of a requdsl 

jf tranaport, reintoroemofite 

ot aii ower. TTtis screen am 

itoo be used to di^aoy^er the 

toca So n e of llie other bases. 

The iandbimpe viev¥ fs in 3D 
./Sing while contour Ijtos on a 
green ground to creale t^ 
eftad TrMS and houses are 
dim deaf^ m^ ^ wftlte as 
wm m enemy veNdes pn 
Hmk) and boss merlcers In 
fed Comber Lynx uses a 
Kour-camerm position display. 
•0 m maidng a right arigled 
turn the screen blacks out 
momemanly to be replaced by 
Ale raw vimi angle The 
heliockplir oan fly Both for- 
mr& end boctcwaids at speed 
and may be landed on flat 
ground with caie 
Weapons Bm ftred first by 
etociing tie weapon system 
/ou wm to fire. Gukted 
vuMpons may simply be fired; 
limed wiapona must t>e fired 
JlBf Ifl l eeino cursor control, 
Jttereupon a oiadc crc^s sighi 
M imev to itwn wi^fe me 
^wrapon d aimidl Onty one 




weapon system at a time may 
be u^ed without reselection. 

The skill levels reflect the 
number o( tsasee you have to 
support, the number of enemy 
vehicles and flying craft up 
aoainst ypy and ttie accuracy 


• 1 wondered when 30 oraph^ 
Ics would be created witn oon- 
lour ines ason a map. and ifiLs 
se^rro to be ttie first action 
game lo have done this lo 
great efl'ee! I feel that iWs type 
of 3D is more effective ittan an 
illusion' of 3D (i.e. things gpl- 
tmg bigger or smaller). &uk it 
uses Mdden ot^jects like 
howes or enemiee which cstn- 
not be seen when they re 
behind a hill Such objects, 
howevef . do grow or abrir* in 
si^e as you approach and fiy 
over them, using perspective 
propeity The 3o effect is not 
[iisl randomly generated as 
vou play tfiroygh a game 
because the entire ptaying 
area Is rnapped and the oon- 
tpuf (3D effeciJ refereix^s 
WW*; from It. But for each 
game, a new landscape ts cre~ 
aied fvery quickly too) The 
game itself is very difficult to 
play due to the speed o1 the 
enemy. aJtt>Dugh reaiisiic. and 
due to the fact that you gener- 
aJlv fly at full speed Ttiis pfob- 
aiMy does mean that ft has a 
great pcttntiai lor a jofig lifm 
game. A nice poitn foe begin- 


PffM^ Ktion M an amrny ^ ooffiM »ri lo MlAck 

. Dare yi}i3|flept ttiis mission?'. . . 

a rial MHii n.gid loi Jlftj JiTrJ f "1 

e Jit I ulipih iti 1 1 *j iBiiy ihis 

UM^ IHiliHCll EtfAtflnMaVPi 

aj|H ieiTAlril nlvfTEliit 

CRASH Novomber 1 984 9S 



Prodycer: FIrtbtrd 
Memory required: 4fiK 
ReiaJl price: £2.50 
Laiigyage: michlmi code 
Author: John F. Cain 

From ftt tKce4l6fii, animated 
BBe jorMfi, you can Me at 

Ofioathtfffili tB a ialty sea dOQ 
of a QBme in which you ptey 
Jtm (me lad} 9m cabin boy on a 
hazardoui quest to oollecil atl 
the bO€tf strewn around the 
decks of en gtd galleon. 

Thto It tlw first game from a 
very ww oofnperw, but hardly 
an unkjiown one. tor Rr^rd is 
tie fride rame tor British 

ifHJUUfii |r^nvijw uRung D^teP 

evil alter ego of Uiat much 
toved feathered fellow Bustjy) 
There are 20 holds in me 
ship (soeem) uMi eil^ 
roottm making up each hold. 
All Oie doors 9m wmtjered 
and reouire the appropriaialy 

rata Is that tt is fun )usi to fly 
etouil andl take pol -shots at 
things, aHtioogh I didn t hit verv 
many enemy craA! OvefalL 
wel woftti itt money |yai lor 
sheaf oonteni / 

numbered key 1o be collected 
before goJng frirough the door. 
These keys are dotted lybout in 
different roofnei so M feq4iiree 
60«ne n% Ihirictng to work 
your way round. AbdWonaHy 

S4ait#en mwn on • ciMd mM^*% dvwt , 

tfwfe are doors wnJich lead out 
of the womm hem and tfieit 
imo other screens. 


For p^ph who enjoy stBtBg- 
Ape/ type frames, ^^inbatLynse 
shotM piovtdm hoam Bnd 
houfB of tim, while for Ihose 
who ptef&r sofnethlng instant 
and mst - ^yoo^e skiif level 4 
and hmg onto yout /rats ! Qm- 
m^ tfre gf^phics sre most 
Anpnesive. with a few attri- 
bute protjytems wtmn obiBcts 
are tDoul to beconie hidtimi, 
totrf thBSB are mmor in i^at is 
othBfwme an &ngaging mti 

m Combat Lynx is both simu- 
iMtwr m0 shoot em up games 
in on^, ThB 3D effect crBBtea 
ty mtng con muf /Aie gmphk^ 
tends m give it a mom techni- 
cBl teef, so fTK>fe likB a s/mi/te- 
mn, ftyf on the other hand 
there are htB of jets and 
mwmy hBUcoptBfS whlziing 
tmnmtit end gmund forces 
aitooiing et fou which g/vw 
he gamB ite h$tmrt playabXty 
appeel Once you get the 
hand of coping with every- 
mkfg, its pos^JblB to play a 

game of hif^ Btrategy which 
\mhms not onty arcade skUts 
but those of torwartt ptanning. 

06 CRASH Novsmb6r19B4 

• The graphk:a in Combat 
Lynx are very good for a 3D 
simulation except it's a pity that 
yoy can't foitow the landebape 
around wtien you turn Ihfoygh 
90 degrees. This te very play- 
able, but very har6 to play and 
will grve hours of efT:}oyrTOnl H 

ri'tB willing to paraavare with 
i think this is probebfy the 
bast simulation Pve seen to 
dale. My onif commeft reatly . 
ii th« I mnki wouldhave liked 
It evan moia If ymi hadn t got 
tt>e graphic of a hellcoplei in 
front ot you, txit instead saw 
ttie vie^i as though you were in 
ttie cockpit. Overall, thus is ^> 
aKoeflent slmtilatktn.' 


Control keys: Cursom, but 
addrUonally thefe aie a lam 
amount of multi-usa keys w 

Keyiioard play; very 
responsive, and the other 
k0y^ needed are Kepi tp a 
minlmtjm during flight or flghl 
Use of colour: very good^ 
although icept simple c^maps 
and view, just a few small 
attribute problems 
Qraphlce^ excellent and 
highlyfhovel 3D 
Sourid: not ve^ imjoh for 
speed of grephfcs 
Skill levels: 4 
Uvea: 3 

Geneiai railng: e^tceDent, 
challenging on a wkle rar^ge of 
play options Er»d represents 
eaeoeilent value lor money^ 

Ilea of computar 60% 

Graphics 88% 

Ptayablllty 90% 

Gatting started 91% 

Addictive q ual Itles 89% 

Va lua f o r money 9 1 % 

OvaraH 88% 

Esdi screen is an^jiged as 
a criattofm game (lhere*s a 
logic here - each level bekig a 
deck of the galleon of course) 
with the platforms being cort^ 
neded either by ladden or by 
lifts. Some dec« fkws on cer- 
tski acraans tend to vanWi 
now and again* am] on sotne 
the corrtrinatkMie of Kfls are 
very complicated. Cabin Boy 
Jim's life is not rnade my 
eas^ by the prowling 
activities of the gtioet pirates. 
wTio march up and down within 
a room, cullass^ drawn. 
There's also the ooc^ional rat 
and tf^ Captain s bafawk par- 
rot that signal immt death 
Coltectlng t>ooty te dme simply 
by loucWng it. but beware - 
sorT>e itsfTts are tx>oby trapped 
and eocplode a seoond alter 
contact, so Jim rrtyat gat out Of 
the way fast! 


• I'm always w8^ of chpap 
games Ixit interested, wfth Ihte 
one being British Telecom's 
fint (arcaQB} game. To say the 
leasi I was astoi^rxled bf ths 
stjperb, very solid graphic. 
The k)ea of a ship's inUMlQr b 
quite a novel one. C otorit ft g 
boofy at fliat seamed quits m- 
vlaJ but this is made considw- 
abty more difTicuH by needing 
Itie right key to open the oar* 
rect loomto be able to even get 
at the tfeasure. On soma 





SGTMra you riMd 10 wanctor air 
mm the screen to g^t at the 
cfDom. and this can taice agas 
tasay the least. Each scraan it 
inter-Donfiegted very nioatyk 
aaeh ona needing a dHfetefTt 
type (A skif I, I eqpocialty like the 
way the Ufls on eoma saaans 
have been used, for exsmE^e 
in ooa case there ara five nfts 
ill spaced next to each other, 
travelting In dtff erant di rections 
it fOftewt ipeedB, which 
raQulret good timing skills to 
hop acTOTS to get a key, only to 
maJ^ you recross the Rfla 
again several times - an exeat* 
idfrt Idea. Sound la oontinuous 
- a M^l kno^rfi sea shartty 
tuntp Hut 4f H Atves you mad 
you cai^ turn it off - I found I 
was aWe to pace myself by ii. 
Tm amazed that Rrahird are 
saUifig a vwell progrBmmed 
oame like this for a meaafy 
E2.50, when if could quite eas- 
ily have sold tor £5.95, This 
makes It tremendous value fof 
money; and destroys the fa^ 
tacy that c^eapies are always 

m ThB fimt impmsshn of 
Booty is its to¥my liPa page, 
SBCond ^ a mthm iaf toolmg 
ptafhrm gamB, atihough £he 
gniphics are thmly, mimaietf 
antf wi&il designed. On begin- 
fihg m pley ffre game, this 
Ir^^te&skm of oksy-nms 
dMtnl tode, AS ifs fBBBon- 
abfii fun. fmt s nrnmr uf mt^ 
tbg the right key to the nght 
door ancf coltecthg the treus* 
ufm. A few minutes tatef af^rf 
thm secondary impression te 
begitmkig m evepomte 
mfift^ em the ricti complex- 
Atas of tfia game $t\k in. Noi so 
&m0e after M. Lhen. Nat 
tiefmed ^kety! M the scmem 
me intef-mfmd md wn ««n* 
net reaffy just t^eer Ofm end 
mo¥eto another - welf you cm 
mmetimes, tut the ghosU 
often mi^e this impossibfe 
Some of the screens whk^ 



^tcorpomte H/tB, horizontet 
mo¥hg ptatforms, cotlBpsing 
floom md iittstop ftoom whidi 
wenish after a second or two, 
Stan to give yoy the nightmme 
teeiing thm you may haire 
tmen hwe behre -is this ge^ 
lion me true insidm of ihe 
Yacht rnoored ai the end of Jet 
Set mite's Mmaion? The con- 
tent of the game rmmm its^ 
coyty minme aftBr mmute, wfth 
tfvefy end ever-ch&ngmg 
grwhiGe. in feet Bocrty is mar^ 
¥emus entertainment, a chaf- 
fenging game end very addtc- 
tive. its efso at a t>udget price. 


^..yohoho and a bonift €1 nan. 

• ThegnphlQt 
ooloyrluL wei d 

animated, smooth and kxsk 
reel - a f eelure which many 
garriee dont boast these days. 
The pirates look res) mean vMi 

CRASH November 1384 97 




Producer: Mtcronwgi 

Memory required: 48K 
Retail prioa: E6.95 
Language: machine code 
Autfwr; Dtffvk Brewiter 

Micromega have two games in 
this issua. end botfi are by the 
same author. Km^Wla m a 
teKt/graphica adverriure in the 
daasic v^n. bul with Jasper 
Der^ Brewster has changed 
tack oompbtely (afthough it 
ooukt well be called an 
arcada/adventure game} and 
takeo hln^aff and Micnoniega 
lar away from the yntverse of 
3D Jasper is an all swinging, 
all singing, all dandng jump, 
hop aiid collect game in the 
Vmmantit JBt SeTmty. How- 
awr ^riecUng here ieml a 
qdasttpfi df cotle^ng for|M)ivla 
but because the variow 
objects have a strictly definad 
purpose and yse. which b 
what adds the edventure ele- 

Jasper te a mouse and the 
tiaaic object of the game is to 
guide him from Ihe sfert screen 
to the finishing screen withoiil 
oaliifig finished otf en route. 
rtwn we 22 soreeiv to 
negoaatop all linked in the 
sense that you cmn move from 
one to the next and back again 
(or In one case dowr^ am yp 

ag^ln) This is mther Importanl 
because Jaap^ can only carry 
five obtaOa at a time wtikh 
maana ofian having to drop 
aomeiMng and Itiofi letum lor 
It Conssquentfy the 22 
scraens beconr^ mor^ In terms 
of oompletihg the game. The 
lierns cdlectad (by standing 

loon comic strip ~ piesa the 
butfofi when forced to lei^ otf a 
high place and bingo - the 
brolly opens to knmr Jsiper to 
Ihe groiind sat^iy. Once used, 
an object vajiishes. 

Up against Jaqwr are a 
sefiaa o< prebiMns which 
Incfcida tnidMar^ platform 

coconuts and speofi. Exh 
screen has its own identity and 
share of the hoirors. Fortu* 
nately Jaiper has a mighty 
leap and can wak on two feel 
or duck down to aH fours. 
Indeed, Jasper Is a MIghly 

onlhem and presstng it>e col- 
lect h.ey ) appear in smati bonB& 
at the top of the playing arM 
and they may t^ imed bry pres- 
sing the appropriate numeftoal 
key. Each ob|ed does have a 
spedte use - ropM^ are pretty 
obvkHia. btit umbrellas? Wall 
think caretytly - this is a car- 


Strategical thinking, various 
animated animals like big cats. 

their cutlasses and beards b^ 
they boundiy walk aiong the 
ship's decks. I think thia g«iie 
wiit appeal to people whoanloy 
exptonbg typie arcade games 
such as Jet Set WHty. There is 
the ttvrtll of going throng a 
door to see Miiat comm next - 
oMen Wb a meanly portioned 
phrate and youYe only a slap 
mM»f froHrn death - can you get 
to the l>utt0n in time? The virt- 
Dus screens have ail been wel 
designed to oTTer a dttrsrontael 
of tactical problems - and it's 
nice to note that each die is 
remembered by the program, 
i.i, if you teavB a screen and 
then re-enrter it later, the 
pirates wilt be in exaclly the 
position they were when you 
lell it t>efore There s no doubt 

CRASH Novemt>ef 1984 

about It, iBoofy is a highly ptay- 
abfe arKf addictive game, bads 
oftwi and well worth its asking 



Confrol keys: u^er-definable, 

four direction and a Are {goirig 

through b&ck doors} needed 

Joystfcfc: almost any via UDK 

KaybMfd play : suit y ourseH 

for postlions, veiy responsive 

and capable of ftnely tufved 


Uw ol poloyr: e^ce^nl. 


Qraphtes: nice and aoNd^ 

generally veiy good 

Sotirtd: conlsiiaous turie wHh 

on/off fiidlity. plus some 


Skill ieveis: i 

General rating: the first 
budget game to get an 
unreserved appcedatkin from 
CRASIH reviewers, playatrfe. 
addk^ive and esti^lerrt vakie 
tor money. 

Uae of compulef 92% 

Graphics 90% 

Playabitlty 94% 

Getting started 89% 

Add let i V e q y a I Itlea 95% 

Value for money 99% 

Overall 93% 

bunnies, w»pe. Riders, 
snakes and scorpions, noweis 
which may be helpful or lethal 
and natives that ttirQw 


• What Rpit rtnick me with 
Ih^game b the sharprma and 
dan^ of the numerous giaph* 
ios, ateo metr realism, A ktt of 
hard woik rmmt have gone into 
seating tl>e graphics. So much 
movie wtth this game, and 
ewryttilng that moves is so 
well anknatad. Mariy skills are 
required with Jasper, timing 
being orve of the major ones, 
but mla is also deflnMely a true 
amde advaniura (many 
others have dalmed to be} 
bemjse you need to find (he 
objeds to help you nwye onto 
the next scraan; thsM obfadi 
are practical tn the sanaa thai 
you ca/1 ancf must use them, 
mey're not just tf>ere for poMi. 
l^to detail whatever haa ' 

spared on this game on mther 
Ihe gmphbal or content side^ 
Jmp0r te |ust sucti a pleasing 
game to play, s&ems to me to 
Sa perfed; and will need to be 
played a great deal to ovec- 
come the difficulty lector bttllt 
m. It ia. in my opinion, a cHsHnct 
advance on the Jet Sbj WUly 
lyipe of gama. Worth eveiv 
nny and I really reaonvnend 

plus 1 toS^dropcarrted 


ifoi^ftlclu none » too irwiy 


Keyboard play: b^hly 

f esponsrye^ with two 

directional keys ne^t to each 

otfier, leases other hand tree 

for k&f lelec^n, but a 

pfogrammable jOY^dc might 

be an advantage Here 

Itee of eotour; OKcellenl, very 

vefie<j and bright 

Qraphles; excellem. 

marvellous animation erMl 

detaii, iB&. and smooth and 

wKhDut any flk^er 

Sound: conilnyoustune and 

spot effecte 

Skill levete: 1 

Lives; 3 


Ge»%eral rating: addictrve, 

highly piayaUe and highly 


Uwm of computef 86% 

Graphlei 96% 

Playebllity 91% 

Getting atarted 90% 

Addictive qualities 94% 

Value for nwney 69% 

Overall t1% 

a Jasper /ra^ th& m^mgs of a 
hi! game -tmmeocfous gr&ph- 
fc$l well cMcul&ted p/o Warns 
fig ova/come and a marveftous 
hero in JBBper himsett There 
Bfe quite a few keys mBd m 
Ctyifrip/ the game, so tBmih&rity 
wHh the iByou! is important, 
since soma decmions have to 
be macte *t a gre&t harry R>r- 
tunat^ one key can (h sev- 
mat things iike YtoP will ntake 
Jmper dimb up a mpe, 
rs/ease it if he's swrnghg or 
fust ^impty jump if he's on the 
gmmd or a piafform. Thi& is 
mi an easy game, each 
i^fmn is tikety to kiH you off at 
a momenfs noticB, buf should 
you get through it $afeiY there 
is a real time okxk dispieyed. 
and the torrg term objectives 
ar^ obwotjs/y to improve not 
only the score buteiso the time 
fekanoverafL On mesubiectot 
timkig, fhere is afeo a time limit 
In whk^h to get off a somen, 
¥ifhich makes things even 
meaner. Vary much a game of 
timing skitl, Ja^r is meFyell- 
mis, m^d mtufiatingly addic- 

• TNe ia a sort of Jungte 
Trouble ^luB game - very plua. 
because the graphics are 
eKceRent Thefe are so many 
ditfarent creatures, all of them 
beautttully animated and 
detaUed. and all of them lethal I 
It has been constructed so ihal 
things seem impossJbte, wtiefi 
(hey areni - good timing and a 
good memory are essential. 
But Vtm adventure elemenlB 
sum as collecting useful 
objects and then finding oyt 
what to do with them Isome 
have odvious uses, others less 
so) ackls immensely fo tjhe 
playabilrty of Jasper Your 
mouae is also very versatile - 
pity the fingers aren t a!w^ 
e^ goodf Micromaga have 
lOOM Hu0ryt>Qdy with this 
game beoaLmt tt isn 1 30 at m, 
and it juat goes to ^low that a 
well mought out idea, ¥ralf 
imipiemented doesn't need 3D 
to make it addictive or fun to 
play. Jmper wBl tafce a loog 
time to ge! thfoijgh. Great 


COfitrot keys: A/S left/right, Y 
to P up (rope), jumfi and 
release rope (when swinging), 
H to ENTtR down (rope), and 
du€k, B to SPACE ^ get an 
ottect, 1 lo 5 = use carrted 
obfea by boi number^ Q 10 T 





The u md W iC flUMti< Md m that ^ won't t» }c^ m ' 
CUmrmAi a^d H^js time wcdidsomethifigilKKil it so. 
iifittl tlw ffid of nmruwm m wtti l» fdNns rrxKl of Dur 
mmwT €umm§ «t tlvfmajiLLT RmticaD pnce of 

il-*9 iititHd of lltt utyil pnc« of f ^^ iir.«9 - 
thM^ iSlliraiW tf bilwHr) faulty ilJle vtd iS.O« per 

Th»r tHJtf OULT il.M ««A ~ 

__ -J . _ _ _Apvn«umt,Mdlial| 

ifamt iiMi^ Airknii tmv^iffitf i a -vi g, Prjuki :««i| M» v 

I rwt^.ff^ thmof iwf^v ' tilt jnlpflMn i 

but fl»i A«vw h^mr wiw6r^5fB. 

)f j^Qw kxdsBTiy».n Aw not MdtttnvuMfis ii ttir 

Mfl j^ou want plui 50p pOiUfle and pJckhigThowtvtf 
nuffy qjuMH ^rouoMi^mttii'eaiu n- miiu ¥ou cam* 
Df|hi1iimi^ VMn CitfMi, a^ Vimiin Y«d^ Pe^^ 

5iw« :^i«^^ 


::5 f;^ 


CRASH Movemberl 984 99 






K mr 

















•^ J 







»1 -3^ 




^ J play and 

fiiad ifi*:; ddverrlLiri.-' 

Scott Adams, is the most acclaimed 
adventure games writer in the worid with 
an Impressive string of internationally 
best-selling software titles behind him. 

Now, in association with ^4aIVel Comics 
he invites you to share the adventures 
of two of the world's best known super 

Adventure International Software 
challenge you to pit your mind against 
that of Scott Adams with THE HULK and 

SPIDERMAN. Both games are for mos' , . 

popular home computers and incorporaii ^ 

text with spectacular high resolution ^ 

graphics, allowing you to immerse IK 
yourself in both a visually as well as 
mentally exciting adventure. 

NoWs the time to walk into a shop, and i 

walk out with an adventure. J 




1 1^ John Bfiqhl Slrt-ot Bimisiiiih-iiTt Rl 1 \i\- 
Tcitiphonc. 021-613 5102 


• High Resolution Graphics 

• Full Animation / 

• Sentence input ' 

• 12 Separate actventuTes 

• Sound Effects 

Hi#- II nv firlriclijhiilllv «jf I><>I1( ASIA \kA\ d iilf^d^^ni 
l^tUU' l4iiil II n 111 liii* H l/^id /I Nl^JS u^vd hK ptrfl 
|Kii|«.rr% iij i4M I Iff- i riutiirv^nNi^fit-rpelital diirknr«iv 
until «|| cltAieii^ iikdgif ub^dkncc to bim 

It K known f hiir ihmiiqh thi- «»Pf.LL OF flAfDWESS 

/I'iirbi^h hfis trrf|i(M-cJ llti" ^|firir of «flchllldphlfltt» 
nm43t Vii,tn m fs Tl MHiV miNIS (iHlUT^lC 
IIOUH 4 *I.ASHI S hldi)i-ii cJk'i^iJ wklhkn hit 

i^h tilt' liifid dic^^ ill thf" qrip cil thi- MmitIi j 

d«»%€]il4lif»n It hi^rrj inij%l tw* tiiitiifl lo ]4#f 4tr 

aiid dei^l ruy thr 1 2 h( Jirr ^ias\^s thii% 

r#lr tiling the mfifilliviniid n'rumuifi 

Ikjf c aMtt Iff ifMf fidtufdl FriH 4'A <if th#- ^fiivrltl. 

I af h fflj>% liii^ *i HliNir iii^i riprnHi ArcAiiv].ci \ts b*Mp 
whH h v^pfi riHi^r ri'iid ^niJ iiridi'^r^rdiirl (Irilv %4!y:lntt 
ihi'Si' lAUTcU tAill liN lh<il piifl nl tlii' ^m*\1 Ut |iNjti*cf 
tin* Uimf ii\4**f\r% AvtHts^s Ii4*% |»ldi rd iIh-iii iii 12 %i*(irtrA4r 
ri If If Hit ill liH t4l^flt^ vMh fiKun Ikiiki'd t-u ^ diit^L'iit 
f-i 1 ff Ecir (| Mtrwiiv 1^ ■ di^t'if JU^ fivy I p r''' 

l>f^|ff iiiliiuf on uhlr h fntrdiirf vfHJ ^i^lrrf Zf nd«M ca-%f » 
^fri'lk vtliii It r h.4rit|i' tin- Un iwtytHH nf MPiitii^ Hillun hW 
tii^f 1*^ tu f firilusi- vuu t In* nicji'ii jjk| t fi^'^Cur^-'h dj|d 
tll^|ifrM|itlr| |itc»bU-iii% wlilfh f liiiftfiiit v<>ii At rvf^rv turn 
iiif'riii I oiilv i*N' *if flVir «od Ihr t Irvi^ will %yf r i^*^ 








Oiir best seller available for the 


Oracle $ Cave is a unique adventure game featuiing 
con linuously displayed high resolution graphics and 
teKh a new cave layout and event sequence for every 
game and a time limit on every adventure 

AvaiJfible on cjiii»4'tt€ 

from leadlrig f etnil^s 

Of Aradfroffn: 


3 The Oasis, Glenfieid 
Leicester LE3 8QS 


P<»l4geand P^kinq FREE 





K^v \J 







f ' 


1 iTMii '^fc '■■' 











There has bean for some time a body of opinion whic^ puts 
lamard the vtow that machine code is sup^Hor to Baskc. pef se. 
An:ade games, where speed os the deddirvg factor; may wall land 
ttiemsalvas to this argument tkrt some strategy, and all advefiture 

rms can be l>9t1ef s«ved by soiri^ Basic routines The reason 
tht$ apparent anomaly is clear to anyone who has taken the 
tirne and effort needed to master machine code. Although 
mic^ine cocfe is ideaJly more malleable in any given situatiori. 
codng in reality piroves to be oeftainly slower and ofief) less 
^Klbie, and c^ycdally , the program is less easily altered. 

Aflat playing m6 reviewing many admHives this contradk^tion 
has made itseH ptain The cwnpfexilies of machine code lead to 
sWted adventiifes unless the author allows much devefopment 
time The ^xonomic vagartes ot the gam^s martcet Bias, wotiid 
make rt far more worthwhile for such a suocesstui author to 
produce two or even tiiree ancMhi games in such a space of time 
with the certainty of a tar higher fncome The OuitI, as is often 
plaudJted on cassette inlays results in an all machine cod^ prog- 
ram frul the stnucture of each Qyilled oame i$ necessanly the 
sarroi What is less apparent is the use ot simriar devices by other 
software hoijses in ofdef to reduce the deveiopment time ot 
adventyres. Herein ftes ihe paradox Even though mactiirMB code 
should be the more fiexible. due to its time-consuming coding it is 
rarety so in effect and it would seem the cm& that ii is th^ 
adventure which makie some uae of Basic whk:h shows the 
originality both in display, them© and pkrt. 

So the next time you examine a cassette inlay don't faM into the 
trap of making jydgements based upon the dMsive argument - 
Basic vs. machine code. Where the documentation tells of an ail 
machine-coded program this in itself gtves no incfution ol the 
qiia% ol the game as an adventure. Basic 13 devalued by its 
simplicitv and it familiaiity but adventtiie is a more sophisticted 
market than arcade sim;^ at a lime when the Spectrum has been 
pushed to its limits, imagination, iheme and ptot are now the 
decisive factors. 



Ttie CRASH Adventure Chan 
has pidced up oxisiderabty 
sifioe we first introduced it, with 
mcaie and more votes coming 
ifi every day! To mal<e life 
tunirir tor sorting, we are now 
pro^ng a separate whte-in 




fonfn, so please use it for the 
Adventure Chan, and not the 
one induded at the bottom o< 
the Hotline details if you are 
voting on both charts, yoy may 
©end ootfi fomts together in the 
same envelope o' course. 

How to register your votes 

There seems to have t)een 
some confusion in the minds of 
voters for the Adve^iture Chart, 
so to dahfy the situations, 
here's how we do ft. You may 
vote for aa many tltlea aa you 
wiah (not iust five as in the Hot- 
line Cfiartf and you may award 

arty of them points out of ten. 
So; for insiaAoe. you miflht 
vote for seven itiles giving 
each of them ten points pf you 
think they are worth it, or only 
three and give them one each. 
Ih&sB votes are then added up 
for each tttte and Ihe total is 
divided by the numbef of peo- 
ple wrho v«ed for the program 
resulting in an aggregate 
figure, rrom these figures, the 
top thirty adventure games are 
taken in descending order. 

PhoTbed-tn votes are 
accepted over the Horiine 
(0SB4 3015] in the same way 
(please state that you are vot- 

ing for the Advwitufe Chart at 
the beginning), and may also 
be wrttten in letter form without 
the use of the coupon tf you 

Adventure Chart Prize 

And don't forgsl that, like the 
Hoiftne Chan, you can win 
prizes f Each montii we draw a 
winner from the voters, vyho 
receives £40 worth of software 
and a CRASH T-shirt, with four 
runnerSHip each getting a 
T-shirt and a mint- subscription 
to CFtASH for friree montii*. 

Remember - po^ms out of ten for as many BUSS so you wteh . 


F ■- F ■■ r % -i 


SftXl your ooupon lo: CRASH ADVENTURE TRAIL. PO BOX 10, 

CRASH ^k>v8mbe^ 1964 103 


Producer: Melbourne 


Rtttall Price: £9.95 

Auttrars: T. Levftr & P* 


As you are aow probably 
ai^mre I A> not live m Hamp- 
slead^ Vou have searcftad 
every bistro and boutique but 
to no avail. Althoygh Adven- 
ture TraH appeals to the AB 
group (top sodDHeconomic 
assernblage in the epi -fauna) I 
have noi syccumt»ed to embar- 
meed necognttion in high soc- 
My bai Instead stand unaf- 
fected In the cooJ norttwn nki 
waiting for the occaatonaJ 
orrinEbus and knowing only too 
well that here its ait about 
where you bought your flat cap 
ajKi tiow deep is tt^ froth on 
your beef. For moro oalentati- 
am affectations orie must 
move south. 

You set off as a nobody 
•omewtiera In north-west Ion- 
don (La.p nawf>efe) watahw>p 
an undern«ndtng, irautiet&n* 
ttai, teebteHTiindted. spcxiiane- 
ously exdtino, tight entertain- 
ment show, 3*2-1 1 0n ttie dole 
wHh no rr»onay and the corol- 
lary, no friends, you sit in your 
dbigy council flat torn between 
viewing the non-stop enler^ 
lainment on TV or following the 
elOMds of smo4i(e from your 
window as they belch toward 
you from the local power sta- 
tion. You can look forward 10 a 
tife o1 lying, cheating, stealing 
and defrauding as you scheme 
your way to Hampstead but for 
now you musi t>usy yourself 
wfth tile task of finding that 
UB40 card Should you. in real 
1^. t>e Hampsteaded, or sim- 
ply exist in nonplussed brain 
deaHi in Surbdon. the t)ogklel 

gtvoa eitad deUillg concerning 
the oa/d's use and the diibo- 
rateetiquetie thai sun-ounds it, 
such fts, ctyeus orderly arid 
don't sleep through! the part 
where your name is called The 
problem is you must attain 
Hamp^^ad but think it unlikely 
you II find many friends in 
Hampstead dole office. 
Indeed, sutasaquent research 
proves this line of reasoning 
correct Donaens of Hamp- 
stead fill their time with occupa- 
tions that have them cast as 
Gfttics. pfaywrigl>ts, architects 
and designers, actors and 
academians, somo of whom, 
like yourself at the start of this 
adventure, were nobodies liv- 
ing nowhere „ 

To go up in ttie world you try 
to pin tt>e admiration and 
fsspect of your felk)w man. and 
there's n^ore to it than a fal 
bank batanoe. in Hampstead il 
helps to give the impression 
you know som^ething of art and 
to be seen in the right places, 
with the righl people and wear- 
ing Ihe r^nt cicihes Be careful 
nol to be flamboyant - it s 
unseemly to be seen as a 
social dimber in Hampstead 
so you h^ better sellte there 
onrfy when yoii have everything 
you need, 

II help to know something 
of Lonoon even tf it's just the 
sites found on a monopoly 
board. You cheese your route 
from the foliowina: Si John's 
Wood, R[chmon<^ West End. 
Covenl Garden. Waiefloo, T?>e 
City, King s Cross and Cam- 
bridge Tnis isn't as easy as it 
looks as a pleasant suburt} 
may provide such comfort that 
rt becomes too onerous to 
leave and you join the ranks of 
tine malcofiilente wfto never 
quite made it 

What atxHJt the game itseH? 
Mudi effort (aias not enough) 
has been expended to conceal 
its use of The Ouill, in the Spec« 




VOCABULAItir; nt WfigMVMKfii 

rmevm « won3» ind mit nwiirt 
rtomi f otMti lie;* >n mAm 

■■i^ to b* Mil ■>¥)! i miw ifl V 

«rity or tir pM«Mrtg« fafriMitfirti 


w^ffv \mm \w m^r$ mft not an 


trum version m any case, but 
the cursor and the dtetinctive R 
for RedevcrttM k>oation are 
e^denea enough to pinpoint 
the source of the program. 
Perhaps the changes go 
beyond ifna simply cosmeiK:. 
but fl4ireiy if this were the case 
to any great extent all signa* 
tures of The Quiii would have 
been vanquished Quilfed 
adventures haven't done wetl 
tn the ct^arts but this ga me may 
well prove an exception due to 
its unkquefy tunny stofyiine. 

The adventure has opulent 
packaging with a sixteen page 
booklet and a very attractive 
casjr^ It sees itself as suitable 
for a wide range from beginner 
to experienced, taking several 
weeks to compHete The ■1CX)% 
machine code' reflects (Is CSuil- 
led origins The k^ad^rirg screen 
depicts the home of Hamp- 
stead Man whic^ is over two 
hundred years okJ. deep within 
leafy suburbia surrounded by 
rows of neatly-clipped hedges. 
On the colourful sofa lounge a 
pair of matching Afgt\an 

As you set oft on your quest 
you would be wise to 
rememt>er what you ve read In 
the Hampstead Booklet whkh 
gIVM you precise detalEs on 
just how you might achieve 
ttial OTveted dlpk>ma in social 
dhnbtrg. The help offered 
Indices question nr)d answer 
aetaions. Gtie goes like this. 
Q: Why do dustbins have no 
Ikte In Hampetead? A: In order 
that passers-by may see the 
week's completed Guardm 
cfoeswords stacked neatly 
within. The booklet is very 
entertaining and amusing, if 
not enlightening for those who 
knew BttJe ol London sooely, 
but feectites the hean of the 
matter on page 1 0; Hampstead 
- what s the point; Everybody 
wants to feel superior. This 
feeling takes two forms. Those 
without money must be con- 

[>agi iDf Nflbi Jn 1»« MAH^TEAD twin-Hi 

tent to feel morally superior. 
Those without nrhorais cm 
f^nandafly superior. But only ir* 
Hampstead is it possible to 
attain superkxtty in boti. 'So 
now you know It's well worth 
makir>g a thorough search of 
the house before you leave; 
the lack of one item in partk;u^ 
iar will see your sudmn exit 
from the game. You meet thrt 
sudden social death with 
grudging acceptance struck by 
the reality fliat you had undef- 
estimated Just tx>w peculiar 
social climb) r>g can be. Careful 
analysis of your every move* 
meni wilt have you in Hamp- 
stead before you can say col- 
our supplement' but any dis- 
parity will be ruthlessly 

Hampswad Is the most orig- 
inal adventure ti^eme to 
appear this year arxJ is accom- 
panied by the wittiest book Ive 
read In quite a whiie Spectnjm 
owners might like to note ISM 
on this oocasion the Comnw- 
dore 64 has acquired tiie tietter 
deal as its verrnkvi featiim 
graphics Despite INs the 
Spectrum HampstBad has 
powedul EXAMINE ar»d 
SEARCH commands which 
make the early stages very 
easy helping the occasional 
adventurer into wt\at is a veiy 
amusir^ and enpyable game. 

Diffteufty: Reasonatily easy 
Graph Jce:l4crf>e 
Preeerrtalk>n : Good . 
Re«ponw; Very fast 
Input Facility; Limited 

Generarl Rating: Brilliantly 
original arKJ very entertaining 









Overall Value 


104 CRASH November 1984 

Tou really can't go wro: 
with any Level 9 game 
as they are really brilliant 



mii*« ^ 

U pT»^ 


, j up w»rttt*>a 

Today. A«fl«»t«* 


^ ■" . Q* adventuJ J-^" ^„ts but in 

JJj »r« ^i*i„«tutc addict *\wu\d b« without 
^!2^"«.^**:^Ti^l?9 B?i producing * **Tte* 

_— «.t run vefV «»s» »"** ****** **** 

^**!2S «^^ '***:,IVi! nothing short oi 







'^S^rna' V0» compute.. «»«»««*§ 


reld*s epic adventures are now 
Fe7or the AMSTRAD. Disk versions are available for 
the BBC (40/60 track) and Commodore 64< And, best of 
aU, RETURN TO EDEN is ready. It's been a busy 

RETURN TO EDEN is the lon^- awaited sequel to 
Level 9*5 top- selling 


Level 9 Coinpuiing 

Snowball adventure. Now 
it's here with 220 
locations, masses of puzzles, and 
with pictures on the CBM and 
Speetnim versions. 



j)^ I ENCLOSE A CHE QUE /?0 FOR £9 9B 
mm &l i 96 ^A€H f CASSETTE} OR £ 11 95 EACH 

I nu)TLrr«tin#gun4wltfi7DlKinLLBrooma O O 

AiftUaMf from m H SmiiJi ^nd §006 oonaputcr itwp« «v«fy%r htn. 

^ DDvaKOB AUfnmnis. AmiMtvi 

I f&rrw whMh ooinplft« IJ14 I<|i|eUp 

I 4 tflOiTiALL. s*?i thi intAffttf rrwiir* 

Iirawi ov«r TOGO loDftUoiu. 
B ASTUmM to fel3t» . sr wimitun m 
Ithfl wfAT^Hi pli-nfft 0¥ef Tlw BaqiMl lo 
finowbiH. tbaul^:^ ymi don't riMd to 

T.MnUMOrtlitl, A hulficiroui romp 



n Q 

D a 

n a 

My ri&m«: . . 
My Addnti: 

rirp-risii ... ,. I • f , ^* AAAir-a ■■■■■■ 

1ft? iriiftMiAi .._.,....., 

(DBA of thoie UBtedi b«loir , 

mih nX l««et SaK of m^motyl 


uiTu. t mwKwuwmm 

DeptCM ,£;39.Hu«hen{tenKo&d. 



Producar: Incentive 
Retail price: £5.50 
Author: R.A. PilcCormick 

Vicioys aitacte have oome 
(rorti beyond a range o( moun- 
lains to Ihe east - the Moun- 
aim of Kei The Priest King 
Vran Verusbd. leader of the 
cyK of mad monks, and thief 
High Phestess Delphia, the 
most beautiful woman in exis- 
tence, are set against you. 
Hwy firid shelter in the evil 
Ternpte o1 Vrani where you 
make you way accompanied 
t^ the magic assassm bug 
Edgar whose poisoned fangs 
will sink inlQ ycHjr neck ShoukJ 
you decide to shirk your mis- 
aton You musi be undef Close 
scrutiny as you play a ret^abiU- 
lated cnTninaF-iype wt^o chose 
this scheme as a device lo 
escape almost certain death 
VVhen you confront the like^ of 
the green sl^me you wtH won- 
der at Ihe wisdom o1 your deci- 


Th& Fiftat Mi$&ion is the third 
part in what has now become 
the famous Km Ttitogy. It tol- 
tows The Mountsins of Hei arKi 
The Tt'ftipfB a! Vrs^n which, rf 
successfuEly completed, give 
the aspirant the chance of a 

inventory, are accompanied by 
a small token grapHic Input is 
confined to verb/noun tiaving 
the program to ooncentrate on 
giving a greater, more inteNig- 
em feedback to whatever input 
you might devtse. These and 
other refinements, indwding an 
endearing ploi and consistent 
ttikeme. have won many con- 
verts to the Tfijtogy adventures. 

with the. help of the cassette 
inlay notes, the first problem 
unravels easfly enough The 
second problem is another 
matter - it 5 p&daniic and you 
don't so much solve it as stum- 
ble omthe solution by doing as 
many datt and r>ot-so^ft 
things as they come Into your 
head \\\ have 10 come slraight 
out with ii. The early part of the 
adventure lacks someihir^ in 
thai you keep thinking of how 
you would have devised a 
stronger pkrt, say using fhe 
glass from (he window lo Tocus 
(he rays of light onto the straw. 
Or anything wtiereby you 



The premier publishers of 

American Computer Soltware oiler 

"Fantastic Opportunities* tor 

Assembly Language 
Z-80 Pregrammers 

Transiation coding trom Commodore 64 

to ZX Sped mm. 

First class work will be highly rewarded 

with guaranteed payments. 

Programming includes 

Arcade Games. Simulations Adventure. 

Strategy and War Games 

Write or phone now to 

Software Development Deparlment. 

U.S.G. 6 Central Street, Manchester M2, 

or phone 061 832-6633 

But hunryi Umited oaubncti Isft for this yeaz: 

Conipteled progf urri£ lor Speclrxjm also considered 

prize The adventums are 
das&ic teKtHDnly gan>&s with 
large i^umbors ot locatbns wrth 
manyproWamsto&ofve There 
are a good numter ol usdlul 
obiecte which when first 
sighted, and later viewed in the 

In pari itire© of the K&t Trit- 
ogy fou me^ Ihe evil Verusbd 
himsdf tn hia inr^er sanctum 
located beytsnd tile five enig- 
malic Gate Guardians Should 
you defeat him and remove the 
threat to the Lords ol Kel. you 
nuMFt still secure your own 

Loading The Final Misskm is 
very QtiicR aa il takes place at 
twice the riormal Spectrym | 
speed ir loads in an unusual 
sequence which makes it 
impossible to BREAK and very 
difficuH to copy. 

You wake. sTunned . 

Gradually your memory 
clears You recall a blow to th€ 
l>aad as you descended some 
stairs enshrouded in gloom 
We are in a darh ana dank 
celi Thefe iS no light save for a i 
low glow ooming from our east. 
Neai us is; a wooden chair/' 
So stam The Final Mission 
wtth yourself. Edgar, a magic 
ring and. . a wooden chair. I 
wouldn't be giving anything 
away if I said that you just 
might need that chair and so. 

might use yoa Imagination and 
reasoning skiFte, Instead the 
plot transpires to be dull and 
the solutions lo the problems 
arbitrary. You gel the feelir>g 
that the second problem is rio 
more than artif be to slow your 

The descnptions ot the 
seemingly endJess comdors 
and paaHQeways with doors 
martung ttia end of one and the 
beginning ol another leaves 
you with lew Socations which, 
on reflection, make any impre- 
ssion. Often H'5 diftbull lo 
know how lo label a location on 
your map when you're simply 
standing outside a secret pas 
sageway While Im gripir^. 
the input routine is just a touch 
slow although a pfeasant beep 
with every key depression 
heips alleviate some of the 
annoyance Switching off the 
beep With the BEEP command 
does not appreciably speed it 

Now that s oft my chest I can 
get down to what's worthy ' 
about the game. 

106 CRASH November 1984 

Thefi's a polish and 
pinacti« abCHit the project 
which singles it out as of>e 
whsra some itioijght has oon© 
Waits construction Right from 
the first scr&en, or the very 
pnmcth^ cover and loading 
screen before that, the game 
rrak^ \ts presence fell. Above 
the neaHy bo^ced locatbn 
disciipfon ornate markings 
accommodate the score in the 
top right Mcner which inore- 
men^ on each new location 
As you enter Ihe new locality a 
ctetirKtive lune muikIs direct- 
ing your aitertkxi back lo your 
map y^rfhefe you now add 
mmm label. Simple ideas 
wMoh add up to yotir enjoy- 
fmrri of the game . 

The vocabutaiy is quite 
MerMfy. but where It is exoep- 
iortal IS in ns responsiveness 
1} your input. By moniloring the 
corrbnual string of mostly use- 
ful comments your efforts are 
guided to more fruitfut 
E^eavcMjrs. You can 
-XAMINE alHTKirst anything 
and affect a response. 

As with the f>revkMis 
episodes or the sioalniifeQt te 
enriched vrith tfw oombat 
routine where your pcowess or 
swordsmanship, energy or 
physical condition, and tuck, 
descending from Iheir startir^ 
vaEues of eight, are pitted 
against thoee of your aogres- 
ror. In tim case of tha En Mons- 
tefp which has prowess and 
energy of 10, you would tse 
wise to disengage and forgo 
iny $haJk3w victory you might 

IhB fmal Missk^, by reason of 
to position as the last tele in 
tie Kef Tfitogy. Is sure to prove 
pofiular, n maintains the same 
high Mandards of me previous 
two episodes and also fesitures 
qne Of two improvemento. 
However, t}>e overall Imprafi^ 
slon is of a game not so much 
cratt^ as produced to a dead- 

MfteuHyt Avefaga 
QrapNcs: None 
Pweintatlon: Good 
Response: A touch slow txit 
gives mtelligefYl replies to 
mosi input 

SptdM FMufW; On screen 
scodng and oomt^t routine 
Qemmi Rating: Good 









Overall Valu« 



Producer: AjUc 
R@1ai) Price: E6.t5 
Author: Cofin Smith 

Artie Computlr]^ te a compeny 
that made its name with its very 
popular yet dimojlt range of 
acwentures This adventure 
dlHef & from ihe A-f series inrte 
friendliness and extensive use 
of examine, and in its making 
use of The QuHt. 

TTie adventure is tesed 
upon the events leading up to a 
nuclear attack on Britain. 
Intemationai tension is atits 
greatest for many years and 
a>nventJonal armed conflkrt 
may well spill over into a full 
sca)e nuctear confrontaiNon 
law and order Is breaking down 
and ttiose wtio are to survive 
face a tough tiattie in the 
nerfiiinlng ilw moments of 
confusion and chaos. To set 
the ^cene the program 
remrnds you this is an adven- 
ture which one day we may 
wait all Ubvb to face lor real 

Nuclear war is a harrowing 
thought and to strike txnne the 
kjea the gam« has a suNaMv 
nausiating ioadng screen wftn 
a large flashing detonation 
plume. Stare at this screen too 
k>ng and you couki t^ecome a 
psycbobc dvil defence volun- 

You find yourself in the 
lounge of a typical! suburban 
sentr with noral wallpaper, 
foamnoushtoned three pie^-. 
omamefrts and a television, 
which, if it ^ your wish to turn it 
on. provides a Incky first prob- 
lem. The game professes to be 
verb/noun but fit save you 
some time rt I tell you that on 
this 0C3::as^n the program 
treats teieviskm as the verb 
and ^im next word as a proposi- 
tKTo. I don't mind timjyg so 
heavy-harxted with this due 
because a good adventure 
stiould go far beyond simple 
word-matchir^ Once you 
have the t^vision on it 
recerves a news bulletin whicti 
gives you tf>e du^ to your sur- 
vival These loosely follow 
ttioae given rnihat suspect 
Qovwnrnent handbook vrfik:*^ 
has had us alf lavishly furnish- 
ir^ our broom cupboarfte. 
Thefe's ahun-iorous end to the 
message - There now foltaws 
a cartoon . Sadly the picture 
fades before you can c*>eck to 
see whettrer it's viniajge Tom & 
Jerry Of not. 


f4o sooner do you leave Itm 
enfrancd hall outside the 
taynge wtien the pt^one nngs. 
Recent research suggests that 
the phone rings erther when 
weVe in the batfi or wtien we 
are doing thlr^ like huiring 
around coitecting rtems for a 
makeshift nudear shelter 
t>efore the bomb drops. Mofe 
r^arch suggests we nee6 
more phones around the 
house but anottier solution Is 
not to have one at all and this 
lums out to be the case here . A 
mechank^l voic^ says Mor^ 
mal telep^n^ services haw 
been discontinued Please 
refef to public broadcasts for 
further infornitaton" Setter 
start bokir^ for a battery for 
that radio right away. 

The first few frames of the 
game have you searching 19ie 
house lising eKamlne exteo- 
sh^ely whereupon you SOOO 
obtain most of the riems men- 
boned in the TV announce- 
ment. Othef items you come 
across are believabldp every- 
day items you rr^lghl 11ml 
around the home are refresh- 
ingly useful objects such as 
knives, bariknotes and food 
rations These ob^as ana 
sensitily disposed about ytxjf 
abode with a kn^e in the 
kic^^en and a matve^ in the 

Moving around outskfe the 
house is more fraught with 
danger as a trip oul on the 
btcyde will soon prove. It's 
chaotic outside with troops 
#wwy%vhere trying to impose 
some semblenoe of order and 
many directk?ris you attempt 
end in displays or an eafty ex it 

Ground ZBfo is a Quilted, 
text -only adventure with a har- 
rowing theme. Like myself you 
may find the theme uninspiring 
as the thouqht of burkJing a 
small, poky sneHer in the home 
is probably the Eargest single 
factor to explain why most 
people woutq rather not sur- 

vive a nucleaf atladc. How^ 
ever, survive you must m thfe 
game and once the task is 
taken up tt^ story flows along if 
not menlly, then consistently 
enough to have you thinking on 
just how you might build a mei- 
ter were thie worst to happefi. 
The extensive use of examine, 
dear presentation and beiiev- 
able ploi make this a fine 
adventure - rt you can sionrach 
the theme- 

Difffcufty: Average 
Gnphica: None 
Preteintallon: Good 
Input Facility: Vert^Noun 
Response: Very fa^ 
General Ratirvg: Good 

Overall Valu« 






Producer: Intwcaptor 


Retail Price: £5.50 

Authors: D.M. & J.A. 


fb/esr af Worid's End to 
reieasod from ttie same stable 
as W@s^ege from Andromeda, 
ar>d in aInDost every rasped, 
re9embles its predecessor. 
Changes have t)een made - 
the graphics are much 
improved but 9\B ptoi is unim- 
aginative: spa(» adventures 
are relatively thin on the 

CRASH ftovemisef 1984 107 

graynd but this tertaay 
tollOM^^ too often lipases inio 

Plinciiss Mara has t)@€n 
Giplyrod by the ev^il wizard 
Z^m. fn a sf>©ak attack on ma 
polaoa his hanchmeti 
abdudftd hor and led her to the 
^^ard'S stronghold d«6p 
with In ttie fofesi at ih^^ world s 
end Ma/as father, the King no 
lM$, has calEsKi upon you. tt>e 
m^gWest of andent warriom. to 
go where none have returned 
alive. Your obfective is to 
tocate and rescue the princess 
ervd return her to the Greei 

You set off i A the Great Val- 
ley with a super graphic of a 
srK>w^capped rT>oyntaJn and a 
huge waiertall caacading 
towards you Most of youfMtfify 
escapades are un:demandin»g 
until you chance upon an eviJ 
eti who is not so much (ethal as 
Inilaling. No matter how you 
twist and turn you just can t 

to those which now feature a 
more comptex and exciting 
<^omt)at scermrJo. 

The ynfri©f>dly vocalxilary 
seen when deating with the eif 
may not be the rule as I disco- 
vered whan I attempted to 
ams VbB chasm^ Many combt- 
nirtions of words will see the 
k^ in place. 

Forest at Worfd's End has 
only about ten^raphlcs or so 
throughoui its whole length bul 
each one is worth savounng as 

chest and a log natureJIy 
enough gets you across a 
chasm, whein you are urmire 
wttat anobjed might be useful 
for it will soon become appar* 
ent as all theother objects are 
tied up wftfi problems feavif>g 
ttieonly. one, possible use 
Since of all the aspects of pro- 
ducing a follow-up adventure, 
plot i$ tf^t which takes the 
most time, you can1 help the 
failing ttrat this etfon has t^ean 
churned out on tt^ heels of the 

Formt Et WorW's End m a 
mainly ta^ adventure with a 
few exoeptictfial graphics scat- 
tered about the adventure. The 

shake him To the south is tt>e | 
Vale of shadows and the 
auttx>r waxes lyncal. The sun. 
shining through the trees. CfO- 
atea mitting indlems of light 
and dutenessJ This is an 
eventful location where you 
see The Oki Man, and get the 
tiow and arrows to put an and 
to that eir To kill itie dif you wil! 
have to go about aome word- 
matching the solution lo which 
tftrfke^ me as Illogical, Ixit hav- 
ing played counttess advenr 
turaa, what's new? The 
strange thing is, on killing the 
elf you are told You fire an 
an^jw and yet FIRE ARROW 
AT ELF is not accepted for the 
program does not understand 
the word FIRE. Wetrd- Before 
rteave tt>e elf ; if you foot around 
too Idfig he can end up getting 
the better of you. You II fJnd 
other assailants who are aiml- 
larty prone to an almost unfaH- 
mf tnje arrow. Pert>aps In 
tNs r^f^ecl tt^ game los^ out 

10a CRASH Movember 1984 

they are of a vecy tiigh quality 
they appear almost Instan- 
taneot^ly and are colourful ly 
depicted and highly detailed. 
The input routine has opted for 
neatness sB opposed to affi- 
ci©fx;y: there is no cursof or 
t>eep. Havir^ said this. I found 
inpJt to be mostly error free In 
marry areas the game 
becomes difflajll to map. Go 
east and as often as not west 
will not take you back again. 
After travel lif^ WirNd for a while 
you sometimes come out into 
an a/ea where ttie direcfioas 
become luctd again. The way 
the game sordb will annoy 
many. For some urtknown 
reason the top description 
acroiis up and off when you 
input at the bottom, mis 
results in your having to oon- 
bnually use L for LCXjK. 

The game does not have 
many problems and those you 
do come acrossare unoriginal. 
If you fuive a key H opens the 

author has the noble dtefinc- 
Bon of placing many fine graph- 
ics towards the end. Compe* 
tent progr ammi r>g gives a rapid 
response time but the game is 
quite unique with the aosense 
of SCORE. For an experi- 
enced exptorer this adventure 
will pose lew Jasting probtems 
and offers Ifttte that's new. 
Nevertt>eless. it is a weJI 
executed program, and for 
some, may provide a worthy 

Difficulty: Easy 
Graphics: Few but very good 
Pf esen tallon : Good 
Input Facility: Sentences 
Response: Instant 
GaiMfml Rating: Rather short 









Overall Valiie 



Producer: Atitomati 
Retail price: £6. tKI 
Author: Jon Smith 

Autorrmta made ttreir name 
wHh an unusual adventure. 
Pimmm, and with the firm ser- 
ial cartoon advertizemenis 
eKhit>tting their own unique 
good humour and tight^ 
heartedness - a refreshing 
iaterliide from the unremtttir^ 
commercial onslaught emanal- 
ing from other software 
houses Pimanm has achieved 
notoriety, arxj lately, newswor- 
thiness over the extreme 
lengtt^s many wilt take to 
recover the Golden SUncflaJ of 
Pi from rts depotitory deep 
wlttiin a \opiq forgotter^ oceanic 
rujdear bunker I ve even 
known some to go so te/ as to 
ptoy the adventure 

Crusoe is based upon the 
rvovel bfy Daniel Deloe arui fea- 
tures free music on the flip Side 
by Dan Defoe and iha Casta- 
ways but turrrs out to be a 
desert island discs spoof witfi 
passable mimical aoverts tor 
Automata products. The star of 
the show has a high pitched 
voice with an enchanting Scott- 
ish lift, Crusoe is sfranded on a 
remoia islaiid in Vorfcshfre 
{Hull?) in the year 1684. wrtti 
nothing but an empty stomach, 
a bottle of granf\y's patent eli^^ir 
and the shorts he stands up in. 
The aim is to retum fwme ar>d 
au«r the tttigation against your 
trevel agent through court. 

l\m game, fol towing an 
attradive loarffng &c:iqb(\, ts 
very cok>urful and is domi- 
nated t>y the piaymg area on 
ihe left which defrtcts tie 
palms. Islands, fruit trees, 
cacti, monstefB and treasures 
that will help or hinder you in 
your queat^ To the right ts The 
Logg with Day. Tlrne. Weather. 
Wind. Food & Drlr^, Vigour, 
Etfjcir and Items down one skta 
opposrte which is first, the let- 
ter which must not run too far 
up the alphabet for aafeh's 
sake, and then a comment lAce 
'and I feel fiHe'. This seven- 
teenih century notation adds 
an autt^entjc flavour to the pro* 
coedings and no doutM cooce- 
aJs any propensity towards 
misspelling Prepare yoursert 
for Uie culture shcxdc by learrv 
Ing th^ tew words - title, 
wether, loode, rekt. werte. 

Along the bottom goes yo^ 
Input and the comment it efksto 
above. The casette cover 
amusingly keeps the tenuous 
links with Itie malr^stream 




i ... IkIx ii I ii t 4; j^V 

actvsmturs bv callJDg I (for 
ifivientDry) wHat haw I got?. 
SCORE WJti I survrv©?' and D, 
Drocribe. You move around by 
pressing the N. S, E. and W 
keys, waiting fcx the resporoe 
Mcti time but SMnefy cusof l(«y 
imvement would nave t>ewi 
much better and have 
removed a major irritation from 
(he game To be fair movomonl 
ifi fadlttaied by hddirig down 
ENTER which atlows you con- 
tinuous movament in the dirso 
ton previous^ specified. 
When nogotatifig obstacles 

the manrouvres of the nxms- 
ters about the soreen oa/i be a 
distraction as you cannot prog- 
ress further until the monster 
has moved. The delay can dis- 
rupt the rhythm of your input 
resulting in a Ic^ad of nonsense 
e.g.. EEN when you tfxHJght 
you tiad separately moved 
eBgt twice, than north Thfai 
shortcoming is compounded 
try the atisence of DELETE 
and so whatever git>be rish you 
•nd up wttti must be eiMerad. 
As Is more typcal of a Yoffc- 
shlre Wand men &m In the 

d^ert, rain stops play. 

If you can dodge the 
assorted morksters. crocodiles, 
spiders, serpents, etc, and 
find some rrujt trees, and 
perfiaps a poof of water^ you 
Mil And yourmn cnm^ng mo 
new maps where you mtotit 
weJI find a dead erxJ. Often the 
way out IS lo press the Blue key 
(1 ) and enter the sea wtmm 
you can swim aJong n>errily 
with onfy rhe sefpents posing 
any threat Tfm sea washes 
against the t>ottom of the map 
and is useful for crossing map 
bourxJaries qutcMy until you 
meet a constriction forcing you 
onto land or serpertt-infesled 
waters. Here lies a minor bug. 
If you lire ol swimming, or if the 
MfpeiA should get you. and 
youdif you continue with your 
neirt life whera you left oH. 
However, you set off again in 
the Red key (2) land mode. 
TtiriB sduttoit la ainiple enough 
- press tie Biie kay once 

When you come to a stidcy 
end all is noi lost by any 
means. You have twenty or so 
lives left ~ there s that A*rto- 
mata hymouf again. Your 

rejuvenation is effected on 
kmtHbing the elixir The next 
time you die vou look forward 
to the imusicaf accompaniment 
witti the suitably sad end: a dud 

Ousoe is a very different 
type of adventure tmt will take 


CRASH November 1994 109 


Producer: Scorpio 


Retail price: £1.99 

Author: Andraw Reed 

Ruby RunaboiA describes 
itselt as a craiy fun-paidced 
advefTtiire. The CfiSMtlo cover 
depk;ts a scene d fun and 
troiic with larger than lite car- 
lcx>n characlers. The ganr©s 
price leads one to eMpect a 
very ordintary adventure and in 
many ways this proves lo be 




Ypu play Reggie the Ruby 
Robber, the allrteratod anb- 
hero who has his sighls set on 
the Rocksalmon Ruby, the 
moai priceless genn in tt>e 
world. He runs a garage, wtien 
hes not bu$y thievir>g, and 
your adventure starts at the 
petrol pumps. Is this comnnerTt 
dinKted aft prage owners I 
aak mvaell or le it lust the 
crummiest plot aver to pack- 
age a odfTtputer gante? Your 
quest is to gel to Ohe ruby first, 
but if you take too long you may 
find Pl has moved, so donl 
waste lime. Having played the 
gBmie and discovered some of 
Its more dubious secrete, I can 
reveal thai \ have not got the 

loggiesi what these instruc- 
lions are atiout But ft you 
er>deavour to shed any Kgliton 
th^ matter don i write to tell rm 
about it because this is the sort 
of game where if things don't 
quite make sense it doesn't 
reaJly mattef. II could be the 
prtee, or tfie Mn ptot, or 
perhaps Us the grievance reK 
litien every programmer worth 
hb miiCfOdnve is struggiing 
with the limHatkins of 40K of 
mefnory, thisprogrflmmerhas, 
with an irvefticfcent style, ver** 
lured \a frti up as much pouttrie 
with redundant code. 

The game tises f*0 memory 
savir^ lechniques, and no 
wonder, since only 31 K is 
ac^ally used leaving 9K idle 
Simple memory conservation 

cx>uid aimo^i have halved the 
length of the prcg ram. To give 
Hm examples: variable narnes 
are up to eleven characters 
lorg while graphics use rearra 
rt Plot and Draw representfrifl 
a vast wasis in memory and is, 
these days. unacceptaMs in 
games thought to have any 
commardat value Surely you 
e)cpeci a commercial prOTram 
to Ofler somethir>9 beyond thai 
which Hm average hacker 
oouki achieve, no mater what 
the asking prk^ 

Back to the cassette cover. 
You II discover forty kx^alions. 
twenty of wtikti have graphic 
itlustratJonsH ar>d using your 
imagination and sense of 


a k3t of i^aying before that 
¥vWch you are suposed lo 
achieve becomes dear. It will 
appeaf 10 ttiat group of players 
wtio rind text adventures too 
dtemandrng arxJ unexdiino, 
and like \h0^r games served up 
with a sense of humour. 

Dlfflculty; How kxig Is a pie<^ 


Graphics: Shows map of 

island on which your character 

Crusoe is moved from tslock to 


Presentation: Very good 

110 CRASH November 1984 

Inpul Facility^ Ho delete, 


neaponae: Fast but replies 

often conf us i rig 

Special Features: The game 

l8 difflctjtt to categorize, not a 

traditional style adventure 

General Rating: Fair 









Overall Value 


humour, sunrive the journey lo 
locate and remove Rooksal- 
rr>on Ruby. 

The only humour remart<- 
itble enough to remember is 
the comment that greets you 
when you eKamine the tape to 
be Idd - it s a Sony. That is 
unless you count ttie instant 
death meted out by the 
policeman should you be 
caught dropping a totfee wrap- 
per. A policeman ^sproacties 
you mth a truncheon, you look 
at him so he hrts you over the 
head with it for dropping litter 
Such oecurrarKes are com- 
mon, where attempting 10 kill 
alm^^t anything will mark your 
early deparluf a from the game. 
Anydiif^g from a park aiiendam 
lo a lowy wasp can present a 
thfeat but could you really 
expect an altercation with a car 
wash lo be fatal? At times Ft can 
seem thai everything you try 
erKJs up kilNng you for liile jus- 
trtlable reason. 

you win on each sabsaquent 
attempt af>d you neither loose 
the coin you've used or gain 
liie cx^m you win. You cari 
sense any atmrxisphere fadlrig 
away. Later the game has you 
scanng an elephant with a vary 
elusi^^ mouse and another 
s<^narid has you creeeping 
over pesswe pads sure in the 
belid tfiat your step will be that 
much daintier dressed in slip^ 

The graphics are simpJe tnit 
affedive enough So as not to 
hold ^ wffiai is an entfpeiy 
Basic program the graphics 
are marked out with sirr^le 
Draw and Plot oxnmands. The 
cokxjr changes al evefy kxa- 
iion but some of tf» colours 
used do not mii well. The 
bridge appears triank on a b/w 
TV and only reveals a bla<A 

I admit it s Just possible I may 
have missed some of the 
humour as my interest finally 
flagged before completing the 
game. As for using your imagi- 
r>atlon you wiil indeed need^ if 
since the game requires men- 
tal coniodions to eicpJain the 
odd iuxtapositions of looatioris 
and object An oU hg lies 
directly south of a poSi box, a 
wigwam is in dose proKimrty to 
an ^kx), while by a builcfing 
site - wtrat s this? - The Suez. 
Oh! Uh? Many o4her locations 
are mystertously unyieiding, 
You seem unable lo cross wk 
brtdoe or swim the river, 
Furmer. no aocees can be 
made to a single building you 
meet As for the objects, woukj 
you really expect to find a blow- 
torch in ^ gym, or a file in a 
flower bed? You don't find the 
petrd at tt>e petrol station txjt 
a I the windmill T>wre Is no 
strong storyline to explain 
these discrepancies. 

Inserting a com al tf>e fruit 
machine tt\ankfu!ly does not 
result in death. In fact you win 
with your ftmt attempt Sadly 

brid^ agair\st a red back- 
ground deafly on a favourably 
ad| Listed colour set. A lot ol 
input scrolls up to push the pic- 
ture and locabon description 
up off the screen. 

Ruby Runabout is a Short 
and unimaginative adventure 
with a weak plot and no ttiemie 
to speak of. The are loo few 
pfoblems and too fiwiy early 
msS». Good fealufes Indude a 
pteasant intro tune and a very 
guide response time Thlis 
game is about a third of ttw 
price of many dassic adverv 
lure games and i cant help 
feeling that here you get a third 
of an adventure, both as 
regarcte size and quality. 

DHflculty: hfoderate 
Graphics: Small graph cs in 
some locatior^. 
Presentatk>n: Average - 

Input Facllrly: Spectrum irrpul 
Response: Quite fast 
Gerteral Rating: Poor 

Atmosphere 3 

Vocabulary 4 

Logic 3 

Debugging ^ 

Overall Value fi 




You are commanding a squadron of four 
ground attack aircraft... 

The mission is seemingJy hopeless. 

Fly along the river at zero altitude, twisting and 
turning crazily to stay within its tortuous banks, 
blastir>g at anything and everything in sight. Especially 
the bridges. 

Three of your jets are heW m reserve white you 
are pitched against Battleships, Enemy Aircraft, Land 
Tanks, Balloons, Helicopter Gunships, All intent onty on 
your destruction. 

And destroy you they will, if you don't get them 
first. You'll need to keep an eye on your fuel gauge. 
But take comfort you can take fuel on board from 
one of the special depots. 

If you get hit - and nobody has yet reached the 
end of the river -your next reserve starts at the last 
bridge you blasted on your way through f 

Each target you destroy adds to your points 

Like alt Activision Software. River Raid will hold 
you and keep you coming back for more. 

Chocks away! 

lose y ourself in the world of 









^immdi^^ .4k. 



pilose ruf^TFtt dbiivl^ ' 

B«lf andCciffip«Miiof« hou^ Fmrkdon Kood Marten Harborough, 


Produce: Mtcromega 
Mefpory raquirad: 48 K 
Retail price: C6*fi5 
Language: machine ood# 
Authof : Derok Drewitor 

Kentitla is Mk^^omega's first 
aep ou! (from the realms of 


3D) into lands shrouded with 
mists where thlni^ rumOl^ bfi 
the nkjht. Th«y mm appar- 
©nily dorw ao with due ^w 
m6 oonsicterafton of the maf- 
ket and wrth an author ¥rtx). 
though fortuitously adapt at 
high quaiity arcade games, 
hdds text adventures as his 
first \o^- kteally. Kentm 
should have been knduddd in 
the Advantura Tfail. but thai 

wouW obviously have bean 
very unethical of us sJnce the 
autnors am the sarti@! Mk:^ 
romega dsschbes Kemilt& as a 
richty devious adventure and it 
is very much so. 

The setting te Camtand (the 
mythteal home of Derek 
Srewstef). Grako has returned 
from the flames of frie Abyss 
a fter a oorrklpr was opsned for 
a few shott seaxids as Vei- 

iw coiy Hell ^ic tuns 

And you thought 
it was just a movie! 

Coming soon to save the computer world! 


Your computer was made for us. 


strong plot and a 
pot full of puzzles' 

"Full marks" 


100% -the best I 
hew ever 






ofVKAN 1 


'A Stimulating 




"Very professional 
, . ^ a very polbh^d 






Ht^ I i r I Hff DUf Tim 54 IL ffi4Wi Bttvvt iMMitriq nQi 43q 

if ET i» a strir« torn land vhtch hoi rmvr kiwtm 

mounliim now thre^jm its n'cry tmtxfKC md di« LoriJb df 
K«i bofc upofi you M #»if Of% hopt . . . 

£dcfi «pi«>dc o^ the »Wi Tvibgiy Ndn « i^ion pwi of a 
•efit#nc:e that rt only ttv^tdk>d on compkUng th« advefHui^ 
Ktvk^ccHTHiQtk'teirrid^llibnunviwai I2^<:halenge.the 
fw$t pgf»Qn if> ifaccjvgi' th< ■ c o fry t tn n mi M j e wa be aw»<te<l 
4 vi^ refTQf <l^ pf ihnf <Nin cli«lee il i4» lA viltjc o^ £401}) «id 
^ c«*te4 tt^wd SRHWIS BEST AD¥EMTaR£H 

ZXSPECTRUM48K MauiTtiynsofKfll U 
eSSOeach^FKi.PiP) T»mpitOfiVr*n G 

Th« FiimJ Mission Q 

Mftfiagsiiwril Q 

L Pteass send nit tfie titles a^ indtcalad, by tvi dass post 
!l«icto»che<}uerof£ . . csrde&tnfTycradircard 

j NameyacWf ©&s . 



i I I 1 I I 3 

HCtimVE SOftWARE tm «• tonrfon Stfwt. flaHllnfl HQI 46Q. Engtand 

CRASH November 1904 113 

fior'3 soul was hurled through 
the void to the flames . Grakq 
has tBkBn resktonoe \n Ihe 
Black Towef and now hem 
wflhJn hisgmptti9 Moofistone 
of Aigrath. ttM SOuroe of VeJ- 
i\oc'B poww. The seen© is 
mcely ast on th^ inlay oar d and 
links neatly to Dwek's earlier 
adventure VBlnofS lair (Quk:ie- 

Tha stQfy starts off f of rsal in 
front of Ctaerofi's house with 
exHs l*>rth. WesI, East and 
Soulti through a door. What 

As a reviewef of adventurers. 
Dmwk Brewster has been 
apfMVently wwking out a unJv- 
efsaT rneans of m^ing adVen* 
lures rnore aocessiBle and 
lriend$y to use^ and in Kwtilla 
we can bob much of this at 
wortc. Thefe are good k^caiion 
dfor^tions throughout and 
0^ genemJiy tell you what 
you need to know but. as one 
iTrigM expect. EXAMINE Is 
wwity used to reveal much 
more than iiiMlMilty wparani 
m^m a lo<aion. This Is moiit 
rtchty used in conjundion with 
the gmpfilcs whidi are not just 
pretty adjunds to brighten up 
th© paoe, but ocMilain real 
Gkidfi. So. for Instance, on 
mtortng a hall, arvd in need of a 
tordi (these ar©f)'t to be fotind 
left lyinQ arowrid on forest 
pottis) it ia worth taki.ig tf>e 
graphte whteti shows lt>e walls 
dcMad w+th burning torches 
quite sehously. EXAMINE 
WALL results in a piece of vft- 
alty interesting Inforniaton - 
Ihe 18x1 verifies what you see. 
and TAKE TORCH reveals 
that you are now carrying 

The gnptitcs thfougtiout 
canry this Idea on and it adds a 
new dintension to the dassk^ 
styf e adwntufv where the first 
lhfr*g to fto* presuming there 
are no savage creatures 

114 CRASH November 1 984 

about, is lo ^art asking qu^- 
tk>ni alMat }/i»m wu sm aa 
well m retd. tn fiwraelvM. 
the graphics are smaJi bul neai 
and to Ihe point, avtHdir>g use- 
less wastage of memory. 

Kenr/z/a is an interactrve 
game. LHe canios on witfi or 
without you and in mioments of 
indecision the WATT oommand 
can be useful The Interaction 
also allows conv^rsettons with 
other diaracters, all of wfKxn 
have a itfe of tHeir own and may 
choose to be heipful or not. At 
the atari it is Gomforting to dis- 
cover that Ogefon {d^pite ttie 
dubk>us name) is quite frierKlly 
and inteed hands you the 
sword Kentilla wt^ch you so 
desperately need. Another 
pleasant oreatufe is Elva. wtio. 
with her at>ilrty 1o carry so many 
things, is all too easily treated 
lirke a packhorse after a few 
teKi^tions, These characters 
may be spoken to by usir>g 

auotees as in SAY TO OGE- 
Anott>er element which is 
unusual Is the text editor which 
is it>ere to akJ input. Using 
CAPS SHIFT wtth some of the 
numeric keys attows the player 
to delete character to the left of 
the cufsor^ insert a apace^ 
move cufsof teft or right and 
recall ttie last commarxi. As 
the Insert points oiil, this last 
command can be convenient^ 
used in tengttiy battle sequ* 
erx)es whore kLl uRGA may 
rspidty be dier>ged without 
retyping evefyltiing into E)WM 

So much lor ttie tedink)ues. 
what about ttie game The 
object is to return urako to the 
place from whervce tve came, 
the flan>^ of tt>e Aby^> and It 
is your task togettief with tfie 
sword Kentilla. llppadked wrth 
devious problems and will take 
the experienced adventuref a 
k>ng time to get right tfirougti tt. 

Lateral - even on occaston 
some unpleasant - thinking is 
required to overcome a 
number of thorr^ problems. 
Right acUow can make friends 
of en omto e who may then do 
things for you that you are 
unabte to do. One theng you a/e 
able to do In HmWla is LOOK. 
This useful oomm^id can 
have a simile/ fur^on as 
EXAMINE, for example. LOOK 
IN CHEST but it may also be 
employed for seeir^ ahead 
before making a move as in 
L00*< EAST. 3usl LOOK on its 

misleading. A word of warning 
^ Kj$ntitk Is aiso a very, very 
brig adventure to pta y througti , 
not t»ecause it has tnousands 
of bcations but because you 
will need to retrack. deviate, 
retum and revisH all ttie while - 
there is no straightforward 
lineartfy here And this te not 
just a case of tt^l old adven- 
ture problem, the amount of 
objects you can ca/ry, since 
Elva, poor thing. Is as strorig as 
an ox. The orily drawback we 
discovered was inputting. The 
compiiter seems to accept 
eadi letter typed in a littte 
skTwty with the result that yo(^ 
can trip up over letters when 
typing in commands, although 
tna sophisticated text editor 
helps here - but perhaps H is 
the very sophistkation ttiat has 
stowedaooeptarK^. tt'sasmall 
point , however and to be boms 
in mind wfien typing fast in bat- 

KentHia m a sure winner m 
an adventure with many devi- 
ous problems which shcukl 
keep any adventurer busy 
through the coming winter 
months and it's excellent value 
tor mor^. Just one tip; your 
loyal sidekk:k can be very heip- 
M when giving and taking 

Robin Candy & Roger Keen. 

own will redHSScribe the loca- 
tion. It may seem a small point 
but the direction LOOK com- 
mand adds an element of 
tmn>ediate strategy to K&nWlB 
ar>d spottir>g some dreadful 
Ufpamaul beftore keeping into 
its legation can leave you pre- 
pared for fight Of flight. 

KBfiWta is a very good 
adventure which offers the 
right level of dmculty so tfiat 
you can wander around for a 
while without attempting to 
sdve trie quest, thus acquaint- 
ing yourself with Caralarvd and 
its inh^sAants and learning 
how to interad wtth tt>em This 
is required quite frequenUy arid 
first impreeriom of characters, 
aggf esalve or paaslveH can be, 
and are often intended ~ to be 

DHftculty : difficuSt aln>ost iTom 

me atari, but presents an 

always attractive challer>ge 

Graphlci: above average ^ 

small but important - a rare 


PreiefrtatlcKi: good 

Input facility: a triAe slow txjt 

very user-triendly, full 



Special feetufss: character 

interaction and conversation 

General rating; exoellerrt 












Producer: Master Vision 
Retail Price: ei 2.50 
Authors: HCamell.S A 
Galoway. S. Kirk 

Wrgth of Magm. foflowtng 
Biack Crystal In the Third Con* 
Unem SertTOn *8 a mammoth 
work cof^ilsting of a sutetan^ 
tialtexl. The Book ot Shadows . 
3 smaflar boohbt giving 
iriterestrYg and detajl&d playing 
jiBinjctions. and three 
©pisoKtes of the adventure con- 
taimct wtthin two cassettes 
Episocle 1 differs markedly 
frofTi the other two and tiie 
game must be pfayed in sequ^ 
EVGB 3in^ tha data given at 
the erxl of epbode 1 is needed 
to begin episocte 2. and so with 
2 and3 . Each episode require 
a considerable effort in Its Own 
right and you are unlike*y to 

g'oraed very tar without 
AVE. The packaging goes to 
great lertgths to point out thst 
me dharacters are entirely fta* 
tteious: ar^ fesemtriance to 
ictual persons living or dead is 
rolTOdenlal More curious 
ruijnc warns you of th© daur 
gers of meddlinp with the 
oooiH. You are a^sed rvot to 
drink adds, eat Deadly Night- 
tfiMto or turn people i nto frogs. 
Sound advk^ indeed. 

You play tfie Knight of Star 
Jawef. Hero of the Vcfcamc 
Dmgmo , wf>o ahjboijgh only a 
man. ftas won the e^teern ot 
the elves for slaying the witch 
Magia and rescuing the elfin 
princa^ Edora. But now all 
your eWorts would seem in 
vain The witch's body w^ 
retrieved by the Ice Giants and 
now lives again In the Blade 
Mountains due to the restora- 
tifve powers ot the Black Arts 
Princess Edora is now chained 
to a wall In a cold, dimly lit ceil 
deep within the bowels ot 
Amosttwn Ugal, her once 
tteautitui face disfigured with 
njnning sores. She is posses- 
sed and the only way to save 
her IS to destroy Magra. 

The episodes have a table In 
the tw right hand of the dis- 
ptoy. There are eight factors, 
so^r^e of which am ine^cthcably 

STRENGTH: rf your power 

drops to lero due to tiredne^ 

or ^^ounds, you die. 


* FAITH: tf>e more speJts you 

syccessfully cast the higtYer 

,yoyr faith MOON PHASE 

I PEftCENTAGE: chance of kil^ 

ling a nnonstef; changes during 
a ^ht W/OUNOS: effect your 
strength and ability to f^hit. 
GOLD: bits. TIME: 24 hr dock. 

Time plays an important part 
in Wrath of Magra. Five 
minutes real time repr^ents 
one hour in (tie game. You 
use the passing phases of tfie 
moon to help weave your 
spells and as the days pass 
you must satisfy your hunger . 
thirst and tiredness. Your early 
forays aie frustfaied by your 
inabiiity to enter buiklings until 
^ey open nest day 

Episode 1 has you m the vil- 
lage at night where some 
strong forx:^ preveffis the cast- 
ing o1 spdis This sectkm, 
featuring high resolutkxi 
graphics, is desigrted to altow 
you to cdiect, buy and 
exc^uir>ge tr^isures and 
ingredients usfng BUY and 
St LL. You have a silver sword, 
a shield. Fendai's ring, tur for 
warmth. arKl t^ie Star Jewel ^ a 
gem from which you are never 
separated. Not every feature is 
described and so you have to 

Ciss where it might be feas- 
lo pick up Deadly Night- 
shade, for example. 

Episode 1 certainly lias 
exceptionally good graphic 
representations of ttie 

locatiof\s txjt the circuitous 
route t^en to achieve this 
resutt in detays of yp to fifteen 
seconds. It requires the time 
token in many adventures to 
draw a picture simply to 
remove the graphic from ttta 
last loAtbn. When enteririg a 
buildino the test graphic isr^'t 
removed at all - you are ir^ide 
a cottage and yei you see the 
cottage Not such a heinous 
crime you may thinly, but we re 
dealing with a dedicated 4 OK of 
program t>ere. a preliminary to 
tfie more complex adventure 
itself, and t think no byte should 
have been teft unafterd in the 
attempt lo put some excep- 
tional gfaphics at each and 
every location The doctors 
bok like, and is^ the farm 
house . arKJ the woodcutter s 
cottage - eighteen seGor>ds 
worth of graphics. 

TJie vocabulary is confoun- 
dedly unheipfu I Its friendliness 
has you puzzled at ENTER 
TOWER. The program 
requires the full entiy. EhTTER 
nr>ean fuH - rK> abbreviatior\s. 
Were this all ttiefe might be 
hope, but what about this for a 
supposed 'meaaoame", GET 
a ftfteen second wait whiie 
requires seventeen seconds. 

A huge task confronts you 
here. There are some poucnes 
in the Wizards tower 
nd you must guesa Iheir con- 
tente. This has you searching 
the back pages of the Book <^ 
Shadows to see which spetl 
Ingredients you might p<ck up. 
This task proves laborious 
when you consider the delays 
when no abbreviations are 
aiowed and the shortes wait 
you can expect is fifteen sec- 
orrds for each attempt. When 
you move off to itie nert toea* 
tton the screen scrolls in a 
manner which lets down the 
otherwise tidy pfesentalion; 
the last locatian a descriptiof^ 
oniy partly scrolls up of! the 
screen leaving its possjbie 
exits behind. So I leave 
episode l with what may wel! 
prove to be an unshakable 
convictiorv Thte program is 
badly coded. 

Episode 2 finds yoy in the 
m^r^es beneatii the Black. 
Mountains where you cast 
spells ^fyd build up your faith. 
You toilow the three maps pro- 
vided showir>g tf^ three levels 
you must tacklie, beir^g careful 
r>ot to fall down any onasm to 
your death. In epjsode 3 you 
are in Magra s fortress hunlid 
by the evil witch hersell. As you 
move around the fortress rt is 
mapped out at the top letl of the 
screen. The mofrters are cre- 
ated by the oempuler and if you 
dodge these you must lace 
and destroy Magra to survive. 

Episode 2 . a las . does not fair 
any bitter than 1 in fact things 
have t^Bfi a oeaded turn ror 
ttve worse. When loading, the 
maze takes so long to set up 
you oouki tie forgiven for think- 
ing the program had crashed. 
Tfia impressive h«gh resolutkvi 
of episode 1 are 

CRASH Novembof 1964 115 


r@p|ac@<3 by iDkin graphic, ] 
but what realiy jafS is the 
wholly ynimpresstve input 
noutind wtix^h is so inapt as to 
border cm th© ridlculoys. Tha 
best way to get found this 
unnaoessary ofctsiacte is to 
©3unt as in mi^ic 1 & 2 & 3, Of 
In this case. G A E & T etc The 
problem is compounded by th# 
insistence on the enlrj^ o1 com- 
plete ^ords with a few 
abbreviations permittad A 
main feature of tfiis episode is 
the combat routine wtiich is 
notable for the seeming unaa- 
saiabilfty afforded to you 
should you ctioose the shield 
tof defence and tfie sitvet 
Bword tor attack. Aji overused, 
fm sH effecttvep Anglo Swon 
word denoting pfocreatton is 
at^apted, and after a few 
niofTwits struggling with this 
ifM^ nouiiiie, youH need it. 

tfir 0/ Magra is A si^niftcant 
work full o( imagination arxd 
atmosphefft. It comes wtth a 
large book which resembles a 
cross between a Tolkien novel 
and a Dungeons and Dragons 
handboolL The playing instrijc- 
Horn am full and creditable. | 

The program ilseH Is erttlrely In 
Basic and suffers from an 
absence of that expertise 
which separates a magazine 
Itoting from a lop ctass game. 
Th© delays in the program are 
a disappointment, tne poor 
input routine is scade3ous, 
Takeri together they are ruin- 

Wrath of Magra Is a package 
with an exdting theme, What is 
missing is an equally eKcrling 
computer program to develop 
that theme. 

Dffflculty: Average but lime 


Graphics: Some, excellent 

Presentation: Very good 

Input facility: Average to 


Response: Very slow 

Special Features: 3 

progrwns with dittofenl 

ptaylng styles 

Generel rating: Poor 









Overall Value 








R&viewitd in CRASH bv Derek irewsief : 

'Th0 g&m^ cortcf^itMf ground ^n imm^r^satf er^ioyable pfoi: 

$MfHmse tulfifs sntif s^bstdas as in a noyai. " 

^The gam^ r^&tiy (mpres^es aft^r ^ v&ry iittf& hm^. ' 

"flic/i aimo3phefe i:hsi pervades $he whofe garner ' 


Ser -' - ' ^ :ibl« Saftwftro, S2 Linn bury Road, 

Lulon LLO /PL . AcL^^&ti i>rd<*r on tOSft2i 5i1493 

19-6 pm Only) 


One 0/ tfie ftiost fX>pular 
topics in ih9 Signpost 
maiibag each fmmth is what 
akaciiy makes a good 
adver}ture Although Otera is 
much variation in opinion on 
th^ subjact thagenBfai trand 
wauid appear totmmfa vour 
ot th^ irriag^Btfve, 
weH-wfittmy, text adventure, t 
think opiniofis are summed up 
weUby Ma. M. Grftflthto/ 
Pool$ who supplies tha 
tottowmg points which she 
considers to make hef ideet 

'in text advefitures there 
should be good, full 
descriptions of Nx^tons to 
create atmo&phere. In 
klliistnrted adventures, the 
pkliier ^x>yld be di splayed 
only at the first visit to the 
location unless recalled 

Problems stiould respond to 
logical, or sensible, sdutions. 


li 1 * 


■ (-^d 


1 i'^ ^H 


There must be a 
SAV&LOAD facility, and It 
should be possible to play 
again without retoadinig tlie 
whole prog ram. 

There should be an 
eKamiTO andor ^©argh option 
- much more interasliiig. 

Tfwe should be some 
flexibifity in commands 
accept^ so the prpcr^n Is 
not eKcessJvely finidcyt in 
rejecting slight variatiroris in 

Earfy probiems should be 
reasorably easy so the 
averag« player c;an get some 
way into the game. Nothjnq is 
worse than tie™ stuck rignt at 
the start of an aaventure 
(Derek - try playing Eye ot 

A sense of humour, if 

116 CRASH Novemberl 984 


Cutto BlKkBtBifrom SCR 
counts hfghty mth& esteem of 
Nt1lc0 Arntntovof Ffackw&ti 
Htaft, Buckmghafnshtmr 
HfhD appears ffum his fettBf to 
bB an ardent mxt-anly tan 
Mike say otCM^ 

Of alf Hie tradiitionaf styla 
adventures it is d&finrteiy tha 

But he has a pfobhm: coutd 
m^nB heip Mike pass thB 
dragon? I mtjsf co/>tess, / 
hBvm't as y^tsBmy th& game, 
but with 75% on tfie Crash 
ratfrig $Y$Wfn it must be good. 

Continuing ths theme of t^xt 
BdventufBS, tf^eyr^wkx^k 
ominously ctost to extinction. 
Ewn Lavet 9, mastBr 
craftsmen of the pfose 
adventura, have tmttert m Ikia 
with th& concamus and their 
fefesf. Return to Ed#r\ witi 
t)oast graphics T^araason 
tor tfjfe sw^ch IS quite simple, 
buyers in me chain storm and 
distributQrs are haih to take 
Oh text<>nlf gan\0$ assuming 
B^erynnB wants onhurtul 
graphics th&se days ttseenm 
m^ar odd that / am 
presented with an opposing 
view. Do ff}e chain storas giva 
us what we want or do we buy 
what they g*veu&? Maybe 
you might fike to ht ma krK^w 
your vi^wB on this subjecL 

I must thank &li those who 

?a\ra ma the solution to Aftic's 
>rce tiaid probiem, t hadn 't 
realised so many had 
B$c«ped from the Ptanet of 
DMtti Once again iamm 
fteed of some help Two 
f$curnng prubtems in the 
Signpost maifbag wh$ch have 
me comp/e/e/y stumped em: 
where s ^egin in D^niili 
througti ttw Loolcing Qimsm, 
mdhow cfo you get through 
&ie mimical door in Fentfttta 
Dtemond? tt you could tet ma 
kr}ow th& so!utk>n to Bither of 
these problems f, and rnm^y 
others similarly attttoted, 
woidd be etemaily gratefut. 

7ft fe monms £12 of software 

Planet of Death 

How do you get pest the 




Tem pie of Vran 

Bmdey Owon. Caefphilly, MkJ 




How do you get over th© lava? 



How do you got tfirough tha 

hote in the wan? 



Claulc Adventure 

Bradtey Owen 

Hofw can t gelpaslltie 



Velfwr's Lair 

John Denton. Selby 
how do you pet over the 
itroften lave cheam? 



Espionage leland 

Chnstopner Mitchell, 


How can I gel out of the 





Golden Baton 

N. Be&t, Bnslol 

How do get past the crab? 


Fa niBsie Diamond 


How do you gel started 




Invincible leiehd 

Leslie Bennett 

What do you do after you have 

found the seven paf chments? 




Temple of Vran 

rndtmai Whrtmell. 


How do you get acroea the 





Paul Sooit. Scunthorpe 

How to pet the wire cutters 

without being shot 










(5 py^ 















, Nofn«.*»i »,.,„„.,„„ I 

■ Addrasft.... t 

I * ,.» I 

CRASH November 1 964 117 



If you think you've seen atl kinds of Spectrum 
peripherals and that nothing can surprise 
you -then watch this space. 

Sttvfl Ltoyd frcHii Cafiitsrlctg« ConifHfQns 

h^as sent us a laltle device wHich $hQukJ halp gjiy 
Bfcada acfclct gel |3^as^ m^? mosi cniical sla^en q* 
im gtfm tm^mrrg fast f {9fiei(@s Th# unit m cal- 
IM ciMinMy SLOMO and the bgo f A^ufvt ft 
snaii Ves, yDuVe gue^^ed «. Mi 
I proMes Slow motion and fmzfi 
f ibrany giim» or progrwn runn ing on 
ril. i Bogompfsh^s w by s^fiing a 
jf tigml on (ti^? sysiam bua The ZIO 
JW iHd ^oes inro 'hNbornatPDri' {higli 
inip9dafi0ft and*) unhi th« sognaL i& called d^ 
Two iritia push tM\Dt\ switchM pfwicte wthsf 
instant freftza irmw (for w brig as tha kvf te 
pressed) of Trmer mode which i£ws yc^j to v^ry 
the d9lay t^me of the intefrny tinw/monoaiabto 
so Ihftl you an a4u«4 oofltinuaJty from nofrmi 
^Md flohl dovm la ^nd ^m An Lf Q indtealH 
the hmef rnode 

SLOMO 4Ji easy lo itfa Tbe fldgii cwmedDr 
taaluns in oKtenslon port lor oih^ p«nphefiis 
and plugs in at the back o^ the Spectrum with a 
tad oor^neclinp up lo me osnirol tov The two 
puah button swnches are located al the front and 
annouiled FREEZE FRAME and SLOW 
MOT ION . When SLQW MOTION n setaded. ^u 

red LED mdicardr oxne^ ofk and Ihsapaad of the 
gamc^ can te sel via it^e carttal ipoed comFOl 
know. $LOiiO i$ cpfnpfittta mWi any ftld-on 
wfichdoea noi require tie fius Aaquasf signa] 

Apan (iron) ctieeting at youf lavourite games 
and aoqUring HALL Of Sl imE fame with rtdicul 
otiS flr>d dishonest ponni scores, il can be handy 
for screen pholographs The fidcPliie»sl monwnis 
ot a game can be captured \n time and some of 
itiis issue's tcraan h^c^ would not have been 
po^iit^ wWieiil SLuMO. Ves. you guasaad it. 
SLOMO f»a akMdy been leqyt&itKsned liy our 
m-hCHiise camera team and aJI the begging in the 
wpr^ wiH not bring ihe uni bsc^ lo me Cam- 
brfdga Cornpyt^ng foresees SLO^O s lise as an 
educfithonaf tod for aci<XHTi.modat«riQ tiio progratn 
speed lo (tie indtviduai pupil or lecture and atso 
as a deveiopmeni he^p tof pfogrammefe irm 
co$l Ol SLOMO I? CI 4 95 and It you atli ma, 
yoy can buy fl loi of lime wUh thai. , . 

Cam.bfidge Computirvg Reuarch ttd^ 
ei Drrton Welle 
Cambridge CB5 &Q0 
Ttl. (0223)214451 



On an exploratory watk 
ttirought the PC W Show stands 
CRASH bumped into Steve 
Rutherford and Alan Mar- 
shall. Steve is a director of 
Tiger Distribution. Alan is in 
charge of the computer division 
of John Menzies. The ensuing 
discussion and a following visit 
to Tiber's new headquarters in 
Wamngtonp Cheshire, 

revealed a few interesting fact. 

TTgof Distribution startMl up sorr>e 22 
nnonths ago arxJ was one of me first soft- 
ware distributors m the country They 
were the first to realise ttiat the inrtial mall 
order by sjness from softwa/e frouses was 
expanding to apeciaUst retailers, who 
needed to be vtmotd profitably by a well 
fugeiilMd cHMTibuttori company. Tlie 
modest beginninas in a three storey pub 
hou&e soon paia off and today Tiger ie 
operating from a rtew factory unH ar>d 
employs some 30 people. Tneif range 
includes ovsf i.OOO titles from over lOO 
software houses. They service many 
IndependefTi retainers, but also tiave a 
mudi sought after contract with one of the 
big multiples. John Menzies. 

lie CflASH November r§B4 

They work very doaely with Alan Mar- 
shall, whio is responsible tor tti© computer 
division of John Menzies En fact due to Ihe 
sale or exchange agreement. Tiger par* 
fomm the stock control of all the computer 
cassettes in the several hundred retail 
shops of Menzies with the help of their 
in-house mainframe oompuler. This 
guarantees a strict control of the salei 
stock. We have teamt from the past'. 
Steve says, the shetf life of software titles, 
iriduding smash hits, is becoming 
increasingty shofief , which in turn means 
stifler selection and tighter stock control 

The mainfranve sendees aiso the many 
telesales tem>inats and this in conprtcbo 
With a stJong telesales team, wtllQh 
includes two sx- Imagine employees, pro- 
vkJes an excallent 24 hour service for the 
mafvy IfidiptndarH retailers from a fleet o1 
vans operated by reg tonal sales forces, 

There is plenty o1 space for e^tpartsion'. 
Owen Hargrettv^, c^arrman of Tiger, 
tells me. 'we ftave plans for oonver^liig 
the fadory unit into a purpose built office 
complex and work for this has alrea^ 
begun. Road access to Warrington is very 
good and we are thefefore converting a 
lifge Qiea into a regional Cash and Carry 
shop, another industry first.' 

Adiren Fisher, managiing director of 
Tiger, is quick to point out that they are 
active on the export market and are bu Iki- 
ing up a mulitiingual sales force. Asked 
whether the electronic softwa/e <iisWbu- 

tkjn nrtay pMe a threat. Adrian replies thai 
ihey had evaluated the system and fiad 
found it to bo aupedor lo the existinq The 
retailer stHf has to carry stocks of ir^ 
cards, manuals and f»cltaBlng. whicn 
means the overstocking protJlem sH 
exists Another problem is the transfer or 
duplicating time of the machine, as certain 
retail shops have peak sealing periocfc 
with a sale evefy four seconds, something 
the machine could not cope with Asked 
about his opinion regarding sollMtil 
piracy. Adrian believes a lot of n^gsi mpf 
ing is going on. t>ul that even if the pirating 
coufd be damiped down, the sales wouW 
only increase marginafly. as the end user 
has only a limited amount of pocket 
money to spend Nonethefess he is 
jntere^led in any effective copy protective 
system He has also resefvattons on the 
success of the coming MSX range, as the 
industry standard is achieved by using 
presani tediDOiooy offered in the future 
His tielief is that n the home compuiar 
mailtei is to survive, it will require valuable 
impfovements in the area of screen 
graphics, sound and complexity of ttie 
games and Ihai therefore tfw hardware 
would have to Improve accortifioty. 
Adnan foresees that in a years time we 
will be able to look back smilingly ai exists 
ing games and be amazed at the simplic- 
fty of offerings. Let's hope he is right, so 
that we can look forward to even rf>ore 
amazing games. . 


The Red Kipper Flies at Midnight 

You GET HOME ONE EVENING to discorer a message on yoiir 
answering machine. Something you'd thought hidden for good 
has reared its ugly head once again. Valkyne 17 is aaive. 

Over die next five nights a series of frantic phone calk con- 
vince you that the maRer deserves fijrther investiprion. \bu receive 
a dossier on the activities of VaDcyrte 17 Pieced together from frag- 
mentary reports cuUed from the last forty years yoy slowly begin to 
put the whofe thing togethec Drakenfeut; Heinrich and ReichsmuUet 

The badge pressed bto yoar hand on the station at^ ..^^ . ..„. 

And that last desperate call for help from the Glitz Hotel overlooking 
Lake Bmnte. 

Yoat cover is good. Very good in hct. "feu spend a (ew 
days sniifrng around and then head up covi^rds Lake Bnintz. "^ 
check in to the Glii2 Hotel Ir s the la^ kad you have. Ygu se^m to 
be gptting rKW'bere. 

Then on your way to the bar you sense a mo^^mcnt in the 
shadows. You fed a bb^^ on your temple. And everything goes bkdc... 

Valkyrie 1 7 is an Adventure featuring both graphic and text 
locations. Tfeu wiU meet several different characters some of whom 
may help yoa while others see your demise as their so[e purpose in life. 

Included in the pack is a comprehensive dossier on \ykyne 
17. On the reverse of the cassette cape arc the answeiphonc messages. 
And then of course theie^s the game itself. 




W0+ FUNRumms 




Beep Beep 

Watch yoiir 


, cry not to get killed and mind your language. 

4ited define me 

. i ^- ^ -1 

. .; . _ ,,..... ..,:-. _,. T^r^l.ri-.- ■- itA 


Mqifii 17 is (fstrihrifd by PaUcc Virfp GoU, 68 nenvten flud, L»iid«ft EU Tit. TeleplHMie: 01-529 556S. AvaiiUe frm 4 kaAi^ dniesikn;. 


The battle could be yours . 
^ but it wont be easy! 



Tvfiref«vit4it^i»n of the on-scteety grip 


THE PfHAMiD 5a^ arcade siytegariesrtrfTichiTas a vf^ 

The Pyramid contains 120 chambent on 15 levtfe In of*f m get from 
one cfiamder to another you musi fight off the tnagenous aitois lo 
collect an energised crj^ta! which ^11 neutraliie the force field guarding 

The Pynimjcf is inhaDited by a total of 60 weird and exotic alien types, 
all of Which are decfuofui^ animated tou vwiH meet a who(e varie!^ of 
demore. droids. msects and rmnsters, wnh a sprinkling of m? rnore 
unL^ual. the e^tf a-terrestna* tweezen, gaiacDc stjawberry, cosm*c ctaw, 
mutant eye. plus a whole host of enbties tfiat dWy rattonal descnpuon. 
fou'ti no ddufcl invent ycur own nicknames 

Mcxi proceed to expbre me pyramid from top to ftoitom with the 
diffficuJty generally ricreasjng with the depth of level. Depending on the 
chcMce erf exit from each chamtsef you are l*eiy m have a drffereni game 
ewfy Ittne you play 

Apart from the challenge of trymg to achieve the highest score 
poi^bJe the pyramid conuim a aumta&r pu22ie to soK/e The more 
chambers you succe^ully visit the more irtfomiiaDon is gathered to 
enaDle you to discovef me ieaet nymoer^ of trie pyramid The pum^ 
won't ta*ce you Osy^ to 50*ve. rt vwU probably take you a few inonths. 


iXXHWSDMr CASTL£ consbts of a tebyhnth of 7^ carT^% inter 
connected HdJts arxJ Passages wtiere you will meet ^ whole host of 
adwrsam-s serving the inf mely evif Scarthax. the Garthrogs, the 
Optiacs. the phenorrienally nasiy Googly Bjfd and the Urio which > 
mantfesi themselves m wer f % unbelievaoJy weird and wondertuJ 

Scar max has scours th<? Urnverw tobrmg togetfwf thesixarximr 
stones of Wefor ce United in Doormd^ Castle they are I3eing used tc 
vweld an (rreststaisle povwer over the cc«mo^. erronatrig waves o* 
comjption through every galaxy 

To save the Unrverse, you rritei battle your way through the Castle 
to find and cof (ect the six stones ar^ use their force against Scanhax to 

" • V Dooimday CastJe. hopefully escaping younelf before the final 

/flic expiospon 

rne task <s not easy (saving the Uhwrw newer m and it w»il take 
ymi many garnes to untoW the stmciLPre of [kK3^^ 
discover jtie locations of tfie ancient stones 

The addiarve arc ^ide style action will keep you comn ig bacfc to p% 
t>ut the overall challenge s^wDukJ stiH keep you occ^jpsed for montm 

RUMBEtOWS, SPECmUM GROUP, COMPUTERS FOR ALL ami all other good software retallera. 

The Pyramid at £5^50 and Doomsday Castle at £6.50 from 

cJespatched by netum first class post tDgetfwr witfi free membershfp and current newsletter of the Fantasy Micto Club. 

Trade ErTquines \A«lcofne - lekphone 0242-583661 

Onc€ upon a time, only Commodore ovmers could experience the thrill of playing an original 

game by Jeff 'Awesome' Minter. Lesser mortals could only sit and stare in wortderous 

rapture at the furry arcade action brought to you by Uaniasoft* 


Dragon owners were the first to see the light of day. but now 

Salamander Software ts pleased as punch to announce that selected tides 


Yes that's right. Salamander is now producing titles for the Spectrum, and the first of these 

are two great arcade games * , I 


On a kirkiiri fibsi*r\'iiiii jn post di Elie *'dg<? <A I hi^ g^liixy. liit' ML^dlUiitias uait iot .' 

a MQn of Z^y^ixtan !*f)iiCt?^hips. Suddehly tlu* alann t laxoiis blare, and the funv . 

fripnds oi frt'edom rush lo (he hie only to fiiMl ihat iher^ are tm aiiiit king 

spf ic eiih i ph , and t hill they art" u nd i^r atl ack from Cyborg Arach n id Mul ant s and ^ , 

Disgusting Wfinlknds. ... ; i I 

Thi^ dM^ aitadt* aatTve. OTiginaUy d€V^Jo|>t^ by Jeff 'Awesome * 

MintCT d Llaniasoft. fcaluies ! am) 2 player options, spitling I * 

Llamas, CylMiry Arat hnid Miitanli*, Di^^gusling Wwviloicls. 99 I 

l*"i t^li* (>f play, Joy^iich terninmeirdt'd, Suppi>ri5i S|>ectriim ZX . Jj 

I nterface 2 and Kempsinn joyst irkh. " 1 i r9 


Ji IS li'n yi^ir^ dfh^r iht^ infajiious Grid Wars, and i \\ ' t* 

huiudnitv is uiKe rittain threateiied by the evil drciids, M U *^v 

only this lime th*!y're iKjck in fwrce with neu uj^apons ■ . ]}f jt 

andneualBes. M V r^ 

Thi? aweson>e sequel to ihe b^t selling GridrunneT. % i K 

Matrix f^iures all (he old favoyrite* like Droid^ and A i I l 

Zappcn-s. bul iiKTeases the panic qiKrtient by^ adding 

Diafinnal ttavi*^. Cosniit Cameluid!.. tni>rgy deflectors. 

liie Siiik h and itiore. 

Game nriginally dei ekipt d by Jeff ' A wep>Tn**' M inlCT of 

Lkiniasofi, ik^/btirk reomuiietMled. Supports ^ 

Kt"iiipstnn ainl AGf j<sy stick iiu^rfac^. 

In ^i£ice. rmly the camels tan hear you saeam. ' ^ ^^ 

What tsomr fammufi peopl« have «ald . . . 

■ W bai^ s ail arcadk* gaii w AthS nth* 

" A westimtt*" Jeff M inter 

'*i prefef elephants" ^ -.—^ , .. Hannibal 

**Oisn't Onxit m*'. Tin f miy |h^ piano ptayer " Elton John 
'lioing" Zek'dee 

R*^aw> 4M sop PAP, to all cirjer> St- ml A5 SAtL ht U\ * .ir.iiiigit^ J j^^-^'^ ^ ^ 

Cheqiwes m |if t^al c*rd*frs livable to: ^^ ^/ 1 j 

t . 


17 Norfolk Road. Brighton. BNl 3AA. Telephoni!: (0273) 771942. 

48K SPECTRUM TITLES fhi!^ inJoomiabw fhreughiju«i.trlLii Llti 

DRAGON 32 TITLES Gridnmr£79S«LiH(rZ*inci7 95 ^< — ^ 



**%*'■:■,. .%-,-,. ..-,•, 

■_*■■.".- 1 




122 CRASH November 1964 













Not only could you win the 


wmmiJf'^WIWL^TiUm Hl-VJ 

' the Holy Grail - but CRASH 
offers you a chance to win 
as yet unrefeased adventure 
Crystal Cavern is the f(rst adventure 
to be released by Dream (or six 
months. It had been written by 

W ton Youf quest is to solve the secret 

^ of the Cavern - and Dream aren't 

V saying anything more about it yel. 

except that it is deffnitely in the 

Modifate to Hard class! 

Quest For the Hofy Grail, which 
has been a firm Adventure Chart 
favourite, is the madcap anac- 
hronistic adventure set somewhere 
between Arthurs England and 
Monty Python, Both games nor- 
mally retail at E5-9S, but you could 
be a lucky winner and receive both 
of them for freeT 

Dream Sortware have also pro- 
duced the unique graphic adventure 
designer The Dungeon Builder and 
the 1 00% rated Machine Code for 
Beginners CRASH reviewed The 
Dungeon Builder back in issue 5 
{June) Dream Software consist 
principally of Lea Graddon. the 
Managing Director, Kerth WMklns. 
tiie Technical Director and Andy 
Donovan. Program Evaluation. 
They have been going tor about a 
year and a half now, marketing 
programs for authors under the 
Dream label, and commissionina 
freelance programmers to do work 
for them. In connection with which. 
Les Graddon says, We are always 
on the look out tor prog rams of high 
quality to market on behalf of prog- 
rammers, and we give authors a 
very good deair Maybe there s 
some CRASH readers out there 
who would be interested'^ 

CRASH Is proud to be the first to 
'launch' Dream's newest adventure 
in this competFtton, and maybe you 
will he one of the lucky winners Of 
CRYSTAL CAVERN with the spe- 
cial bonus of receiving QUEST FOR 
THE HOLY GRAIL as well All you 
have to do is complete the little 
competition below and send your 

adventure" from DREAM competition, 


. ^'ltT■^Jllil* 

l« iii.^B t< ]■ Hill 


arrive no later than li^t post 
November 23. The first 42 correct 
entries drawn from the bag wilt each 
receive Dream Software's Ouesf 
for the Holy Grail and their latest 
adventure game. Crystal Cavern 


In the three questions below you 
must find the stated number of 
words, using the letters of the Ques- 
tion s word Each word you discover 
must consist of three letters or more 
and only use each tetter once in the 
new word. 

1 , Find eight words using the let- 
ters of CAVERN. 

2, Find five words using the letters 

3, Find eight words using the \qH- 
tars of HOLY GRAIL 

CRASH November 1964 123 


mi:i\GO)iLe (m^l^ 



Tif Na Nog -the iand of youth, the other uvor(d. 

Tir Na N69- the kingdom of the sidhe, the home of dagda^ cauldron. 

Tjr Na N69-a vast and complex adventure, in a magical celtic Iand5ca|». 

Tir Na Nbg-a most stunning visual experience, with state^ifth^ait fifm 

Tfr Na N6g- a true computer movie. 


AD ASTRA - £5.95 



and now 


^detailed Frtstmctions. and USER Ui^ntiiy proflfims 
TAPE COPIEB 5 (TCSJ makes essatitial BACK-UP copies ol ANY 
tape (1&4BK) mcfiidjna tieadert&ss. M/C. ur^stoppabEe 

* C0NTINUQU5 LOADING of program parts, aiding 

massjve s^vmQ o\ ]imt and trouble 

A M/Orrve- this eitlra option GENUINELY copies BASIC. 
M/CODE ^ arrays onto MICRODRIVE 

* Verifies Repeal copies PrDgcam name plus HEADER 
dtia Manages programs occupying full W4BK. 

* UPDATE sarvica for old {customers £2 DO . 



4SK Spwtrum owners with m/dnve can MOW transret the 
li AJ ORITY Df iheir programs [inc rmcltrl^* Bong progfams . 
!nos49 with LOW ad*esMS^ say 1 63^4) 

TC5 transFeis me bytes, bul WOl has 5 progfams to HELP VOU 
gel ttwn running * 2 'CAT' houuilcsflFMng progranis 
Ifiduding advarv:^^ haBd#r rwilfiff. program An^iy^^ •< oth&r 
pfogf ams la produce ih« rn/DOde you need Manual has axannpl^s 
- ejtetcises 

TC5 * M0 1 oUars an unrivoMxS eppotnunity tor you lo hiOy litilise 
your m/dftv© 

MD1 GO&lBamefe£8,S0. 

OVERSEAS cusloifneFi add E! Europe. i:2 ethers for eadi prod^ Plea^^ 

5«nd SAE Tor eti>quifies 


L£RM, D«pl cm, 


For uM on 


Acciatmed the best football simulation game,... 

"^I mm% B«iinlm|fti« f^m mk Ui wmtutrnxiAla^ fl*H W4]l wurtlv «T«i|r psnir^ 

*^ Mn lad fTwdaaa Ui Awtnllc aju Aftll^lfd,».4 4n». ^ ..nftiUMr of %hm 
hfciti vis^ptd pLi^inf |t.lH«itlA for m ^m.\ j^^,* - |I.C* {MwmK ^QmmmM,} 

■J livivNl I Aftuld irpit« lMi4M flf jPfliur H$<llrtt i^*-»*-ltr.HB&.CV.RU«} 

Noto f/i6 fottawing truB-tO'lif* fmatums..^, 

m -^ f di 1 3 - J- 14^ mjith icbori • - On-tontn oonvfiiMry Hi awi BgcuHii i 

p i, p A Pt« 

LM 1 1^ • It 




*■ * I |i|.y I * t 

A* I B L 1 » h 

^y.^ *<!/ j»»* 1 1 IwHrtan \ 


dirtct Irom ^ 



Burney Drive, 

Loughton, EsseicjGlO 2NB 

• — ScaJc 90 ftwrit on 

• *47mtEchst39yi 

ui :j7 rtMmj and pick 


your iTW^npinyifiil 

.^{)r«B in IfiB Lofidon ATfli 
iir^cludmgVIRGIN GAMfS 

»j AMaM *fh Cup 1iirsp«C!n Cyp Myrepvo^ Qnp- 
Wlnn*4]' Cyp *t*pfD¥i 'Pr^fn^tloni'laladdHa^ 

"Witty _ _^ 

aChtCib wWk V9W PMcritoi, ci0 tt* coupon ot^pimim vov A«€«m 
nwU>V AM &rMn peM*d wHtMi^ li Nh^ 

Ifv^ m« rn* lew tof inv Cli*4i^iili: IpAClii^ii^liC Mkim. I snctoH a ctequs 

ll-l-lll! + + 4ll-lll« + i|- 

■■■■I I R « + * .■ I ■ 

CRASH November 1984 12S 



Hardly any changes in the top ten this montti. jusi a few 
reshuffles with Sabre Wulf and Lords of Midnight main- 
taining tfiair pre-eminent positions. Microspheres 
Wheelie is stili doing good business, wonder whether 
tt»eir new release Skooi Daze is in for as long a run of 
popularity - time wtll telH Biggest riser this month is 
Ocean's Dafey Thompson's Decathlon , straight in at 16, 
followed hotfoot by Gremlin's Monty Mole, in for the first 
time at the 22 slot. Nice to see Silversoft's Worse Thing's 
Happen at Sea climbing steadily up another 1 3 places to 
this months 19. Stop the Express is also proving a 
popular piay, improving from 41 to 23 wfth Poppy Soft's 
Factory Breakout also moving up weil to the 25 sloL 
Another newcomer is US Gold s Beach-Head. in for the 
first time at 30, and Melbourne's Sherfock adventure 
appears at 36, Lower down at 47, the first appearance by 
Realtime with their gam© Tank Duei. 

Hotline Winner this month Is Sam Warwick. Thatcham. 
Berks; and the four runners-up are; Miss E, Taylor, 
Islington. London Nl9; Chris Bowler, Barow*on-Trent. 
Derby: Simon Ward. Kingston, Nr. Lewes, E. Sussex: 
and Andrew Morrison, Alloa, Scotland. 

Q584 (Ludlow) 3015 


illf^ Vw NoMlW WiiplMkn* nfcjffib«r iflbciNri ft and f««jfd votf ~ 

ibtrtlnil iPlih tM AdTi^M'iOirH!. 

HfltflBoui AfiwTi«pyv^yDUfrvyHritf«Mt*tf|*tiuddf^1w«r1ito^G^ 

WlQIQpQ-, 9 -iB MM* «Hl ■^ MHH M 

The Adventure Chart winner this month is Stephen Har- 
ris, Sate, Cheshire; and the four runners'^up are: Gralg 
Sanders, Stockport^ Cheshire: Daryl Ward, Wigston, 
Leicester: Gavin Davles, Havenord West, Dyfed; and S. 
Marsa. Swindon, Wilts. 


Whether you phone or write in, all names go into the 
voluminous bag to be drawn monthly. First ouf receives 
£40 worth of ooftware plus a CRASH tee shirl, and the 
five runners-up receive three ^SSu©s Of CRASH free plus a 
CRASH tee shirt. 

Othert may try and copy us but the CRASH HOTLINE 
CHART is the one thai counts - and you are the people that 
make it count. 


CRASH HOTLINE WRITE IN COUPON My lop five favourite programs in descending order 
Please use block( capitals and wnle dearty! 


iName .-. Hlki 


I Postcode ? 



I Send your coupon lo: CRASH HOTLINE, PO &0X 10, r 


12e CRASH November 1984 



1 f 1) SABRE WULF Ultimate 


3 (6) MATCHPOINTPsion/Sindair 

4 (4} J ET SET Wl LLY Software Projects 

5 ( 5} ATICATAC Ultimate 

6 { 7) FULL THROTTLE MlcrofTiega 

7 i 4) CODE NAME MAT Micromega 

8 ( 9) LUNAR JETMAN Ultimate 

9 (10) MOON ALERT Ocean 

10 (8) M AN IC M INE R Software Projects 

11 (13) TLL Vortex 

12 (14) WHEELIE Microsphere 

13 (16) KOSMICKANGA Micromania 

14 (12) CHUCKIEEGGA&FSoftware 

15 (7a) AUTOMANIA MikroGen 


LON Ocean 

17 (17) TRASHMAN New Generation 
le (19) ANTICS Bug-Byte 



20 (11) PS YTRON Beyond 

21 (21) THE HOBBIT Metboume House 

22 f— ) MONTY MOLE Gremlin Graphics 

23 (41) STOP THE EXPRESS Sinclair 

24 (23) HULK Adventure International 

V*.]2fi (20) POGO Ocean 
\W (25) AD ASTRA Gargoyle Games 

30 (—} BEACH-HEAD US Gold 

31 (—) 3D DEATHCHASE Micromega 
|32 (22) JETPAC Ultimate 

33 (26) THE QUILL Gilsofl 


35 (40) PYRAMID Fantasy 

36 f— ; SHERLOCK Melbourne House 

37 (27) ANDROID 2 Vortex 

38 M PSSST Ultimate 

39 (35) DOOMSDAY CASTLE Fantasy 

40 (47) CAVELONOcean 

41 (30) FIGHTER PILOT Digital Integration 

42 (31) MUGSY Melbourne House 

43 (36) NIGHT GUNNER Digital Integration 

44 (43) Z200M Imagine 

45 (24) FREDQuicksilva 

46 (50) CHEQUERED FLAG Psion 

47 (—) TANK DUEL Realtime 
46 M BUGABOO Quicksitva 

49 (—) SPLAT Incentive 

50 (44) DEFENDA Interstalla 

VOTE for the 


Perhaps it's no surprise to see Sherlock leap straight into 
the charts but it is nice to also see another Level 9 
adventure appear from nowhere, Dungeon Adventure 
comes straight in at 7, ctosely followed by newcomer 
Waydor in the slot. Artie and Richard Shepherd still 
cling tenaciously to their char! positions, as does Irvcen' 
tive with Mountains of Ket, But whatever 's happened to 
Temple of Vran, or is everyone stiH stucl( in the moun* 
tains? Applications, who have had trouble with the 
release of The Tebbit, are stil) proving popular w«th 
Denis: and good to see Interceptor's Message from 
Andromeda in for the first time at 28. Otherwise not many 
changes overall, just a few shuffles. 



2 (—) SHERLOCK Melbourne House 

3 ( 6) SNOWBALL Level 9 Computing 

4 ( 4) THE HOBBIT Melbourne House 

5 ( 3) HULK Adventure International 

' S ( 2) LORDS OF TIME Level 9 Computing 

' Computing 

8 (—) WAYDOR IMS. 

10 (18) INVINCIBLE ISLAND Shepherd 

11 (8) URBAN UPSTART Shepherd 




14 (21) GOLDEN APPLE Artie 

15 (25) ORACLE'S CAVE Dorcas 

16 (12) VALHALLA Legend 

18 (22) SHIP OF DOOM Artie 

19 (19) MOUNTAINS OF KET Incentive 


GLASS Applications 

21 (28) INCA CURSE Artie 

22 (20) MAD MARTHA Mikro-Gen 

23 (26) MAD MARTHA 11 Mikro-Gen 



25 (29) BLACK CRYSTAL Masterviston 

26 (23) QUEST Hewson Consultants 

27 (15) TEN LITTLE INDIANS Channel 8 


29 (W) KNIGHTS QUEST Phipps Assoc!- 


30 (—) GREEDY GULCH Phipps Associates 

CRASH hiovember 1 984 127 


Cable Sonware have offered us 100 
copies of ttietr adventure game 
Blade the WBrnor This new game 
was reviewed by Derek Brewster in 
last month's Adventure Trail, where 
he said, "At the ftfst location you at 
once sense the rich atmosphBrs 
which p&rvades the whoie game . . . 
which reatly impress bis ahar a very 
tittle time . . . the game <x>ndensBs 
around an immensely Bnjoyabte 

126 CRASH Novsmberl 984 

knowieclge of magic be enougK to 
supplement his strength with 

Blade tfie Warrior is rated by 
Derek as an average-to-difficult text 
adventure and Cable are prepared to 
offer help sheets for those who get 
really stuck! It is the f>rst game for the 
SpedTum from the Lulon- based 
Coble Software, which began life in 
January 1 963. Like so many other 
software companies of the time, it 

plot suspense buiids and subsidas 

Blade the Warrior is renowned for 
his prowess with weapons and his 
quest is to follow in the trail of Mazat 
who carries within htm magic strong 
enough to defeat the Black Witch. 
TTwngs don t. of course, work out as 
easily as thai as Blade atte^npts to 
destroy the Witch and tree the larvj 
ofSayelL Mazar disappeared many 
moons ago - will Blade's limited 


began by selling ^s products on mail 
ofdef . After achieving some success 
in the Dragon 32 market, with games 
ftaching a number 1 , 2 and 4 spot in 
the national charts, the company 
decided that the only way forward 
was to move onto the Sf^rum and 
Commodore machines. We can now 
look toHrt/a rd to more Cable 
adventures and Qames. as they 
move even ftjrthec forward. 

Cable Software are giving away 100 
copies of Bfade The Warrior, one 
each to the first 1 00 correct entries 
pulted from the bag. and all you have 
to do is answer the three questions 
below. Answers on a p<^tcard 
please, or outside of a seafed 
envelope, to BLADE 
SHROPSHIRE S V8 1 DB, to arrive 
no later than first post November 22. 

1 . A 81 ade is the sharp cutt i ng edge 
of a weapon, Write down four 
blade weapons (i^e, for instance 
sword (which doesn't count)! 

2. Look closely at the word BLADE 
and see how many other words 
you can maite using the five 
letters You must write down at 
least 6 words to score and the 
words must be of three or more 
letters each. {We fourtd 14. but 
there may be even more)* 

3 . In the re vi ew of Blade the 
Warrior. Derek Brewster says that 
at one point a TRO<^pDYTE 
stares at you. What js a 
troglodyte? Is it . . . 

a) a fire-breathing beast? 

b) a monster of living stone? 

c) a person who lives in a cave? 

CRASH November 7984 129 

le Pirar-v Dossier + + The PiracYJ 

FEW SUBJECTS in tfifcs bu«ir>M8 have 
wouMcf ssmuch oontrovftiriY as thai of lil^aJ 
tritwnra copying, or tape piracy as r| is mora 
populofty known Sottwaro hous« adivelv 
angagao in tryir^ lo stamp it out would prefer 
it tobe knowi as softwifa than. b#<jeving 
tut tJN« vvonj 'piracy has romanuc ovanoniis 
making lapa thievai faal mora J^k a Robin 
Hoocia Vanous asdmaiafl Kave be^n mada as 
lo frie finaniaai <oss to Tha industry c^usad by 
OGmmarotal and home copying - soma as high 

Ibe ra^pomt to our qyMlionna«re in i^sua 
8 (SapMnbar) Naa baan ^fpn^vghf high 
considaflniij tf« wa wflfa asking paopte to 
display (hair dishonasty in pubftc as N wara' 
The nmulis ara oitarasiinQ. pertiaps avao 
ilarmlng, and wil oartilnf^ mfv^ to re^forca 
waryona s pcatudcaa dapacxfing on yAikh 
slta of iha f anoa you happan to sit 

Before we d<ve into tha faaufts. here afa two 
latlei^ *t>ich w© f a^ neatly slat© the two m<^ 
"nylai vtowa hekj m the sybjecr. TTi«' firel ts 

n SKahld Ahmad, a pfoarammef who 
wniM games tor SoHwara projacts it ^ a 
4attar m savage F^spoc^a to thai irom Paul 
Watts twhtch appaa/ad in the CRASH fomm 
SaptMnbar ISMa) who accused aottvvare 
housaa of rapping pMp4a ol w^i ^ir pnces 
Tha aaoond lanaf oama attachad lo one ol the 
CpiSStionnaJra torms and is, naturally 
iiX>nvmoL^ (t ttate^^, somawtiat rrwa 
aansib^ than Paul Walts managed, the 
opPOsHe skla ol Shahid s arsumsnt. 


Oespfte my m-^o/ ange^. pAi^a r eedf this 
llttar rtoratjfi^/yf La/ ma say ft>sf <j^ a^ ma/, 
ftinwy, PBuTWam is so fuHal "".h^ do&sn't 
know rft t ftf^f thmg about ^& pf^cy siiu^Sw, 
and i woLfW t0v^ io castrmte htm persofMly. 
No w mat ! ha vb ieff off some ^raam, / ^atl 
71/^ my cynicai aftack on this £€u/n 
Let m^ gm sir^igh! ttrst of alf. f am a gam^ 
Qosign^mKifxogrmTmmF myking tot 
So/hwifli Pmfd^U0., mdl IHw^ a raup/a of 
y good ^^mmuffdmif^t^.m^ most 
:stie bm}g tfra CBM64 vais/cw of Jot Set 
la/9e soft\Afar0 housm ara not fac&^ms 
gBmi^attons wtth monay to bum, &f!d th&y 
u.r(j nof tn tt}0 tusift^s tof exptoiiation 
purpose K«. SottwBt& PrDi&cIs afa in tf»e 
$o/h¥are hald for th& pufpose of ffu^ing 
monay, j&ur tn the m^d, it is you she 
OTrawimaf , who c/sade^ ypon iiow 
^ocassAjf we b^(^>mje. It a Odme ^ (yfpoor 
quaiffy ftan a magazinaaacn as yo4jrae/V#s 
w^i/ siag fhepfogfrnm off, ifmfifabfy c/aaftig a 
kxss of S9tm fo^ mat piaca ofsatlwAre. tn tha 
and, no one is poin^ig a gim atpaopia'^s 
AaadiMyNig, bc/y^v'so^ardo^^acdihe 
com9aJ9nc&s' The CONSUMER PAYS 

No w fat ma r^fof !o Mr Wam /affar wtmra 
ho qwts stupidty $0Y$. Thapffatm mk»soma 
of thiS profit a way . t>ut tfie cofy raasorv th&y 
caff do tftis is bBcausB tha camumeir OOtS 

130 CRASH November 19&4 

tmwn. hi Gods saiee mm, you ma smying 
^af Ihe iMtswiwr Is a €Qmmoo thi&f? 
EvaryMig Ji expanaAw IA<aaa d^ys, bur Mr. 
MMt ara >tx/ ^ay^g mar )^o^ woc/A^f go 1^^^ 
gmc^m and t&ke tha food fiai you n&^d to 
e&t. simpfy beimuM §m oemt of Mng is so 
higTi 5 \fi^^fdywstoafbefmuse of Ifis s^ 

The case is simpfe. Sottwar^ ^ wpenstve 
t>ecauseK^a vanefy ofmssons. This expaf^a 
does not gtve yOif ma right to staaisomeon&^s 

Cm not a mithonaire ptogfammGr This 
simtement is^ myth EugBRa Evans wouid 
have been lucky ^e/y iMAy to awi £4^00 a 
fudicfOM (fMtednmire of £35,000. So it you 
st&ai a piogmm, w. Warn, you am not 
robbing a mceiess cofpofmott -you are 
robbmg ME t do not m^^ a (oftme oot of 
)^ntmg gamos -yes, the revmr^ are 
pQiantJaMy enormous imy good friend 
Matthew Smith witf tBsttff to thetf), feuf there ^ 
Sittte room for success w^ Sijch a fiercty 
competitive fFjartef 

f^ow, g^ing back to the rnmyufactufmg 
00S». Softw^& Projects do not get €5 95 fof 
each copy of Jat Sal Wl^sofd Thereii^^er 
gets a massive SO%ofthts (sonmitmos mora} 
This faaves SP wish a pa/fry C2. 98. Out of this 
^gi^ragoas r5% Wr/aavtfigf2.53. Then 
goes my poFanf^fOKAAy oi, let's say, 3Sp 
which teev^ £2 W f4owdeiki^ the price of 
gemng the cassette doptemed aiM having a 
4-DofQuf int^ made^ Th^ takm a fuither ^)p 
chunk out pr Gf?ai tfgure. ieaving£ 1 53. Now 
doduc! the massive cost of an ed^ertaing 
campmgn, rent, etactnofty, food, staifwaffea 
fwhrch ere not abnorm^ large, may fsayl 
phone biffs, r^tas, expenses ^ piracy, 
0¥eFheads etc. etc etc 

ft t^es a tot of money to produce a 
ca^aitia and keep a company running, and in 
theernt SP rnake about as much proftfon a 
tapeasldo Do you get the message Watts? 

t ha^a n^ade a few points . aSf significant, 
and ft t sound ar^ry, it ts because Paul Watts 
s simpfy out c^his league- He is a oynp^e 
a/Tiiaracii^ when n comas fD this subje^:^ ^d tre 
doasn : kno w the tirsf thtng about software 
piracy or theft ftnalty, !duke testate ^at aff 
these view* m^d^xttrnnentawa from my point 
of vtew oniy, and db nof nacaesa/tiy represent 
the vhmaofSo/twma Profecm Ltd. 

I ch^atfgm Mr. M^ts pubMciy Jb defwd 
ftimseff. but frarykfy. / think he may as w^f 
surrender rK}w, as i have used barely any of 

Yours fmthfu»y. Shahid Ahmad, Umdon NWJ 

In me spint of mortymtty with which you 
quea donna r?e was framed > have decided to 
enclose ihi$ letter. 

The law ol copyright suffers from one 
defeci HIarM agamt the morat code 
Cnmrnalfaw caff divfde te offan ces mto two 
I groups tha moral and admm^tratfve Moral 
lews are Btose egatnstttieK ^fdence etc, 
but: contrary to what might be thought, they 
are noi obeyed because we rmpad the law 
but t?ecause tht^y ere rrioraMy wrong 

Consadiiarriy few people acmalfy commit 
such offences, ffth^ didthepoi^ce couHfnot 
copa. Mfi^^trati¥e taws are thma that help i 
reQulamttmaodo-^cofmmtc structure of 
sodatyorfamdtoltnmr^ig smoothly, in thts 
country a is illegal to drjve on the right of the 
road fn FrarTce the opposite a tilegai Thss ts 
not to say tfjat er^er on^ or the other m wrong. 
They are in fact b>oth ri^t as their pur^Kss e ts 
to ens ure oonform^, to make frafnc fiat 
smoott^. tn fact if dOM not marten which side 
ot^eroadwedftvaonmlor^asrtis the 
smne. G>pyright merely antofcas oonftxmiiy 
to a capatalts t ecor>omy^ m affect armmrm 
pr^^ terrv>orw^, Thm the softwmm homes 
a/e fool^ if tha^ think that sUfferpenaltSes are 
going to Mttpi^CY The pubhc sector has 
hng eKparwica of en torang administrative 
law. Skica there is no fnoralcompuncfion to 
obey Pwo methods have teen demised onei 
make d^ection aasier thereby tncrease ^e 
d^erranf aspect ofsentencmg (e.g. 
^ea^atysem, spot checks etc.); and fwo) 
make theci^ence more dffffcuitto commit 
fe.g. put bumps in Ibe rc^d to at^hrca apaad 
hmits). Therefore. stAwmetmMmfntmt 
de^eiop effecfrve anff-piracy der^fcaa aach as 
artery fktoh. donglaa af& andan^re 
detactien thmuqh payhg inhr m anis antd tfre 
meotsples^ tf ma latter strategy is to tye 
etfectt)re than the metfrodf of erttorcament 
must be used agat^t tha fJtomecopiier The 
pmblem is #iaf there wc^Htt^e a put^ttc outcry 
and this is a parr of the la w ^at record 
companies ha^e always shrunk trom 
enforce So reaksttcatty the only ^ings tfjaf 
£he software compant&s can dQ is use more 
sophisticated protection and attMdt #]e 
^iTTTmarclaf pirates 

tn favour of the software h<xjsas I w^ikisey 
that they have a bigger problem than the 
recording companies m that a copy 
(eapeaalfy because of tape-oop^ers} is ■ 
good if not supenor than the ohgtnal^a 
tndeed cm a/van be trnproved by copytng to 
arK)ther rnedta such ^ nucrodrwa. Records, 
however, tase quahtyand, tfiarefcra, iflreatly 
wan t a record f wilt buy ft rather than put up 
with an mfehor taped copy Howaver, un^ke a 
record, I must buy aoAmwa sjght unseen or 
go t^ reviawars comments- 

ThMcorrpariaonwm records aboftokis 
tfta tay toanoAar cs5t/a tfia votume otpiracy^ 
The software houses produce Sguree such m 
£iOOm a year tmt through tapkig\ but ^thfs 
(rue? As A professional compiler otsiat^bcs i 
thmk I have ihehght to question me 
soundness of such mformafmn. tn my 
qu^tior^nmre t have indicared ^at about halt 
the value of my cottectKin is tn pirat&s I know 
thai mosiof my fnends t^ave a griMsr 
p/oportk3n. The software fwuaaiapramimabfy 
use the logic take fast years sdtm and 
mt/lt^ply by x^ This ts nol good anpcio/), 
however. Out of my antra aofluwa fivary 
there are aotuaify wvprogrwme t use. T woM 
put &m figure at atwffaai^an our of one 
hundred and mn, at tha seven two are mmes 
fha^^a recently become much rf}ora serac^t 
kf buyir^ or chpying progrmm. Myrute is Uit^i 
it the program is one fm not go^g to use I do 
nottxffher ti^c^t of my copying ^mpomi of 
fact tfttie more than smrr^coitacUng Itmv 
only opbon was tebuy a program I woukf 
probata buy vefy fair more than now. I 
woukS probat!^ svmp mu^ more- At9»aaf^ 
of the day copying only rectuoaa p^OfHa 9 k 

The Piracy Dossier + 

pniiwite««tof, Comtmrchl piracy 
ofwrnrtons undOi^bfBd^ do thm. I doubt 
fhoughr mathom^ mpmg €fo&s n I coyW not 
c^K ^^om fff^inds ( would strnptyborruw ffs 
prpflfsm was /ie»«y good i ivpufo buy it (but 
thf$ wouki be v^iy rufej. Ateo r^mamb&f thm 
a rBCQfd cd^ to pfmymi on my rrm^tn^ e 
p^r^m ean on^ i^ rz^ on on# rmcra. 
7a oonckjda l^i me My ftmi t boVeve 
don0 tor gam andmst it do^st prmmtn 
piobfafn to softwafe ^ous^ , I doubt ywy 
I much, though, tf^at homa crying dom. 



Thej loWow^^ig statfsihcs hawe beep ooflat^ 
from 300 Qu0$tionnaijrd lonns retumed ii lh« 
lime o* WTTling More forms ara still amvmg at 
this lim^. bui the s^iQnrficAni pi^rc^^UiBOT 
ixot^aibly wouldin i be afteaed v &ry much. 

1 DaycutlwiklximQcxipyirkOisham^ 



2. li th«r« a difference betv^OT horn* 
and axTimercial piracy? 

NO 3,14% 

3. rt yes tothentoove.doyoufhif* 
comnwciftl piracy is more os Ima t\mrM 
ihan home copying 

MOne 12.21% 



4 Do you make copim because. . 

A) onginal^ are b«y wxl ycHjr resource* - 

B) you tewfir pfiyififl the full price - 

CJ you iLiSl enjoy ma^imgcopies- 9*74% 

5. Do ycHj aciuaiy make illegai ocfHea. , . 
A LOT 48 Ji5% 
NEVER 5.4$% 

6 How many originais do you mm «rid how 


7 Oo you produce copies . 

A) stitddy fat you own L/se - 5S.f% 

B) to grvetoinends- 35-50% 
CJ tdS«HtQQ(ti#rs-5.e3% 

Bm If you mai(ei^^0iiia. how iTwiy would you 
ys4ia»y make from one original? 
2 J7% Mid 4 copies 
5.33^/. »W 5 copies 
2.48% said fi copies or more 

6b How do yt>y produce yCHjr copltai? 
AJ T^wfDlApo 27.89% 

B) Tapecopw 31 6% 

C) Bf eek aiyj resave - a.47 

Wtm ia trse Iqlal vakje of 
ynchidba iMs^&i Gopis»)1 


Toml coNaiad vakie - £1 21,194 

to And wtiat portion of the vMue is Nilitegal 
ToM oolatad vatue - 96,438 

1 1 . Where do you ge! your copies from? 
B ichool-W% 
C computof dub - e^2ft% 
D fnmds house -45,43% 
fj Qtticm{imndlnoSmfmry-iA4% 

12 Would vffli^Hloopy games it iheywofe 
much cneapar? 
YES 41 87% 
NO 45.12% 
fN^SSlSLY 13% 


soltwafB business in general (Gi ). and yet a 
subetinlial 45% wwW am copy games i^veo jf 
they were cheaper. A significani nufnoer o( 
returned fornix edded a note to ihia queeton 
akjng iNs lirjes itiai the more pr otecbon given 
a game, the hafder they woukj try to breek in 
iind oopy if These r*o siatistics taker* 
togemer wih the fiQirfe (still very high) who 
cibvioysty believe rat home copying is not 
harmful, rettects the wJd&»v heks Miiel that 
evan il no ooe copted games iiiegaity . the 
•alM injures would hoi rise substantially En 
piier wonte, people are already buyirhg as 
much lo^aie as they are ever lik^ to It s 
p. moot point 

ComiT^ecaal pirates |Q2f are see^ as 
cwerwhelmingly harmful Revo^vtr^ afournj 
this thomy pfottem is the amdiam fad ihat 
vt^f>aceu home copyir^ is B&am in an 
innocent JNghl (only 5 6"^^ aaua^l'y sell any 


The age oW arguffient of sottware ooei is 
central to many d the que«tionS Miced and a 
huge iO^» 104) taid Ihrt software it e^ 
beyond ttieir resources or rhai they resoni 
paying !he futt pnce Almost everyone 
admitted lo making copies a^ough we^l over 
hart do f Of their own use only The much 
n^aiigned compuief dub only acooynta for a 
surprisingly small percentage of oblained 
copies - Schoots. ho waver, a/e I he woral 
orferdmg institutsofi 

Perhaf^ the mast elamning statistics are 
tho^ for the value of caalafliona. The 300 
colLftied fcKms cajne to represent « stagger^ 
total ot over El 21 ,000 marttet value wiih over 
CiC.OOO of It be<r>g in illegal copies T>ienirat 
fwure checks out well against (he total number 
J unite daimed by th^ respoiKtoms - ^MO 
multiptadbran average pnctof CBaquili 

tt 25,520 value Looking el bofh sets of 

copes owrwJ are ^lop bought 
e?ilrapolQle the figures of our 300 coUaiad 
lofTTis 30.000 peopilefa hftganie m^^ 
lo self ihis rnai^ orWiiil^} f w^^ 
total owf>ed value ot C 12 m^Hion, W/3 cl which 
woukj t>e Illegal* The averages sIiom an 
ownen^ip level of M onginaJs arwl 55 illegaAs 
per person 

An important thir^ to bear m mind ts that the 
300 DDliaied forms only reprMent a smaN 
lractK?n of the CRASH readership and W wcukJ 
be a mistake to assume that a^ our readers 
rndeed all Spectrum owners, are iWegalty 
copying games H iNs raiea auggetied t>y 
These results A naluni innaecuracy ts 
apparent m the fad thai the Questnonnaire 
prompted copier^ to reply, and signilicanllv 
NO forms vyere returned by readers saying 
mat they did not ever ma*e copies There 

CRASH November 1964 131 

Last month wb reviewed the three 
new games from budget software 
house Atlantis - Vagsn Amck, 
Bghts ar>d Master Mariner. Since 
then Mantis have reieasod four more 
- Mrs. Mopp, Sinbadr Pioneer and 
Mafia Contaci mostly reviewed in 
this issue. The CRASH review team 
have been impressed by the qualtty of 
these games, all of which represent 
excellent value for their price, and 
show that budget software can be 
whtten to the quality of tm higher 
priosd games. Indeed Mrs. Mopp Is 
no* fi newcomer, having originally 
b€Nin marketed by Gomputasolva at 
almc^ £5 more in its day. Mrs. Mopp 
received a good review from CRASH 
Uien, and now represents mu^ more 
value of cxHjrse. 

Vagan Attack is a Star Trek" type of 
game, with marvellous status gnph- 
ics. Bghts is an tinyn^lly absorting 
and well presented card game. Mas- 
ter Mariner offers ftie ptayer the 
dianc^ to make a fortune on the high 
seas with a lradir>g brig. Pioneer is a 
^ScramWe type game with a wide 
fange of definable options, v^HeSjl?- 
bad throws you into a 3D maze 
adventure, Mafia Contract is an 
adventure (arMJ at (he time of wrkting 
we are not sure whether Derek 
Brewster has reviewed it in time for 
this issue) which stars you as a hit- 
man for Don Capolla caught in the 
midst of a bloody gang war. 

Atlantis Software Ltd. was first 
set up in January 19B4 by Michael 
Cole and Rodger CoghMI who first 
met through the video Industry: Mike 
had l>een managing director of one of 
the largest UK Software distributors, 
and Rodger runs Atlantis Vlddo 
Productions Ltd., a similar but 
sn^ller firm in Wappir\g. (There s a 
tentative historical \\pk here, sinc^ 
CRASH artist CHiver Frey has at one 
tfrne designed video cassette bo)c 
covers for Atlantis Video). 

Together Mike and Rodger cal- 
culated that computer games 
software offered considerable growth 
potentiai, but that wlh four million 
personal computers likely to be in 
househokJs by end*i984. average 
sales volume per game seemed far 
too low. Half the users were ur^der 
sixteeri, so pocket-money price was 
their obvious key to higher volumes. 

132 CRASH November 1904 





For five months Mike evaluated 
hundreds of games at ASL s Islington 
premises, and finally selected ju^ 
four for release in may. For packaging 
they chose one of Brttain's top 
creative di^igners. With a retail pric^ 
of only ti .99. AHantis is dearly aim- 
ing at volume, and at that price the 
perils of piracy are much diminished 
they believe. The firm's philosophy is 
to keep overheads low and control 
stocks tightly: they now have sixteen 
games on (he mari<et ar>d will have 
twenty out by Christmas In addition 
to the cun^ent seven releases for ttie 
Spectnjm, a few more w!l be added 
before the end of the year. 

ft was only natural thai their low 
price would bring with it question 
marks atxxJt the games' quality, but 
as the reviews appear it is becoming 
dear that the suspicions are 
unfounded. "We were an«zed at the 
high starYdard of some of the games 
sent to us for evaluation/ says Cole. 
There must be quite a few potentially 
wealthy teenage ^games writers out 
there - pafticulariy since the market is 
open for wodd- wide sales. 

Your chance 
to win 
any one 
of seven 


NolN9ig could te wmpiflr' gjcamina 
Ihi two iMmingly lel^tkOAt Omrnig^ 
MOW »K» picli CHJI tfw IM^ (ff- 

drffRfencdS on «^nwing i. f^U oul Iho 
CDupon and «^frd (t tn !q ATLANTIS 

MAGAZIfti, PO 601 10. LUDLOW. 
SHRoraMHIE S Vi I DB. ID ifrtve no 
kaifli i^an Hfwl post Nov«fnlHr 2?. 
Tha Brat 100 convcT enfnes picMfld 
htini f^« bag iM« urtn orwpftma wftch 
miy b9 cho««in from #i« aav«i cur- 
rarn AHpnf^ r9J«asM. 

D Eighti 

D Mra Mopp 
a Bk*m6 


! Pie«wtid£ir»gamaoiyoufi»ioioeirfxiuldyou U Malte Ckyrtmct 
I b« one of t)0 luBcy wtnooi*. 


_ iNo mes pfi«toi08Mns! I 
was much aaippoinlwl tiy Ihs 
man 01 Hrap sun, nwiMns 
agairal IMe and imb, olc 
rasiJtirig ftotn thB IhI 
FRONlllNE. 90 IH9 imm fm 
going to be Uyhtef i iiy i^ md 
teing me maf n^ about 
lOfTie mora sbatem IwtHm. 
Aiaualy. I muttt Ml you IM 
CRASH hw t mm^limm 
fwAem of A oMaki 9MW, 
ghould have been t4>^aded 
WKt wa tovtt linked losing the 
ttdmtlolng Itoitt the cotripviy 

g ro p ofU on of rurning coili, so 

it kMpfi Ih^ cxivar pnos down), 
ndjuit Ito to povn out to thna 
contioyoi ttiBl ttift tdrid of poUy 
DNKxitIM ptoauDSQ^ n afiy<^ 
Mng, art mwi mora fkogtfMe 
upraadi fcom liiltuis. Ifs 
BOulMnw K)m&<iftfiOMpBO^ 
pl» mMtnmt that a n^viN^wer i§ 
nU to wfite whBl he or she 
mtk about a goEma. and not 
wfial tie gvne pfoduoar faab 
«^vu^ R. For Aa icfuyfiJ, as I 
ddnt write rhe ravlaw. I'va 
rowqwo d ttii& particular ^me 
a(^ ai^l lound nrpyaait tft total 
■groeniani wrth ttm previoiis 
mv i awora . Vou II have to pieas 
lihlcfi one it is. but l eaipeti thai 
wen ^^oee of you Mtt> laaHy 
shoft maifiofias wM gat it. 

And whMe rm having a gripa. 
I apani a kftackanm coupla of 
days al Iha PCW ttowp 
raoena y , and jw ra ttwfa any 
dooont sbaisgy giffiaa thaia? 
In a word. no. Good old Loth- 
toiton wore there, d couiia. 
and ttiere was one other eDca^ 
lant tiralegy game which I 
canl tei you ^aiything about 
(aMii. conflict otmtpr^^. jbut 
I was very rapidly reduced to 
dm^ussing ihe ifionbitfid fltala 
of the ifiduslry witi a fiJbia 
yoi^ig c^drtailpaiaon in 
leopMdilun shorts, ^rtuaiy, I 
cant stand aidiiiHiona you 
know, but whan du^catai* . . 


Producer: Impwtei 

t malvad to revtew woiM not 
bid J mean, none of it would - 
tie game comas with three 
'playaf caaaBUes'. on 'umpires 
I m my case, as a 
a special reviewers 
containing eKcerptS 
from the 2Sth round o1 play (r). 
Appsanoy you on eidand the 
game to a alK-playar one ^« 
prioej. but tor tf that 
seems to be v^ry mucti 

game. The board^ 

lypa ol 

even if the rail of the packsg- 
inpte life (iw Inabudkiniafa 
pnnled in itie Idnd of ink fial 
mndeis the CMly Mai useless 

tor anyiNng eioospt, i^n, eating 
yov tulips out of) ; but I Ihmk if 
I'd shelled oul twenty quid for 
this tot I'd tie a brt annoyed lo 
find I ooiJdn t k^ aiiy of Jt. tf I 
get a toaciibto copy I might 
nava another go si Ihts neirt 
monih. Gel it m gear, men 

WAR 70 



Retail price: £5,96 

tm sM^posed to be rice to 
CCS b ecaua a they've invied 
ma to tondi atttia Ritz - but in 
fact ttiey ddn^t have to bribe 
me. tiecause I atbmtf Wm WW 
70. The greal ftikiq attoul H is 
thai ri takes in both the 
strMagic and the taciical„ by 

phases - in ttw fbsl^ yoy 
regiotjp and move your 
armtoe. and to itie seoond you 
ight b i Mlaa w Wi todbidual 

amrias agalnfll each other. 
This la a tw^^toyar same, 
whicti soma peopto mtotit c^ a 
bit of a dmabaek; urMa soima 
Mhar waigaifiaa H li dMlciii to 
play on your own as a puraly 
miUaryaxan:^ Onoe yni're 
though. M 
laaaaf . The gaffia atoite Off 
with fhe 'Canipaign Map 
Scenarto^ Thle laa ifw> of Iwo 
ooiMlffas, showing tbaifoaplM 

■ I Bill! ■ -»—*—* iiiiiiii II inaii- ■■ — -■ 

cipaa. eignt omer cHMs, ana 
ttia roads that oomect them. 
Each aide has nine aiiiiiu!!/ 
Qfoypa . and mere mB 3S tooa* 
bona on the map whara ttii 
amriaa gvi be. Each plmr 
mcwaa tiis anriee around ihe 
map uerig a set nymbar ol 
iiivMa. anamparq to anpn* 
(oravcid)tfieanerny. OiToama 
eneniy ia ^igagad% Itia gma 
to Ifti bwltta aaqu- 

6no» Each ioalSon has Jli 
own DiaiBSiieia map. wnicn 
shows trees, liveri and buHd^ 
tngs; I moaned a lol Ittt month 
about the poor standard of 
graphics in games Mte^Oeirr' 
m>ntBfiOf^, wm Am baHMIeld 
maps in WAR 70 are oertainty 
an improvement on that, 
attHNign sM pretty beeto. The 

baffle ams hortzonlafc. ai 
toaluiBS a ti^rra metttod qf 
moving ptooes - you have to 
type In the co-ordinaias ol the 
locaion you want Ifia ptooe to 
ifKwe tou I tound that after a 
herd night's iw towto p, my 
eyes hm ootildnl handto ihb, 
and t had to kaap chediiind thie 
acmai t wlii a niarf Apart from 
ttiis obvious shadde. the battle 
moves iaiffy smooit^; each 
amiy {M hM ^rwigth]) has eight 
unttSf of tour cMsfent lypaa. 
Each wit has a ON tain number 
olmen in M. and the nurnber of 
men kited determines when a 
unfl goes 'outd action' (they re 
elfadiwly sirangl t i points) 
The game baneMs from havtrig 
a concnte obteebve - the con- 
trol of your qpponinl'fi cepial 
dty - »id m almost as good ^ 
itod Shirs atom It wws ^>fw* 
eniy nmsr i4p to8aris r9f7 
to lO^a t^ambrtdga Awards' 
0ihat's the basil fva gd to go to 
mwm FUz) batdM9V«ad to wto 
hands down (CCS must lie 
laughing aH the w^ to the 

Vaitlicl: dear toyoul, and If 

nice moE of overal skatogy and 
dme tactics A pusayal. 

with a toy When you ask for 
ifistnx^iions, i gala all furmv- 
ha*ttt wtth the tsnlc tymbm 
and auchMa. n makes who- 
opee cushion noises ai you in 
snorU Ws program treats the 
user Hie a tavouied. but 
moronto. grandchM (ttiia does 
not txide weH tor Ihe Cam- 
bridga Awards Jury. Who are 
thi^ Are they utieriy bold?} 
The game Itoolt ki jutt a 
imaigii Dame Dsvwean iwo 
ptoyirs; each player ^iam off 
wMh a lOng arxl 28 units of var- 
kMJS fypaa The problem is thai 
the unis are grouped togathar 
in ibiMs , ^id orders can only tte 
g^ven to the group as a wtxde 
Thte means thai as the group 
gets brolcan up (as you move 
dkagonaiy, for example, some 
units rnay pe^ ttie comer of a 
lake while others gel stuck 
behtod it) you can end tip mov^ 
ing throe unia in the wrong 
direction luM toget a fourth one 
out from behind a tree. Can- 
fKm, the my uMs thtat can firep 
my$f all fire \n the same dkec- 
iton and tor ttia eama range 
Mtilst Ihe gim is very fast^ 
moving, a Stfle more Ittougt^t 
and time Could have produced 
someihing mih indMduai at 
group movement « which would 
have toen milas betier Orm 
eocceienl laalure of ttve game is 
the cirodtonai compass on the 
rrap. which gives the Icey tor 
ttia dhna c fan you need. The 
graphtos are dear, but are 

Vaidtol: a toy. h/km tor eight- 


ReliJi price: £S.9S 



Retail price 


W«l what ciD you loiovv. . . 

RigM from ihft start of a«M> lt«mombvaf«wftii)f«ha 

1^7 7 you knom you'fis 


134 CRASH NovefT^Mf 1964 

adveilBir>g slaft*?d corrMng 
through, E thcxjght well I never 
' a brt of pro*essionabsifi at 
test " Just how wrong can you 
be? Thdtr ads rariiuKi wWi 
litiagira's AS aoftio d thd test 
in me industry- btJt ttiefr games 
have mo^e tn Donwnoti with 
Atestertromc: Of #v«n (gUip) tttp 
drewted Activisicm. Tm Drily 
deoeni it>ing atout Cofrgnesi 
¥$ the map, but Ihew days any 
idioi wjtti M^ffiOijfjw Dmw 
€Oiitd dto it this is a mmm 
wlikti, in &H ff s salidrit lMMe«. 
appeared in at least one com- 
piler magazine atsout a year 
ago. Fair enough, 3m a mag 
pcog Hs quilo a doOOTl little 
oame. But to tar! up the map a 
bit aiKl tiy and Hog rt for s^¥Sfi 
pounds ts a bfl strong. Ttie 
game is a very ^impte fomi oi 
mrfskm tHJildlfig. wtiere you 
gain one new legton tor each 
(we squares o1 tefrrtory you 
(Xxiquer. Ihe Db|^ct being to 
rule 1 00 squares. At the end Of 
each 90/ your flardts am 
n^^ied t^ barbanans, plague 
and oiher empires Ptegfue is 
the worst - because it tahe^ 
about two minutes between 
&ach of your goes to njn ite 
Qouse and deamate your 
empire. In this time you wii 
have^ picked tt>e ftuff out of your 
belty button, scratched ^9ur 
buni, done sundry other desp- 
icable things* and genoraiy 
#i£h<^ yxKj were doti^ any- 
thing else byt playing Con- 

Verdict: 90 forth and walcti 


Producar : Marlach Games 

Author: D.E- Martin 

I'm nm entirely sure rf there s a 
fcrt of poinl In reviewing this, 
since ft s over two years o4d 
now and almcBt certarnly unol^ 
lainatile However, it's wonh 
meoiionirig because, despfte 
its age. ite one of Mie only 
r^aasonaiMe efforts that s t>een 
made 10 produce an inlegrated 
tioafd/computer game tn Q7/7 ^ 
tHcr you have to raiee cash tsy 
trading in vifioiis oom- 
modifies; with (he money, you 
pyrcha» and mahilam armies 
which you use to further your 
mmah>maniac amtNtioc^ 8as- 
icaly. the tnadrng is done on 
the ^^men and the battling on 
the bowd. having the tioaid 
matos tiaitte strategy pfotiably 
more sophfsljcaled than I 
otherwi^ wouki be, but it's 
very ditficuH lo judge, as the 
garr¥?s age means ttiat the 
programming looks as Hiougli 
it was done tiy an aardvaitL 
There s another ^anm by Mar- 
lech, of simitar vintage, called 
Gat&My Conflict. whcH looks to 
be lightly t>etter . but a^in. rtie 
age of the game reaJty pre- 
cftides comparison with cur- 
rent sort war© I ihiAk, thoo^. 
that if I were hk Mailin. I would 
pend some time on upctoting 
these two garnes^ berause 
they hoHi cxHiiam the genrts ef 
good ideas - taut I don'l itimk 
anyone wM even look at Ihem 
in Itieff' pffeftent , dated stale 

Verdict: where were you m 

Finafty. I hope that as Ctwisl- 
niM approacfMs, I might adu- 
alv have somevtew qam» to 
wnle about a Mttte birdie ai 
BEYOND teUs me tt^at |ust as 
£oitfc of Aft*iig/J^ worked bet* 
totB&m straftagv game than a 
so mt Doamaarks 
R&¥mge Qu^ staking my 
daim lo a review copy, chap^) 
- with kjdk rtH be just one of 
many strategy masierpteces. 



R ifid n t^Bve a new Q&me 
cofning cxjt soon iiflien by DAVID 
LESTER (one of th* CRASH 
roportingtoafn) It is a sort 0I 
strategicaJ simijialion besed on 
real li&. JUST IMAGMEwMrw 
Ehe pteyof to ry n a giant SOtewtfi 
<Mxnpany (Imaglnelhel , , .) - wel. 
hcpw giafi E you become to up ID Iha 
playef But David, wt>0 to wel 
pLacad !o ^Msm the ira «id ouls ol 
the sofTi^aFa buainesa, layt the 
game pnoMdse a very rea^ n^ode^ 
wtiare OmMomwmt t>e taken 
about selecif ng the nghr product 
mailcatirig aridpromotiofi 
campaJgni. getting PR into 
magazines and good reviews to 
the games (I m toki CRASH gets a 
look in), as well a^ ihe clay to day 
problflms R and R ^y that JUST 
IMAOINE is rather dtffer^i 

from Incenttve's Mitlio^sire, which 
was OTi a Similar thii^rTvo! TTi^ 
obfeci IS td mak@ a million tHjl 
that's r>cH all - the obiact i^ also to 
keep mi 1t«& charts, kaap the 
mlHion ar>d sia/ m business The 
model has been mm^ to bts very 
rsflisHc and takes account of 
piracy as wefl. Becau^ the 
market trer^di change so rapidy R 
and R wiH 5a ralaai^ng update 
programs to dmng^ tr^e t^atte 
raodei thus keepkng the game 
treeh and topicid, DbvM would Hha 
to indudt pradctiw ei^m^ftis m 
trisse t^MJahia aucti as the eFf acts 
Dt budget aoRwam on the marker 
Most invoitanOy, however^ ttw 
game to Mended lo be vary funny 
and It Includes static and n^oving 
griphks, noi usuai!/ thesirong 
point 0^ suc^ garn^. More news 
as soon as wt gel it. 


DK Tromcs ^ve been a bit quM 
on ihe softwara tront leowity, but 
ttiey have announced W\e signing 
ot adsal Mrilh Thames TeJ©vis^on 
to dewetop games biased on iheir 
hkjfiiysuQC^ssful TV programmee 
Mlndari The Sweenay and 
Benny Nfli 

DKTronhca in a ters^ worded 
pr^ss raleaae (wtnich inckjde^ a 
worci fim^ banned Irom the 
pageeol CRASH), have 
armooTK^ Mckisfva contraieta 
with King Features Synlcaia d 
Amerboa 10 release np0y^ lor 
several mac^tnae (nduclng the 
Specmim David HeateSp ttie 
sohty spoken DK^Tromcs 
managing director said. Thefe is 
far too muctk t>ur "** in an industry 
especially about eottwara. Every 
ta^ade magai^ine I pick up is full of 
f eaturM on software comfwiiee 
attempting to hype tt>eir paftntrfir 
game We at OK prefer to mm^ 
more protessKxtaJ approach wKh 
f^T iess ra^msAfiEZ nDrmaiy 
aASOdated wMi the Software 



JOHN SH ERR Vol Kwjte. 
Staffordshire, is itie winner of ttia 
1 984 Cambndoe awards 
co-siponsf^od &y C C S. arid 
Stnda^ User, and fm r^^^Siv^ tt^ 
(2000 pdze and award trophy. 
T>>e winnrng program. Ttw 
prince, IS de^ibed aa a tMrtf 
orlgir^, tactical and kttaramva 
adviHiitura oame For tour ptaysrs, 
Publt9tiad &y C . C S ft will coal 

The four rur¥ier$Hjp are 1 Ma 
M iiaton, ana»enii Jfeby 
ThomM RmA! Iviiifleffecy, a 

Him RIbarM}, a saaftrtng 
nev^gatiooal sirmjiat^on by Davtd 
Bmrk. and f^nairy War Zon*, a wa^ 
gam^ by Sivvan Thornaa An tou 
will be puWtohed by CCS at 
£5 pa. 

CRASH ISIov©mt>er1 984 135 


GREAT NEWS for vme^lie tomi 
Miaro9ph#f^ it>e software houM 
thai brtKight yoiJ The Train Gam& 
and the bng runntng hn g^ma 
Wheefm. have announcm lh& 
release of ttveir next epic CaH^ 
SKw/ Oa^a .\ima hdaiious (aixj 
VWy dtficult) school romp The 
harob Enc (although the gam^ 
liaws you io> use any name both 
for y oufself artct M tW Mil of 
thousardsK and ha hnowttial 
in&id^ ehe staHroom sate ar& kept 
the Reports Aodbelr>gEfte.h€P 
lnjio^^ he must ai aH costs remove 
hia repon betof d it is rt^ad and 
signed by the Headmssterl W is 
h4V9t that it>e cortef^t of the game 
rwiy gets going. 

To ffhd out the oombtnatori ot 
the safe, he must hit al the wdhadi 
fihielcte hanging afountf the waHs 
Only H^ afe no4 al etaey lo g ei at 
by jumpirig up. In aome tsn» he 
mighl have to uM his «alapUi to 
dgbber a rnaster and then use th^ 
duad vk:ljfn a head to bounce e 
second »hoi oft it ia hit the shietd. 
Ttiere a^ i:>thef equally 
horrendous ways of achieving th^ 
aifT^3(e taskf Orfcce all ih-e shiali^ 
have been hci, Er>c must get the 
code rrom the masters, rach of 
whkdi has been emnisfed mMi 
Oil* latter [except ttie Htatory 
MsMor who. because of his great 
age. has tad hka letter i mplsniKJ 
In his brtin by hypnofesm (there's 
a very piausiole method ol 
caypng recall however!) the 
maato fs win only reveal the aecret 
once they have t>een knocked 
ovaf . Having goi all the code 
leiiters the only place to try the out 
IS Oil the blackboard. If ErN^ 
syooeeds in opening ti1^e sate he 
knows he will be safe for ertother 
school year. Bui before the i&AH la 
ooniplete he rm^t covsf up hts 
ineki by hJtting aN the shields 
agahi to atop Ihem ftashirig 

S^ooii' Daze te played out m a 
highly complex afea ovw whldi 
the camera sorolls. revealing 
school rooms, slsircases. 
comdiori and milling pupils and 
ma;5ter^. There is the school bully, 
wtio has a nasty habti of bopping 
Erie iin ttw eye; there are the 
moBlers wim their eodtess 
quastiona and oompilalnts, 
hancHng out llnm aa puntahmenl. 
M you gel too many lirws the 
tieadiwaler will ^^Ase afier you 
Unlbrtwately ttia pre-fHoduction 
rapy we have arrived 1 usi too la te 
for a lull review in Ns issue, but 
two of the reviewing team have 
had h40l en hour eadi witti the 

Sima ajnd have pronounced 
emartves as very es^atad by rt 
TTm graphics are aspedatty 
atjong . with masaas of detail and 
antmaoon, the game appoara very 
challenging and oef^lnry has 1or« 
of content Watch oa next month 
fof the full review artd colour 
pictures For now you II have to 
make do wtth blacK airx] white 
I ones, butfwy do capture some of 
; the flavour of (hte highly original 

136 CRASH November 1984 


game, whkti h»ks set to become 
aixMher monstef hit for 
Mlcfoephere Look out for the 
school gwtfiti artkst wno wntes 
Meckboards - Sky Rmg^r is tt>e 
neict Microsphere program. More 


Last monlJi in Keyboards we 
mentioned Reattlme'a new3D 
game which was trtted StBrbur$i In 
me news item Within iwodi^ol 
ahowinig us som« urhconnediad 
^equencas Irom the game, 
BeaIti me'3 Andrew Onk>na rang 
to say that they had decided to 
charge the name lo SiQrstrike. 
Thi$ only upset CRASH Editor 
Rogef Kean who. when asked. 
had sihggested the name 
Sfafbufsr - c est la viel 

As you can s#e from the screen 
shols twrv. the lataM atage cf 
dervetopmem makes ^rstnk^ 
Info e daasjc three^screen beWe 
Qame. On the abnoit ready 
verakvi these ptxitographs were 
taken from, the onty detail mi&s^ng 
was the between-screen tad^cats 
and the firiale. atthough some 
mQdi^cat>on of the aflin stiip fliirig 
power has still to be nude (they 
ouigun (he ptayer ralfwr heavHy ai 
t^te mornent)^ We hope we'l be 
abte to get a full review of 
Smrstm^ in nejct months issue 

bittitp^inii Dt^m 

Eoiviri icluillf 

The New Force in Software 







i I 

^ " 



GAMES WORKSHOP b the UK s largest lantasv and adventure g^mes com- 
pany, wiih ten years experience behind it. Now we re y sing our expertise to 
create the best in computer games, and the hrst threa are BATTLECARS. 
D*OAV. aiid TOWER OF DESPAIR each with overMK of programming! 
BATTLECARS is the deadly sport oi the lulure.arm yoyr battlecar with 

youT chosen weapons, and 

select your bflttlegroynd. a 

gruelling speed arcuft or a 

town centre labynnih 

J BATTLECARS is a one or two 

player game ol skill, nerve and 

*** cun fling, 

. .,V* D-DAY is a superb graphtc 

' ^rl?^ wargame based on the Nar 

mandy landmgs of 1344. Twc 

^ Iplayen take ttie Allied and 

German sides, battling tfirougJi four seperate scenarios DDAV offers an 
enduring latlical challenge to players tired of simple arcade actmn. 
In TOWER OF DESPAIR. Games Workshop hu osed its ten years of ^xperi- 
fince m role-ptaymg games to ci eate an outstanding rfvet^lui e. M includes 
two entire 48K programs, and a guide cofttaining a history, map. and illus 
trated clues 





>1^ ft. VI 

The Ultimate challenge from siogger for Spectrum, Commodore and BBC ownei^ 
Contact Andrew Hilblg or Mark Holker on 0634 81 1 634 or 41 622 


Producer: Btaby 
Computer Games 

Memory required: 48 K 
Retail price: £1.99 
Language: ma^chlne code 
Author: Chrie Morrison 

Tfm raine Hijt>eft disguise a. 
familargame that in the arcade 
used a 'O' instead of a *Hu'. 31 
squares arranged in atternat- 
ing rows of four and Five, must 
be changed in colour by jump- 
ing Hubert from one to another 
On the first, easiest screen. 
Hubert e rxil pursued by any- 
ttihiBt Just to let you get the 
twig of the keys, whioi are 
iiser-definabte On the serond 
e£f een a but^e begins darting 
aboul. killing Hubeft Off HtxDfth 
should land on the same 
square. On tim third it's the 
same exeept Hubert must 
change the colours of the 
square twice. Jumping off itie 
rage of the ptaying area 
rssuMs in Jnstani death. 

Subsequent screens add 
anolher naily 141 to total of 
three, tttch Mkitlon attemat- 
ing with single change and 
double c^mnge colours. 

• 'Another "Q-Bert^^ type 
gams, rxjt in the tradrfiof>al 
pyramid layout style though, 
more rectangular 3D hkick. 
TTite couhl be said to make the 
game a trii mor@ diffk:ult sirK;e 
you can't get a real straighl mn. 
me playing area is drawn autte 
nicely, although the use of the 
severai bright colours rnakes a 
ItHe hard to see at times Yoyr 
rr^n b not very detailed but 
nrioves quite nicely with a good 
squelchkig sotind. Quite a 
good buy at £1.99/ 

• The use otdtofmabie kBys in 
a game A^e thte is very good, 
since Contois mm in diagon- 
al, and not everyone^ can 
cope bvj#t presef ones thai aw 
notot their own cfKK^smg The 
cohurod steps are not a/ways 
mstantty ' visibh, but some 
^ughi has gone into making 
sure ih& tnonst&rs are, as they 
change from biack to whitB to 
actase conumt to the cotour 
&tap they are on. This is as 
chailenging a "O-Bert' type 
gBfne as t havi^ S'&en, espe- 
oiatfy as there em no flying 
savcem, and for rfe price it is 
imry good ¥aiim. ' 

• I thought the morvsters am a 
Wt too raJKtom in Ifieir darting 

mowmenis which tends to 
tower iha skills^ factor involved 
This IrtlJe grumblie apart, I 
woutd find A hard not to 
rocommierxJ this version since 
it oHecs good piayaWlity 
against any ottier. OKsy, sc 
you don r get marveftoiis float- 
ing graphics, but It plavs a fast 
gam© etfectively, and 1 like the 
opIJon of redefinabie keys on a 
aheap price game like this. 
wWch you woyktn t ntormally 
expect. And there's the nice 
touch, when you loose a itfe, of 
a balkxm appeanrtg at the top 
Oontai n i r^ the letter S l0lk>wed 
by vanoys symbiote which rep- 
resents that word we Of no! 
aibwed to use in CRASH 


Control keyi: user-cfefinable 
iloyetlch: Kempston, but 
almost any via UDK 
Keyboard play: responsive, 
although it seems the 
monsters have a move priority 
over you. whk^ is 
dtsaavamageous at times 

Qrifihicii reasonaole and 

Soufid: n\ce effects 
Skill levels: 1 with 
progressive drfficulty 
Lives: 3 

General rating: very good 
value tor money, and an 
above avefage version of the 

game type. 

U ee of com puter 70% 

Graphica 60% 

Playability 54% 

Getting started 63% 

Addictive qualitlM 54% 

Value for nfioney $7% 

Overall S2% 



Spaceman /Qu icksl I va 
Memofy required : 4flK 
Retail price: £6.95 
Language: machine code 
Author: Angela & Sandy 

Yes folks, it's the long-awaited 
follow-up to Sandy Whites 
eMtraofdmary 3D Ant Attack 
The style is instantly recognis- 
able, the pre-defined ieom^ic 

pfifipective dty maze arxl fast 
Mrofling. the boy or girt hero 
leaping ar>d walking around. 
but colour has be«n added and 
a few more fj^imnoe to make a 
dtffarent game ^together. Our 
hero has now been pr vkied 
vrith a ittle red helicopter to fly 
about in and the city has 
becorne lnfoiled wtth death- 
oeajifig zomoies. 

The heticopter alksws 
another new etemcmt to creep 
in - afChEteciyre. For once 
inside W, lt>e hero can drop 
blocks to build of re-design the 
city. He can also remove e^tiat- 
ing blocks by the same means 
This becomes irrtportant 
because in Zombie Zombie 

the hefo/ine ran }ump from the 
tallest bkx:iks but only jump up 
eingle slops, and the Zomblee 
cm only be killed off by lurir^ 
thwn (ftto foltowing you up onto 
the walls, and when you jump 
down fmm a high onen the 
zombie foltows, splatting redly 
on the ground! 

You are also provided with 
of»e other means of defence ^ 
you can bk>w a puff oi air at the 
zombies which will Wow them 
away for a moment. Below ttie 
ptayrng area rows of yellow 
dots (foe in all) represent the 
canylng capadtty of the 
heticodtorinbtocks. Every time 
a bk^ is dropped a dot disap- 
pears. Once oiJi of the 
rriacMne and on toot, tt^ dots 
repreeent breaths left, so after 
a t^orig stint of buildino it pays to 
stock up on Ixeatns before 
dlsemtsarking. To pick up 
Wocks the helioopler m^jst tie 
sitting on a wal) and the fire key 
is lapped To drop one, it murt 
t>e hovering in ihe air. wt>ich is 
also done wUti tf>e fire key, but 
if tt>e fire key is lapidly tapped, 
it will resiJl In Wodlslalling 
down into position Gethrig out 
of the hdi center is done tiy 
landir^ and uulnq a directkxi 
key Locating ttie 30 position 
of the helia>|^ Is easy with its 
sliadow being saen on the 

As In Ant Attack there is the 
teciity of tour camera an^e 

CRASH Novemtoef 1984 13d 



views which are acfiiovod by 
standi r>g still and using the fire 
key, the vi&ws then rotate In 
turn automaticallv. 



m Arrf An&ck //? This is vwy 
simHaf in style to the railier 
ptmBp both in layout and type. I 
m&ifmtZombie Zambia is bet- 
ter than Aftt Attack, though 
control is still a bug bear. The 
abiUhr to move blocks is great 
•nd I Bpenr ages tfymg lo block 
in a zombie, although kifiing 
them (how can you kill some- 
thing that Is already ctead?) is 
done by leading th^m io their 
deaths over high walls The 3D 
graphics are very Impressive 
and the sound is excailent 
althoogh there isn t much dur- 
ing play Hsetf ZombiB Zombm 
h a good game which is moce 
playable ttian Ant Attack. 

• SBndy White evidBntly took 
note ot the comptB^ity of con- 
ifolfing Ant Attack, b&cause 
thB keys tor Zombie Zombie 
a/e much mducsd, mefyffring 
fiOw being COnt^Ustfe from 
U\B joystick kv/tfioi/r rows and 
rows of other keyB to worry 
sbotif. This instantly makes the 
new gsme rnore tun to ptay as 
there IS more fime to Bn^y if/ 
Ziyrib^e Zomtsie is tull of neat 
touches {iike th9 copyright, 
written targB tn stone dtocfcs) 
and f especii^ty tike t^a ivay 
that you can crash your 
helicopter into a wail - it iran- 
istf^, but you am 0i rigt^t 
Later you wHt sad that the 
heHcoptm has returned to tis 
pad in the contra of the city - 
the spot marked by H. fntro- 
ducmg cakjur has made the 
game took IMier, but has 
unfortun&teiy intmduced 

140 CRASH ^^ov©mber1 984 

wme atthtMtepfObtems a/ong 
wim n - tf?e«e do nof spoil the 
game however Although l 
mtfoyed piaying Zombie Zom- 
bte, / don't ^ink ft is particu- 
tarty addictrva. and ra^ar as 
wi^ Ant Attack, t was left with 
an imprmsk^n ot super graph- 
fCS making a lack of content 
Stilt, building cities is graattun 
and the game is pmbabty 
worm It for that atone/ 

m 'Essentially this is 3D Ant 
Attack, except without ante 
and with zombies instead. 
Several differencas baoome 
apparefit stnatght away if 
you ve ever played Ant Attack; 
tt>ey are that the maze is more 

oolduriy and dtfier characters | 
in the game have colour as wd i 
instead of being just biack and i 
white. Of course, thSs ctoes ' 
create quite bad attribute prob- 
terns, but does^ t spoil the 
playabtiity of the game. The 
maze is considerably smallef 
than iis 'parent but ts much 
m^ore flexsiUe and you can 
enthusJastioalfy fly about 
rabuildipg it^a enbre towr^ to 
your ownpersonail taste This is 
im in itself Zombies are noi 
very Intelligent until you are 
within a couple of feet; at this 

they jump at you amJ 
throttle you. mis may be a tittle 
unfair as It is otherwise difficult 
to attract their attention City 
movement is very fast when fty- 

ir\g aiound in the iwlicopter . so 
much so thai tt makes Ar)t 
Attack took very SJow On the 
other hand, in Ant Attack the 
ants were onto your trail very 
rapidly, but hefe tt^ zombies 
seem to be infrequefrt and a1 
times it can be hard to spot 
one Overall, i don't think this is 
any significant improvement 
over Ant Attack^ and in (act I 
think Ant Attack is the more 
playable game t woukJ have 
thought that as Sandy White 
gave the Spectrum such a tre- 
merKlous lift wWh the soft solid 
graphite of Ant Attack that the 
follow-up game woutd also 
have given anothef lift, riot so 
much in 3D graphk^ but in a 
3D gam^ where the game con- 


Praducef : Atlantis 
Memory required: 4flK 
Retail pnct: £1:99 
Lar>gyage: machine code 

Author: Andy Backhouse 

Tbe cassette cover for P^nmr 
shows a ieteopter firing blasts 
at what looks like a group ot 
ManJhiattan skyscrapers Only 
we know ttiat this isn't f^ew 
Yofk, but the faUed city from 
Scramble-. Pk>nBer is a sort of 
Scramble' tyM pama in whidh 
you fly your beticopter across 
vamm types ol tarrain, 
thn3ugh cavwns and a convo- 
lulecf city white aslefokJs. mis- 
siles and other alien things try 
arKJ stop you On 1h© ground 
there are instailaiions to be 
shot up fOf points and - wti«t 
mak^ Pioneer quite difJerent 
to any other Scramble' type - 
humans which vvave as you 

YMr fNOMC£ R Inlkvpiif tppfHctei ■ pair it IM J 

pass and may be wtnchecl up 
to aattty, aking with various 
sorts d vahmbia cargo 

Ttm game itself may tie 
defined by t^ie player to a 
degree, and the opirbn menu 
allows tor selecting whether 
you will have no guided mis- 
siles, intelligefit missiles, unli- 

m^tted fuel, unlimHed rockets, 
an easy, moderate oc h^d 
landscape to cope with 

Ol ttim harder levels of land- 
scape, life bflcomas vary fiard 
hdeed. Ifm Wnmin induces. 
fySylandMape. rodcy caverns, 
the awm with asteroids, a 
straight sehes ot caverns with 

tent was exoeptionaJ. This Is 
my opinion, but doni let it pul 
you off buylrig llw Bvm. 


Coflfrol k&Yw: Gyrsor keys 

and Btthef lero of bottom row 


Joyttlok; Sindaif, Kempstofi, 

K«^o«fd play; vBry 

iMporafM ttia mucti simpliar 

ttm in AnI Att&ck. though it 

ml^ have been nk^r to have 

m atomative to the oursofi 

yaanf cotour: quite nioaly 

used, but not the ideal game 

because of attribute pft3t}fefTis 

Sound; 2 ctiannel sound is 

povtded if you have the right 

hardware, good heticcpter 

notse, otherwise not nrndh 

during game 

Skill levei»:l 

Uvea: 3 

Screena; lajnge scrolling area, 

smaller than Ant Attach 


Special featurea; boy or girl 


General raling ; good to very 

Qood though perhaps lacking 


Um of computer 






Getting startecf 


Addictive qualities 


Value for money 




(In Double 

Producer: Creative 

Memory required: 40K 
Retail price: £6.95 
Language; machine code 

Television ch aracters are mak- 
ir^ i1 big m computer games 
just now what with iTie Fell 
Guy; Minder ar^d now 
DangefTTiouse. Of all of them, 
Dangefmouse is the most 
likely candidate - he being a 
graptiic charaaer already. 
Double Trouble is a three-pah 
game, each game being very 
oMerent. According to tfe 
nenaflo Crocoditian mtellig- 
anoa has \ust heard that the 
e¥ll Baron Greenback has 
developed an android verstort 
of DM arxj the lirst one is about 
to be switched on. It could be 
ajnajns tor Lofkddn if Dangef- 
mouse a r>d PenfoW can't get to 
Hie secret base in time to pre^ 
vent this drata/dlyevem. 

Part one sees DM and Pen- 
fold tucked safely in the 
aerocar. but Baron Greenback 
has dispatched a variety of fly- 
ing robots (0 defend his base. 
The tC3p hal^f ol the s^een dis- 
plays a horizontal pk:ture with 

the aerocar at the letl and the 
oFTcoming robots at different 
hefghts approaching from the 
right. This image is repeated 
head on at me bottom left. 
They are destroyed by pteyfng 
a tune and this ts done auto- 
maticaJty on the easier le^ tor 

a wtille^ othenMse by selecUng 
the correc! robot in ma VDU at 
bottom left Wherr the correct 
number of miles have been 
travelled. DM and Penfold 
have to hoof it through a jungle. 

torcefields to tie shot away and 
some witt^ enemy craft , and 
flnaHy the crty The copter 
lak^ off from a helipad at the 
start, and if you get far enough 
through a seciion t>efore losing 
a llto, ttie gan^ returns you to 
the ilBfl ofthat section. 


• 'This is a Scramble' type of 
^me where you need to winch 
up people, fuel and rockets, all 
Ihe whtte avoiding the moun- 
liiraiis IsndsGape. emmy 
miBlBoi and eriemy aircraft 
Vtm gr^phfcs don1 move 
smoothly but this domn t put 
Ilia game to a serious dfeud- 
vantage, and anyway, they are 
quite detailed and fast. Cotour 
md sound have been i»ed 
quht well. Everything wortts 
quite well although it is difficun 
to use tihe wirrch - you must be 
rtQht over the object and hit the 
key Instantly. This has the 
etfed ot stopping the other- 
wte c^sntinuous scroldng 

untii ttve object has been sec- 
ured. There is a very good 
change options feature wnere 
you can nnake the game easy 
or very hard Overall, good 
value for money/ 

9Thm t$ mt mt absoiutefy 
fantastic 0^citing garr^0, but 
for On!y £1.99 ftB very goo<f 
7?ie graphics are average tor 
mo type (quits good, but 
perhaps a tlWe on the simpla 
Bide) and they scmll wetK but 
jerkily. Sound, too, is Bbove 
average Winching people 
and things is \rBry difficuft and 
can be a pft)5/em, but it's the 
onfy way to get fuel and arms. ' 

m Pfloneer is not a new sort of 
game, tart it does have a few 
novel features such as the 
winch In the main, scoring 
points by shooting thlr^gs up is 
relativety easy, the main (uffi- 
culty oom&s from the land- 
scape which is pretty sevenaat 
times. TTie graphics are large 
and wel denied, oolounul as 

well, but the sor^lling move^ 
meni Is rather jeifcy aJld gives 
the program a somewhat old^ 
taslirioned feel to %. Kowever, 
this does not spoil what Is a 
fairty good verston for the 
price, It Isn t going to replace 
Ihe thrills of Penetrator, or 
Cavern fighter, but shotiW cer- 
tainly fill in a few hours of 


Control key*! A/Z up/down, 

M IT hover, 

SYM SHIFT = acceJerate. 

SPACE ^ fire 

and CAPS = winch 

Jgytttck: Kempston 

Keyboard play: responsive 

Use of colour: good 

GrapMci: biock movemefit. 

t?ig well detailed, above 


Sound: aveiage generally. 

good helicoplef start up 

SIcili levels: several options to 


Uvea: 5 

General rating: avonige, 
though good value for money. 

Use of conriputer 68% 

Graphics 63% 

Ptayability 63% 

Getting started 64% 

Addictive qualities 63% 

Va I ue f 0r ftioney 76% 

Overall 67% 

CRASH rslovember 1984 141 


hopping ovm swamps on the 
bade <» a ofooodiie and din^ 
ing m trw to avoid a mousd 

The third screen Is sat atlhe 
&Kim basd where the android 
mouse is about to be electronic 
caily bom. The objed is to 
make DM leap up and bounce 
along a tow of butlons v*iidi 
have the effect of altering the 
ooloyrs of the grid of lamps 
Baron Gfdenbadk's finger can 
be seen preraira tHJttons on 
the side If the ftgm in line with 
DMs button is also in line with 
BG's button tfien the ct^in of 
yelkM Nghts is decreased by 
one. Turning ttvem aJl red 
saves tt>e work). 


• Vang&fmause in DoublB 
Tfoubi& is quite a difficutt game 
to explain, and there is a long 
and complicated Nay i ndyded 
to do this for you Actually, 
playing is easier than reading, 
although wittv)ut consuttation rt 
is hero to see eKactty what is 
oolng on or wtiy? No doubt 
Zlpn^e/mouse is fntended to 
appeal rnainly to younger 
players, but H seems over* 
complicated and rn so many 
ways rather pointless. The 
graphics are all var^ lively and 
attractive and it is a busy 
game, but I just couldn t really 
oat on wrth it, whi^ is a pity 
because ii fs a sort of pfestiae 
program, and Creative Spares 


^^^^H ^^H 


f' -' 


^^^^^^ ^H 

= : c r s c Iso E 






IhfifanTwitfa mM PmM^ hiM fluiittrl'i ifjini foMt !■ INIr iPt^ ^ r«Ki Mt iwril telt, 

have ceftalnly shown tfiat they 
know how to make a good 
game ( like Dotta Wmg }. 

m The fact that mis is a 'DM'' 
game will aiTrsci manj^ young 
(and ofd) tans jus! for the sake 
of it Double Trouble itself ^ 
quite a good game thai young 
pt^yBfS Witt en/py. The ^Brious 
5 rapes alt have a titOe ot that 
DM wit, as seen on TV fike the 
batancing act on fight butbs 
with his index ffnge/. The 
h0rO0S and vilti&ns &re wbH 
represented in computer 
gmphiCB^ but at £6 95 even tor 
umfgmmousa its a //rt/e 

pricey, t didn't find It all thai 
addictive, but f fee/ that it i$ 
BimBd at chitdren and shoatd 
be cofmdBfed from that point 
of mBw tor addtctivan^s- ' 

• 'Good Grie! - Oarraer- 
fT>ouse IS in a video game. This 
is the first one « and rfs goodf 
Controllirig your ever super 
Dangermouse with his stuipk) 
siddck:k Pafifbid (oo eck) is a 
d^ight. the antmafion is very 
good aixl fortynately you only 
have to control Dangermouse 
as the bunQfing Pe<^fokI will fol^ 
km (oo eck) unless there is a 
Week cat in the way. You can 

ii— titittfct!iitifrm 

climb the tree and do a lara^an 
call aw! etephants will slam- 
p>ede the cat away. The game 
is split into three d^tinct 
Stales, each graphically 
breathtaking (especially the 
third) and well executed Thts 
is tun to play but not totally 
addictive. The grapinics 
enhaiKe the pcogrem and the 
sound isn't too bad. A must tor 
Oangefmouse fans but not for 
everyday arcadiar^/ 


Control keys: 9/1 up/down. 
1/2 leH'nghl, zero to fim 
Joystick: Kempston. Fuller. 
Keyboard ptay: rattter 
awkward keys but r^ponsive 
Use of coloyr: generally 
good, alttiough some 
charw^ers are a b<t hard to 
see in jungie stage 
Qrtphica: good to excellent 
with close r^emblaDce to TV 

Sound: average 
Lives: trme limit 
Screens: 4 in 3 stages 
General rating: good to veiy 
good for DM fane» perhaps 
less interesting lb general 
arcade tans 

Use of CO m puter 80% 

Graphics - 85% 

PlayabilFty 74% 

Getting started 72% 
Addictive qualities 67% 

Value for mo ney 71 % 

Overall 7i% 


142 CRASH hiovembert 984 



CRASH November 1984 143 



144 CRASH Novemberl 904 

CRASH November t9S4 145 

What nowXross? 

146 CRASH November 1 964 



pTCKfucer: Micro Mart 
Me^mory required; 46 K 
Retail price; £6.93 
Language: Basic 
fe/thor: Fit Lt J.T^F. Dyer 

Mem Marl have relMSMi m\ 
-im(^ov9d version of thelf ear« 
tor Strike AttBCk gam©. 

The program is a cockpil 
sJn>ula1ion gama. whjch r^ties 
entirely on instrument gui~ 
itance. You are itie 
NavigfitorAWeapons Systems 
Operator (WSO) of a Strike 
I AUich aircraft en route to Its 
umfA. Tbe fun starts off at 
10!000 feet heading 090 at 
400 knots. The target is within 
a rafige ot TOnm. Thte aim of 
the game is to stay alive long 
enough to roac^i the target and 
aoore a hit The main defence 
(Mtmrneni is the Radar Warn- 

X Receiver (flWR) which 
fiayou ot any atlacks from 
e^^emy hghters. Anti Aircraft 
Artidery (AAAl Surface to .^r 
Missives (SAMs) the enemy is 
nol to be engaged. The main 
dofence coneiste of evasive 
■dioii, breaking tmrd left c^ 
rigttl (4 to 6g forca should get 
your blood stimng \i and ctiang- 
fng altitude. 


The cursors control the gen- 
eral nnotion of the aircraft, left 
arid right tufn. rate of dimtjJ 
deecent . Tlie program is not an 
arcade style game, as it is wnt- 
twi In Basic. The response to 
arty Ifiptit and the display 
update take severaf seooods. 
Tnis requires keys for hard 
turns of 4 and 6g (breaks). To 
defeat an attack, a break is 
fi^qtJired to shake oti arry 
enemy plane or missile . Sp&&6 
k oontroHed by increasing or 
Ctecfeaang the throtfle setting 
Of activating the aJr- brake. The 
final target mn requires 2 
degr^ adjustments teft or 
figni After a successful attach 
evaifdn ¥' wll level the wingi 
and reduce all rates of turn to 
lero. The pidkiB buttonv wtiieti 
is tfve bomb release is refh 
resented with key B. 


The mam instTyment it the 
Radar Warning Reodvefi 
whkdi is simulated by flashing 
symbols in the appropriate 

dock postlions around the i 
map/positiofi dr&play The map 
displays the bearing sector of 
060 to 120 degrees for the 
attack and your poettfon is dis- 
mayed by a marker The set o( 
nstuments indu<te an allime- ' 
ter. RCDS (Rate of Climb or 
descent) meter, bearing and 
leading indicators , a range to 
target ir^licator, throttle set* 
ting. airspeed indicator, 
G'lorce meter and ^e fuel 
meter. The oockpft view acts 
as a hofizon meter wtth a green 
ground and cyan sky. 


On start-up i menu dtepJays 
three choices. Training nKsde, 
which allows you to continue 
ever* after beir^g hit by enemy 
fire, Rafkge practice. whidN 
leads you straiglil to the final 
7nm bomb-riin (avoidirtc any 
ottaote from the enemyj and 
Fully operalkmal, vrtiidi drops 
you into tt>e cteop end of the 
meMer, Ihe real strike attack. 
The probability of an attadc 
depen<te on the flight altttude 
taken, so it is best to level off 
below 2000 feet The approach 
up to SOnm of tlie target is rid- 
dled with enemy Tighter 
atlacks. The approach line will 
consist of breaks to port or 

start»ard, a break lasting as 
long as the attack itself. By tfie 
time you have weaved yourself 
within the 50nm range, you will 
be pleased to know that you 
will only need to dodge AAA or 
SAM attacks The AAA attacks 
wiJt require a change of aitityde 
to disrupt tf^ artillery range 
setting. When Ihe range falls 
telow 7nm. the range scale of 
ttie map changes to 7nm 
There are no further attacks 
and the final run can be made. 
The wteaJ height shou^W be 200 
feel with a speed oi 500krMs, 
The bomb should be released 
at a range of 600 yards with 
degree angle of bank and fully 
level flight The score will be 
displayed ai the end of ttw 


The game idea is very timtlar 
to Omega Ran by CRL and yel 
the two gan>es are fiardly rec- 
ognisable. Omega Run is an 
eidling arcade garT>e with its 
bomb njn mission, where 
Strike Attack 2 is lacking totally 
any adrenalin-flowing ingre- 
dients. The simulation aspect 
of the game is also very poor, 
as the n%ain pastime of teh 
game is tt^e hard breaking with 
me k>rtg waft for the attack to 

break off. There are no dever 
decisions to be taken, no 
strategy, as avoiding an attack 
is purely and simply a reac- 
tions test - but wtm a response 
time of several seconds this 
can hardly be called hair- 

At least with Hunt&r KHter by 
Protek the target is moving and 
several calculations must to 
performed to locate the targei 
(taking several fadors into 
consideration), thus hiding the 
crude response and display of 
a game written i*n Basic 

Kie background »s very cre- 
dible and the technical asped 
Onduding the RAF jargon) 13 
very interesting, but aher a run 
or two there will be very liflJe 
interest in the game ilself 

For aifCTafl fanatics only! 



Control Keyi; cursor for 

left right, climb, descend SK 

for 4g left or light breaks A, L 

tor 6g right bTMlci V Aifbrake, 

and ft 26q left/right 

correction V levd wings Q, Z 

Throttle up. down 6 release 


(A keyboard overtay master ^ 


Joystick: Cursor type 

Keyboard play: Good 

Use of colour: Good 

Graphics: Good, but stow 

update t4 sac.) 

Sound : Audio warnings only 

Skill l«¥eli: 1 

General rating: For aircraft 

addidls only 

Use of Computer 45% 

Graphics 48% 

Playablllty 43% 

Getting started 65% 

Addictive quaf flies 32% 

Value for money 51 % 

Overall 47% 

CRASH November 1984 147 




Producer: The Edge 
Memory required; 48 K 
Retail price: £6.95 
Language: machine cocte 
Authof : Paul Curtia 

Tha Edge Is a new nwne in 
Spectnim software, but not 
newcomers because these are 
the programmers, under a dit- 
farent name, that produced 
material for Softek. Witti the 
demise of Imagine, The EdQe 
are daiming to be Ihe produc- 
ers ot the first true rnega- 
games Starbike is beTng 
pushed a® tiie ftrBt game ever 
to be 'voted" Into Computer & 
Vf0eo GBmBs' Hall of Fame 
betora its ratease. 

The obied te to collect lo^ 
aiartt from several ptanets 
whia avoiding the multitudes 
of BfrncB debris ftoatlng 
aroufid, it be^ir^ with your 
iynar lander ariving on ttw 
plane! surface. HurKlreds of 
tiiem (space debns) floats, 
bounces and ^ini around. 
The landscape afso contains a 
large radar dish or scanner, as 
well as vanous devices that 
shoot at Slartxtker of hindef tiis 
pfogress. He emerges from 
the rescue craft already on his 
jet bike which ts armed with 
coniinuous automatic laser 
fire. Near to the lander is an 
alien depository. Flyir^ to Ihe 
large scanner and stopptr>g on 
tc^ of It wi)i result m a small 

IUI«ft hlniLng Hftllf Mom llH tTMSlKE fCl iHi^ h» dll iUt^sn L9 dyjnp il H. 

arrow appearing in the base 
score line whidi indicates the 
direction of the next alten to be 
rescued The aliens are small 
yellow iMlls with stalks that 
bour>ce up and down in a 
somewhat carefree manner 
consider! r>g that thay are kiati 
They are OTllected by rurwiing 
over them and then they hang 
beneath the bike until ycHj can 
dump ihem into the depository. 
Ttie process is then repeated 
until all the lost aliens have 
been found As it isn't stated on 
each screen how many there 
are on a pJ anet i I req u i r es care- 
ful attention io the scanner- 
Returning with an alien to the 
larKJer wiTl resutt In its taking off 
for another planet, possibly 
leaving some unresctied 

aliens behind, and tor this 
crirr^e, points are docked from 
yoar score Starbiker is pro- 
vided with a shield value of 
five, and hrttir>g any debris will 
knock the shields down by one, 
There is only one life in what is 
designed as a high scofers' 


• StarblkB is very simitar to a 
weil known game by the name 
of Lunar JermanI The game 
style is very similar indeed. 
Personalty 1 thought Lunar 
Jefman had the better graphics 
Ihoiigh this is a little more play- 
able (but pefhaf^ not as addic- 
tive) A price tag of E6,95 
makes this much worse value 
for money than UM After 
raadlfng all the PR blurb i 
decided that they are over- 
rating it Yes, It is escceiiem but 
not Ihe nx^t fmpressrve of its 
kind yet launched" StarbikB 
does lend to build up as you go 
along ar>d progress/ 

• Whal ser Lunar Jetman 
apart from so m&ny other 
shoot am t/ps was tha attan- 
tion to dataii wrih avary 
gfdpNc character baif^g wait 
dasignad in at! ra$pacts^ ft 
would be hmd to gat away 
from comparfrig StarbiKe to 
Lunar Jetmaa out hara thara 
&re a tew tat dawms on the 
graphfcs *fdff. The Imding 
r^ctjacrattls vary ^appoint' 
ing and for a honw^ta! scro/- 
ling game. Ihe ^mry stixmg 
b&$0 Una which acts as 
ground dom not BcrolL and at 
tiist this giy^&s a strange 
imprassion mat youra not gat- 
ting anywhere with the left and 
fight kays until a scarmm gom 
sailing by undamaath. Tha 
alian and dabris graphics are 

very naatty dona and ani- 
mated Bitthough thme wasnt 
much atteratfon b&tw0m aarfy 
/evete (havan't got any furlhar 
yet}. Starbike is a good shoot 
em up hi scoring game that 
stmufd keep paopla amt^ad 
for some time, and it is Quite 
ohaHangtng to play w*h onfy 
one life end vary taw shield 
tor eH that debrm/ 

• 'Starbtke is a sorolling fast 
shoot em up, reacuegarrve with 
vefv good graphk^e and sound 
and whk:h uses Currah mic- 
rospeech for vok:^ sounds. 
The option menu is excellent 
wrth vaiious selections to be 
made and graphic devices 
above to show yoy what has 
been selected. A^. the hall of 
fame entry rrxxJe is maiveltous 
wit) two arrows between which 
scrolls the alphabet I ttiink this 
is the quickest ard best Ive 
ever seen on any game WHh 
OOntinoiiS fire leaving only 
three keys to control the game 
it is far more playable than 
Lun&r Jetman, whicti it resem- 
bles. but I don't think It's as 
addictive to play because tt^ 
overall content is a bil lower, 
fto doubt ft will prove very 
popular With hi-scorers 


Control keya: Q-T thnjst, 
bottom row alternate keys 
- letVright 

Joyttich: Kempston, Protehn 
AGF. Fuller, Sindair 
Keyboard play: very 
respor^jve. simple keys 
Use of colour: quite good 
Graphics: fast, large, well 
detailed and srnooth. a few 
details ladcir^ here and ttiere 
Sound: good 
Skiit levels: progressive 

Lives: only 1 with 5 shields 
Screens; scroHTIQ 
Special fe^tureet i or 2 
pbyergam^. uses Currah 
mk^t^epeec^. also offers of 
rafRe, v^ every copy having 
possible winning numbers tor 
a free subscription to C&VG or 
one of several BMX btkes. 
General ratlr^: a very good 
sfKK3t em up with a reasonable 
addictivity and very piayabtop 
a slight pity it s priced as 

Use of CO m p uter 84% 

Graphics aO% 

Playablllty 78% 

Getting started 30% 

Addictive qyaliUea 69% 

Va tue for m o ney 70% 

Overall 77% 



ProdiH^r: Aetlvislan 
Memofy required: 48K 
Retail price: £7.95 
Language: machine cad© 
Author: Matt Hubbard 

Zmfi is a faih#r difflcult game 
to describe, and even Acti vi- 
rion ihemMlves prefsf to tet 
the inJay slip into esoteric east- 
em mratlGism! The object of 
Zmfi, k teya, is to connect all 
Bemerite to the Source But. in 
playing the game, it becomes 
dear that the approach 
fMuifed is a kind of letting go, 
ramer than plannirg ahead 

{you score each time you make 
a fight connection )i if you con- 
nect up a section of path to the 
main part which contains a 
flashing number. which 
decreases each second after it 
appears You are also pursued 
by flames of desire, more of 
ftiefn as you progr^s. These 
must by either avoided by run- 
ning away, or blod<ed off by 
the foriuitOL^ revolving of a 
gate which may close oH their 
path to you. To make matters 
even worse ftere is a very 
sthct time limit imposed If you 
suocaed, Ihen you move onto a 
bigger maze, wtiereas failure 
to connect up in time results in 
being relumed to the same 
maze for another iry 

So wt\dE is Zenji? Well it is a 
kind of comuter puzzle, yet it 
seems to have been prog- 
rammed in such a way that the 
DbvkKis is excluded. There 
seems to be no, 'Ah got itf 
stage In playing the game, 
whereby you suddenly see the 
point and then know how to go 
about it. Each screen proves 
a maze of increasing size and 
complexity with each maze 
bMersdCtlDn being contained 
wItNn a red or green gate. At 
the start aome pathways are 
atoufed yellow and some 
Wue. You are a small revolving 
(k8. and the object is to make 
all the paths yellow. This rs 
done by movinq to an intersec- 
tion and revolving the aate. 
Thte has the eftect of perhaps 
cutting you off from the path 
you have jusi traced, wtiil^ 
opefiing other connections and 
turning a new section yellow. 
By moving around thus, it is 
possible to find the right gates 
Ml the right contblnaticm to 
make all me nmze paths turn 

Sonus scores are added on 


• ZBHfi is an odd combination 
of straightforward puzzle game 
and orientai mantra I don't 
know whether it's fajr to call it 
addictiveness that kept me 
playing, or whether it was hyp- 
notism* The game certafniy 
has something though. My 
main worry as far as Activision 
is coiicerTYed. is that lote ol 
people flicking through tfie 
inlay card w^N be put off the 
garrve because ts says so tittle. 
That may weJI be the point, tail 
it can't help sales syrety? All I 
can say is rhat it s well worth 
s|3ending sorr^ time getting 
the hang of the game. The 
graphiGs are super neat, 
espedLeJly the revolving effect. 
I also like you,' really having a 
ball with a face on either side 
and you can see the details of 
both faces as it revoh/es. left 
and right as well as up and 
over, rdon! krrow whetfier I 
could recommend this game 
because it's so hard to explain 
arKt someone might well buy it 
and hate it - all I know Is that I 

enioyed it totally - veiy absorb^ 
i^ " 

• tt hBd to happen sometime 
- a game in which you musi 
wty on intuition, sensing, tef- 
ting go a^€^ sH the usuat 
psycfiic pOwBfS bii to com^ 
p&te Weii t gave ft a go and 
after tosjng severa/ Umes /SJ* 
hadn't go a cft^e Then after 
completing the path several 
CfmeSr / stm hadn't got a clue^ 
Maybe I'm some sort ol emo- 
tionless zombie or enttrokt or 
somBthina, biA I sure aouldnf 
let go anateef the way. t don't 
think Cm addicted - but its dif- 
ferent f hope its me and mis 
not a case of the Kings new 
cio^m - ferrmnber the mm- 

m "At first I c^auldn t piay this 
game at all - wt>at was the Idea 
Ittkl? After about 1 5 minutes 
the idea became apparent - it 
was a Simple idea, just the fact 
that it was min<s>efKlng and 
cverwfieiming made it damned 
difficult On the inlay card it 
says. "Players can feel their 
way throug h the maze and use 
tactics that combine intuition 
with tech n teal skill." I didn't 
understand that at first, btit 
now I appredaie this state- 
ment after playing the game for 
a coupie ol hours. The graph- 
km, colour and sound have 

been used ymy wefl. I canno! 
complain at a(f Perfect I After 
al>out 2 hours I'm (ust getting 
trrto this mLndl>ending game, a 
totally addk;tive, play^e one 
that is worth ©very penny. Onty 
your mind will win this game. 
nm )uet fasi reactions. Bnlir 


Control keyi: Z/W up/down, 


Joyttlcic: Kempston, Sinclair, 


tCeytoard play: good 

positkMis and responsive 

Ute of colour: very good. 

very cotourlul 

Ctrftphlca: good, srnooth arKJ 

fast aHhotjgh simpJe 

Sound: simple but continuous 

Skill levels: progressive 

difficulty, a entry points 

Lives: 3 

Sp^lal features: 2-player 


General rating: highly original 

and chaHengino pu^le type 

game which will probably 

meet a mixed reception! 

U se o f CO m puter 80% 

Graphics 75% 

Ptay&bllHy 92% 

Getting started 75% 

Addictive quaimea 97% 

Valye for money 80% 

Overall 83% 

CRASH Novemberl 984 149 




Produc&r: Micro Mart 
Memory required; 4aK 
Retail price: E6.95 
Language: Basic 
Author; Fit. Lt. J.T.F. Dyer 

From the sam@ author as 
StnkB Attack 2 comes Sub- 
huntBt. anoltiw highly techni- 
cal ^mulatkxi game stuffed tul I 
of RAF iajgon The sewing is 
above sea-l©vel and th© mis- 
ston is the dreary rooline Chech 
for enemy subs in friendly wal- 
ers. The uneventful period has 
bdWi omitted from the game 
and on start-up a 6 by 6 mile 
area where the su5 was last 
spotted ts indicated briefly on 
Itte map. The mission is dear 
c^t: Detect the submarine, 
IrftOk «fld dM&Oy it. Your Nim- 
rod Mk2pfcMdeiyoii with the 
fiecenary i ns tfu menia and 
vraapora. A MagneHc Ano- 
I maly Detector (MAO) boom 
which picks up any magnetic 
disturbances caused by large 
lumps ol metal {sutks), 5 active 
and 2 sonar buoySv 

Passive sonar buoys delect 
sonar waves transmitled within 
a range of 2 miles, active sonar 
buoys emit sonar waves and 
pkk up Itieir reflections from 
any solid obiects within 3 
miles Miore efiecUve than the 
passive version, drey have tfie 
knack of making (sonar) waves 
and tt>eretore warning the 
enemy of your presence. The 
buo^s have to be dropped from 
a height not greater than 250 
feet \i they are to stay rntad on 
Impact and have a battery Eife 
of 1 5 mm. {ObviousJy the RAF 
could do wjrm a couple of 
Duracells)! Once tradted. yo^ 
start to cfrop nastier packages 
than buoys. 5 depth chafges 
mm available and can t)e sei to 
iMonate at depths ranging 
flrom 1 to 500 feet making sure 
anyone within 25 mile range 
gets deaf ears. 

pass heading. The status of 
the seven buoys can be feed at 
I all limes MAD indicates witti a 
flaiShing signal and a wariDling 
sound tile presence of a sub- 
marine within 5 miles. On suc- 
cessful tnangulation the buoys 
will display the estimated bear^ 
ing. range p heading arKl ctepth 
of the sub. 


Upon display of the last sight- 
ing of the sub, course must be 
set for the indicated 6x6 mile 
area while at Hie sanne bme 

Protek. The program Is In 
Basic and the response and 
display update iin^ is in the 
region of secor>d5 rather than 
miTlisecofKte. This makes for a 
veiy cfude control of Qie Njm- 
rod wHh turn mim of 20 
degrms (aittxMjgh 2 degree 
corrections can do made for 
the final kill), Tfte search is in 
reaJ time. ConsequenUy the 
buoys will provide you wm 15 
mfeiutes of tracking Info and 
owe must be taken not to daw- 
die. Fol [owing the instructions 
wilt guarantee spottEng and 
tracking of the suiij. the actual 
kiil is more dMhcuH. but not 

action and ttm ftgrnod cat) 
conoentrate fuly on nm task 
without any other iinterveniion 
or danger to itself. The game 
does noi provide progressive 
difficulty levels and once the 
hunt has been successful 
three times in a row. the inter^ 
est will warw. Now how about 
deanng up afl these sub 
infested flords. . . 


Control keys: cursor keys, O. 

Z for throttle up/down T, V for 

2 degree left Of right, M for 

MAO boom A for acSve biiioy 

d rop, P tof passive 8 taf depth 

charge drop with to 4 for 

depth setting. 1 . 2, 3 for scale 


Joystick : Cursor type 

Keyt>o«rd play: V^ king 

response time 

Use of colour Good 

Graphies: very siow but good 

Sound: Simple beeps and 


Skill levels: 1 

General rating- Int^esting 

simulation game, would 

Improve if written in M/C. 

Fairiy high price for Baalc 





Use of Computer 



Getting started 

Add I cti ve q u a I ities 52 % 

Va lue far m o ney 63 % 

Overall &8% 


A QHtti tufi M a« rfiM Mip m wmmf ci^w hi mt nmnn 


The Nimrod Mk 2 cockptt fea- 
lureeell the usual instruments 
In the central position, the 
sonar txioys kscation and the 
sonar detected position ot ttie 
sub. 3 soaie ranges are avail- 
able. 6 X 6. 1 2 X 12 and the full 
24 1 24 mile operating area To 
the left IS an indication of which 
sector is being displayed on 
the detail map The flight 
inforniation indudes throTHe 
posrtion. fue4 gauoe, airspeed 
indicator, rHeof oimb/desoefll 
\ (RCDS). altifTjetef and com- 

150 CRASH November 1984 

des^ncflng to tt>e operating 
level of beitow 250 feet The 
MAD boom may then be adi- 
vated and a search pattern 
inrtialed until a WAD warning is 
received The speed can be 
reduced to about 250 knots for 
better manouvrability and the 
sorter buoys drc^ped in a 
tiiangular pattam. If at teasi 
three of the buo^ are pickir^ 
up a sig naj from the sub (indi- 
cated by tifold squares or ar- 
oies), then thfe tracklr>g \& ao^- 
rate enouqh for a drop of deptti 
charges The Nimrod must be 
inanouvered over the target 
area and the depth charges 
dropped with the connect depth 


The feel of the game is very 
sirnilar to Hunt&r Kifhr from 

impossible even on the first 
mission In fact, after several 
successful kills the game does 
not prove to be a r^ cftallenge 
anyrTx>re, as tf>e sub doesn't 
tara any convincing evasive 

*fTl 1 tfl 


We're sorry you've had to wait so long for our first new 
release of 1984 but your patience wilf be well rewarded. 

From Bob Hamiitoa author of 'The Pyramid' and 
Doomsday Castle" we present BEAKY AND THE 
EGGSNATCHERS and introduce Beaky our new 
star of the video-game screen. 

Ziggy is having a well earned rest I) j 

3eaky belongs to - ^ 

the family of 
Andromedan Armed 
Condors, the rare | 
goggled variety. 

The numbers of his species 
are dwindling fast because of their 
rather -foolish choice of breeding 
ground, on the planet of CrackiL 
This unfortunately happens to^ 
be the home of a particularly 
evil band of creatures known ^ 
collectively as the 
Eggsnatchers Their sole 

malicious Intent in life ^ 

is to extinctffy Beaky's 
species by stealing 
or destroying the 
eggs by any foul i 

means available. 


Spectrum 48 K 

Cominodore 64 


Your objective is to try and brood, hatch out and rear as many little Beakys as 
possible through 12 different screens of formidable but delightful arcade aaion. 


LASKYS, GREENS, RUM&ELLOWS. SPECTRUM GROUP und Ml other good software retailers. 

Beaky mnd the Eggsnatchers Is avMlnhie for 4SK Spectrum and Commodore 64 at £6.50 on cassette 

or on dlik for the ComimMtorc M at £9.50 from 


despatched by r etum first t > i tocjethrr wvitti Jr w m - ■ f ifie* F jw it^y Micro Chit>. 

Trade LriquirrrvwiHcorrie lefephofK* u/t^ jaJ66I. 




of ouf viiy taMt dtwHofHUtiiEt 

ring iMfi men iMhif M. And ■* 

i'i progr^mrTLi^iw Nsm thfi twytoard 

F«ilur» include:- 

m K^ytMCAit] hjliy furctionak 

m Rasr Gorvi«€tOf for oOvr «M«ni 

The Spoetrum ijual port 
loystick inivftiice is it ^vghry 
yefUti^ and prictf 
oom^otinvft jct^s^tcii iniertiupt oltorbng 
two ipy^iKlc pons 

Tha tirvt pon vimu^m B.^jBJ, & 
Kiyi Th# HCCnd poft SfmyifitH in 
The port} wiQ acc9^ any Atari 

h hmU ryn «fif 9?l|tfi«i*. Tl^ m> 


your Sp*cfrMrn. to ony P**n!Hif 
wim a fiorxjoPdi eo^^treicitci input Aj 
ifw chok5» u vCrti. rou con wri^cf ifw 
pnntof «wicfl¥ wumd to youf n*«df. 

i Biimnfc iP hi i *i 

UJSTllVtHlf«e0gn(MPd Hmhiw 

P4ij% fiyoffodrtw cciim0ciibM 

h^mql paoiiil a tffcw ifc c t tyiM 

0* _ 
An<] wwfeft dfiwn to fboH Itrti lOi 
CH^ffljM* Kcyr icy. 
HO* |9u can pi94i|Bt nyi 

IfBlions aMn ITw 11 
H(«:.1*d irom IIM 

taMA You ^ri Ai m 


ry- i^fowoir rush me the following: 

^/ Pr^nnnrneljRe IrierfaciKs) 

■F/" - - Dual R>FX ln|)&Nd€e{3) 

V^ , . , Pai^lf#l C#nirani» Intertacafi) 

y Ufhl Pfrn and lrrtortiicfl(«) 

'/ P1fl«« acW post and packing . _ . . 1 1.2S , ^^ 

-. -^ I inckJM cneay«i/PO/Casri lor . , . . T rtt_ai f > ^ 

r/ Of debil my Aa:ii«/Biiictayc«d No I I i t I I I 1 II I I I | I I I V, 



Of Sflnd S A E for the Na* K Tronrcs SpfrCtfum Calslogije 


QH Jfonitt Ud.. Unil (m. Sliirt Nilt iniluitjrMI EiIaEp l^ffron W^ldcn 
Sueic CBM lAO. T«rtphoii«: |07/>9) 241 SO «24 hf^j S iintt 



* ^ Fdri;' Qi^t^ri^ tW flf^ -^U# « n# 


HpD^rti ^ufncrie ktv pod CicmMmQ ol t? 4Mri 

i^ig/7 clffnsirjy t>k^ ABS 




TNi n *i I" ^Fvon eri Vm nvciQ li wvy 
<|nvt ffiuch hiiVlw AMy Inim Inliftkc* I 




Ouickshot Joyslicti I 

■ 2 lire biuTtlonB 

* 411 j^aci 

• hnfiTDved control grfi 

• Inggftt fif « bulton 

• H«pid fnfl option 

liiHitliS* iMorpwuH « BE£P 

■udiQ ■mpifFi«r %m ■ ^{^linntl 

ffUffMuily. T>i« ^ ciwirwi mind 
ijmeiiiiiif M^ ■ totMy mm 
iftft trtt lW ^ » tO^ji^ 0r\ your SpMrvn. 

It lidwi yoj 10 proofing your own mgtic 

ior>« wid^ liliit noli*, 0U1 #fiv«Hx» 
and vdlunt* daruM'. If khtwi wih t'l 
piirn pod nKH«nt»0 14") »^iLii.»r mnh 1 

iti«n 91 eiM^ to trut ^ om b* 

povnmii wiyiwTivrv 

Ptoase rush me the lei lowing: 

MicrDdriw Compal^bld Ksytx»rcK£) . . .£ 

. , , _ Mtcrodrrve EKieraion Lead(s) ....-..- t 

. . S6 Way Ribbon Ci>nndClDf(a). .C 

.Ouictohoi Joysiidcfi) 1 ,,.,.,,-.--...,,..£ 

^ Quickshot Joyslickls) II .t 

ThnQ« Channel Sound Synthnsear ^ ... .C 

Pbease add post and pacicirkg . , , ^ « . C r 2S 

Itnclouchaque/PO^CasMor Total £ 

^ V Of 60b*y my Acc«$/B#rclaycaf d No II [Mil I 11 11 T T I 1 I 

V S*gnatuft 



Of tand S A E for iho Ne^ D K Tfomcs Specirum 


DK TrofYici Ltd.. Unkf 6, Sh!r« Hill If^dui iriJil EitJit« SjMrcifi W^ld#n 
£tf«H CSI I JAO. TrJrp^one^ |0799t 26 ISO \I4 hrif I hn«t 

Tlie S|)echuiu CciiuecltGii 

our Intrtri^kl hero enters the temple of 
2lggur4t. A pLdce of III legend. All he has 
to do l» i^rab ttir money dnd oln^ bul he 
can't quite remember which vtAy he c^me 
in. and what Is that shuining sound 
eoinlng^ from the <^iypl. 
Available on the 4BK5|»e<truni. 

\ pin i>all g^mc wt|h a n-cn^d lwl»t. TheFe 
are twenty talkies to i>e neffotlated, each 
tsy reacliing a tarqel 1«el^ f arh table has 
m different theme t»lih arlfiJtial bono 4' 
features. Will >ou cf^are 10 yvr ihc li^mble 
featured Voti could gain an extra haU - or 
lOM S.OOO points I 
Available on 4aK Spcclniin 




. — rli 

It's f red's first da^ at his new Job: 
^uldlnfi tuilloon men through the fa<:tOfi 
passages usinf) fans to blow them to 
freedom. F.asy7 II looks I hat way until 
tht^ balloon men come under selc|e ^rom 
Spanning knives. Ilrel^lls. Spil^es and 
cii plosives, Fred Is starting to paok, can 
yoy help him ^ 
AiaUatilc un the 4811 Spectrum. 

U\ thv heart of hostile fndlan Counlry, 
_^ ^ _-_ ^ ^ ^ « ^_ _ I . i_ ^ 1^ _ ^ J I .^ ^ ^ i ^ 

fabuloiis forlunr- in gold, spread out In 
24 rith fields. To Ualm these rlche:s he 
has to Icnce off each mine. The dndlans. 
alas, have other Ideas, tearing doivn M 
fences and attacking him ivith arrowy 
and lomahdwks. Clan Jake block the 
Indians with carefully placed stlcki^ of 
dyn-imiie aitd ^lake his claim to the 
Ai«lL:*i|£ on the CommodofeM. 

!^lc||it r^IlN over the cil> and At Ihr icR«i( 
mtiseum lletbett the tutdtor i% rioifiei hi^ 
rcilind^. A^ hi- Hjpproiic hr% thr Cjrrt-n KtHTm 
contdhnin^i Ihr m>Nlt*rlouN **nd 1«ibulou^l> 
valujblr 'f aces of 11 aa me '. strange noises 
can Itr hr^iril Horn M-ilhin. Armed wtlh hb 
steel rimmed "Odd Job" hai, Herbert 
enters the foom. ¥ou won't thelie%e what he 
Available on the Commodore M^ 



J^^ W pF ^f 






All hav tiren quiet at the Trans Cosmos 
out^Mi'it Itir iht^ past :^0 Intergaldctk 
%l4nc1arf1 llnte i nUs. Suddenly, out ol 
nowhere, appear hoarder or alien 
marauders - 100 waves of them. This Js 
II: the moment you've been waiting far. 
the chance to gain your stripes. 
Av a I la ble on t he ^SH Spec t ru m. . 

Ton ire the Commander of a Sp^cr 
ihuttle f<^ft> lnf| C4rga to Arclurus And all 

pliKta ni>ith. WhiKt < iMcidas ^^^ 
taKnlorr^ whitli kncliidesPlega-Tentil^ 
Bj1I»^ Clochifork Of an^c^ and Into^o- 
Bncraq«4^ you hear w>nie v-cry p<ectiilar 
MUfids coming, from I he hold. Dar« yoti 

AiiUdbte on 4611 Speclnini- 

Software Supersavers is a new name to watch 
out for. Well be bringing you quality 
software at a supersaver price. They're not 
re-hashes of old games but totally original 
ideas combining to give you an exciting 
range of new games* 

So whatever your software tastes are^ 
Software Supersavers has the game Just right 

All games 

U^cnioti the^»tron4iil Hdifhcriiati -landed 
^flllicpiaaet £psllon \l 4tid the |>ower 
p«ks that |ini|»el hhs rockcl have lieen 
dbpcfied armind the planel. Algilei» 
dfarlato rc-a^^^mtile lifcs power p^clia 
irtblndcred l>y M^me u I her eccentric 
llklonn^: »tlnkcr»^ tnutanl lawn 
wwii.9randfatlicrclocka7?Whal kind 
Aijijble on tiie 48 h S|kcc|miii. 


Dealer Enquiries — 

05 1 -428 6364 and ask for Lesley 

Please send me a copy of 

I enclcrae a cheque/FO for.. *....*«.#.i.*i. hi *««.«. 

(Please add £ 1 .00 for onlers outside the UK) 

Access Card IHo , 

naiiie*.^*.*.^., .' 

Address ..., 


il*a:«*n**Ail4A!>4*#4t*i*A-* «■*«■»«-■ ■'*■« ■ «- 

Softwxn Supervavera Ucf ., F.O. Box tS^ Uwcfpool L25 7Aa 

Software Supen»aver» Ltd., P.O. Box 13, Liverpool L25 7AG 

llil^ ■*>» 

w ■ 





Win the race to get a GREAT 
SPACE RACE sweatshirt from 
LEGEND. These won't be freely 
available! Be dressed properly to 
undertake the fabulous new 
Legend game as you join these 
other characters in their 
preparations for The Great Space 



JMOVIESOFT 2 is almost 
here, and the follow up to the very 
successfut Valhalla is bound to be a 
big hit The Great Space Race 
comes in two distinct parts, firstly a 
preparation period where you battle 
with the computer to gel hold of 
crews for the ships, and secondly 
the race itself - a game with no 
holds barred We're not saying that 
sweatshirt will help you win. but it 
sure looks better to go down 
blazing in the proper colours! 

As this is a game where it pays to 
be well prepared, we want to know 
how good your background space 
knowledge is, and when it comes to 
special effects zap em ups. there 
are several space fantasy movies 
that you should know about and 
from which you may well discover 
tips when it comes to playjng The 
Great Space Race. 

All you have to do to be a 
possible winner of a GREAT 
SPACE RACE sweatshirt from 
Legend is to answer the simple 
questions and send the answers in 
on the form provided to: GREAT 
1 DQ to arrive by first post 
November 22. Don't forget to fill in 
the size of sweatshirt you would like 

answers from the bag will be the 




, cafted?"^" Solos space shT 



s«e. ''^'^^^^ send me 












'^O^B.^ •- ^^.^ 










^^^t^^-'-^^s^^y I 

Bleas^ send me the loll owing 
games I Or t4>e Sp^clrum 




Cheques payable ho pignal I nieg ration Ltd 

I enclose a ch^gu^/PO tof Total^ 

Name ,^ ^^_^^^_^^ 

Addrw3_ . ., . 

hMv Menj#» WH 
Rurtib«C4wi S«itriidg«t. 
l^lace, ZA|iEH]i «nd ill goo4} 

Night Gunner 48 K 
Fjghltf Pilot 48 K 
TT Rficer 

VAT flntj p IpindtisiifB within UK 

LOvers«as rnc 55p pof CAis^tlo^ 

Trtdi tnd Eiport enqulrfffi 

welcome. UftltmQ Gutiranlee 

Please send to Digital ^nlegfalicw^. Depl CM6 Watcti moor Trade Centre. Walchmqof Road. Camb«rley. Surrey GUIS 3AJ 

Of debii my Access Account No ^^^ 

I I I i I M I ri I I [ I M [ ^3 

i i ii- Saiei 


Watch moor lm6^ Cenire. 

W^lchmoof Road. Camberley. 

Sijrrey GUIS 3AJ 



Speech Synthesiser for ZX Spectrum 

* » 

yoyr TV speaker. Inefe 
o lOdU wan ^PCECH — »p^ -^^d 

)logy means you r »f' -• • ' 
J words and ^enten 
tETS* = ''^etlk (no|(0C3| (eefvU wik say ^speakrx) 
evirf Fyrttwr commands coniro! the ' vc >f kQ5 as 

they p^rr- nfp^^pii ;*nrt ;^n intooauon facii-.j • vou ro 

add '. peech. 

piSPEECH IS fully compatible with 3( Inierface t and 
may be used with the CURRAH mSLOT Expandatrfe 
MotliefbcWfd, alfowing edsy exp^i^nsion of youf 2X 
system. ^^SFEECH and pSLOT wifl also be compatible 
vwrh the CURRAH i^SOURCE un^t when it arrrves raier 
ihfs yeaf, allowing you to write AssemtJltr and FORTH 
statements directly into your BASIC pfogramsl 
Top selling games like ULTIMATE 'S Lunar Jetman 
feature /SPEECH voice otitput — watch out for other 
tittes from Bug-Byte. CDS. Ocean. Quicksilva and PSS. 

|iSPE£CH . 
or use the form to ui 


I ro^ MkJo£pw:fi Qfrif. p.o, mm i. Gi mtix a l^w A Www. l«l i^ 

I IMcniSlof ^ . tTA*c 

I gdi^r%^imi^»ciayCjrdNo niIJ^r 1 I 1 I J T 

*ji' * p**. 

One of America's mM. pppular games 




ue Gaines Concept 

lult^ Screens 



■nn rfn aite 





\Vs a unique arcade experience in 
sound and vision, and a stunning 
display of Spectrum capalsllities. 

Another quality product from 
>ICC£5S Software 


••••••••••••••• *••••••• 


(J.S. Gold is stocke d by aH te^tding computer stores 

''''""'"''' ii^p WHSMITH 

DEALERS! For Infonmation on how to become $ (IS, 
Cold Stockist wrfte to: Ccntf€Soft Ltd. Qnit 24, Tfpton 
Trading Estate. Bloomneld Ro^, Tiptoh. West Midlands 
DV4 9AH. Telephone: 021-520 7591. 
Overseas cnquiiles I'M^lcome. 

All Am^r icaKi SoPhAtar^